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What type of cheats/goodies would you like in AP?

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Since I'm on a rpg2k3 editing phase (haven't used it that much for the past few years)


Some pro/con background between my edits and the goodies here:

The difference between the way I do goodies and the goodies here is I make direct edits to the game's files.

The goodies here are savefiles so the game itself is unchanged. The good thing about this system is that you don't have to worry about messing the game out with a bad install. The bad thing is if you overwrote the savefile, you needed to install it again.

The good thing about my goodies are once you install them, you don't need to install it again. The bad thing is that if you mess up, you can wreck your game. Worst case scenario is you reinstalling the game.

Things I plan to release eventually:
-Compiling all the original 8 goodies into one file - done and released
-Add an Exp Bar and/or EXP bauble that will tell you what your exp is and how much more you need to level up - done and released
-An all guild's goodie

Things I might do if I can figure it out:
-Add the Air balloon from APv1 back in. Sounds fun to fly all over the world again heh.



Things I won't do:
-Add new characters or items. They're both very difficult to do.

-Add overpower gear.

-Anything with revamping the battle system or graphic overhauls. Absolutely not.

So, what are your suggestions for me to do? :)

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@xiao: so you want me to make an 'all 8 goodies active'?


I can do that (cept for the marriage part cuz i don't see devin marrying both talia and alicia) but it would make the game incredibly easy.


Will think about it.

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It would actually be something pretty easy to do. Flip a few switches, add some dialog, and that's it.


Thing is, I think of it as a bit of changing the storyline too much lol.

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Woww.. M a recent player of AP & the goodies worked just awesome!! YAYY! Thanxx KTC! Just 1 ques, can I change the ending pic by putting some other pic in the place of the cuurent 'sunset' one, in that folder?

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*browses old notes and code remnants* 

Apparently past me was working on an in-game map system, air balloon,  join all guilds, and making the coliseum fights repeatable. Wow was past me ambitious. 

Current me is relearning rpg2k3 but I apparently still remember how to make simple cheats aka gimme 100k gold, best weapons, and exp lol. 

Not sure if I’ll get any of that done this time around since I feel like a noob again. 

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It's okay if I double post? I'm updating with info I found while scrounging around the code with fresh rusty eyes.

*bursts laughing for 30 minutes*

Okay, so you know how fairy fury wasn't in the 2.xx game and everyone including me thought it would be hella hard to put back in the game?

On closer inspection, it's due to a TYPO.

Yes that's right, the most powerful spell in the game was nixed because of ONE. SINGLE. DARN. TYPO.


A variable was set to 9 instead of 8!


I'm crying. 😂

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