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@iyae: sounds like a similar argument lars/rhen fans make. But this is amanda's game: AliciaxDevin is 'canon' aka the real ending. If you wish to make your own ending: by all means go ahead. ;)


Ahriman Prophecy IS 'open source' so you can edit it to fit whatever. (AV 1 and 2 are NOT open source aka no editing)


Or you can write fanfiction as many do to make their secret couples get together.

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boy, haven't read this topic for a while. haha. and i started the topic. lol.


anyway, ktc's right,iyaemma, that ending was amanda's choice, since it is her game.


although, you're open to write fanfictions if you're not happy. that's what i did.


well, it wasn't because i wasn't happy.


it was because i really wanted more, and fanfictions just satisfied that need. :D


hope you guys read my fanfics too. :D the link to it is in my siggy. :D

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