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July Fanfic Challenge - Let's Have A Party

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The June Fanfic Challenge is still open if you still want to participate in it (sorry, but only one person wrote a story for it). Anyway, I wanted to do something Fourth of July-ish for this month, but obviously they don't celebrate that in the AV universe, so I decided to go for something similar (and don't worry, non-Americans can have fun wtih this too).


The party (you pick the game) is stopping in a town or village (could be a place we see in the games, or if you feel like it, someplace you make up) where the citizens are celebrating the anniversary of some important event (you make up the event), and our heroes get caught up in the celebration, whether they want to or not.


Here are your rules.


1. A party member must try a new food.


2. Two characters must be thrust into a dance together.


3. At least one party member must have a good time.


4. At least one party member must have a bad time.


5. There must be fireworks (yes, they exist in Aia - we saw them at the TDP wedding scene).

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Here's my entry!


Mel groaned as Edward dragged her through the streets of Thais.


“Why can't we just go home?” she complained, trying to free herself.


“It's the Thaisian Festival! You HAVE to!” Edward shouted over the din.


Hundreds of people lined the streets, dancing, and selling foods and souvenirs. There were people everywhere, and Mel hated it. Stella followed behind the pair, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the beautifully decorated city. The rest of the party drifted behind them.


“OKAY, PEOPLE!” Edward shouted. “We are going to have a good time!”


“Who died and made you party leader?” growled Mel.


“Shut up, rat!” Lydia's mocking voice said.


“People, go, and have fun!” Edward commanded.


Mel used that moment to break free and ran. She didn't pay any attention to where she was going, and soon found herself in an unfamiliar part of town. She scowled, as her stomach growled. She was hungry and lost. Great. Angrily, she walked through the crowd, and found a food vendor.


Stella was there. Mel ordered meat on a stick, and Stella ordered the pink orange dream meat.


“Stella, have you ever eaten that before?” Mel asked.


“No!” Stella said cheerily. She seemed to be enjoying herself.


Stella bit into the meat before Mel could respond. Stella's face turned green, and she spit the food out all over Mel. Mel looked down at herself in shock.


“STELLA!” Mel shouted angrily.


“I'm so sorry!” Stella replied, running away as fast as she could.


Mel got as much of the food off of herself as she could. She soon came upon square dancing. Someone pushed her into someone else.


“Get lost, creep.” Mel snarled. She looked up. “Oh. Edward. I'm still saying the same thing.”


Edward looked at her in a very confused way. “Okay, then. You must not have had a very good time.” he said, suppressing a laugh. He took Mel's arm, and started dancing.


“I hate you right now. And I hate this party!” Mel shouted, gesturing at the laughing, dancing people who were wearing stetsons and boots with spurs.


“Really?” Edward laughed. “I'm having a great time!”


“Shut up.” Mel muttered as the song ended. She slipped away.


Mel had finally figured out where she was and started to head for her apartment. Suddenly, a loud bang sounded above her head. Mel jumped, and tilted her head back to see what had happened. Fireworks were crossing the sky, showering beautiful colours all through the night.


Mel shook her head. It was late, and she was tired. She turned around, and started back.


“What's the matter, urchin, don't you like the fireworks?” Lydia said.


Mel turned around again, and said, “Go find Stella. She's tried some new food and wants to show you what it is!” Mel turned around and started to run.


She had almost reached her front door when she rammed into yet another person. It was Galahad, and Te'ijal was standing only a few feet away.


“What are you doing here?” Mel asked.


“Enjoying the view.” Galahad replied.


“Yeah. Sure.” Mel said, tired.


She unlocked the door, and walked into her apartment. She practically leaped into her bed, and tried to sleep, and forget the whole festival. However, the fireworks kept her up all night. The next morning, she found all of the party members, except for Lydia and Edward, curled up on her floor. Suffice to say, Mel wasn't very pleasant when she found them there.



I wanted to say they were celebrating Canada Day, but Aia doesn't have Canada or the US... So sad. Oh well. This was a great idea for this month.

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Does it have to involve a canon party? I really feel like being a troll and make a non-existent off-screen situation, but... Yeah.


