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A Wonderland RP?

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Click here for the actual roleplay!


Well. o-o Tei told me I should try making an RP on this site.... and of course I have a bazillion ideas in my head, but the one that seems to be my cup of tea is an Alice in Wonderland concept.... In which I created a devious Mad Hatter who took on features of a show I once saw on T.V... And of course, the question boils down as to whether anyone would be interested in such...


Basic plot


Well, I haven't the slightest intention on writing any sort of poetic story unless people like the concept, so here is a straightforward cliffnotes version that lacks the finer details and eloquence:


Basically the hatter was once upon a time in the real world, but circumstances put him in a bad situation, and in the end his only solace was tinkering with a pocketwatch that he treasured. His childish wish to escape the harsh world of reality into a world of fantasy and nonsense made the watch take on a strange power- opening up a portal to another world: wonderland.


The world was so strange and new that the hatter did not believe it to be real, and thus, in this belief, he saw no harm in going around and killing the citizens of this new world.... But he was eventually caught by the Queen and her men and locked away for such. In his despair at being locked away again, the hatter began to tinker with the different objects around the room he was kept in, and like his pocketwatch, the objects all took on a power... This unique 'tinkering' ability of the hatter's caught the queen's attention, and she promised him freedom if he agreed to serve her and allow his creations to be used by the country of hearts.


And so the objects were kept sealed away in the room, with the intent of only being used in a situation of dire need....


But then along came a little girl to wonderland- a little girl named Alice... Who caused an awful lot of trouble.... She disturbed the hatter's tea party, ruined the white rabbit's house, and with all that changing sizes she nearly squashed the caterpillar.... And all that other jazz from the story we all know.... But while she was on trial for her crimes and everyone was at court, the room where the objects were held was left unguarded... and many of the objects ended up being stolen.


Now, on top of the mess that Alice left, war is nigh upon the four kingdoms, and the objects are the weapons.... suffice to say, wonderland is in chaos, and the only way to fix it is if all the objects are returned to the room.... who will you side with?


About the Objects


The objects are powerful artifacts, but while large in number, they consist of everyday items one would find in a room at the castle...In the end, some items developed completely obsolete abilities, while others became wonderful weapons....

The objects are indestructible, unless inside the room they were created in, but while they posses various wonderful abilities in the world, they do not work when inside said room... Of course, when an object is destroyed inside the room of creation, another takes it's place... unfortunately, while it will look exactly the same, it likely will have entirely different abilities....

Most objects tend to be activated as one would regularly use them, such as the requirement that the comb (for example's sake) be run through the owner's hair in order to trigger its effect. Objects can also be combined to create different effects and abilities... To top this off, the objects are attracted to each other- so when someone has them outside the room, whether they realize it or not, they're being drawn together....


And of course, these amazing capabilities are why the items were sealed away... Now that they've gotten out into the world, trouble is bound to ensue.



Basically wonderland is divided into four countries, the country of hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs... Here's a map.


Map of Wonderland


Kingdom of Hearts: Once a place filled with traits honorable and loyal to their name, the Queen has become rather violent with the coming of war and has developed a fetish with the idea of destroying the other countries and dominating the world. It's unknown how the king feels about this- as the queen generally does not give him much of a say. Since she banished her sister- the Dutchess, her people have developed a rivalry with the territory of 'broken hearts'.

The cities are elegant and well built, with the capital being a place called Serdio


Kingdom of Spades: Cunning and dark, many around the world both fear and hate the Spades. Their kind creeps along and hides in the crevices of the world, and are known for dabbling in forbidden magic. With the coming of war, they are intent on winning it all.

Their capital is a place called Donau.


Kingdom of Clubs: Blunt and brutal with a deep love of fighting, they have no preference who wins the war so long as they get to taste the battle. While not great with magic, they tend to have incredible physical prowess.

Their cities aren't very elegant, and take on a more tribal and simplistic look. Their capital is the city of Bale.


Kingdom of Diamonds: Not much is known about diamonds as they tend to remain aloof of the rest of wonderland's affairs, however, they are taking part in the war to defend themselves despite their hatred of violence.

Much like the hearts, diamonds tend to have elegant architecture, however because of their love of riches, much of it ends up looking guady. Their capital is the city of Tidea


The Territory of Chess:

Has long been divided in half- one side ruled by the white queen and the other ruled by the red queen. For most of wonderland's history they've been too busy warring with themselves to really bother with the rest of the world. However, with the war, they've formed a grudging alliance for the sake of victory.... But both sides still have a mutual hatred of the other.


The White queen's main city is named Celes


The Red Queen's main city is named Kazas


The Territory of Broken Hearts:

When the Queen of Hearts banished her sister from the kingdom, the enraged Dutchess quickly established a land of her own- the Territory of Broken Hearts. With the war at hand, her only desire is to see the Kingdom of Hearts fall and her own kingdom rise.

The main city is a place called Lerania


The Territory of Alraen:

Called a territory, but really only a giant city; it's a tourist attraction, and as such has remained neutral in the war so as not to lose income. Because of their neutrality, many who do not wish to get involved flee there- making the place's income rise. But while rich, it lacks a military force.


Your Role

You could join whatever country you want in the war, trying to get more objects, or just trying to dominate wonderland in general... Or you could be one of the good guys in the game to find the objects and return them to the room, so as to stop the war and bring about peace. I imagine it'd be pretty versatile.




I suppose that is enough information to garner whether there'd be any interest or not right? If there is interest I'll flesh it out more... Though I am not exactly getting my hopes up XD


Incidentally, is it a requirement on this site to have roleplays be like dungeons and dragons? Because I've never done such. o-o And I haven't the faintest idea how to.


Of course, that doesn't mean I'm incapable of roleplaying- if anyone would like, feel free to ask for a roleplaying sample!




I suppose I shall add more cuz people said to XD


Time Period

Well... I know the actual wonderland book took place in the late 1800s... but in the case of this RP I shall have to say medieval... Because I can't very well imagine guns in wonderland, and having modern weapons would kinda ruin the point of the objects I think....

