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Can't get to the temple in Riven forest

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I talked the squirrels and they told me to get the map... I know there's that guy in Clearwater who also talks about having a map that he gave to this other person. Is that the map I need? How do I get it? Or at least, where do I need to go?

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Remember 3 orbs Blue, Yellow, Red have been guard by enemies party, take all it. Help sqirrel, take 1 pipe on their chest, take some steps to the north east of the Temple, take the 2nd pipe . Go to the water cave (cut down plants hang on it), you fix the temple pipe by two pipes that have been discoverd. Put on the water. The water temple open, use 3 orbs put in to the temple. You will get the thing you need to enter the Mysten Far.

Another you can find lilies in the place you get the yellow orb


Please remember to only give hints unless hidden with white text. Answer only the specific question asked, with no extra info, unless you hide the spoiler parts. Thanks.

~tiniponi <><

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