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The Children of the Eye – RP Sign Up (Warnings)

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I bring a roleplay. Anyone is free to participate.



Alundra was the first planet to be born, a place of peace and harmony with creatures strange and beautiful. Humanoid like, they were Nature on all its glory. All these creatures were called Gods; they were created with the duty of giving life, purpose and beauty to the worlds. The Being, It gave them emotions, some so simple, some so complex so these children could be more alive. But things didn’t turn out well.


One day these children saw the Being betrayed by the one it loved the most. Out of obsession she looked out to possess the Being’s heart but all she got was one of its eyes. Betrayed in such way the Being decided to take upon revenge from the creatures that just stood without doing anything to protect it but watch. So he stripped from the Goddess who betrayed him all of her youth and beauty, forcing to walk forever as a hideous old hag, and from the creatures he had created he took away their most precious power, the power to resurrect and create new living beings. He took away from them their immortality and turned them into mere mortals and abandoned Alundra that became like any other world.


But before leaving, he took one of his eyes, placed the powers within it and hid the eye away from the creatures so none could possess it again. So he created the guardians, the Children of the Eye, children who would have in the depths of their spirit, carved, the powers and the duty to protect the Eye whenever it was threatened.



There is group in Alundra, called as the High Order, they have been ensuring their positioning in the world, burning alive all those who reject their beliefs and trying to “purify” the world from the impure. Many innocents have already lost their lives as the High Order seeks to ensure their domination and only a few still resist. This has been happening for years. Only a small group of Lunarius and The Beings Servants that the High Order call Pagans have been fighting against it.


A Monk who prayed to Lunarius, the moon goddess, was captured by the High Order and all his brothers killed. He was accused of heresy and cooperating with the impure. In his last words he yells:


“The Eye must not fall on the hands of the High Order! If it does, all of Alundra will lose its freedom.” As he said that, he showed in his hand the eye mark, the sign of the Children of the Eye. “Gather Children, protect the Eye, for they do not know what it is capable of! They are ahead. Find the Eye of the Red Eagle.”



You are a Child of the Eye, one of the few creatures of that world chosen by fate to protect the Eye of Creation. You were amongst the crowd as the monk was burned alive. You could do nothing to help your “brother” but watch as he died. Amongst the crowd you have found other “brothers” and “sisters”.


It’s time to gather and find a way to stop the High Order from finding the red eagle before you. On your quest you must protect you brothers from a lot of threats for the timing could not be worst, other than the High Order, other threats menace the balance of Alundra, undead and the Old Hag itself.



The eyes, were given to you by fate, they are a birth mark, usually colorful, shiny when activated. The eye is the source of whatever powers you may have. The eye may be a birth mark anywhere on your body with an eye as the main element or one of your eyes itself, the place where it is points out your strongest attribute and also your weak point in your body. You can have more than an eye.


Eye elements and skills:

Red Eye – Fire, Lava and Earth skills

Brown Eye – Nature, flora, fauna, animals (taming and controlling), communication skills.

Blue Eye – Wind, storms, water and lightning skills

Black Eye – Darkness, hatred (can turn enemies insane), paralizys and depression skills (mind breaking and others).

Gold Eye – Perception (far sight, special sight and others) , illusions and space skills (teleporting, portal opening, space manipulating).

Silver Eye –[/b] Light, spirit (summon) and creation skills (healing, resurrecting and others).

Green Eye – Death (death skills, necromancy and others), time and perception skills (similar to the ones in the gold eye).


You can have other skills other then those pointed out by the eye. You can also just have one or two of the skills the eye gives you and more than one eye.



Only humanoids. Humanoids means humans or hybrids of humans with something else, or a humanoid with animal features: wolf humanoids, cat, fox, dragon humanoids, bird humanoids and others. Elfs and hobbits count as humanoids, demons are not allowed (they are identical to dragon humanoids), angels the same (they are identical to bird humanoids). You can have mythicl creatures humanoids, like dragons, phoenixes, gryphon and others. No kitsunes, kitsunes is the same thing as a mystical fox only with a fancy name.

No vampires, and though wolf humanoids are okay, werewolves are not.



Undeads – there is an outbreak of them in many High Order controlled cities and areas. Can be seen in Infected Area’s. Can only be killed by the use of fire, light harms them, they can’t cross water and water burns them. The infected start literally dying, a potion made of phoenix tears and spiritual essence can reverse the infection, but it’s a painful process that takes days. A bite from undead just results in a painful wound, but you don’t get infected that way.

Leafy Beasts– beasts of wood that crawl around Nature controlled areas. They are summoned by powerful shamans through blood rituals. Some can actually be confused by trees and other plants. They obey blindly to any shaman or pagan who raises them.

Shadowy Crawler – Shadow creatures that feed of creatures vitae, they leech to their shadows and have a hard time to let go. They usually appear in the darkness with a human shape and whispering things like your name or “I exist.”

Ghost – Pissy spirits that wonder around places. They attack living at sight. Can be found in places where the Old Hag has attacked, in places where a battle between High Order and rebels happened, or just in normal haunted places.