Outside of wonderland though, our world, I figure it can be modern times. Just so long as nothing from our world goes to wonderland. People jumping down the rabbit hole guns blazing would ruin the point!



Hrrrm..... letseee....



Basically your basic human, who are basically human on every human level.



No, not cheese- as the word 'cheshire' implies. Cheshires are cats, or cat people with ears and tails. They have the ability to switch between human and cat form, and are generally mischievious... being cats and all.



No, not hair- wonderland's not that ridiculous. Basicially hares are rabbit people with ears and fluffy tails, who have the ability switch between rabbit and human form.... They usually have a very strong sense of duty, and hate having nothing to do.



Yes, I know there weren't elves in wonderland, but I like elves, so they're being added in! Basically with the stereotype... pointy ears, pretty magic, tree huggers. All that jazz that we love 'bout 'em.

They live with the white queen in the eastern side of the territory of 'chess' and generally have a strong dislike of vampires.



Since this is a dark twist on wonderland, I'm throwing demons in too. There are many types of demons, mutated looking beasts, ones that look human... wings... tails.... Really, I'm not going to generalize and let whoever decides they want to be a demon choose. That said, don't overdo it. o-o

They live in the territory of 'broken hearts' with the dutchess, and have a mutual hate for the people of the kingdom of hearts.



These are your typical bloodsucking buddies- and no, they don't sparkle in sunlight- in fact, they consider such a remark borderline racist! They can handle sunlight, and things such as holy water etc, but the less blood they have in their system, the less they are able to handle such.

They live in the western side of the territory of 'chess' with the red queen, and generally have an incredible dislike of elves.


Assorted talking animals:

Wonderland is filled with talking mice,turtles, birds, and even fantastic creatures like grypons and unicorns- none of these creatures can take on human form, but you can always have one be your character's companion or pet or mount.



Well... I'm really not exactly adept at this sort of thing... So um.... Yeah... I'll try.



People who aren't originally from wonderland and like Alice, have ventured in from the outside world. As far as I'm concerned, everyone reading this is a human, because if you're a cat or dog I must say kudos on learning how to type.... and read for that matter.... The point is, all outsiders are automatically human.



The ruler of a territory or kingdom- they get to boss people around. Fun Fun. While most of them can fight, and do it rather well, they prefer to let others do the dirty work for them.



Those 'others' who do the dirty work. Basically they go about killing people in secret- tend to be very agile and lithe.



Usually hares, they do all the running around for the rulers... and the assassins... and whoever else needs them to... Tend to be extremely fast.


Kinda running out of ideas at that... I don't really know what to do for classes. o-o



1. Stick With The Story

I understand that there's a lot of potential for a lot of different things to happen in this RP, however, please use that lump three feet above your booty and consider the basic plot of the RP before doing anything drastic. If you're not sure whether something's allowed, PM me and ask me first! But please for pity's sake stick with the dang plot!


2. No Man's Land

Corresponding with rule 1. If you have your character run off to the middle of nowhere without thinking of consequences, don't come crying to me when you run out of stuff to roleplay and don't have anything to do. It's not my obligation to make sure that you and your characters remain a part of the RP. As long as you stay on topic and obey rule 1, you shouldn't have to worry about rule 2.


3. No God Actors

Yes, I understand that all our characters have special powers and such, and I don't deny that every character deserves a chance to kick some ass every once in awhile. However, if you can obliterate an army of the Queen's Cards with a toothbrush and a box of Crayolas, well, you're probably a bit too powerful. Try to keep things balanced, 'kay?


4. No Damsels in Distress

Corresponding with rule 3. Don't have your character get into trouble every two dang seconds. Yes, a little drama here and there is nice, it adds thickness to the plot, but if your character goes into a coma because she broke a nail, you need to consider the possibility that you're overdoing it. Balance is key.


5. Literacy

OOC chat is one thing, but otherwise use that nice big vocabulary that you have and stay away from chatspeak! Perfect grammar isn't necessary, but we have to be able to understand it.


On this note. Write ONLY in third person please.


6. PG 13 Nothing more!

Keep it appropriate guys! 'Nuff said!


7. Don't Ask to Join and Never Add

It's happened before. I understand being busy IRL and not being able to post, but try and tell me if something comes up so we're not waiting for you to post if you can't.


8. ( ) [ ] and { } Your Best Friends!

Use for OOC chat in this forum!


9. Obey the TOS

It shouldn't have to be said, but I shall say it anyways.



Most important rule!


Canon/one and only characters


Alice (taken): Not the innocent girl you've read of in the books... but rather more devious... she caused the majority of problems in wonderland you know.


The white rabbit: A messenger hare that serves the country of hearts.


The queen of Hearts (taken): One of the rulers of the kingdom of hearts, once a kind woman, she's become rather obsessed with lobbing off peoples' heads with the coming of war.


The cheshire cat (taken): A mysterious cheshire with a perpetual smile. Not much is known about the cat, as it does not side with any specific country for this war, and never has before.... However, this neutrality gives him much information on the different lands, and many seek him as a spy....


The king of hearts: Coruler of the kingdom of hearts, he's not as cruel as the queen, and commonly undoes her orders of execution...


The dutchess The queen's sister who was banished from the country of hearts, and now holds a great grudge against the queen.


The Hatter (taken): A positively mad assassin who serves the kingdom of hearts. He's the one who created all of the objects, and knows the most about them.


The queen of diamonds: Having a hatred of violence, the queen has tried to negotiate, but seeing no other option, has grudgingly agreed to go into battle. She has a warm heart. But is commonly considered weak.


The king of diamonds: Also a passifist, but more level headed than the queen, and very good at strategizing. The people of his kingdom look to him in hopes of making it out of this war unscathed.


The king of clubs (taken): A brutal man with a love for war, he is not a bad person, but his pride commonly gets in the way of his better judgement


The queen of clubs More level headed than the king, but has just as much pride and much more of a temper. She is not a bad person, but tends to make herself out as one.


