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Wonderful Objects

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((I'm really sorry about being so inactive in this RP..I've read all the posts, but I had a bad case of writer's block. I still kinda have it; that's why this post is so short. ^^"))


Lapin ran silently, a small sprin in her step causing to to make a movement similar to a hop every few feet.


She was glad to be working again. She was glad, but...something felt wrong. Very wrong. It was almost like there was some thick tension in the air; whatever it was, it made her ears and nose twitch, and her eyes dart nervously. A single thought buzzed through her mind at the same quick pace with which she traveled.


'Hurry, hurry, hurry..I have to hurry.'

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{It’s okay Monochrome, this RP is really slow paced anyways, and with my school as busy as it is, it’s hard for me to keep up too- so it’s no big deal~ <3 ‘Sides, I love that little bunny. XD}


Try as he might, the Hatter couldn’t get rid of Desiree; she could tell that there was more to the situation than he’d already told her and had every intention of worming it out of him. So every time he tried getting back to the throne room to check up on the Queen and her temperament, he was bombarded with a slew of questions and her blocking his way until he answered them… Had it been anyone else playing such an annoying game with him, he’d have killed them on the spot, but she could get away with it, and she knew she could- which made it that much worse…. The Hatter sighed- he could really use a cup of tea right now. It was certainly better than the frying pan Desiree was back to threatening him with.


”That really was all you could ever do with a frying pan-“’ He finally interjected with an impish smirk, ”Your cooking skills could never compare.”


”Me cookin’ skills have improved a lot since the last time ya ate it!” She snapped back, ”And quit yer shenanigans- tryin’ ta change the topic won’t work on me, ya sleeveen you!”


Then quite suddenly the both of them became still and their bickering ceased, each one of them looking concentrated before they both pulled out an object- the Hatter his watch and Desiree a strange looking spoon that she fingered very carefully. Objects reacted to each other when another one was activated nearby, and both of them had enough experience with their objects to recognize the vibe they gave off when they reacted…. But who was using an object? Clearly neither of them were, and the Queen was in the throne room, so there would be no reason for her to be using her key… which meant….


”It appears our prisoner has escaped.” The Hatter shoved his watch back into his pocket with another sigh and set off down the hall. Surprisingly, Desiree didn’t pester or follow him when he did so, and although he was mildly curious as to what she was up to, he knew better than to turn back. The prisoner would be a match for the prison guards, but in the end either she’d get killed or a lot of them would be, and even though a lot of the lower guards deserved to get fired, letting the girl do the work would leave quite a mess to be cleaned up… Of course, letting her run freely around the castle certainly wasn’t an option, but assuming that she was an important spy for Broken Hearts, keeping her around wasn’t wise either. Gathering information from her would have been useful, however, the Duchess needed only a small excuse to declare war on Hearts, and with circumstances involving Clubs and Spades as they were, tempting the Duchess into war was just more chaos than needed. No, the Hatter would simply escort the girl from the castle himself and let her scurry home from there.




{Irishisms Explained: sleeveen means a crafty or sly person. shenanigans are tricks or trickery designed to effect an outcome or reaction. muppet is a fool, or foolish person. touched in the head means insane. warped means strange or odd. qweer bit of talent is a good looking man.}


Desiree smirked at her brother’s back as he retreated, murmuring mischievously, ”Don’t ya worry, Brother, I’ll get the story from Queenie I will.” She wouldn’t ask her questions as straightforwardly as she had with the Hatter, but lurking in the throne room would probably fill in the blanks of the story… The Queen could take care of herself, Desiree knew, but her brother was so paranoid it’d not seem unreasonable for her to say that he sent her here for security reasons if asked. Thus she marched off to the throne room, quite satisfied with herself.


She arrived in time to see some guards position themselves in the doorway warily, as if they’d just led someone into the throne room and were waiting to escort them away if the need arose… ”But what sort of muppet would bother Queenie when she’s in a right bad mood?” Desiree peeked inside, not fancying the idea of what would happen to whomever it was if their business wasn’t important.


“Your Majesty, I come with a message from Queen Maeve of Spades. I’ve been ordered to place this directly into your hands.”


…Okay, that was pretty important and official sounding. A messenger from Spades? The situation was clearly much more serious than what her brother had told her. Desiree crept silently into the throne room, intent on standing off to the side and trying to figure out for herself what was going on. She looked at the newcomer carefully…. The messenger was a man…. And he wasn’t a hare… wouldn’t that make him slower? … Maybe she was just a bit touched in the head, but that seemed pretty warped to her.


… Then she finally got a good look at something other than his back when he rose from his bow to pull a scroll from his belt for the Queen… And suddenly the concept of the guy being slower because he wasn’t a hare seemed moot. Were all men from Spades that good looking? Maybe it was time for a change in occupation…. She couldn’t help but smile a bit as she thought, ”That man is a qweer bit of talent, he is.”


Of course, all things considered, gawking over men was the last thing Desiree should have been doing with the situation at hand… whatever that was….