The Old Hag – Unkillable elderly lady, walks around with a hood made of darkness, crying black tears and holding an orb with an eye. She is said to have been a Goddess in times. She has large claws and attacks women skinning them and taking their spirits, she has only a few times attacked males but very rarely.

-She wonders around at night and aims mostly at little girls but at the absence of children she’ll aim at adults, she also will most likely aim at a spell caster than a swordsman.

-She is very hard to harm, fire makes her angrier, water does nothing, wind the same, blade can’t touch her (she’ll snatch you with her claws before you can even touch her). However, very loud noises (painfully loud) scare her off, children yelling however just call her over.

-As if she isn’t deadly enough, she can also become invisible and shape shift to the form of those whose skin she took.

-She must be avoided, if she spots you run away.

High Order – They want to get the Eye first, they will kill any Children of the Eye, Pagan and inhuman humanoids. They intend to use the Eye to make their version of Paradise.

Naturists (a Pagan faction)- Extreme Nature lovers, in love with the chaotic forces of Nature. They worship Lunarius the Moon goddess and Bestalir the Hunt god. They’re warriors are actually weak, but their shamans and leaf beasts are deadly. If you’re endangering Nature, they’ll hunt you down.


Sign up sheet:

This is how your sign up should look like.


USERNAME: (You of course)

NAME: (Your character's name, if he has a nickname he prefers to be called by just put it between “ ---- ” at the end of his name)

AGE: (your character's age or at least the age he looks like)

GENDER: (Female, Male, genderless or hermaphrodite, gerbil, your choice)

SPECIES: (If human just put human, if humanoid of something else put for example “cat”, “fox” or elf).

EYE: (The Eye color, location and design).

REGULAR EYE COLOR: (Your regular eyes color).

HAIR: (hair colour and length).

ATTIRE: (What he wears usually. Put more than one attire, must have his job attire and at least a winter clothing).

WEIGHT: (how heavy is he? In pounds)

HEIGHT: (how tall his he? In feet)

JOB: (What he does, archer? Soldier? Paladin? Medic? Scientist? Healer? Mecanic? If you can, explain a bit what the job is about if it’s not obvious. What he does and how.)

WEAPONS: (preferred weapon, any and all weapons your character carries with them, guns only if he’s a scientist and made his own gun)

SUPPLIES: (Anything he would take with himself for a quest just in case.)

FEAR: (What is your character afraid off? And don’t say he has no fears, everyone is afraid of something.)

DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: (Scars, tattoo, birth marks and other skin, eye, paw, markings that make him different other than the eye.)

PERSONALITY: (How is your character like?)

BACKGROUND: (Who is your character, gives us small background, something about him that is relevant.)

TALENTS: (physical, magical, other type skills that may be useful or not out of battle.)

BATTLE SKILLS: ( Stuff you would use solely for the purpose of defeating an enemy, or healing a friend or winning a battle.)

ACESSORIES: (Things your character always carries with himself that isn’t pointed out already before, like a pet, or a medallion he always carries.)

OTHER INFO: (Anything else you think it’s relevant.)




1. Obey to all the forum rules.

2. No one liners, this is an rp, try to keep it to at least one paragraph. Unless it’s a dialogue, in that case one line is okay.

3. Use third person.

4. No controlling other characters other than your own. However you can control shopkeepers, inn keepers, family members of your character, pets, and other characters that would be considered NPC, like guards. I control the Old Hag.

5. I chose when a monster dies or not. Unless you made the monster, guard, undead, etc.

6. I would prefer if each person just had one character. But in case we don’t get too many roleplayers, I’m okay with having two characters.

7. Any questions, ask here.


You can sign up here and make any question here.


My character:


USERNAME: NightMelody

NAME: Malicat Minx

AGE: 345 looks 20-25



EYE: Brown eye on his left hand, Blue eye on his right hand. They are surrounded by vine marks.


HAIR: Brown, curly by his shoulders.


Job Attire: Long brown cloak, black and green jacket with golden details. Black pants and brown boots.

Winter Attire: Long brown jacket with gold details with a white fur interior. A turtle neck green sweater, black pants and brown boots.

WEIGHT : 170 pounds.

HEIGHT: 6, 3 feet.

JOB: Sumbra Shaman

Shamans specialized in the wild powers of nature. Storms and flora, they can also control animals.

WEAPONS: Long staff with a green orb on it and multiple vines adorning it.

SUPPLIES: Money, food and water.

FEAR: The Old Hag and fire. He freezes at the sight of fire.

DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Large burn scar on his side and back. Vine markings around his body.

PERSONALITY: Kind and Caring, he likes to watch over others and will defend his principles with all he has. He doesn’t like to talk about his past. When seeing injustices or plain evil he will flip. He is ruthless; anyone who chases him or is his enemy will face a painful brutal death, same to those who endanger his fellow Pagans.

BACKGROUND: In times a powerful member of a human city council, today a wanted criminal on the run. Malicat was born in a powerful rich family and like his father before him became a leader. He was a powerful wizard and used to battle against the Pagans as a proud member of the High Order, till the day he saw what the High Order did to those that were captured. He fought to defend those turning against his own. As a way to discipline him he was chained and closed inside an incinerator and forced to have parts of his body being burned as he was conscious.