The queen of spades (taken) The spades are a dark and devious people, and being their leader, the queen lives up to her name. Her magic is darker and her methods are slyer than many could ever hope to be.


The king of spades Like the queen, the king is sly, but he is much more conniving and strategic than her- they balance each other out deviously well.


The red queen (taken): Leader of the western side of the territory of chess, and also ruler of the vampire tribe. She is devious and cruel with a temper, but very wise and clever. She also has a pet black cat named kitty- who is the kitten of alice's cat Dinah.


The white queen: Leader of the eastern side of the territory of chess, and also the ruler of the elven tribe. She is kind and mysterious, with a deep knowledge of the world and forest magic. She also has a pet white cat named snowdrop- who is the kitten of Alice's cat Dinah.


Others: I realized I didn't mention characters like the unicorn or griffon or caterpillar, but as I mentioned in the 'race' area, you could have one of these character's be your character's pet or companion.


Sign Ups


I guess just fill out the form and post it here o-o


Feel free to change the colors.... And obviously take the spaces out of the code.


Hmmm... Should I add something asking about class? o-o




[ color=CC0000]What I responde to[/color]


[ color=000000](name)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]Number of Candles on the Cake this Year[/color]


[ color=000000](age)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]Let me check my pants[/color]


[ color=000000](Gender)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]My reflection[/color]


Pic link here.... Or a good description


[ color=CC0000]Who I am[/color]


[ color=000000](personality)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]My life story[/color]


[ color=000000](Bio: Please actually write something here- MINIMUM one paragraph. And for pity's sake no 'has amnesia' or 'doesn't want to talk about it' sort of stuff. If there isn't at least one paragraph here- i.e at least 3 sentences- then it won't be accepted. 'Tis rather frustrating all the vague profiles I'm getting.)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]My Rythm[/color]


[ color=000000](Theme song)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]Give Me More Of[/color]


[ color=000000](Likes)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]Take it Away[/color]


[ color=000000](Dislikes)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]My Treasures[/color]


[ color=000000](Your character's objects and their abilities. Keep it diverse- remember, lots of the objects have completely random and obsolete abilities even though some are awesome weapons. Also, MAXIMUM OF THREE!)[/color]


[ color=CC0000]Last Little Bit[/color]


[ color=000000](Anything else you want to put)[/color]


[ color=CC0000](UserName)[/color]




List of characters in this RP

In an effort to make the first post cleaner, I've put a list of all the characters in this RP here- clicking on their name will take you to their profile in the thread~



Controlled by Astra (me)


The Hatter


Tai and Yue


The King of Clubs




Controlled by Tei


Queen of Spades, Masahiro, Mikhaiel (the three characters are in that post, in that order)




Controlled by Yuffie






controlled by theAdept_Rogue






Red Queen


White Queen






Controlled by M0n0chr0me





controlled by iPink










Controlled by Ashen_Eclipse




Queen of Hearts

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no D&D-esque ANYTHING. TRUST ME. i confused me greatly at first XD


but yes, this sounds like fun ^_^ but i'm not going to decide anything until i know what side you're working for...because i have two characters in mind *evil grin*


"wonderland" is a pretty wide categroy--what time period would you say this wonderland is? 1800s-esque? 1300s-esque? what type of classes are we talking here? (that, i suppose, is mildly D&D-esque.)


*bombards you with questions*

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This sounds like a lot of fun! I want to read more. We'd need character profiles, what species/races we can be, and other stuff.


[chant]More info! More info! Yay RP![/chant]

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Hrrrm... I think I added in everything... Wasn't sure what to do for classes. o-o


edit: Hatter is now moved here~


What I responde to


I am simply The Hatter. Who I was once upon a time- Adrien Dupre- is hardly worth mentioning!


Number of Candles on the Cake this Year


I stopped counting a rather long time ago, I much prefer to count how many cups of tea I can drink in a day.... but I commonly lose count of that too!


Let me check my pants


Mad as I am, I can assure you that I am a male... Though there was an incident where I was forced to crossdress for a mission and goodness that's quite a tale-


My reflection




Yes, a picture of my likeness... Goodness- the personal questions people ask. I said I had to crossdress once! Not that I wasn't sure of my gender! I do hope that you'll overlook my madness to see that I am clearly masculine.


Who I am


Well, I daresay I'm over the edge, mad beyond reason, utterly insane... but I'll tell you one thing: all the best people are.... And I am no exception. Mad as I am, I'm strictly insane, I keep my temper on a leash tied to the tea table so it never gets lost- as when such happens I tend to go on a killing spree.... -ahem- Really though, madness aside, I'm a charming and cordial man! <3


My life story


Really now, you must be quite mad too, getting so personal with the Queen's assassin.... But I suppose, since you have so graciously accepted a cup of tea, I can manage some light conversation.


The person known as 'Adrien Dupre' lived a very very long time ago- during the days of the black plague- I'm sure you've read a thing or two about that in your history books yes? Well, then I suppose it's redundant to tell you that during that time many people got sick and died, and many were sealed away underground and treated like animals in an attempt to stop the spread..... But I shall repeat it so that it's fresh in your head- being mad myself, I know how hard it is to remember things sometimes....

Anyhoo....Dupre was one of the many who got sick, and was thus taken away from his family and sealed underground; there, his only solace from his grief as he waited for death to take him was to read children's books and fantasy adventures.He didn't want to die, but Dupre never actually wished to get better either- he didn't want to become one of the people living in fear, who were cruel to others because of that paranoia.... Really, rather cliche of him not to have realized then that everyone is mad... but Alas.... His wish was a more childish one: to escape, to escape into a world where the stories he read in books could come true.


In his spare time he tinkered with a pocketwatch that he had- the only memento he had left of his family... Perhaps it was the gods who smiled upon him, or the devil trying to cause destruction.... But one day the watch that Adrien treasured so much took on a magical power- taking him to a world where he became someone entirely new- and The Hatter knew that this 'underland' of nonsense was his wish come true... It couldn't be real.

