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Tales of the Seven Jewels - Parts I and II (Beta Released)

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World map:

* Sign near Northwood Inn: Rosewind to West, but is to the East



* Lady Taruna: repeats "I bow before your sense of ..." bit

* Is it normal I just appeared inside the manor after reading the sign saying the road was blocked?

* Though I have yet to MEET Galena, Jehane is already talking about her in the bedroom of the manor

* Also in Rosewind, to the East, you can easily access a cliff you normally shouldn't be able to (mapping error)

* Pristress typo in cave shrine

* So ummm something is wrong, I thought I had to go pick up Galena in Seloona, but after I engaged talking to Jehane in the bedroom (before going to Seloona), she said we should go meet the king, so I went and talked to Lady Taruna again only to hear Galena was outside waiting for us, is this normal? Or did I just skip a part of the story O.O

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Btw, I still have the quest 'go and get Galena in Seloona' in the diary.


Reason I'm posting is that I'm a bit stuck, it says to go through the forest to the Hinterlands. I've passed through the Rosewind Forest and used the West exit. But now I don't know what to do. o.o There's this cave entrance that's blocked and all. (I'm on the overworld map)


Edit: Never mind ^^;


Edit 2: Almost there ;) But I need some tips for the Frostenfall castle. I'm never fast enough to get anywhere. :o

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Okay, I've been thinking. Y'know what? I've got ALL THE DARNED COPYRIGHTS to this story. So I don't care what people think. I'm carrying on this project.


Right. Got all bugs fixed. I'm gonna add a feature or two and release v0.4 soon enough.


@slimmmeiske2 : When you teleported to the manor, it actually triggered the end of Quest 11 (MQ11), and therefore you skipped three main quests. You're supposed to get Galena at MQ09. The bedroom scene occurs during MQ11. So sorry for screwing your save file up. I used that as a quick TP feature during alpha testing.


Also, what is your problem in Frostenfall castle? ^^

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Well, I'm inside the castle and try to find my way to the King, but there's this timelimit I presume, which transports me back to the kitchen if the time's up. I'm never fast enough, even with the 'holding shift button' in. So any tips? Or the exact location where I have to go?


And I'm glad you're continuing. :D

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...The one with the shifting lights? If you've read the sign, you'll find out when the light is red, you shouldn't be moving. When it turns back to green it's all clear.


Did you misunderstand it maybe? If so I'll rewrite the sign.

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I am in Neko Village and need to go find Julius but the path is blocked. I can'tfind a way around. There is also no way to the person to the right of the pub !!

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Warning, reuploading v0.4. I suggest you disreguard the former setup, it is bugged.


Besides, v0.4 will be an OPEN ARCHIVE. That's right. I've really ENOUGH of commercial RMVX games and even more enough of encrypted games. So I'm doing it the old RPG Maker 03 way. You will be able to open my file in RMVX. And that's Open Source to the fullest.


Nyx, can you please put a screenshot? ^_^:)

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@Nyx: You could always just have used [*img]paste url here[/img](without the little star), no need to attach it. Or just posted the url to your screenshot. But since you found it, it doesn't matter anymore. ^^


Edit: almost there, just can't defeat that Morton. :(


Rosewind Forest

* Sign says:

East: Aquamarine Mine (which is West)

West: Rosewind Town (which is East)

South: Avillion (either that's me, but I can't go south)


Dwarf Village

* During the Endrus cutscene, Lilith says 'yoo' instead of 'you'

* Mapping error near the Seerer's Cliff. I can access the clif through the stairs (sidewards)

* Let's Review the World scene:

Endrus says: "I feel like doing task after task, but this one is tempting." Shouldn't that be: "I don't feel like..."

During the showing of Avillion: I think it said 'personel' somewhere.

((On a sidenote: What happened to Galena? o.o))

* Meeting before the war:

Endrus should say: "And that's why we shall have/take revenge" (whatever suits you better ^^)



* Endrus was the leader sprite during the sewer, so when I exit the sewers into the room, I see Endrus standing there already and Bly'the is missing.

* Morton should say: "the MORE casualities" instead of "the most casualities".



* Endrus's skill 'Warrior's Rage', when used it says "Endrus performs a Hateful Strike"


Note: All of the above is still from v0.3 . When I'm finished I'll replay it using v0.4 .

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@Nyx : I know. I'm uploading the fixed 0.4.1 later on today =)


Also, yes, there will be a lot more villages in Part III :) Since two more mainlands will be unlocked ;)


@slimmmeiske2 : Inversed west and east again T.T shameful for someone who sails. Avillion IS south, it's just blocked, remember? ;)


I will fix all these issues ^^


Highlight for Galena's fate (spoiler alert)

Galena? If you had followed the correct order - which you haven't - you'd find out that she first asks you for a staff, as proof that you accept her as she is, a user of the dark arts. After getting to know her and doing a few quests around Rosewind, she decides to go, feeling her place isn't with the team (beign a witch she's afraid of dying).


She however feels remorse, and under the insight Lord Braskah and his husband (the leaders of Seloona Village, remember), they make their way t Frostenfall using, it is expected, another airship - the Mountaineer's airship simply comes with more fuel and more powerful cannons, which is enoguh to pass the defending Frostenfall fleet - and she infiltrates the castle, bypassing Morton completely. She actually STUMBLES in Morton's room when the party is about to confront him, and using a powerful Death spell, dispels his barrers, but dying as the spell is reflected.




Morton : Level up. Really. Level 25 everyone is makable. Take two healers (Jehane + Lilyth with a healing class sword), Bly'the and either Magus or Meredith.


Strategy for 0.3 (in 0.4 it'll be different) : Morton can be Blinded / Silenced. Use that to your best. (In 0.4 he will be immune to Blind and Silence, but can totally be Poisoned). Now there are many strategies, but keep. On. Healing. All the time. Megalixirs help. There is one or two throughout the dungeon.


Now for the spells. Morton has 90'000 HP, quite a bit, so maximize your damage. He will always cast spells like Shockwave Pulsar - multi-target mid-damage spells. Like Firaga or Thundaga, but multi-target. He will often cast spells to boost his stats, so be sure (some of Lilith's swords, or Jehane can do that)to lower his skills and boost yours.


When under 75% HP he will also begin to drain your life, so be careful. You don't have any drain-nullifying equipment at this point of the game.


He will also cast Water Shield every 5 turns starting from turn 1. You could use these turns to heal, as he will always do that.


He will use Death Coil every 4 turns beginning from turn 2. Be careful, it doesn't hit often but when it does, it's instant death to a character.


Water Shield has priority over Death Coil.


Morton's most intensive skill is, by far, Soulfire. This one will be cast every 8 turns, and it's gonna take priority over any skill that must be cast. Soulfire isn't quite a time limit, you can survive it, hint, it's a Fire and Darkness based spell.


I have defeated Morton with lvl 25 Blythe (casting his spells, Water is extremely helpful here), lvl 26 Lilyth (as a healer, did no damage), lvl 26 Jehane (as a healer and stat debuffer), and lvl 27 Endrus (as a damage dealer). It took one Soulfire, and he was about to cast his second when I gave the killing blow. Normal weapons, the best you can find at the time, no cheats, no lvl 99 Lilyth. ^^

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I solved the RGSS problem by copying it from v.03 and pasting it into v.04.



I am headed back to Frosten* and the entry way is now blocked by boulders. Is this new to v.04?

Am I missing something?

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The game freezes and crashes my computer as soon as the Diamond Cave boss starts the fight. No functions respond and so I have had to shut down the computer at the power source. It happened twice in the exact same place so I deleted the game.

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