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The Three Sides - RP thread

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There was once a world, called Earth. From the begining of time, there lived 2 speices: the angels and the demons. The angels lived in the sky, on the puffy clouds, while the demons (aka dark angels) lived under the ground, in an empire made by fire. Those places were called heaven and hell. The angels looked like normal people, but had soft, white wings. They had beautiful armors that no one could imagine. In the contrary, the demons had black skin, dagger-like teeth and red, bloody eyes. They had tongues like snakes and were wearing armors, that looked like as if they were soaken in pure blood. Those 2 species were fighting for the middle place: the Earth. Each of their places was full, so they needed a place to build new empires. This battle lasted years and years, until both sides figured out that no one could ever win. They made a compromise: they won't fight for this place, until the Stone of Justice would be broken. The Stone of Justice was an acient rock, not bigger than a normal book, that was there before those speices were even born. Yet no one from these sides had the right to break the stone. In the meantime, other specie was born: the humans. They had egal parts of good and evil within them so only they can decide which part they will go with. They were very weak, barly knowing a thing. Still, then, a white angel oracle predict that the humans will get stronger and eventally break the Stone of Justice. Until the break of the stone, both sides preapred armies and more armies. At the moment of the break, the earth will see just death... In the meantime, until the break of the stone, the empires in the clouds and those in the ground grew more and more, and so did their people but they didn't have place. So, the only way to surive in those overcroweded cities was to kill those unneeded. Every year, all the beggers that weren't lucky enough, all the thiefs that just wanted to live, were killed of the sake of those just borned, for them to have space.




It's year 2012. The world of humans is prospering, but not for long more. Some archaeologists found the a temple deep into the heart of a mountain. And not just any mountain: Everest. There, on a stone pedestal, lied the Stone of Justice. No one knew what it was and, as they tried to take it off the pedestal, they dropped it and it split in 3 big pieces. In the same second, they world became hell. They angels fell from the sky as if they were meteroids. The demons rose from the earth as if they were vulcanos. They were called by the Stone of Justice. The call was sent; the sides came. Nothing could be done now.




There is a hidden city, called Atlantis, not known by the other humans. It's hidden under the water of the Pacific Ocean. Those who live here know about the battle of the angels and demons and about magic. They even perform it no matter how it is, strong or weak, black or white. (Your character can be from this city)




-You have to meet with the rest of the RP in a place but all of you will have the same task: making peace in this war.




1. All AM Laws have to be respected.

2. Control ONLY your character.

3. One character per person!

4. The maximum of players is 5, meaning the gamemaster (me!) and other 4 RP-ers.

5. You're not immortal. You can't dodge EVERY hit. Take some, give some. Make it realistic.

6. You can be ultra smart AND ultra strong. You can be balanced or better at one but weak at other but not perfect.

7. You can't die so don't be scared. Only if you quit the RP the character is automaticly dead.

8. If you don't post atleast once per 2 weeks, you're out of the RP.




1. This happens in a nowadays time period.

2. The whole place is full of battles of angels and demons is it looks like a complete chaos.

3. Angels and deomns can fly.

4. It doesn't mean all angels or all demons are the same. Some demons look like giant mountains, some angels like thin spirits. Make it varied.




YOUR USER NAME: mihai1861998 (Gamemaster)





YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: He is a mix. Angelo is half white angel, half demon (black angel). His mother was white angel, but his father black.

YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: by being a half-half, he doesn't have a specific age, because the angel-demon years don't exist. But, because he lives from the beginning of time for the humans(when the war stopped), he is about 2500 human years old. Still, he looks more like a 13-ner. His body strangely stopped growing after about 130 years, but his mind is more mature than it seems to be.


a)Physical: Needed to survive in this world on his own, he is really good with one-to-one combat, but works in a team just as good. His favorite weapon is the spear, but, if necessary, he can use hammers or bows too. He is pretty well-build, but still skinny. His is a great hunter, because he had to hunt for the last 2500 years.

b)Magical: Magic isn't his best skill, but, as an angel, he was born with magical powers. And being even half white, half black, he got the basic skills from both races. Those are:

White Angel skills:

Minor heal - Heal an ally.