With this belief in heart, he began killing people, violently, left and right.... But he was quickly caught by the Queen and her men, and put in prison.... It was really a shock to him that in a world where everything was backwards, it was still bad to kill people.... But it was a lesson learned the hard way... and the man feared that he'd be left in a prison to rot away and wait for death once again.


In his despair, he began tinkering with more things- objects that were lying around the room that he was imprisoned in.... And eventually these too took on strange features.... And this strange 'tinkering' ability of his caught the Queen's attention.... and she promised him freedom if he promised to serve her....


And so I have, really, for longer than I care to mention.... but in the end, my loyalty lies only with myself and my wishes.....


My Rythm


Well, I was once a peasant... but these days I really am among the ranks of


Give Me More Of


I adore tea.... and the sight of blood.... and roses.....I daresay I enjoy ritzy unbirthday parties and the higher life! I also seemed to have developed a fetish for hats over the years.... Why, if I were to lose mine.... Well, it'd be most unpleasant!


Take it Away


I very much dislike having to remember my past life in the 'upper world'.... Really, you understand why, what with it's unpleasantness.... I also dislike doctors.... And a wide variety of other things.... Oh! And riddles! I never was able to figure out exactly why a raven is like a writing desk!


My Treasures


I created all the objects when I was in prison as an act of misery and depression- where in the world do you get treasures out of that? Are you mad?!


.... Ah yes... I forgot.... Well then, I shall inform you that I carry a total of three objects on me.


1. A small plate: Whenever placed on a surface flat enough to be akin to a table's surface, it will make a cup of tea appear on it- really, why do you think I got so horrifically addicted to tea?


2. My hat: gives the wearer the ability to perform some wonderful illusions and spells.... Mostly harmless things admittedly... Where do you think the stereotype of hats and magic came from?


3. A pocketwatch: The most useful of the objects I keep on me- it allows me to slow down time, if only for a moment.... but really, being an assassin- that's all I need.


Last Little Bit


The objects that I have created are powerful artifacts, but while large in number, they consist of everyday items one would find in a room at the castle...It wasn't anything overly fancy, but for a prison... Well, there was quite a lot for me to tinker with.... In the end, some items developed completely obsolete abilities, while others became wonderful weapons.... as such everything is kept safe in the castle.... if anything were to be stolen... it would be... well....quite a maddening situation.

The objects are indestructable, unless inside the room they were created in, but while they posess various wonderful abilities in the world, they do not work when inside said room... Of course, when an object is destroyed inside the room of creation, another takes it's place... unfortunately, while it will look exactly the same, it likely will have entirely different abilities....

Most objects tend to be activated as one would regularly use them, such as the requirement that the comb- a delightful thing to leave for a prisoner by the way- be run through the owner's hair in order to trigger its effect. Objects can also be combined to create different effects and abilities... To top this off, the objects are attracted to each other- so when someone has them outside the room, whether they realize it or not, they're being drawn together....


You begin to understand why it is that we must keep these objects hidden away, yes? These objects are only to be used for the country of Hearts... and as a last resort at that....


And of course, there is the danger of letting you in on this mad little secret, but fear not, I poisoned your tea, and it should be kicking in right about now... It was wonderful chatting with you.



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okay, so i suppose the classes we usually use are D&D esque. that's about it XD but i like your classes too.


so i take it you're playing the hatter? or was that just a sample profile?


oh well. this'll be fun, since i've never actually RPed this character before...well, not seriously, at least.....i don't know where on this profile to stick the classes and countries and races and stuff, so they'll just get stuck randomly at the bottom of the profile thingy.


.....which is going to take a while, because i need to go scribble out a sketch of this here character *groans* easier said than done.


ooohhh, we can be cheshire cats.....*contemplates this*


incidentally, you tell us to obey TOS. what is TOS?

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Orrrz... so many questions -head spins- I graduated dangit! I don't need this XD


Well, I've no idea what to do for classes, so if they need to be changed feel free to make suggestions, seriously.


I shall be playing the Hatter. Which will be fun... as I've never played him before either... I do like him though.... I may or may not make more characters however, as I'm kinda tired of playing evil characters/ characters with their own agenda! Cliche as it is, I wanna be a good guy too!


So I might make a cheshire kitty. Or a elf....


Good luck sketching your character, I obviously didn't do mine.... -wishes she could draw like that-


and the TOS are terms of service- basically the standard rules of this website. Y'know, I don't wanna get in trouble for stuff other people do.



edit: Tai and yue are now moved here~


What I respond to


Tai: Oh I respond to a lot of things! Some mean people back home always called me 'boy', but lots more people call me 'cute'! And I'm named after the sun 'cause I'm just a ray of sunshine-


Yue: Brother, maybe we should ask the queen before giving lots of information on ourselves- last time people knew our names we got kidnapped.... a lot. And that caused the Queen lots of trouble...


Tai: Yeah but... Some of the kidnappers gave us good food! And Queenie always found us!


...I'm Tai and she's Yue!


Yue: -_- -sigh-


(When a demon is named after the 'sun' or 'moon'- or some other magical entity people call upon for power, their names also take on a power, and they can be 'summoned' when one calls upon said power.... So if lots of people know their names, it would mean lots of people could summon them.... At least.... That's my explanation XD)


Number of Candles on the Cake this Year


Yue: Goodness! o-o Why put candles on food? I do imagine that'd make it most unpleasant to eat...


Tai: Well, maybe they like things hot Sis! I don't like spicy foods... But I think I'd like to have lots of candles on a cake, because I like fire!


Yue: But dearest Brother, the Queen would be displeased if you set something aflame again...


(Since they don't get the question.... XD They're both 15 years old, but their race of demons ages slowly, so despite their age, they're considered young children.)


Let me check my pants


Tai: O-o Check my pants for what? Is there something wrong with them?


Yue: Of course there wouldn't be, dearest brother! The Queen wouldn't give you messy clothes! It must be some strange human greeting... those people from the upper world are quite mad, you know!