Because it really would have been fun to write about the mysterious some 100-200 years between Aveyonds... *makes a sad face*

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My turn, for once?









Those were the only civil words that Rhen Darzon and Lars Tenobor spoke to each other through their entire time at Shadwood Academy for Gifted Students. Lars and Rhen were easily rivals, but usually they didn't speak to each other except for exchanging insults in the hallway or glaring at each other in classes or practice. Other times, Lars calmly remarked at Rhen's expense when she stood red-faced, eventually bursting out in anger. After nearly six months, the students were used to it, though much of the sorcerer student body tended to side with Lars and Rhen's side of the sword-singer student body choosing to side with her. Because of two students, the entire school broke out in a subdued war, though the older students chose to ignore it all.


Graduation brought a new life - and soon, Rhen and Lars, the rivals, ended up together in a quest - along with a few other people, of course. After the party had defeated the daeva Saurva, Tei'jal, the vampress, had insisted to go to the Eastern Isle again to see where they had studied ("I would like to see the rabbits who made you so skilled in the blade and arcane. Is that so bad?") What Rhen and Lars didn't know was the Tei'jal had planned to go on to a ball in Veldarah that she had caught whiff of while speaking to the Oracle to 'some exciting news'.


So, when the annual ball was scheduled on the Day of Love (very original), there were sparks to fly.




It was extremely infuriating when Lars and Rhen, by some cruel twist of fate, ended up together, forced by their irritated friends to 'stop arguing and act civil' because it would 'strengthen their bond'. And it was no joke when the Queen herself attended the ball (well, it was hosted by her, what do you expect).


"You know, I do NOT want to do this," Rhen hissed to Lars as she very stiffly slipped her arm into the crook of his elbow. Lars, in return, frowned. "Do you THINK I'm enjoying this?"


"Well, no."


"Good. Tei'jal and Elini are coming this way."


Rhen scowled. She didn't feel the need to talk to her friends. "Let's go to the refreshments, then, Tei'jal hates human food, and Elini doesn't like the meat here."


Lars, though reluctantly, agreed, and they both whisked away in the crowd to the table. Rheen, raising her eyebrows, looked at a plate of strange brown cubes. "What's this?"

"Chokolat," Lars answered, "it's really new, and supposed to be really sweet." Rhen found it reason enough, and took one, popping it in her mouth. "It's delicious," she exclaimed, chewing it daintily. Lars shrugged. "I don't like sweet things much..."


Rhen shrugged back. "Do you like this song, then?" She had planned it, Lars realized, but had to admit, the soft waltz was appealing*. It was a simple melody, too. "Yes, I suppose," he said, and Rhen smiled. "So let's dance, she said cheerfully, and before he knew it, he was dancing to the melody with Rhen. Impossibly, he actually found his hand satisfactorily fitting in the curve of her waist, and her height just perfect against his own.


"Ah," he muttered, and despite himself, actually has a good time. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a familiar white-haired Veldtian woman complaining loudly, and dragging a curly-haired Pirate off outside, a scowl on her beautiful face.


Elini was not having a good time.




After a while, the heat of the room became a bit too stuffy, and the Leaf and the Violet went to the palace balcony. You know, the cliche place where the girl gets kissed by the guy.


"The moon is full," Rhen whispered, staring up, "But it's so white...it's not colorful. It's so suited to Tei'jal."




Rhen rolled her eyes. "I just want a bit of fireworks, that's all."


Lars weighed his options, before throwing caution to the wind and raising her hand.


Red, blue, green, yellow, purple - the outcome to his magic. Crackling mini-flowers of fire decorated the sky right above them, quiet and beautiful. They were much smaller and quieter - their personal fireworks.


"Beautiful," Rhen breathed, and Lars, against all wishes, found himself content. He didn't care if she was a peasant or not - hey, she was a princess. Maybe his mother would agree if they married, after all. Maybe she wouldn't detest him now. Maybe...maybe he was falling in love.


He liked it.




Wow, lovey dovey, isn't it. NOT my intention.


The *: The music is To Realize from the Quintessence - TBV soundtrack.

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I tried! I think it's... Okay?