Powerate - Use your magic power to power-ate your weapon for some rounds

Power hit - Channel your energy for a powerful hit

Black Angel skills:

Curse – Curse the target so that his/her dodging and attacking skills are lowered

Poison – One bite and your body will be full of poison

Dark attack - Hit the enemy with one spear attack, enchanted with black magic.

Gemini attack - Attack the enemy multiple times.

c)Other: Again, as an angel, he can talk to birds and, if necessary, call them for help. And he can fly really well. The harsch hunting times in that forest made him learn almost all possible roots, plants or fruits, poisionus or unharmfull.

YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: He can hide his wings easily and so look like a normal human.

YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: His physical weaknesses are magic attacks.

PERSONALITY: When the first war began, his parents met and his mother, the white angel, had him. When the compromise was made, she returned to heaven with him. When he was born, his mother saw him and was disgusted so she just left him on a top of a mountain. He somehow lived, until the age when he went hunting in the woods nearby for food. So, knowing he is a mix and not even liked by his own parents, he is shy and pretty cold, but deep inside, he wishes for someone to love him. Angelo smiles rarely, but when he does, you fell the inner of his soul.


He looks like a 13 guy. Angelo is black-haired with middle size hair(not to short but still not to long). He’s got wings, but the left one is black, with crow-like feathers, and the right one is white with dove feathers. His eyes are strange too: the left one is dark brown, and the right one is light blue. He is pretty skinny too. He is always wearing the same cloth, made of rough wool. Angelo never wears any shoes. One little detail: he always has two rings on his fingers. One with a small onix stone on the left hand finger and on the right one he wears a diamond ring.

PICTURE: Something like this. (it's not made by me!!)




YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Serenity Johnson (nicknamed Ren)



YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Archeologist/Treasure Hunter

YOUR CHARACTER'S SPECIES: Human. Completely. Ish.



a)Physical: Serenity is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is proficient with guns. She is also acrobatic and fast.

b)Magical: None. That she knows of.

c)Other: She knows how to use her sexual appeal to her advantage. We'll leave it at that.

In this section, also include any special weapons or items you carry.

YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Serenity is extremely acrobatic and physically agile. She's an excellent treasure hunter (tomb raider >=) ), and is a skilled archeologist as well. She is proficient with a variety of guns and has an excellent fashion sense.

YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Serenity is bad at emotions and relationships. Her parents died when she was younger, and she has closed off completely ever since.

PERSONALITY: Serenity is often considered cold, but she is merely distant. She is kind universally, but she will not always appear so. It is extremely difficult for her to open up. Her current goal is finding Atlantis.

CLOTHING AND OUTLOOK: Serenity is an attractive young woman with long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. She is 5'7". Her usual outfit is a brightly-colored button-down shirt with a white tank top underneath along with khaki shorts or pants and comfortable tall boots. She often ties her hair back with ribbons that match her shirt. She has a thigh holster for her pistol and keeps a sniper rifle upon her back along with a backpack with all of her archeologist things.




YOUR USER NAME: theAdept_Rogue

YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Safarina Claude Nyne (Nicknames: Rina/Rinne, Cloud)



YOUR CHARACTER'S CLASS/JOB: Illutionist. Master of thoughts and souls.


YOUR CHARACTER'S AGE: She claims to be several millenium years old, though the truth is yet to be confirmed. Physically, however, she appears as 23 years old


a)Physical: Rinne wields no weapon, nor does she knows any physical combat moves.

b)Magical: She controls the souls of the dead, and the minds of the foolish.