(If it's not obvious by now, Tai's a boy and Yue's a girl)


My reflection


(I'll finish the picture I'm working on soon. For now they're both young children with black hair, Tai's is shorter, but still a bit long for a boy, while Yue's is very long and tied back in a pony tail. They both have gold eyes and finlike ears.... And they both have white batlike wings and demon tails)


Who I am


Tai: Well... A lot of people tell me I'm the cutest thing in the world, so it must be true! I guess I cause lots of trouble though... But lots of times I'll see somethin' that I just wanna look at and... it usually ends badly. o-o


But I'm a good brother! I take good care of Sis- cuz I don't talk to strangers! I bet she'd talk to a rock!


Yue: Oh Brother, you're so rude sometimes! I would not talk to a rock unless it said something significantly interesting first!


.... I do suppose I am a bit overtrusting though... But I do my best to be polite with your strange human methods, and people are usually nice in return... Though I have to apologize for my brother's rudeness often.... And keep him out of trouble much much more often....


My life story


Yue: Well... My brother and myself were born amongst a demonic race that people named the Vati.... Apparently people consider our kind very valuable as we can manipulate energy well and can use a wide variety of versatile abilities-


Tai: -Yeah, like playing with fire! I can actually touch it without getting burned if I want to! One time-


Yue: -Brother, I do not believe that is what people wish to hear about! You'll likely give the Queen a headache if you get too excited and lose control again!


Tai: T_T Fine sis.... Anyways, since our race lives for a real real long time, it's really rare for anyone to have babies! And we're the first twins ever born! ...So people all thought we were really dangerous for some reason....


Yue: .... Whenever we were together, our abilities increased drastically, and at a very young age we were able to match with the adults of our kind.... But people expected a lot from us when we were not so very well at controlling our skills... And... like my dear brother said, people quickly grew to believe we were dangerous.


Tai: Yeah! And then, 'cause they were all scared of our cuteness, they took my sister away and said I couldn't see her 'till I'd trained for years and years and gotten all strong!


Yue: Yes... They said that we were being trained to directly serve the Duchess... And they worked us so very hard- they even reacted violently when we did not meet expectations! Oh, it was a horrific situation!


Tai: ... But then one day I got pulled by some weird spell, and ended up in front of a vampire! O-o I thought that it was one of the White Queen's servants ready for dinner!


Yue: ... We were both rather frightened, but it turned out that we'd been summoned by the Queen of Spades... She took pity on us since we were half starved and rather worse for wear-


Tai: -and really not worth eating anyways-


Yue:-and because she said we were cute-


Tai: And we've been with her ever since, 'cause she lets me and Sis stay together and doesn't hurt us!


Both: ...But.... We haven't told the Queen that the Duchess will be after us either... We don't want her to get mad at us....


My Rythm


Yue: I haven't the faintest idea what you mean. o-o But dearest brother and I are both positive people.


Tai: ....Is that what rhythm is? I thought they were askin' me to dance! O-o


...Aw but Sis, we should get an epic song too!


Give Me More Of


Tai: Oh I like a lot of things! I like liking things! I like candy and shiny things and sunshine and flying and Queenie and takin' care of sis and getting things from people who call me cute! Oh! And fire! I reaaaaally like fire!


And lots more too-


Yue: -He also very much likes talking! TwT


Tai: ... T_T


Yue: I enjoy flying and moonlight and reading (at least trying to), as well as taking care of my dearest brother and being around the Queen- she really is a wonderful person- and being around nature too... And I do believe there is much more I like, but I cannot think of everything at once you know.


Take it Away


Tai: Blood! I don't like blood! It's all red and drippy and scary! o-o And I don't like people who are mean to Sis either! And water! I don't like water 'cause when my wings get wet I can't fly! And vegetables, don't like them... And people from the upper world, 'cause they're weird.... I like disliking things too I guess!


Yue: Hmmm.... I dislike people who are mean to Brother... And I also dislike water for the same reason he does- it really is a bother to have to walk everywhere, I simply cannot fathom how you humans do it! ...I also do not very much like fish... For many reasons.... And I do not like fighting very much either....


My Treasures


Tai: Well, whenever someone of our kind has a baby, they cry... I don't know why, since I'm the cutest thing ever, but they cry one tear- and that turns into a pretty gem that the kid always keeps with them! Me and Yue each have one, and they make us feel better when we're scared or sad!


People say the gems are real valuable, but we wouldn't give them up for anything! Not even candy! (note that this is not an object from the room, so the gems don't have any uber awesome powers)


Yue: The beads in my hair are magical, like those objects people speak of... I do not know why it is, but while wearing them I can create both mental and physical barriers around people... But their strength is connected to my own energy, and can only last so long.... They were given to me when I was told I'd be serving the Duchess... And I do not believe she is very happy about losing them...


Tai: Aw, who cares about beads? My earring is cooler! I can turn invisible for a little bit while wearing that! It makes it a lot easier not to get caught doing things I shouldn't!

... Though I don't think that the Duchess would like losing that either....


Yue: And when we are together, our objects can combine abilities... So we can use each other's skill, and also 'switch' places.... Literally.... It can get rather disorientating!


Last Little Bit


Tai: Our power over energy isn't really really bad- 'cause it's got it's limits! So people shouldn't be scared of us! T_T


Yue: Let us say that we were working with the energy of a plant, for an example, we could make the plant grow, but we could not make it do anything it would not naturally be able to do without adding in our own energy as well... And that has it's limits! I would much rather eat a plant than die trying to make it pretty!


Tai: ...But it's real hard to add your own energy to something else.... and sometimes when we try it doesn't go right.... And then things.... get bad....


But Queenie always forgives us when we accidentally blow stuff up! And we'll get better.... someday... hopefully...


And then we'll be strong enough that the Duchess can't make us go back!