Thanks to a Pagan he himself had capture he survived. He was taken to the pagan city and started living as a Pagan, using his magic against the High Order till it ran wild. As a result he caused many cities to collapse under his spells, taking the lives of hundreds of innocents alongside the High Order members. Long it was sure that not even amongst the Pagans he would be safe, for not only the High Order, but many other were after him. He started being known as the “Catastrophe Mage” and spends his days running away trying to keep alive.

He still joins the Pagans to fight the High Order once in a while. Due to a Pagan ritual he became locked in time, incapable of aging. He can still be killed however.


Animal taming- animal’s feel a natural likeness and trust in him.

Spell transfer- he’s able to obtain or transfer a skill to himself or another warrior.


Eye Skills:

-Zeus Wrath: His most powerfull spell and most deadliest. Makes a shower of thunder fall over his enemies and electrocute and burn their bodies until they collapse dead. He can also concentrate it in his hand causing the person to suffer the double damage, killing them in a matter of seconds.

-Maremoto: Causes a gigantic wave to fall over his enemies destroying and taking all on it’s path.

-Spikes of Earth: Causes boulders and spikes of stone to fall over his enemies. He can also create a large spike and throw it at his enemy, the spike can break on hundreds of smaller ones covering larger area.

-Winds of Myst: Can cause a tornado.

-Natures call: Calls upon the forces of both flora and fauna to attack as his will. Can also be used to create Leaf and Wood beasts o to just make a flower grow faster.

ACESSORIES: He always carries a lamp of fireflies attached to his staff.


He’s a wanted criminal and both normal people and the High Order are offering a very high reward for his capture.

He’s a member of the Pagan rebels who fight against the High Order, or at least used to be.

He has a sister who's a High Necromancer on the High Order.



Signed up Roleplayers:

Malicat Minx ~NightMelody

Sheza ~theAdept_Rogue

Omega Shi ~Yuffie

Korin Celindor - Stormbender ~diamondmist

Eira Winther ~Ashen_Eclipse

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Woo~ Another RP! Signing up


USERNAME: theAdept_Rogue

NAME: Sheza

AGE: Looks around 20

GENDER: Most of the time, Male

SPECIES: A shapeshifter who usually takes the shape of a male part-wolf; real form unknown. The rest his description will be based on his usual part-wolf form.

EYE: Silver eye on the left forearm, centering a gold pentagram; and a gold eye on the right forearm, centering a silver pentagram


HAIR: Short, unruly brown hair


~Normal attire: Streaked cargo pants, soldier boots, grey sleeveless hoodie and white arm bands.

~Traveling garb: White cotton long-sleeved shirt, black trainers, leather boots, sleeveless trench-coat.

~Winter outfit: Black woolen Sweater, navy denims, winter boots, scarf

WEIGHT: 146 lb

HEIGHT: 5'9 ft

JOB: Wanderer

WEAPONS: A bunch of spare parts which can be constructed into different weapons

SUPPLIES: Food, various kinds of drinks, money, cards, random antique stuffs

FEAR: Mirrors- his own reflection

DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Golden wolf ears, fangs and tail

PERSONALITY: Sheza is seemingly friendly and easygoing at first, but becomes shy and distant/secretive after a while. He is pleasant to talk with, but (very) difficult to befriend, as he dislikes being too close to other people.

BACKGROUND: Not much is known about Sheza, except that he's a shapeshifter who can turn into almost anything- and can even switch genders. His real form, and even gender, is unknown and he seems to be over-secretive about it, and becomes paranoid whenever the subject is brought up.


>Luck manipulation


>Fortune Telling


> Angel's blessing: A very powerful heal spell- removes all ailments (like poison and sickness), wounds, and a certain extent of curses

> Call of the immortal: Summon spirits of the dead to aid in battles.

> Wrath of Silver : Use the power of life to absorb wounds and damages then transfer the (multiplied) force to the selected target(s)

> Phase Jump: Warp across time and space

> Song of Nightmare: Creates nightmarish illusions- so realistic that it can cause physical pain, which usually leads to insanity or even death

> Wrath of Gold: Controls a certain area of space and erase/destroy anything that comes near it

ACESSORIES: A small pouch full of antique rings

OTHER INFO: Sheza seems to know a lot of people who doesn't know him


LAST EDITED IN: 4 May 2011

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Oops forgot to add the winter attire for my character… done now :P


Okay explaining the Eye:

The Eye is a property possessed by the Being that marks those he handpicked to protect his Eyes of Creation. These eyes have powers within them that are given to the chosen one by the Being. Basicly if you already have these powers (for example a necromancer has already the natural necromancia ability from the green eye) they will be powered up by the Eye, meaning, they will be twice as powerful as they would be without the eye. If you however haven’t those skills like for example a Priest wouldn’t have the power of fire, with the red eye he gains those powers.

Also the place of the eye shows your biggest attribute. For example, in the heart would be kindness, in the head logic, in the hands accuracy in the eyes perception in the shoulder strength and etc, etc. Also sadly points that place as your weak point, the place that if it’s hit will be probably damaged the most.

The eyes also connect you to the Being, it can use the eyes to watch you, follow you or just communicate with you.