>Soul Mastery: Collects the souls of dead organisms and use them as power. The amount of power unleashed depends on the power of the organism while it is alive (i.e. the power from a soul collected from an ant will be far weaker than the power released from a human soul). She can resurrect herself using a human soul reserve.

>Soul strike: Uses the soul reserve to attack an enemy's soul. There is a chance that the soul collision will destroy each other and kill the target. Otherwise, it will cause damage in personality and mental stability.

>Telepathy: Communicate with comrades using the mind. Her telepathic powers have reached a level where she can speak to someone residing in different continents

>Mind reading: See what's inside a person's mind- including their thoughts, emotions, dreams, goals, and ideas.

>Mind Control: Rinne can control the thoughts, perceptions and actions of the weak minded.

>Mind projection: Creates an illusion to a person's mind, and make experience events that are not really happening.

>Mind paralysis: Paralyzes a person's ability to think, rendering them to a state of coma.

c)Other: Although human most of the time, Rinne is actually a demon, and her real form is much stronger and faster than her human form

YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: Rinne could destroy a person without coming in contact with them due to her ability to manipulate mind and souls. She can strike without having to come into her opponent's attack range, meaning she can attack someone without having to worry about being attack

YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: Aside from the fact that Rinne cannot participate in physical battles in human form, people who have very strong mental defenses is immune to her attacks, as she won't be able to access their mind or soul (though few people actually have minds barriers strong enough to withstand her).

PERSONALITY: Seemingly sweet and charming, but is actually indifferent to allies and enemies alike. She can kill and betray her so-called friends without remorse. A master of deception, she can also feign her tone of voice and emotions to suit the situation when necesary.

Rinne is born and raised in Atlantis and is known to have an abnormal interest in human women.

CLOTHING AND OUTLOOK: Rinne has two forms: demonic and human form. In her human form, she appears as a good-looking woman with aristrocratic features. She is tall, slender, with fair skin. She has sharp, pitch-black eyes and shoulder-length, wavy black hair.

As a demon, she is twice her human-form size, with root-like legs, long flowing hair, pitch black velvety skin and glowing red eyes. She has no wings, but can fly nontheless.

PICTURE: Can be found here.



YOUR USER NAME: diamondmist

YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME: Chiisare "Chii" Yume







a)Physical: She is quite flexible and acrobatic, and has a mild strength. She also has an unnaturally tall and lithe body, which makes her quite fast. Her backside tends to turn more than a few heads, since she really looks like she's around 16.

b)Magical: Not much. Knows basic meditation focus, but that is a given.

c)Other: So perverted, and obviously skilled in language. Also knows how to play her cards in acting the sweet, innocent...rape-able...girl.

In this section, also include any special weapons or items you carry.

YOUR CHARACTER'S STRENGTHS: She is very skilled in cracking all kinds of puzzles and riddles, and has a natural love for mathematics. While fairly athletic, her best interests are in technological and mental problems.

YOUR CHARACTER'S WEAKNESSES: She really has a lot of trouble looking at someone in the eye, and add to this fact if the person is a pretty guy.

PERSONALITY: Chiisare prefers to be called Chii, and will not respond to her full name. She is a mature girl, but feisty. Extremely boy-crazy, she likes to train and exercise, but is an avid romantic. Also very perverted. She prefers not to talk too much, but is a cheerful, hardworking girl. She doesn't like shopping much and cares little for beauty, only yanking a comb through her hair and such. Chii may be a mystery to some people, but when she opens up, she is very friendly and happy. When provoked, though, she is like hellfire. She also does not like questions at all, to the point of hating it and resolving not to speak to a person for a while if they ask too many. She likes mathematics, though.

