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Edward the Jailbird

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How do I get Edward in jail? I think it has something to do with Rat, so could someone give me a walkthrough of the entire thing, from how to jail Lady Grenwalle to Edward being in jail. Please don't tell me how to get him out, as I'd like to do that alone.

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I'll list the steps for you, as the walkthrough contains it in several sections.


1. After Edward joins the party, go and talk to Lady Gwanelle. Tell Ines you'll hep her.

2. Go and talk to the inspector. After he tells you to get lost, talk to him again. Mel will be thrown into jail.

3. Talk to Rat in jail. Agree to help him.

- this is all you need to do here to get Edward locked up. You can now complete the baby trade quest.

4. In Tyobi, find Rat in the marketplace. Have Edward go with him.

5. Steal the bust from Fahd's house. Tell Rat you took nothing, then have Edward rejoin the group.

6. Go to Acropolis and get the ugly bust.

7. Sell the good bust back to Fahd. Edward will be thrown into jail.

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