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Sounds like fun! Calling this character an oddball is a bit of an understatement...



NAME: Omega Shi

AGE: 22

GENDER: Female


EYE: Green eye on back of her left hand, black eye on ankle.


HAIR: Straight pitch black hair that goes to her waist. She has three midnight blue streaks through her hair.


Job Attire: Omega wears a white halter top that has a few rips towards the bottom. She also wears pitch black leggings, with knee high black boots. Omega wears a one shoulder (left) black cape that touches the ground. It doesn't drag on the ground when she runs or walks, though.

Winter Attire: In winter, Omega wears the same, but with a few variations. She wears the halter top, but with a black jacket over top. Her cape is replaced by a larger black cloak. Her leggings and boots remain the same, but the boots have snow treads on them.

WEIGHT : 130 pounds

HEIGHT: 5 feet, 9 inches

JOB: Reaper- reapers use scythes and long blades to hurt their enemies, and usually have some form of dark magic.


SUPPLIES: Money, food, water, winter clothes, book about undead

FEAR: As silly as it may sound, Omega is afraid of butterflies. It's a debilitating fear- she stops and screams, and faints if one touches her. She's fine with all other insects and bugs, though.

DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Omega has a midnight blue and black tattoo on her forehead and the bridge of her nose. Her tattoo depicts a moon and a scythe.

PERSONALITY: Omega is cheerful, yet has a dark side. She's always bright and bubbly, but when someone threatens her or someone she cares about, she gets really serious and scary.

BACKGROUND: When Omega was little, she was going for a walk and got lost. A man from a city controlled by the High Order found her, and they lived together as father and daughter for several years. The High Order found out, and tried to kill her and her father. Her father was taken captive. Omega managed to get out of the city by killing several guards and using her powers against them. She's been fighting the High Order to find her adoptive father. She was hoping to see him in the city.


- using dark magic

- baking, strangely enough


Dark Bolt: Shoots a dark bolt from her finger tips at an enemy. Sometimes stuns, other times causes great pain.

Call: Call forth a zombie to fight for you. Must be dead people nearby to cast. There can only be one zombie at any given time being called.

Imbue- Imbue scythe with the powers of darkness.

Fear: Scare the enemy.

Hate: Make enemy go insane, forcing them to attack everyone around them, including themselves.

ACCESSORIES: Omega has a small sock that she keeps with her always.

OTHER INFO: Omega is a wanted criminal. She enjoys scaring small children.

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I'm overloading my RP list...



USERNAME: diamondmist

NAME: Korin Celindor - Stormbender

AGE: 18-19

GENDER: Female


EYE: Blue Eye (right hand) with a green design around it reminiscet to a Celtic one. Green Eye (um, "on her head" with blue designs around it the same as the green designs surrounding the Blue Eye.)

REGULAR EYE COLOR: Bi-colored eyes - Blue and green.

HAIR: Spiky black hair, collarbone length, usually in a VERY messy bun.



Job: A rather...revealing blue dress with black spandex shorts. Sometimes wears black tights. Plain sandals (not heel).

Normal: A mint green tank top with with trimming and a lighter green design on the back. A...Vocaloid arm accessory on one arm. Black shorts and sometimes capri. Black sandal (not heel). Other times, wears a blue dress which accentuates her...gifted figure.

Winter: A white fur-lined hooded jacket and blue gloves. White pants and black boots (fur-lined).


WEIGHT: 86 pounds.

HEIGHT: 5'8"

JOB: Hunter.

WEAPONS: Arrows and a bow, a few concealed knives/daggers. Senbon needles, and rarely, dual swords.

SUPPLIES: Food, money, a blanket, a pillowcase, needle and thread, dual swords, dual daggers, playing cards, tarot cards, nailclipper, scissors, rope, tape, a book, lockpicks.

FEAR: A bit afraid of the dark if alone. Mostly afraid of spiders. VERY afraid of spiders, take the last sentence back.

DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Dark birthmark of an arrow on her right inner thigh. A large scar on her back. A tattoo of a diamond on her collarbone.

PERSONALITY: A fun-loving, cynical, critical, and slice-of-life sort of girl. She takes a while to open up, though, and is initially shy and sweet. She doesn't normally like to be in the lead of something, but is openly curious. Insecure at times. But when she's open and familiar, she's a spitfire, a pessimist (sometimes) and hotheaded. She knows her way with words and men.

BACKGROUND: Not much is important - Korin was from a respected middle-class family and the second-eldest from a sibling count of six. Her cousins, which some may know about, are he necromancer Yani and the elf Vena. She at first was given the position of head of family by her elder sister, Nevaeh, but declined and gave the position of her younger brother Hyn, who gave it to the next in line, who gave it to the next. At least the last accepted.

She and her cousin Vena ventured out in the lands to hone their skills of archers - and they did quite well. After a while, Yani joined them. Of course, in time, they became known for their good hunting, and soon got many customers. As they did, they also became known in the wider community. Vena, who enjoyed this life, wanted to start anew, and disbanded. Yani did as well. In the end, Korin and Yani promised to meet once in a while. Yani became a magic-user. Vena became a bounty hunter. Kori remained as a hunter but learned magic and helped Vena out once in a while.