CLOTHING AND OUTLOOK: Chiisare has dark blue hair. Her hair is very short, practically so, and it gives her a charmingly attractive roguish appearance. Her eyes are a soft, pure blue, a color not as bright as cerulean yet not as light as a few shades darker than powder blue - the best description would be sky blue. Sometimes her eyes are dark, sometimes light - it depends on her mood. Chiisare's skin is pale, but there is a light tan hint. She has a distinctively aristocratic nose and average lips - not extremely thin but not extremely full, either. Her cheekbones are high, but her aristocratic appearance has nothing to deter her personality, which is far from royal. She prefers anything comfortable, and usually wears very open, light clothes. Her daily outfit is a flowy light blue sun-dress or a lavender tank top with blue capris.

PICTURE(OPTIONAL!!): A lot like this, but with blue hair.


World Map:


Sry the scanner isn't working so this is all I have.


Yes I know it's not the perfect world map, but I want it atleast to be a bit different than the regular one.


PS: Please re-read the Story, or atleast the end of it but I edited it a bit.

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((Yes thanks for telling me but on the thread we're supposed to start the story. If any other detail you see, just put it in these: (( and )). Other than that, if you actually posted first, you can edit that and start the stroy ))

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((OK, so RP is started. Great. What are we supposed to write in the first post though? Introduction of characters? Or is there an event currently happening, and we're supposed to write something about that?))

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((Oh fine. I'll start. Then you just make your character be in the almost same place and they will meet. PS: If you want to get a better idea of how the place looks like, look at the first part of Darksiders, in a trailer or something. The chaos in our case is the same as there. Like

one. Just the first 10 seconds.))

The woods weren't so thick anymore. Still, Angelo continued to run. The years of hunting helped him alot, otherwise he would have already been cought by the others. They could have been angels or demons, but he didn't care. For him, they were both the same. They hated half-halfs.

The edge of the forest was near. He knew every tree in that forest, so it was a child's play to get away from the others. The first few buildings were seen far in the distance. There were still about 300 meters. Angelo accelerated, and was soon near the first building but, a thing changed about the houses: They were all ruined, half destroyed. And it was quite, too quite. He knew the battle for Los Angeles was over and that the angels won it. Years later, they'll destroy the city and build their own houses, but that's other story.

"I've got to find the survivors", he thought."I won't survive alone in here more than a week."

Just then, a tall glass building collapsed behind him. He made a soft smile. "That will keep them away for some time." As quickly as it came, the smile vanished and Angelo became again serious. The survivors couldn't be in some building that would soon collapse like the one he just passed. So if they weren't on the ground... They have to be underground! He started running again, followed by that dead silence. He knew his next target: the sewers!

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Niblusse could sense someone near with his powers but couldn't locate the definite location. So, he just sat down under a tree after a long journey...and let his eyes explored the surrounding. "Ah...the tress..." he muttered as he could see the history of this woods. When suddenly, he heard a sound of "muttering" entered his ears...and he got up.


P.S: Sorry that I could not write a long one since I have exams this week. :D

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Chiisare ralternated between running and croouching down for cover, chaos around her thick enough to cut with a very big sword. Like in the Bleach anime. Ichigo's. Oh, she wanted that.


She fingered her weapon - a gun she had salvaged off. She couldn't take out her real bow and arrow - not yet. Not after LA. She needed to be discreet.


A building collapsed beside her. She cursed and dived for the sewers, hoping she'd ffind a survivor.

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((It means that you have to have a reason of why stopping the war. If: 1. You don't have a reason, that means you want to fight in the war, but that's not the role of the RP and 2. you just want to stop the war because it's fun, find yourself a quick new reason please!))

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Safarina sat calmly astride a throne she had made from the rubbles from the sewers. However, she was surrounded by mind barriers, that her presence is unseen and unheard by anyone nearby.


She was waiting, waiting for the right people to come: her allies, the ones who would fight with her to end the war.


She sensed two minds coming- one is male, one is female. The female was a human, the male one... Safarina couldn't tell. She realized that they were the ones she had been waiting for. Lowering her barriers so that the two newcomers could see her, Rina spoke; "Greetings, my friends..." she drawled, her voice smooth as silk. Standing up, she looked at the two people and winked at the human girl.

