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Velacia RP Sign Ups 2

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As you may know, there's been an RP going on here on AM for quite some time now called "Velacia." Some people were expressing interest in joining, and we're down to only a few RP'ers, so we need some new people! We're coming to the end of the first part of the story, and there's a new segment starting soon! This is the opportune moment to join, since there's a large situation coming up.



People who are still active:

You don't need to resubmit your profile, I'll just move it over. There haven't really been any big changes to any of them, but if you want to change 'em around a bit, let me know.


Next Part of the Story:

The party arrived at the dark tower, and found not just any old necromancer, but the queen of Velacia herself. She had evil plans to take Velacia from her son, the next in line for the throne. The party managed to stop her in time, but her soul left her body and is now roaming free over the lands.


The party, at this point consisting of Nova, Nathan, Elli, Yani, Leyla, and Taemin, returned to Velacia to find themselves outcasts for killing the queen. War had erupted throughout the land, and the evil queen's soul is still out spreading chaos and destruction. The group, and any who join it at this point, are determined to destroy the queen's soul.


Sign Up Sheet














Class- Your character's class, it can be basically anything. Traditional classes are appreciated, though.

Weapon- Your character's weapon of choice. No guns, please.

Items- Items such as holy water and sleeping bags. Only take what your character would be able to carry.

Skills- Physical, magical, other.

Battle Skills- Skills that your character uses in battle.

Outfit- What your character is wearing most of the time.

What you look like- Hair colour, eye colour, height, weight.

Info- Background and such.

Title- optional, but important if your character has any kind of social status.



1. Follow all forum rules

2. Talk in the third person only

3. Don't be immortal. Get hit, take blows, fall over, trip like any normal person. You can't actually die unless you're leaving the RP.

4. Your characters may be the race you choose, but PM me if you want something really out there.

5. I say when a monster is dead.

6. Please don't go and make things all strange and off kilter story wise. I'll provide info as the story goes. Minor changes are okay.

7. Only one character is allowed per RPer.


Other Info that New RP'ers Need to Know About the Party:

- Faeles now belongs to Yani, not Nova.

- Leyla controls a bunch of zombies.

- Nova can replace her own soul with that of another, and has her own soul in her sword.

- Leyla has both light and dark magic.

- Taemin dances to do magic.

- Nathan is a prince.


Useful Stuff

First Sign Up

RP Thread


Signed Up RP'ers

Yuffie - Nova Fortia

Yannes - Nathan Elindor

Tei - Taemin Lee

iPink - Elli

Ashen_Eclipse - Leyla Nox

diamondmist - Yani Celindor

theAdept_Rogue - Rabelde Cleaveland

shadowshed - Gabriel Houeil

M0n0chr0me - Maria Aevitas

NightMelody - Ravenello Cesário

rubymist - Nera Celindor


Sign Ups are Closed

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Ooh, the new sign-up. *is excited* I hope other people join, although I like our little cozy RP group.


I wonder if I should add that book Leyla got in the last RP to her items. And a blanket. Though those aren't really major changes... Unless that book really comes in handy. XD


Also, if you'd like, I'm offering Leyla's grandmother's house *cough*bigcreepymansion*cough* for use. Or not, it doesn't matter. If it fits into the story, than you can use it if you want to.


Also, when do you plan on making the RP thread? (I know you just made the sign-up so it won't be right away, I was just wondering. ^^)

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Before I decide whether or not to re-sign-up, may I know if I may use Rabelde again if I do, or do I have to register a new character? Also, for the second segment of this RP, will you be opening a new thread, or continue in the old one? Thanks

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@adept: You can use Rabelde again if you want.


@ashen: I'm still working on the stories and trying to incorporate the suggestions that everybody made in the story thread, but I think that a big creepy mansion would be a fun place to add in. ^^


@all: I think that it would be easier to just continue in the old thread, and add in the new character profiles in a post. That's where all of the story is, anyways, so it might be easier just to have it all in one thread.


Also, these sign ups will be over on the 17th of September, just to give people enough time to join.

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OOH! We could be outlaws based in the old creepy mansion, fighting sheriffs and (forgive the use) Indians. Serial western brought into a fantasy setting! We've even basically got a ghost. XD

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USERNAME: theAdept_Rogue


Name: Rabelde Cleveland


Title: Lord


Age: 24


Gender: Male


Class: Rogue Mage


Weapon: Chakram daggers, glaive, chain whip, bladed bow with poison arrows.


Items: Sealing Charms, protective amulets, runes, holy stones, cross blade (impregnated with holy water), silver bullet pistol, food, drink, health and mana potions, elixirs, medicines, and poison antidotes.



~Physical: Specializes in stealth and surprise attacks. Have a high evasion and critical hit rate.

~Magical: Could deliver powerful non-elemental magic, and inflicts curses and bad statuses. Could penetrate magic shields and status-defense equipment

~Other: All his weapons aside from the cross blade are infused with strong poison that could rot the body within seconds


Battle Skills:

Soul venom: Summons a serpent-like being which can both absorb magic and inflicts poison

Bane: Nullifies enemies' magic and seals their magical ability

Bloodlust: Controls blood at will

Shadow master: Hides self inside shadow. Also inflicts damage on enemies by manipulating their shadows


Outfit: forest-green cotton shirt with white sleeve, coupled with tanned leather pants, hunting boots and a musty brown travelling robes.


INFO: Rabelde was born from an odd couple- his mother an exorcist, his father a royal knight. However, his parents died shortly after he was born, and Rabelde was raised by his father’s friend, the court Sorcerer, who introduced the to magic. He proved to be a talented magic user and was then given the title "Lord" Rabelde Cleveland.