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OH--see, we never bother specifying to agree to Terms of Service AND the forum rules XP


hehe, you're about to be bombarded with MORE questions! XD


and you just pretty much answered my next question--how many characters? because i'm torn between two, so if i could do two....that would solve a lot of problems XD


so for now, assume that i put dibs on the queen of spades, if that'll fly with you. *malicious grin* and one other character...who you've definitely met before...XD

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@tei... so the queen 'o spades and the king of hearts?


and I have a feeling there's gonna be lots of cheshires....


@people if there's any specific characters from the original you want please say so... and I'll mark it off for ya. 0-0


and now I'm off to bed because I got work tomorrow...


edit: king of club's profile is moved here~


What I respond to


I'm rather well known as Celeste Donato, AKA, the King of Clubs.... Of course, it doesn't matter what you call me, I wouldn't respond to the likes of you.


Number of Candles on the Cake this Year


If I were to place the correct number of candles on my cake to match my age, it'd likely burn your house down. I say your house because I assume you have a death wish interviewing me in the first place.


Let me check my pants


Does the term 'king' not ring any bells in that tiny brain of yours? If you're implying something say it to my face, or else say it to my blade.


My reflection


(I will draw him eventually... In all honesty his look keeps changing in my head, so I can't really give you a precise description.... but I know he wears a dark cape and has two daggers on him, and he has hair that's shortish but spiky... Not crazy spiky though.... and extremely piercing purple eyes... But like I said... He keeps changing his look on me. T_T)


Who I am


People consider me evil, perhaps I am. I like fighting. I fight to get what I want, and kill whoever gets in my way. But I am unbiased against my enemies; I don't care if it's a woman, child, or grandmother, put simply, I'll kick your ass either way. I really do hate you all- that makes it easier.


I tend to keep some sly comments on my lips, but generally I don't feel the need to talk to those who are inferior to myself. So to your kind I'm told I come off as aloof and elusive.


My life story


I can't fathom that it feels good to walk around in a constant haze of stupidity as you do, and really, for you to understand my life story it would require some explaining... I shall try to put it as simply as possible, and you should try to keep your head from exploding- I just cleaned the last guy I killed off the floor.


First off, a little education on the Jabberwocky. There are many of them- the Jabberwocks primarily live on the Jabberwock Island when they were chased out by the citizens of Wonderland many years ago.... But I won't go into that history lesson, as I doubt you'd comprehend it.... Anyways, they also live amongst the citizens of Wonderland, some of the dumber ones anyways, by taking on a human form.... Now I'm sure you can guess where this is going....


....No! I'm not a dang lizard! Any more than you're an ant! .... Well, you seem to have the brain of an ant.... Hmmm....


Well, truth be told, my father was a rogue jabberwocky- had an affair with a human woman in the Kingdom of Clubs for some strange reason and I was the result.... So I'm half jabberwock....


Now another thing to educate you on- if you haven't figured it out from your time in Wonderland (and for some strange reason I doubt you have), human halfbreeds of any kind are not treated very well.... And rightfully so, subhumans are really quite disgusting. I personally am not a fan of what I am- why do you think my parents aren't around anymore?


...Anyways, I spent the majority of my younger life being treated less than the dirt people walked on- I didn't fit in anywhere, no matter what land I traveled to. I got walked all over. And instead of killing them all like I should have right then and there, I just sat there and took it. Ridiculous, isn't it?


So yes yes, quite the sob story- miserable and depressing- moving on now.


After a rather long time of all that, I met a little girl my age from another world... Someone you've heard of I'm sure... that little ingrate has become quite the celebrity- Alice.


Being from another world, Alice didn't know what I was, and she didn't quite get the concept that I was a subhuman even when I explained it to her- and she treated me kindly... We became what you might call "friends".


.... But you know, I think being in Wonderland for a long time can change a person from the upper world.... And oh sure, you got that Hatter who turned out fine, and I've heard that Spade has a new Knave she's raised quite well, but maybe the madness of Wonderland was a little too much for Alice to handle.... Because one day she just ran off without explanation.


Of course, I followed... I was worried- I had the power to pull her into oblivion with a wave of my hand, and yet I considered her superior- can you believe that?!

But Alice remained one step ahead of me every time- she caused all sorts of trouble I heard, and I showed up on the scene of her destruction just after she left.... Which led to me being blamed for.... Well everything pretty much....


Now why that little human would do that to me, I can't fathom, but if I ever find her I'll give her a fate worse than death.... haven't quite decided what method of torture to use yet- they're all so tantilizing....


-ahem- Eventually, Alice tried to cross the wrong person, and ended up on trial in front of the Queen of Hearts.... I should have been happy about her getting what she deserved.... but I was angry at everyone- really, being treated like dirt was one thing when it was for being born the way I was, it was another thing entirely when it was for something I hadn't done.... I hated everyone who had wronged me.... Which was everyone...essentially.


So while Alice was on trial, I decided to plant the seeds of destruction in the world that had wronged me- it was I who went into the room of creation and stole so many of the objects.... I had a plan... But it was not to work out so well right then....


For the citzens of Wonderland deemed that I was too dangerous to have around.... And long story short, sent the very little girl who'd once been my friend to do the deed of killing me.... Well, the story has it that she fought a horrid dragon and it was a long battle... Truth be told, she pretended to apologize for everything she'd done.... And when I was dumb enough to believe her.... she stabbed me and dealt a fatal wound- leaving me there to die...


But she forgot about the objects that I'd stolen.... And she didn't bargain on my anger.... Being betrayed yet again by the only person in the world I'd chosen to believe in was pretty enraging, to say the least.


I decided that I was going to be stronger... And using the power of the objects, along with a rather high level of scientific knowledge I won't even try to explain to that tiny little brain of yours, I created a new body for myself. More enhanced. Stronger and faster and superior in every way to anyone in Wonderland.... And I lived to see another day.

After that no one even accused me of being a halfbreed.... I was never able to crush out my jabberwock blood though... But regardless, I was still a superior being, and that was what counted....


Once I had done what I needed, I traveled Wonderland, spreading the objects about the different kingdoms.... It didn't matter to me who found the objects- so long as they used them against each other all would be well.