Sylph watched the King of Clubs sit very still for a long moment, as if waiting for something; he seemed stiff, like he was concentrating very hard on something…. Which all in all the dog found unusual…. Then, as if in answer to the King’s frustration, the enchantress gave him a curt nod, which must have been what he was waiting for, because he immediately replied, ”I’m certain that little scrying rat has seen enough that he’ll report to Chess with his information.” Ah, so that’s what he looked so concentrated on, a Club trying to feel the presence of magic was certain to require a lot of concentration- Sylph made a mental note to inform the king how ridiculous he looked when doing so later. ”Still, I don’t like being watched, even knowingly- I want this place unscryable in the future.“ His gaze hardened on the enchantress, who smiled deviously and said, ”Understood, my Lord.” Before bowing and leaving the room.


Sylph watched her go, swishing his tail. He didn’t care what his master said, he didn’t trust her as far as he could throw her… And considering he didn’t have hands, he certainly wouldn’t have been able to throw her very far at all…. Magic was just bad news for a Club- they could rarely ever feel its presence, and that was only when the magic was poorly cast… That enchantress was skilled enough to not have that issue- so if she decided to cast a spell on either of them, they’d be sitting ducks… What in the world was his master thinking, trusting a magic user?


Sylph heaved an exasperated sigh. He sure wished he had a chew toy to vent his frustration on….


------Meanwhile, wherever the heck those Club soldiers are…------


The Club soldiers marched in good spirits towards the Red Queen’s territory; they still had some distance to cover, but it would certainly not be long before they arrived; a couple of hours at best, though more likely with an extra hour or two included since they were plundering and wreaking havoc in every village along the way. Either way, if the Red Army were to turn back, they’d not be able to catch the Club Army before they’d arrived.


The majority of Club soldiers were enjoying the violence along the way, though there were a couple who questioned the King’s motives in attacking a nation they had no real political issues with in the past. These people were either left behind, beaten, or killed for such traitorous thoughts, and as the Club soldiers grew ever closer, they continued to work themselves into a feverish frenzy of excitement for when they finally would arrive.


{I don’t wanna have them arrive too soon Rogue… buuut uhh… they’re on the move. So once the Red Queen is informed and things are all set up, they can come rampaging in whenever.}




Tai lowered his ears when the Spade Queen ruffled his hair; grumbling about how he wasn’t a nestling and didn’t need pats on the head, but he didn’t make any blatant objections…. Maybe he enjoyed being a nestling more than he let on.


”He better run real fast!” He instead exclaimed in response to Maeve’s comment about no one retreating faster than Naesala, ”’cause I’ll make that big ball of feathers regret it if he’s mean to ‘Sis!”


Yue made a face at her brother, but didn’t comment on it; normally the two argued like any brother and sister would, but generally Yue put her curiosity above their issues- and right then she had a lot of questions.


”What sort of bad news does Naesala have to tell?” Yue tugged on Maeve’s dress and tilted her head, ”Is it about those mean old clubs being noisy at night? And… What’s a treaty?” She’d heard them talking about that earlier and knew it had something to do with whatever her birdie was doing, which of course made her feel like she had a right to know- couldn’t have her pet running off completely unsupervised, after all…”- And how come it’s bad news if he’s bringing them candy?” Because she had treats often, and that was usually when she behaved…. Which was good news…. Or so she thought.

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Calysta sat still on her throne, her eyes closed. Her peaceful look made it easy for others to mistook this for sleeping; but to those who understands her know that she is actually deep in thought.


Aidan's warnings rang persistently in her mind, as she tried to pinpoint the best solution for this situation.


After long moments of reflection and thinking, the White Queen finally decided to send some troops to barricade the outskirts of Chess- that borders their Territory from the Kingdom of Clubs.

It should hold them for a while, and would give her enough time to warn her sister.


Swordsmen, lancers, tankers and archers charged swiftly to towards the borders, preparing for the oncoming invaders. Enchanters and spellcasters scattered around the woods, working together to build protective enchantments around the relatively small Territory of Chess.


The White Queen herself stood before the entrance of her own castle- her right arm raised. Small sparks of colors burst in the bright sky as a message of warning. It was not noticeable to many, but the vampires' sharp senses should be able to detect it.




It wasn't long before the signs were noticed by several patrolling Vampires, who quickly reported this to their Queen.


Cassandra rose from her throne, her expression etched with surprise and worry, yet her poise remained graceful.


Most of her soldiers were on their way to Tidea, and it is impossible to summon them back now.

Her blood red lips parted into a snarl, revealing a pair of vampiric fangs.


"Order the Witches and Warlocks to build up defenses. Divide them into three teams: one should support the spirit shield Calysta's elves are building. Another to start conjuring troops. The rest will serve as back-up support" The Red Queen's voice echoed clearly across her palace, and the servants inside quickly exit to carry out her orders.


Cassandra's eyes glowed dangerously, as she licked her lips. Clubs may be powerful in battles- but they are humans- and they lack many qualities of the Elves and Vampires. If they think Chess will fall so easily, they are sorely mistaken.


And there will be blood.


((Hope this is okay? Cassandra is not that reckless or desperate to send ALL her army to invade))

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