TALENTS: Agility, Gambling, a way with words, a veeery good right hook, flexibility.


Mirage of Waves: Summons a wave of water to smother the opponent and/or ensare them in a ball of water.


Moon Dance: The ground gets encased in ice, also freezing anyone in vicinity that is recognised as a threat.

Lightning Strike: See title.

Sixtieth Hour: A huge dragon of lightning attack the enemy(s). Suitable to use against groups. User can control the size.

Seventh Star: The magic will alter the aura around the enemy which makes him fall victim to a mini-thunderstorm.

I'm a Little Teapot: Sing the children's poem, "I'm a Little Teapot," so her voice can transmit waves which can shock the ears of the enemy - usually makes the enemy deaf.

Deathsong: Snap a finger and weaken the enemy to extreme measures. Can also sap magic power (MP, in other words).

Omega: Uses a ball of pure lightning to swing around the enemy battlefield to kill anyone in the path. It's fairly controllable, so usually, an army or so dies. It's quite exhausting, though.

Blackiris: Make an enemy die. Only one.

Iliad: Summon a water wave and then freeze it once it's smother the enemy party.


Bird of Water: Turn fingernails to icicles.



ACCESSORIES: A mirror, a hairbrush, and an earring.

OTHER INFO: Korin crushes on people easily. D:

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I can't wait to start this RP! It sounds like a LOT of fun! I also want to RP as Omega. She's actually based off of a character in one of my games. I just hope that we don't run into any butterflies.


Anyways, when do you think we'll actually start the RP? I just want to know so that I'll know when I should come online, as I'm getting more homework and such now...

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NAME: Cerie Naomi Lyss


AGE: 18


GENDER: Female


SPECIES: Human with a few drops of Witch blood from her mother.


EYE: Silver winged eye upon her hip that looks like a metallic tattoo. Also has a Red Eye medallion taken from her dead mother.


REGULAR EYE COLOR: Brown with gold specks.


HAIR: Hip-length curly dark brown hair with lighter natural highlights. Like Taylor Swift's hair, except dark.




Casual -- A sleeveless violet tank top that exposes her lower belly and her silver eye, light navy cargo pants cut halfway up the thigh, a red high-heeled dress shoe on her right foot, a knee-high brown boot on her left, and a silvery cloth tied around her waist gypsy-style. Also wears a variety of bracelets on her left arm, a platinum necklace around her neck, a bandanna tied around her boot ankle, and a chain with her red eye medallion upon it wrapped around her boot thigh. Her other accessories include a ribbon around her upper arm, two knee-rings and a leg-warmer on her right leg, and a red scarf that she usually keeps in her pocket. I'll put up a drawing eventually.


Winter -- A light green hoodie, crimson fingerless gloves, a silver cloak with the symbol of the High Order embroidered on the front and a platinum clasp, and white flat boots with fur-lining. Also wears earmuffs made from platinum wire and white cat-humanoid fur (kind of disturbing o.o).


Ambassador -- White and silver evening gowns with the High Order cloak and white cat-humanoid fur accessories (all of the cat fur accessories came from the nurse of her youth who was killed for being a Child of the Eye). Usually wears her hair in an updo with a platinum comb carved in the shape of a dragon.


WEIGHT: 112 lbs.


HEIGHT: 5' 6"


JOB: Book Thief, Ambassador, and Sometimes Arsonist


WEAPONS: Platinum cigarette-lighter, the first ever created; and very sharp calligraphy pens.


SUPPLIES: A white backpack with white fur padding and a platinum frame in which she keeps food supplies, her lighter, her jewelry and other items, and a High Order map of the world. Also has a first-issue platinum flashlight and a first-issue platinum radio alongside her writing supplies.


FEAR: Afraid of the dark and, to some extent, other Children of the Eye.


DINSTINCTIVE MARKS: Besides her light-brown/blonde highlights, she has a strip of pure white hair.


PERSONALITY: Cute and sweet with extreme anger management problems.


BACKGROUND: Born the daughter of the Vice Minister of the High Order, Cerie grew up fearing other Children of the Eye due to her father’s manipulation. Because of her position in her father’s family and her own usefulness to the ‘cause’, Cerie is protected despite her status as a Child of the Eye.



Cerie is the daughter of the Vice Minister of the High Order and is protected from others of the High Order by her father and her own usefulness to the 'cause'. Her mother was killed when it was realized that she was a Child of the Eye. Cerie took her mother's Red Eye from among the woman's ashes after she was burned at the stake with her own fire. The eye was crystallized in the flames and is now a medallion. Cerie was sent by her father with the other Children of the Eye as a spy and to destroy the Eye if anything goes wrong.


TALENTS: Is very manipulative and beautiful, usually able to use any man to her advantage based on her many merits. Cerie is also a skilled ambassador and master writer and calligrapher. Cerie can set anything, even water or ice, on fire.


BATTLE SKILLS: A variety of healing and resurrection skills as well as rudimentary control over fire.


ACESSORIES: Besides the aforementioned accessories, Cerie has a case full of platinum jewelry that is the crowning jewel of her father’s estate. Included in the collection are pieces created of extremely rare magical materials such as crystallized Eye fragments, jeweled dragon’s breath, toad gems, and fairy dust. Cerie also keeps a platinum hairbrush and mirror as well as the highest quality makeup supplies ground out of top quality Pagan herbs.