Eventually during these travels, I came to the Kingdom of Clubs.... Where I discovered a glorious opportunity. You see, unlike the other kingdoms with their monarchies, the Clubs held a tournament, where any member of the kingdom could enter- the winner was crowned king.


.... It was rather like what you upper worlders call democracy.... but with sharp pointy objects and fists.


Now of course, with my superior body, I easily dominated and came into power.... Now that part wasn't planned, but having all this power at my disposal is quite useful- makes it much much easier to play a hand in Wonderland's fall.


....oh? I see from your expression you don't very much like that idea.... Heh, well, if you have any noble plans to stop me I suggest you write your will, I'm not leaving without war.


So Join in the battle, or don't.... Either way the outcome works in my favor.... Wonderland will fall.


My Rythm


I am a superior being to yourself in every manner of the word, of course this is true


Give Me More Of


Violence, chaos, freshly spilled blood... Pain.... Yes, I'm a masochist- I never said I was sane you know- the smell of rotting corpses and decaying flesh....


Hmmm... I suppose you'd want a normal like of mine.... Well, I like dogs. I like being alone, and moving extremely quickly is in my nature.... Beyond that.... well, I could list off every single one of my likes nice and slowly for you, so you would hopefully understand, but it's a moot point, as I don't really care to tell you at all.


Take it Away


You. I don't like you.... And everyone else. Don't like them either. I think that about covers everything I don't like relating to you.


My Treasures


A glass eye that lets me see and exploit the weaknesses of others- can create visions or distort memories if only for a moment or so... Can lead to a lot of mental truama- I do love truamatizing people.


A map of Wonderland, which can show me all the passageways and landmarks of a place to a T- like most maps I suppose- the kicker is that so long as it's been to a specific place... Like a city for example, it can show me where each person in the city is in the form of little dots moving across the paper.... You get now why I sent an army destined to lose to Spade's capital of Donau....


a dagger.... It doesn't really have a power besides the unique ability to kill people by stabbing... Which isn't uncommon among daggers.... But I know it's an object.... Because when combined with the map it can produce.... wonderfully devastating effects.... But it takes an awful long time to recharge....


Last Little Bit


Y'know, there was a puppy that Alice told of who almost ran her over since she was so small.... Let's just say he grew


(Did not draw that, but that picture is wayyy better than the concept I came up with XD)


According to all the stories of the jabberwock race, I should be able to turn into a giant dragon.... but I haven't spouted any unelegant scales so far, and quite frankly the very idea is disgusting.


I also haven't seen Alice since she 'slayed' me.... but if I ever do find her.... I'll make her pay.... With interest.



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Oooh, this looks interesting. *contemplates whether or not she can juggle three RPs...* Hmmm. I think I can handle it.


I'm not sure who I want to be- it's in between The Cheshire Cat and The Red Queen. I want to play someone devious and/or evil. :evil: ((I have two good guys going on at the moment, I'm not sure I could stand a third. XD ))


Would I be allowed to play both of these? Or, since The Cheshire Cat is a 'potential spy,' would playing both him and a ruler be considered unfair?

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ahahahhaahaha!!!! you got that i had the king of hearts in mind!!!


...ahem, no--masahiro wouldn't be the ACTUAL king of hearts. i had him as an outsider who somehow went and ended up as an assassin for the queen of spades. and so on.


i also thought about making him a cheshire cat, but i decided "outsider" would probably fit him better. i has plans that i need to run by you first tho--because this queen of spades lady is already going off doing crazy stuff XD

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Oh... Well message me about it, haha, I'm sure I'll be okay with it unless you have something really really crazy and out of context XD


actually, depending on how your queen of spades turns out, I might have a couple of requests too XD


Ohhh!! peoples! I CHANGED THE BIO CODE!!! o-o You'd think I'd have thought to add it in earlier... but um... now there's a section for the objects your character has XD

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I've got a profile! This sounds like soooo much fun!


What I respond to


My name is Malum Diabolus. I also respond to Malli.


Number of Candles on the Cake this Year


Nobody EVER puts the right amount of candles on my cake. Ever. I don't even get cake. Let's just say that I'm 24, okay? Okay. Maybe I'm not, Maybe I am.


Let me check my pants


I'm a girl. Trust me.


My reflection


Here's a nice pic of me.


Who I am


I'm not very nice. I like to torture people, to extort information, to kill people. I don't trust anyone, and I like it that way. It's fun for me, but not for the person on the other side of my distrust and anger.


My life story


When I was a baby, I was dropped. No. I wasn't. Never mind.


When I was young, I was raised in a bad environment. I grew up in the land of Broken Hearts, hating all of the people of the kingdom of Hearts. I wanted to kill them, because I just HATE them! I still want to kill them. As soon as I could, I started training. I was training myself to kill. As it turns out, I'm pretty good at it. I'm a good spy, and good at killing people without remorse. For a long time, I trained, and I was a personal assassin. A while later, the Duchess hired me as a personal assassin. I was pretty pleased with myself! She told me of the objects, and that I am to track down some of these objects and try to kill people from the kingdom of hearts with them. Sounds like fun to me, so I figured that I might as well accept the mission.


My Rythm


To a lot of people, I don't exist. I don't have a permanent residence, and I distance myself from most people, peasants and royalty alike.


Give Me More Of


I like weapons. I also like shoes, snakes and rats (yum) and shadowy areas. I love my job.


Take it Away


I really hate annoying people, and I dislike other people in general. I absolutely, positively hate unicorns.




I don't have much, seeing as I never have a place to put any of it. I have one object, though, as the queen gave me one. She said that her previous assassin (he's dead, so he couldn't have been very good) had managed to steal one. My other treasures are my weapons.


1. Black Boot (It's my left boot): When I wear it, if I focus, I can either jump very high, or teleport a few meters away.


2. Daggers: They're small, and are easy to hide. I bought them myself.


3. Trident: It's not very practical, but it looks cool and it's easy to kill people with. I love that trident. It's old, too. It's been in my family for generations.


