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Game won't work

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Ok, so I had the same problem a long time ago and posted on here, and then the game stopped glitching and worked. It's happening again, however, and it's driving me insane because I don't know what's wrong with it. Or I do, but I don't know how to fix it.

Basically, whenever I double-click the icon, the screen goes black and then goes back to my desktop and a box pops up that says "Display Change Failed: Hardware failed to switch to the specified mode." Then I hit OK and the same thing happens again. Then it exits out. I've reinstalled the game at least fifty times since it stopped working, and my computer (I have a Windows Vista) is up to date with all the updates installed. This is only happening with this game, as well, and when I read over the code for the game it said it had a bunch of missing files. That may or may not be what's wrong with it, but help would be much appreciated.

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Do you have the latest drivers for your video card? Go to the manufacturer site and see if there's an update available - Windows Update may not have the latest.


Do you have any new hardware - new monitor, perhaps, since the problem first went away?



And, in case you couldn't find it, here is your original topic, complete with solution. Following the same steps will hopefully get things up and running for you. Remember, "update" means many different things and updating from one source may not be enough ;)

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I believe I do have the latest driver (which I figured out by following the same steps- thanks for the link), and yeah, I did get a new moniter. The game wasn't working before that, though, so I don't think it really changed anything other than giving me something prettier to look at. :)

Thanks much.

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What’s happening here is that we’re trying to change the display to 800x600 and failing… we try this one with 32bit colour, then with 16bit colour and if we fail both times, we can’t run.


So, what’s the resolution?


There are two aspects that drive the capacity to display… the video adapter in your system, and the display.


The most common problem is with the video adapter… most commonly old or improper drivers.


The second issue lies with the display configuration.


On start-up, the video adapter queries the configuration supplied by the display. If the display is not configured properly, curious things can occur… if it’s not configured at all, it will take the default and may not function to its capability.


So, if we start from the top… the first step is to visit the free site Microsoft provides to keep your system current (http://www.windowsupdate.com). This may not resolve this issue, but it will level the playing field and is general good practice.


Given that I’ve already discussed the solution for drivers in your earlier post (http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=7490&forum=23), let’s look at the display settings.


Assuming you are running Windows 7, if you right click on the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” (with earlier operating systems, select “Properties…”) you’ll get a control panel applet displaying your adapter settings. If you click on the “Advanced settings” text, you will be presented with a small property sheet page with two tabs of pointed interest… the first being the “Adapter” tab. In the “Adapter” tab, if you click on the “List All Modes” button, you’ll see all the modes supported by your current configuration. You may choose to change this to support preferred resolution/colour combinations… documentation on this can be found here (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/255-screen-resolution-display-settings.html).


Now, let’s click on the “Monitor” tab and see what you’ve listed in the “Monitor Type” at the top. If you’ve an LCD panel display, it’s likely to be fine with the “Generic PnP Monitor”… as long as the “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” selection is either disabled or checked. If it is unchecked, check it and return to the “Adapter” page and press the “List all Modes” and select one that is closest to your liking. If your monitor is not shown in the “Monitor Type” selection, you may need to check to see if your display drivers are available at the display vendor site… they’ll likely provide you an installer that will assist you with this process.


Please be aware that most video adapter vendors have property sheet extensions they add to this property sheet to perform selected adjustments. I don’t have the adapter so can’t load the driver so I can’t tell you what it looks like… but you’ll want to take a look at it and see if there’s something in there that looks odd… sometimes they have a “Troubleshooting” button to verify the drivers are working properly… that might be a fair option to choose (making sure to close out applications containing things you want to save first, of course).


Ultimately, the target here is to gain 800x600 support and DirectX 8 compatibility… that’s not a high bar so it likely just needs a configuration setting.

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