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I feel really stupid for doing this again. But I didn't save before the ending, and didn't check the walkthrough... and didn't have all the gifts xD only 3 out of 5. And stupid me gave each girl a gift and then bought the ring for Stella X_X . Now she won't marry and none of the other girls will. Is there any other present I can get from that city or something? The last save is in the land of dreams.. and I don't feel like continuing from there >.>. help? :S



At least if there was a video on youtube or something with the ending. But I didn't find anything >.>




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Oh, but there's Lydia who definitely will. :P She doesn't need any gifts just the ring of her choice.


But if you want to marry Mel or Stella, there's nothing you can do about that if you don't wish to go back to an older save. Stella needs just 2 gifts while Mel 3. But it's things like this that increases the replay value of the game, don't you think? ;)

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