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Strangeluv - Leo & Leah: A Love Story RPG

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Developer: Strangeluv










Leo & Leah was started on a whim. It started just as a simple idea and it flourished into a project that I am very proud of and would not be afraid to show off to real-life acquaintances! I’ve always toyed with simple ideas in RPG Maker games and tried to flesh them out with a different angle. The story for this title is that Leo’s girlfriend, Leah, gets captured by two imps and he must take chase after them. As more of the plot unfolds, a grey-haired villainness named Brandy comes into play, wielding a shotgun that she isn’t afraid to use. The chase ensues through many different environments, including an insect-infested forest, an underwater frog castle and a haunted pirate ship. Leo is joined by a mysterious beast named Daisy at the beginning of the game.


My main inspiration for this game came from the Donkey Kong and Mother series, as well as Super Mario RPG. Like the Flower Points in SMRPG, the party is granted a fixed number of “Survival Points” that Leo and Daisy must juggle throughout the battles in the game. The humour and quirkiness in this game is much derived from Earthbound and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, such as the fourth wall breakage and unexpected viciousness juxtaposed to bright and colourful graphics.


Leo himself acquires a number of skills throughout the game, not only to be used in-battle, but out of battle. Examples of such would be the Dash skill, which could be used to slam into enemies and get that much-needed “first attack” in the battle; a “Faded Smile” item which allows Leo to completely dodge any on-screen encounters; and “Green Fins”, which allows Leo to swim through Jellybomb-infested waters…


The game is about seven hours long. It was started on July 2010, and finished on February 2011.




- Approximately 5 - 7 hours of gameplay.

- Entertaining characters (mostly animals) and colourful graphics, mostly edits of Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3.

- An awesome soundtrack!

- Lots of humour reminiscent of Earthbound and Super Mario RPG!

- A tweaked default battle system and skill system!

- A lot of mini-games!























Before I close off I would like to thank all my beta-testers and "Ciel" especially, who gave me a lot of advice on improving many facets of the game. So enjoy the game! And have some laughs, and don't forget to give some feedback! ^_^


Oh, and don't forget to visit our MERIDIAN DANCE BLOG to keep track of more of our upcoming cool projects!

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Looks so interesting!! Not to mention it's different too :D Gotta try this out and soon as I get the time and let ya know how it is. Bet it would be awesome though >;3

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This by far the most funniest game I have ever played (and yes, I know that is wrong according to grammar rules, but it's appropriate)


The skills also require a lot of tactics, which I really like.


only one bad point: why did you mention the belgian widow when you get the insect suit? belgians are the coolest people ever!!!

(I know you don't mean anything with it, just joking)



I will give actual constructive feedback when I finished the game!!

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Earthbound like humour!? Earthbound is one of my favourite games ever! I'm definitely going to try this one out. The screenshots look nice, and battle seems to be more interesting than the normal RMXP/RMVX battles.

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