Last Little Bit


I just want to say that I think that you people who are questioning me are annoying. Go eat cheese, which I also don't like.



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Haha, it works out for me. XD


Just add in that part about what objects your character has and their abilities o-o I forgot to add it in the profile code before... so it's my bad... but yeah ^^; It's kinda important~

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What I respond to


I have no name, but most people call me either Vorpal, or "the Dark Avenger"


Number of Candles on the Cake this Year


It's been two candles for several years. I don't really understand what they mean, though. Anyways, they can't even be eaten so why should I care?


Let me check my pants


What? Why do I...? Anyway. Just ask my dad- whatever's underneath is the same, I swear.

My Reflection


I look like this


Who I am


Nobody, really. Just a poet's son who likes to fool around with his sword collection. The Queens of Chess would say otherwise, though


My life story


As far as I can remember, I live with my eccentric, narcissistic poet of a father who never bothered to name me. We live in a secluded forest, and there's no one else living here other than us and some strange animals I don't care for, so I spend almost all my time meddling with my father's antique sword collection.


One day, my father gave me his most valuable sword from his collection, called The Vorpal Sword and sent me off to the forest so he can concentrate working on his insane poetries. I must have ventured deeper than I intended, since I found myself seeing creatures I've never seen in the outskirts, each looking stranger than the other.

It was near sunset, when most of this animals went agitated and went flailing around like crazy. A huge beast emerged next and began gobbling up some of these animals. It almost ate me as well, but after a long battle which costs me my right arm, I managed to behead the monster and took the head home to show my dad. Everyone went over-excited because of that and since then, strangers claiming as 'Media' started coming and ask questions. They called me "Vorpal the Slayer"


Not long after those annoying 'Media' guys left, ambassadors from the Territory of Chess came and told me that the two Queens wishes for my presence, so I went to see them. They said they've heard my 'heroic feat' for defeating that ugly beast apparently called "the Jabberwock" and the Red Queen wanted me to join their army, since they lacked of forces due to their constant civil war. Anyways, since I've lost my right hand, she wanted to test my capabilities first before recruiting by ordering me to duel 10 of her best knights. I'm ambidextrous, so taking them was no real challenge, though carrying a two-hand weapon with only one arm is quite strenuous. After joining their ranks, I was given the title "Dark Avenger".



My Rythm


I may now be a general, but my home and heart still lies in the depths of the


Give Me More Of


Swords, all kind of swords. Cakes without candles. My new minions- the Bandersnatch and the Jub-Jub birds, who had sworn fealty to me after I killed the Jabberwock


Take it Away


All these 'Media' people. They drive me insane with all those questions they call 'Interview'.


My Treasure


The Vorpal sword- The only sword that is truly my own.


The Jabberwock's head- I don't really understand why I have to carry around some huge and stinky fossil had, but my father told me that it's a trophy.

Last Little Bit


You're starting to sound like those 'Media' people. Go away!

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Okay, I fixed my profile! I wasn't sure if I was able to have an object before the RP started, so I put one in. It's there, but I can take it out really easily if you don't want it there. I can't wait!

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hey! hey you!! queen of spades is taken too XD


(Masahiro really would make an excellent king of hearts...but i have something else in mind for him *grin* )


*is working on profiles, but the characters are giving her trouble. they won't listen!*


EDIT: ehehe, i have more questions ^^;


you say "only three" in the objects and abilities. are objects the enchanted objects, or do you want the mundane ones as well? ( 'three different poisons in three different vials, bag of holding, healer's kit,' and so on like that). can we have three objects or three abilities?

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BTW, is this an open RP (where everyone can just join in at anytime) or closed? In any case, I think you should add more classes. It seemed incomplete if a kingdom consists of only Outsiders/civilians, Rulers, Assassins and Messengers...

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Oh boy... lots to catch up on....


@ Ashen_Eclipse o-o sorry for taking so long to reply, I never even saw your post till now... but yeah, I very much doubt that every last dang role considering how many of them I have listed will end up getting taken, so you can have two... Just as long as you don't ask for ten or something ridiculous XD


So uhh yeah, you can have both the red queen and cheshire cat if you're still interested....


@ tei oh poo. You and your questions.... I messaged you on deviantart about this weekend incidentally.....


I put the spadie lady as taken. So there. XD


Uuum... I was thinking for the objects to only have three of the magical enchanted ones....


other than that, you can have whatever you like, just within reason, ya know? o-o I mean, keep in mind how much a person is able to carry, that sort of thing....


I'm not particularly rushed on profiles... hurry up on spade lady tho, cuz depending on how she turns out I might have a request XD


@ adept_rogue I figure it'll be an open RP, unless we get a crapload of people, cuz I don't wanna overload... But yeah, currently I was thinking it'd be open. o-o


As for classes, I haven't the faintest idea of what to do. o-o I haven't been in many roleplays where we had to use classes. XD




I think.... that's everything?

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"depending on how she turns out i might have a request" ???? oh no, i'm behind on my requests already!! XD spade lady is giving me trouble--but, if it helps you at all, i think she's going to be a vampire named Maeve. but you'll hear all about that.


O.o i've never been in an open RP before. i don't think.


okay, so you only want the three important enchanted ish items. other than that, you don't care if we have six candles and a box of trail rations XD hmm....i shall have to figure out what she has...and what masahiro has. (medieval!masahiro is giving me SO MUCH TROUBLE.)


(re: message: yeah, i saw it. will reply there.)

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Oh, darnnit, I was just about to ask for eight more, too. XD I kid, I kid.


Anyway, yes I am still interested in both of them. Now that I have the ok, I'll go and make a bio for them. :D

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@ Tei, well, I shall have to see the profile before I decide whether or not to make my request XD Cuz I want it to work o-o


@ashen yaaaay! Take yer time!

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Just a question (because you clearly haven't had enough of those), but if I'm making a hare, then could they have a weapon? I'm not planning on having anything all-mighty and powerful, but I'm wondering if having anything for "self-defense" would be alright.


Urgh, I'm having trouble with making a bio. x_x

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