OTHER INFO: Cerie is a broken and somewhat mad woman who is entirely unpredictable. She does whatever her father tells her to do after years of careful manipulation.



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@ipink: Yey, I was hoping someone to be a member of the High Order :P. By the way noone ever saw the High Order leader face to face, his identity is a secret.


In the High Order you can wear any clothes you want. However, should have said that earlier. Not wanting to be annoying. Then official colors of the High Order are red and gold.


Most of the High Order wears red and gold, due to their worship of fire as the ultimate weapon and tool. Only members of the High Order who wear white are Priests and female members who haven't married yet, Necromancers wear black, both girls and men. Everything with either gold or silver details.


About the fur. Alot of people use humanoid-animal fur. Not just High Order. Only who seem to avoid it are poor people and Pagans.


By the way, the sign of the High Order is a Challice with fire coming out of it.


And finally this would be a mediaval/steampunk world.


Just one thing I didn't understand. Her father is a member of the High Order and he is working against or in favor of the High Order? Because destroying the eye would be against... The High Order wants the eye to ensure their belief and get rid of all the "impure".


@Ashen_Eclipse: I'll wait for your character. before we start the roleplay then.


And a final thing before I forget, should have said that too, but i wasn't counting on this small detail, taking a dead person's eye won't give you power. You need the person living spirit in order to use his eye's power. Shamans and Necromancers can generate fake spirits to fool the eye, but the power of the eye will be weaker.


And now to finish making the map. And I'll also post a small description of the Pagans and the High Order so u'll know all you need about both factions.

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Okay, I'll edit my post later today. We'll say white is the color of her family. Her father wants her to destroy the Eye if it is the only way to keep it away from the other Children of the Eye. He's definitely working for the High Order. We'll also say that Cerie's mother's spirit resides in the eye since her death.

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@iPink: Okay, that works perfectly ^^.


For everyone: Welcome to Alundra


Alundra is a steampunk mediaval fantasy world. It is mostly magic based but there is some Science and technology thanks to the High Order. In Alundra there has been a battle between the High Order who wants to ensure the worship of fire and the Maker and everyone else who wants to keep their own beliefs:



-PAGANS- Called that way by the High Order and the Regulars. They are those who don’t believe in the Maker but in other gods or the Being.

- Followers of Lunarius and Bestalir- They worship and watch over Nature, they do lots of rituals to ensure the blessing of nature, fertility and life. They seek harmony and coexistence with nature and seek the understanding of the laws of the universe and knowledge.

- Followers of the Being- They acknowledge the other gods but serve the Being. They seek for a life of balance amongst technology and nature, and magic and science. Most of them live on the Valley of the gods, though you can find them amongst the Followers of Lunarius and Bestalir. These who have joined the followers of Lunarius and Bestalir usually are very imbalanced or wild and cannot stay on the Valley for threat of bringing chaos. These join the other Pagans on the ground and use the knowledge gained as being a follower of The Being to help the others.

- The Naturists- The members of the Pagans who have gone stray. These seek a chaotic wild world of chaos and destruction in which only the pure wild state of Nature exists. They are one of the causes of the Undead. Very few still exists for they are a small unorganized group and most of them have been killed and captured by the High Order. These are actually a threat to everyone, including other Pagans. They attack the “Manfools” at sight and cause a lot of troubles. They usually hide in sewers near a place where undead have been appearing.

-Pagan Rank: Most pagans are either take the job of a Magic user under the rule of a shaman, or the role of a warrior under the rule of a commander.

-Ranking: 1st- Priestess (she commands everyone); 2nd – Sumbra Shaman, High Necromancer, Commander (the elders or most powerful spell casters and warriors); 3rd – Shaman or Necromancer; 4th- Warrior, swordsmen, hunter and others.

-Pagan Leader: The Leaders of the Pagan faction are the Priestess Leona and the Hunter Wildborn. These can be found, the priestess on Hetalia, the Hunter on the Docks of Sultana.

-Pagan Objective: Stop the High Order from forcing their beliefs on everyone. Ensure the safety of nature. Protect their leaders.

-Pagan Divinities:

-Lunarius the Moon goddess (Nightsie Mother)- Blue haired silver eyed goddess who wears a gold and lilac mask and a black dress with clock numbers. Can actually be summoned, kind and caring, uses the powers of nature and time.

-Bestalir the Hunt god (Woodsie Father)- Very aggressive horned brown haired god who always wears a large axe and a bow. He’s very aggressive and very dangerous, summoning him can end up badly for everyone. He causes the birth of Chaos creatures, raises undead and can cause massive fires.

-The Being (The Shiny One)- Strange dark skinned creature with red wings, gold eyes, and multiple colored eyes on certain parts of his body. Wears a strange circlet and his body seems to reflect the night sky. Shimmers in the dark. He is believed to be the creator and destroyer of Universes. He has a hole on his chest that is constantly shining with an unnatural morbid aura. He can’t be summoned, if he feels like it, he’ll go to you by will.