By the time Ean and his entourage had arrived, the festival was in full swing. There were food carts left and right, fiddlers and flutists playing away. And the fireworks! They were purple, green, orange, every color imaginable. Going every which way, they lit up the night sky, leaving Ean in absolute awe.


The streets were filled with people, and it was hard to find a person not having a good time.


“Wow, Shaenlir has really changed since the last time we were here.” Ean said, as he wandered through the festive streets. The once cold and uninviting city had been transformed into a bright and welcoming city.


“So, uh, what exactly is happening here?” Emma asked, rather bored.


“They are all celebrating the end of the Snow Queens rule!” Iya announced, as cheerful and exuberant as ever.


“That’s great, but why do we have to be here?”


“Oh, Emma! You are so silly!” Iya giggled. “We were the ones who defeated the Snow Queen!”


“Right… we are so amazing.” Emma said, slowly wandering off to go sulk in a corner.


“Hey, Iya, have you seen Ava or Gavin?” Rye asked, appearing out of nowhere.


“Er, I think the wandered off somewhere.”


“Oh. Okay.” Rye said, as he meandered his way back into the crowd. He suddenly reappeared with three sticks full of meat.


“Rye, what is this?” Ean asked, suspiciously nibbling at the meat.


“There venison kabobs, you don’t have them in the Vale?” Rye asked.


“No… But these are REALLY good!!!” Iya exclaimed, her usual self heightened by the festival’s atmosphere.


As music changed to slower pace and the lights were dimmed, the dance floor was began to fill with women and men doing exotic twists and turns. Ean and Iya watched, to embarrassed to dance together. That is, until Ean felt the gentle nudge from Rye.


“What?” Ean asked, aggravated by Rye’s ever confusing gestures.


“Dance with her, you idiot!” Rye said, waving his hand at Iya.


“Fine.” Ean slowly walked towards Iya, unsure of what would happen. “Um, Iya, will you, er, dance with me?”


“Oh, Ean… Of course I’ll dance with you!”


With Ean’s wish granted, the two shone on the dance floor, gathering everyone’s eyes upon them. The night had been spectacular, well, for most.


Grimm’s Cottage was full of mixed feeling that night, with Iya pleading to do it again, and Emma never wanting to go to another festival again.



This was somewhat challenging. I haven't written a serious story in a long time.

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I am liking these stories. Parties are fun. :D


@ DA, well, I never said it HAS to be a canon party, so if you want to do something between Aveyonds (or even mix and match characters), you can.

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Ack, too late. I've finally summoned my powers and pieced together an idea involving a canon-party.


I originally wanted to have the "party" consisting of, oh, I don't know, Te'ijal and Galahad and Gyendal. Post-AV1, pre-AV3, in which Gyendal isn't all that evil YET. Or something.

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Wait, wait....is this closed/over already? No? I know I'm a little late for this, but I'm throwing in a story. 8DDD After all, 'mix up' parties are allowed...


*goes off to write*


PS. [d]This idea's pretty great. I have the need to write nowadays but I just don't know what...so there. 8D[/d]

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Cool! XD I'm writing it. I planned for it to be finished in one sitting but, once more, the story grew into a monster that needs a little trimming later on. XD Expect something in a few days. 8D

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Stories are monsters!!! D:


Mine was also supposed to be a short bit, but i have this obsession of writing things as though they're supposed to be part of a legit novel, complete with detailed descriptions so... The story-monster ate me!!!


I'm going to miss deadline, I'm sure.

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@daeva_agas: I know the feeling. XD Stories start out wanting to be small...then they just...grow. Large. 8P Like some massive tentacled monster that you have to prune a few arms off later. XD


By the way, does it have to be a one-shot?

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@purkles: Should be. At least I don't think it should be a multi-chapter super-long story. You can if you want to, but... It's better if it's a oneshot. An evilly long oneshot, yeah, sure :P

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I have problems with writing to begin with >.< And then new ideas sprouted as I plot the thing I want to write, and ta-dah! Disaster! My inability to write down what I have in my head properly also caused me to be stuck in the middle of writing and then make me want to just throw the thing away and give up on it :(

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