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I am a horrible person!

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I'm playing through my Orb Series games after finishing Darkthrop Prophecy. Right now I'm playing The Lost Orb. I promised the maids I would help catch Lady Grenwalle as the baby kidnapper. Well I forgot what to do. Lady Grenwalle was always at home and I forgot to read her journal. I thought she had to be out of the house meeting someone and I would catch her. Well I couldn't remember what to do, so I went about my business doing other things. I just came back and she wasn't home, so I looked around for her and saw the maids at the cemetary. It seems she kidnapped another child and the maids went through with ther poisonous deed :o They said I was too late. I just thought I'd post this for anybody's interest. I haven't seen this posted before. I feel so guilty. I mean Mel and her party feel guilty. :roll: An interesting twist? Where was the inspector anyway? Right now he's at the cemetary. :S

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