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Chiisare narrowed her eyes, and crossed her arms. Ally the woman if front of her may be, but as young as she was naive she was not. "Hello, miss," Chiisare responded to the demon's wink with an easy smile, "but miss, if it may be sufficient to ask..." She stepped forward, and said, "Who the hell are you and are you an ally? If yes, welcome. If not...I'm not afraid of a blade or bullet."


Chiisare immediately resumed her grin and bowed to the woman in respect. The power she sensed was not for the faint-hearted and if she had to work with this woman, it would be a good experience.

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The woman practicly appeared from nothing, yet she didn't scare Angelo the least. He had very well developed senses. He just glaced at the woman with expressionless eyes.


Before he could speak, other girl did it. She just asked if the woman was an ally or not. Angie didn't interupt her. He prefered to work from the shadows, as he always did. "Work like a shadow, be like a shadow, live like a shadow" was his motto.


Getting no anwser from the woman at the girl's qustion, Angelo decided to speak: ((EDIT: yes you did and I thought of that, but I needed to make sure.)) "Your a demon, so better show your true form." Advantage of being half-half: As angel sense the other angels, even if they hid their wings, and so do demons, so beign half of each, Angleo knew the demon woman was hiding her true nature. "And don't pretend not to be, I can sense it."

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Rinne gave a soft smile to the human woman, though it did not quite reach her eyes. "My name is Safarina Cloud Nyne. Worry not, I am your ally. We are after the same goal- to stop the war- do we not?"


"Your a demon, so better show your true form."


The illutionist then turned towards the boy sharply. Her warm manner she had shown the human girl earlier suddenly turned harsh, and her soft expression became extremely hard. "And why should I do that?" she shot back coldly.


Standing up to her full height, she descended from her throne and addressed the two beings standing before her. "Yes, I am a pure demon, and I am proud of my heritage. But I merely prefer my human form to my demon form, and I see no reason why I should show my true shape to people I just met just because a half-and-half demands it"

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((@FunFun: Correct.))


Niblusse followed the sound which seemed to be coming from the nearby area.


He could now clearly hear the sound--the sound of a boy and a woman.


There, he hid and let his eyes feast upon what he had just sighted--a demongelle*!


[*demongelle=the offspring of a demon father and an angel mother]


((I heard that kind of word in a manga...so yeah.)) :D

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((Could you just call me a half-half? Demongelle just sound strange XD Has anyone seen iPink? She didn't write a single message.))


Angelo narrowed his eyes. The demon was hard to him. She didn't trust him, nor did he her. "Somebody who doesn't anything to hide would show his true form. Even if now I'm hiding my wings, I did it to get easier away from the ones following me. And if we all don't get out of her quick, they'll get us."


He threw a last look behind him, then run in the opposite direstion. "As powerfull as you may be demon, you won't resist to more than 3 angels so better follow me somewhere safe."

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Safarina scoffed. Who was this halfling to try and lecture her? "It is easier to blend in with this form. My true form is too large for a confined space such as these sewers- and you know how some humans tend to overreact when they see something unusual..." Rinne retorted, then remembered their human companion, turned to the latter and said, "No offence, dearie..."


The demon then turned to look back as she sensed another presence. A human boy, this time. Rinne gave a sigh, then proceed to ignore him and called to the half-and-half instead. "By the way, what makes you think I can't handle 3 angels? I may not be strong, but fighting does not rely on strength alone."


((Perhaps iPink is busy? She hasn't been posting in other RPs as well))

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Angelo sighed. "It may not, but even you have limits. I know mine. If we three would fight together, we could resist to those angels, but why wasting our energy? Sometimes, the best thing to do is to run. Now is one of those moments."

He heard some foot steps behind him. They were getting closer. "Please, the time is short. We'll talk more in the sewers, but for now..." He just made a quick move of the head, showing the direction. His waiting time was already over. He didn't want to get some wounds just because the demon wanted to show her strength.

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