-Pagan central: Land of Hetalia, all of it.

-Pagan glyph: A green tree glyph.

-Pagan colors: Green and brown.



-HIGH ORDER- Oppressive, dictorial Order who worships the Maker and the Fire. They believe they were made to lead a life of work and purity with no sin in which they work for the Maker.

-They are very oppressive and have terrible punishments. To the sins of greed they will literally beat one with the possession that caused greed. To the sin of sloth they will force one to work without rest, food or water and whip him. To the sin of heresy, indiscipline or disobedience they will burn one alive or cut off one of their limbs.

-Hammers: These are the warriors and the protectors. Their duty is to protect the High Order and all its members and to ensure the heretics are punished.

-Scholars: These are the ones who study the holy fire, the machines and the science. They build, attend and work with the machines the High Order makes.

- Necromancers: These study dark arts of the heretics. They ensure the destruction but also the use of the undead. They are one of the causes of the Undead. They made the Golden Compedium, a recitary of prayers of all the sins who seems to infect and make undead raise.

-High Order Rank: The priests and ministers are of very high importance on the High Order. They can both be spell casters or warriors. The Priests and Ministers both decide a punishment and celebrations, prayers and behaviours of the members of the High Order.

-1st The Holy Priest; 2nd Minister; 3rd Vice Minister; 4th Ambassador, High Priest; Necromancer; 5th Priest, Warrior, Swordsmen.

-High Order Leader: The Holy Priest, Saint Ketlar. He has never been seen only his voice heard and face seen.

-High Order Objective: Purify the world by fire and cleanse it of all the heretics. Destroy all the fake beliefs of the Loony goddess, the Hunt Demon and the Destroyer. Obtain the Eye of Cretion made and provided by the Maker to destroy the heretics and cleanse the world.

Fire works as both a weapon and a tool for the High Order, it both makes their machines work but it also destroys their enemies.

-High Order divinities:

-The Maker: He is the creator, the builder and the father of all creatures. He seeks a world of knowledge, science and technology.

-High Order council: Place were the ministers, vice ministers and the Holy Priest discuss punishments, celebrations and battles.

-High Order central: Sultana.

-High Order glyph: A Challice with fire red glyph.

-High Order colors: Red and Gold.


REGULARS: The normal city folks who have no belief whatsoever.


Alundra map:



Places of Alundra:

Glacia – located on the great mountains of ice and wind, a human mine city (some animal humanoids wonder around), there is located a High Order temple and an infected area. Lots of mine systems under the city and the mountains it’s belief some undead hide on the lowest level of the mines and that the mines are connected to a Pagan area. Pagans wonder around the lowest level of the mines. A temple sits nearby that used to be ruled by Pagan Monks, but it has been burned down by the High Order. Some survivors are trying to rebuild it.

Sinta – The lair of the Old Hag, inhabited by many Shadowy Crawlers and ghosts. She also seems to have animated wood beasts. The five entrances to her lair have been sealed by Sumbras to avoid people from getting skinned by the abomination.

Safira – City surrounded by baren dead land and undeads. Animal humanoids and other and humans inhabit this large city, large deserts surround the city. Mostly inhabited by regulars and Pagans, but there’s a large High Order Central there.

Hetalia ¬– Lush full forest with no end and more gigantic mountains, lakes and rivers adorn it. It has cities taken by Nature were Pagans live (humans and humanoids). A small High Order area is located on the high mountains nearby. Hetalia is the main Pagan territory. It’s the only place that doesn’t have undead outbreaks since the plants “eat” all the dead.

Sultana – A steampunk place that has developed in the depths of the medievality some science and technology (lamps and lights, steam machines, victrolas and some security systems). Mostly inhabited by regular humans and High Order Members, some animal humanoids and Pagans wonder in the South section of the city and the Docks (the poor and crooked part of it). Some parks, sewers and cave systems have been taken over by Pagans. Sultana is the main High Order territory.

There you can also find the famous Divine Spirit Hospital, a place with more past then the entire continent altogether. A haunted barricaded hospital that is best left alone. People say that even the undead avoid that place out of fear (not kidding! The undead actually avoid the hospital). It has an entrance to a special cave system.

Valley of the Gods – A paradise like Island that floats on the heavens, where the Ancients have went to. A giant city with lots of waterfalls, white palaces and nature where the Followers of the Being(High Order also calls them Pagans) can be found.

Hellina – Another mine area and prison, the place where the really dangerous prisoners are dumped. The guards are heavily harmed and dragons fly around it making sure no one leaves before time. They are freed by the Regular Watchmen. The guards don’t interfere in quarrels nor fights, if anyone gets killed in there, they don’t care. 90% of the population is Male and 70% are humans. It is the largest stone, mineral and gem factory, also a heavily mechanized place (even more than Sultana itself). The dragons are the ones who take the minerals to Sultana. It is believed that in its underground is buried the entrance to the ancient aquatic city of Cascalia.

Cascalia – A degraded destroyed underground city with a greek look. It is believed the people who lived in there were humanoids with fish characteristics. Mermaids wonder nearby, don’t lean over the water or they’ll pull you to it and drown you.



