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[VN] Destanagas: Living Legends [28-06-2011: Added sketches]

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Stories like this can't come true...


As far as Saras Jessen was concerned, the Darugvadiye were nothing but creatures from stories. Old myths made by long-dead people of the past and fantastic beings you see in games. That is, until a young man claiming to be a Darugvadiyah Elemental master tells her that she is one of them. Worse yet, he seem to believe that she had been chosen by the gods to be the bearer of a legendary weapon, which in turn would make her the leader of the Darugvadiyah army. she can't believe what he's telling her, but...


Pardon the abrupt storyline change!

See, what happened was that I, being the rash person that I am, was too hasty to post the game info. I forgot to take into consideration a lot of things, so this is what happens. Sorry.


If you're interested in Anjura's story, don't worry. That one was not cancelled. It's just "set aside for later" until I get better with Ren'py. This one is more simple. Less twisted and more classic "Help I got dragged into this weird other world" to introduce the universe. Anjura's story is set in the same universe, after all. Just a different time.




Not many sketches yet. Oh boy, how do I introduce important characters without spoiling anything?



Saras Jessen

Age: 19

A girl studying to be an Asha engineer, the closest thing to being a sorcerer she could be without actually having the magic in her.



Faer Aven

Age: 20

Saras' classmate and rival. A guy who seem to be able to do everything wonderfully without even trying.





Age: ?

The guy claiming to be a Darugvadiyah.



Argo Corvus

Age: Looks 18, goodness know how old he really is

Saras' Magic 101 teacher.




Tirta Corvus

Age: Looks about 20 or so

Saras' PE teacher. Argo's twin.
















There are conflicting records of these mythical creatures. Some believed them to be evil demons, others believe them to be transcendent beings, and some don't believe they actually existed.



"Magic", i.e what we gamers usually know as "mana".



Saras' favourite "TV" series. A crime story set in a fantasy universe where magic does not exist. (useless trivia)


Pokerface: Rising Sun

A spin-off comic series of Pokerface that Saras likes to read. Set in the same universe as the original.

(useless trivia)

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i saw it i saw it! XD as soon as i saw anjura i was surprised to not see agas XD XD XD


so, a VN from you? sweet. looking forward to it.

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@Tei: Because a VN is the best way to showcase my artwork :D


Weee, you caught it! I shouldn't be surprised, because you always seem to be the only one who catches these kind of little things. There is a reason why their names are like that aaaaannnd... no spoilers yet :P

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Looks interesting so far. I thought that Anjura looked like a certain character that you draw a lot. :P


I can't wait to play it!

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None. At all. School is insane, I have an impending internship, I'm supposed to graduate in a few months, and there are some parts of the scripting that I still don't quite know how to implement yet :S Real life is hard, yo~

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I can see it! It's in Anjura! Plot seems interesting, and it's good to heard it'd be RPGish.

Great to see you worked for something you can do all yourself. I know VN will suit you.

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An-update-but-not-really, everyone...


I'm considering releasing a less complicated game before this one (yay for D_A being indecisive and having a penchant for multi-tasking). It will be purely VN, with no RPG elements implemented, just to test how my programming skill fares. An Aveyond doujinshi game, all freeware (duh, unless Amanda is willing to sell it or something, but I doubt she would want to).


Even that "simple game" looks like it's going to take quite a while to program and make (a bajillion of drawings to make, AUGH!!!) because the way the plot branching is going, it looks like this thing is going to have at the very least 20 alternate endings :S


Yes, it's an Aveyond fan-game, in case you think you misread something :evil: So, ah... who wants me to start that one up first? It really wouldn't do if I blow up such a huge project with epic programming-fail, yeah?

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I'm soooooooo happy that I'm having the pleasure to expect a super new game from our one and only agas ♥♥♥


I can't wait!! Ha!! Now everyone will learn the awesomeness of your graphics!! bwahahahah!!!




ME!ME!ME!! I'm the psycho that wants to play the AV-fan game XDDD

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That... would be a secret :evil: Let's just say the character you're playing as is someone who can do magic. That's all I'm revealing.


Oh heck it. I'm gonna just go ahead and do it :P


The soonest possible release date is somewhere in December. If not, well, it would be next year.

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I'd LOVE to play an AV fan game! It's probably a better idea to try something not so huge-ish first. If you're using Ren'Py, then you should get acquainted with whatever you're going to use in the smaller game.


I tried Ren'Py once and I made an epic fail because I didn't know how to code it properly. :P

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Trust me when I say that as huge as the Aveyond fan-game sound like, it IS the "small-scale trial game". The game we're supposed to be talking about, Destanagas, is far bigger in comparison. That's why I just brought the fan-game (or rather, the troll-game) up in the comments, not make an entirely new topic for it. A miniscule game like that is not worth a new topic :P


Then again, it depends on what we mean by "big". When I say big/small, I measure it by the complexity of the codes. The AV fangame is entirely choice-based, so it's technically just basic Ren'py codes. It's long, but it's simple. Destanagas has a lot of RPG elements, which is very hard to code Ren'py-wise.

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Hi there, I've changed this game by a lot.


What you can expect from this game:


- A more or less simple VN, without RPG elements

- Battles are integrated with the plot, so it's not like you can really choose

- GxB Otome, with at least 5 date-able guys (yes, what of it?)

- There are daevas in it somehow

- You can make Agas go date Nanghaithya or Saurva if you so want it

- Or, heck it, Ahriman... if you're crazy enough (no, I will not explain how this works now)

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