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OceansDream - Paradise Blue

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Developer: OceansDream


Paradise Blue



In the old Island of Azulea, the natives are pushed away from the land they once held. The ones who conquered the land have settled and created a new civilization on the Island. Now that the King is near death, there are 2 groups that are fighting for the throne. One of them is a legitimate heir to the throne. The other is your group, who feels they'd rather be the ones in charge.



4 Guards: You play as these guards. Their gender/class/name can be chosen. They don't have a speaking role.

Neil: A 23 year old Blue Mage. He had a job in the castle, but was removed with a dispute with Llorcan.

Amelia: An 20 year old girl who tends to be really mean. She's an Assassin, but her task is to assist Abigail in acquiring special Tokens.

Lord Javier: A ruler of Marsall. He cares about women more than he does anything else. He tends to exploit both citizens of his town and the government for his own gain.

Amaro: Amaro is in charge of Lotus. He and Salomon are fighting for the crown. Amaro is the nephew of the King and the closest in line for the throne. He is a nice honest person, but also a coward and usually takes orders from Llorcan. He doesn’t like violence so he tries to stop the conflict that would go on.




The battle system.


Class changing


The Beachside area.


Quest log


Hiring an NPC


Video of the first dungeon:

By GamingPlayer2


About the game

You can change your class once you beat the 1st boss. Before then, you can choose which starting class you want your characters to be, out of 6 of them (Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk). You gain ABP after a battle, so once you get enough ABP, the character can learn an ability from their class.


*There are 40 quests in the game.


You can hire people in the towns to help you in battle. Some may use abilities like boosting your magic power, walking speed, letting you attack first, and more.


Download link:

Paradise Blue






Mapping, Story, Gameplay:

Ocean's Dream



Ocean's Dream (Monster graphics, Battle backgrounds, some tiles, some animations, edits)

Square-Enix (FF graphics, Animations)

TFT (Main concept monster designer)

Kaworu (Concept monster designs)

Nessiah (Concept monster design)



Ocean's Dream


Event coding:

Ocean's Dream, Aten


Beta Testers:








Special thanks to:



All the NPC contributers, from various forums



Please let me know what you thought of it, and if you have any feedback! Thank you

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Just wanted to let you know that I finished the game. It was fun. The skill system was interesting. The battles were challenging. Overall an enjoyable game with some unique features. Thanks.

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Hey great job! I've been following the developing progression of this game in your blog. It's so great to see it finally finished! :D Congratulations!


And I'm such a fan of your sprite work.

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Thank you! I was hoping it would be fun to play :3


Yeah, now this is done, I've also made 2 short contest games (Adalyn and Rubi). I'm reworking those too, I dunno how long it'll take but hopefully within a few months I want to have another done to post.


Exodus studios? You're Xathia then?

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Hi :) I have a couple of questions about the game =)


What does that crystal in the cave do in the very first quest in the game? And how do you use the 'see hidden paths'? It doesn't seem to work o.o And there's one unreachable chest in that cave; is there any way to go there? Where is the griffin in marshall?

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