On Alundra, other minor threats:

-Mermaids- They are actually Sirens, kind and helpful if you are a girl, yet they seek to drown man and eat them, litteraly. They all look exactly the same. Blue skin, silver fish tail and fins and black long hair.

-Fairies- Adorable and very helpful to children, yet to adults they have a twisted and sometimes deadly sense of humor. They tend to scare adults by making them choke on flower petals. They usually get rid of the petals before one chokes to death… usually.

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Okay, iPink I have added you to the list.


I'm just going to wait for Ashen_Eclipse character and anyone else who may want to enter.


a small Notice:

To any alterations to your character profile ad at the end: LAST EDITED IN: (put the date you last edited the profile)

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USERNAME: Ashen_Eclipse


NAME: Eira Winther


AGE: 21


GENDER: Female


SPECIES: Human, mainly. Has Elfin blood somewhere in her family


EYE: a Gold Eye on the palm of her right hand; a Silver Eye over her heart. Both are surrounded by swirls of black that fade out to her skin-tone.




HAIR: White (in reality, a very pale blonde. But it looks white.) Her hair is wavy and quite long, reaching about the middle of her back, but she keeps it in a knot at the nape of her neck.


ATTIRE: Regardless of the outfit, she has bandages wrapped on both her hands to hide her Eye. Also has sheaths/daggers hidden in various places, including her boots and the small of her back. Also (usually) wears a belt, with a dagger there as well.

Normal- A lightweight blue peasant blouse, the sleeves ending at her elbows. A brown leather vest. A short-ish 3-tiered skirt, with brown leggings underneath. Practical boots.

Winter- similar to her normal outfit. Changes: a long-sleeved peasant blouse, a fur lined vest. Poncho/Cloak with hood, lined with fur; cloak reaches her knees. Gloves. Boots come to mid-calf, also fur-lined.

Work- (When meeting cartography customers- )A fitted white blouse, embroidered in red, blue, and green along the hems. A flowing black skirt that reaches the floor, with a ruffle along the hem that is also embroidered. They are very well made, and scream of respectability. (When meeting... other customers-) Black shirt, black pants, grey hooded cloak. (When working-) A variation of her normal outfit, but older and stained. Wears a canvas apron, stained with ink.




HEIGHT: 5' 6”


JOB: Cartographer, officially. Forger, unofficially.


WEAPONS: Dagger(s).


SUPPLIES: Paper and writing supplies; some money; waterskin and trail rations; panpipes


FEAR: Besides for an irrational, nearly debilitating fear of spiders, Eira has an more logical fear of being found out- either as a forger or a Child of the Eye.


DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Some slight scaring on her legs and arms, most are not really noticeable, but there is one that runs from her knee to about halfway down her shin that stands out. Her hands are also noticeably scarred.


PERSONALITY: Generally nice- on the quiet side, but friendly. But watch out- she holds grudges and can be vindictive when provoked. She gets her revenge while never letting on that she is angry.


BACKGROUND: Eira was raised in the city mainly by her three older brothers. Her mother worked nights at a tavern, and her father was often busy working on his maps. She forced her brothers to teach her how to fight with daggers. When it became apparent to her father that her brothers lacked any art skill whatsoever, he taught her how to make maps. It was after her father passed that she started dabbling in forgery.


TALENTS: Skilled artist-- useful for map making and forging; able to tell when someone is lying (due to training, but also because of her Eye); agile; can juggle and throw knives; able to create a small light to see by, like a small glowing ball of energy that hangs in the air around her.



Non-magic: Knife throwing


Healing- however, there is a catch. When she heals someone, she becomes emotionally attached. The more often she heals them, the more attached she gets. She tries to avoid healing people as often as possible, and keeps quiet of it's consequences.

Dual View- able to make the enemy see double, with each version looking equally real.

Flash Flare- emits a bright light to blind an enemy


ACCESSORIES: A necklace that belonged to her father- a gold pendant with an azure stone in the middle. Likely Elvin in origin, it has been passed down through her family for years.


OTHER INFO: Eira likes to play the pan pipes and sing. She isn't very good at either.


LAST EDITED- May 5, 2011

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@Adept_Rogue: It's a closed roleplay. But if it dies (more than two characters become inactive over more than three weeks) I will open the sign up thread again so other people can enter and interact with the ones who are still there.


And welcome Ashen_Eclipse.


Anyway, I'm thinking of starting the roleplay either tomorrow or Saturday. And I'm closing the sign ups now.



If you become inactive over three weeks I will assume your character has abandoned the quest and remove you from the list. You can return before or after I open the sign ups, as long as there is less than five characters (excluding mine), If there is five characters you can no longer enter.

If that happens with two characters or more I will open the sign ups again. If you wish to return however you must do it while the sign ups are still open and with the same character or a new one.


If in the middle of the roleplay you decide you wish to change a character you have to say so ehre and post the new character so we can arrange the death or departure of your current character and the entrace of the new one.


If you don't agree with this, want more or less time for me to assume one as gone and re-open the sign ups, just say so.

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To iPink - You have been removed from the roleplay for being inactive way to long.

To Ashen_Eclipse - You have been inactive fort too long. You have two weeks to post or you shall be removed.


Post your questions and answers here that are OOC.

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