However, Rabelde resented this title, as it brought him unwanted attention from other people. He then quit the royal services and joined a rogue guild. Mastering both magic and fighting, Rabelde became a rogue mage and made a living as a bounty hunter, pledging service to people who might need his extraordinary abilities- for a fee.


In the first part of the RP, Rabelde went into the caves in search for the source of the undead invasion. Not wanting to wait for his comrades, he decided to venture alone, and stumbled upon a portal, which teleported him to somewhere far away. Now, with all the war going on, he decided to return to finish his quest once and for all.




OK, I made some major changes to Rabelde's profile, so I'm signing him up again. I'm changing his weapons and outfit, and addded his items and background story.

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I'm also trying to sign my previous character in, Yuffie.



NAME: Gabriel Houeil


AGE: 17


GENDER: male


CLASS: hunter


WEAPON: scythes


ITEMS: a handy bag that contains healing items, tools, manual books, and sharpener stone.


SKILLS: Gabriel uses scythes as his preferred weapon. But he doesn't need to bring the actual scythe; he got one of his 'soul' to transform into scythe when needed, and will remain inside him when unneeded. There are apparently two 'souls' with him, each has it's own characteristic as weapon.



- summon: summons one of his 'soul' transforming into a scythe.

- Arch Scythe: Scythe transformed from Gabriel's partner; pure soul's transformation.

- Death Scythe: Scythe transformed from Gabriel's partner; wild soul's transformation.

- Purify Slash: slash of Arch Scythe that purify a corrupted mind.

- Death Slash: slash of Death Scythe that may curse enemy to death.

- D-Scythe: summons both of the angelic soul and wild soul, into a scythe with two pointing blades. This transformation wouldn't last long.


OUTFIT: dark pants, white shirt and brown cloak. He has dark brown hair colour and black eyes.


INFO: Gabriel is an orphan since he was a little. He was all alone and sent to certain academy by unknown woman, not even knowing what he had to do there. Therefore he spent his childhood to learn how to control wild souls in the academy, and found a soul that later became his partner. After his skill was enough, he's released and went traveling to places. He continued to live a normal life, working as a hunter. One day, the partner of him turned all wild and possessed Gabriel out of sudden. Gabriel then was known as a soul hunter who devours souls. When he's sulking on a priestess who was down for him, her soul was also trying to preoccupy Gabriel, that released him from the wilderness. The new soul is pure, and it stayed with Gabriel, making sure that he wouldn't go berserk and also partnered with him.




A question. So the new ones will join them in Velacia?




Oh, and this is the edited profile of Gabriel.

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oh my... thanks Diamond.

What character should i play, i have been working on two lately *-*


Can i put a Death Angel? Since i'm indecise between characters. One's a minstrel the other is a death angel.


Edit: Nvm, I decided, shall be the Death Angel because I have his profile already done ^^' and a pic of him. Don't worry, death angels are pretty killable (remarkably). I shall post my character sheet tomorrow!

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Of course you can join. ^^


I'm pretty sure Yuffie won't mind. :)




Ah, we're going to have quite the crew, now, aren't we?


*is very excited*


I do feel bad for Leyla, though. So many people- she just barely got used to her companions she was traveling with. (Well,she more than 'got used' to one of them.) Ah, she's going to have such a hard time, poor thing. XD

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NAME: Maria Aevitas


AGE: 16


GENDER: Female


CLASS: Archer/Mage


WEAPON: Crossbow



Mana stones (by inserting these in a slot that is in every one of her arrows, she can infuse spells with her arrows), mana potions, arrows, and multiple crossbow parts (in case her crossbow is damaged).



Maria works with crossbows, but her skills with the regular bow and arrow are less than satisfactory. Although mana stones would normally be virtually useless to a mage, Maria uses them well with her arrows. Also, don't assume that just because she's best at long range, she can't throw a decent punch. Because she can. Though, when it comes to melee, kicking comes much more naturally to Maria.



Incendia's Arrow Minor: The arrow is surrounded in a hot flame. It is easily put out by water.

Unda's Arrow Minor: The arrow explodes into a large pool of water on contact. It is strong against earth-based skills.

Ventus's Arrow Minor: The arrow is propelled by quick winds towards its target. It is easily broken, though, by the earth.

Terra's Arrow Minor: The arrow is solidified by the earth, making it indestructable. It does not fly as fast as regular arrows, however.

Glacies's Arrow Minor: The arrow causes the temperature of anything it touches to plummet. It is easily destroyed by fire.



Maria wears a grey, short-sleeved shirt and tight-fitting grey pants. She has a belt that holds a holster of sorts for her crossbow, a container on the belt has her arrows, while a bag on said belt holds her mana stones. Maria wears black, heel-less boots that go up to her mid-calves. On top of all this is a long, black trench coat.



She has shoulder-width, jet-black hair and a small, beaded braid on the left side of her hair. Maria has heterochromia; her left eye is hazel while the right is a bright blue. Her skin is porcelain and would look incredibly fragile, if it weren't for the scars and bruises that cover a good portion of her figure. Because of her rough-looking appearance (and lack of certain "feminine" qualities), she is often mistaken for a male.



Maria was the illegimate child of a wealthy woman and a low-ranking soldier. In an attempt to keep her reputation pure, her mother handed the newborn off to a poor, elderly couple that lived in the slums of the same town. When Maria reached the age of 10, she began to develop incredible skills in fighting and became a "hero" of sorts, going around and capturing criminals (though they were only petty theives; still, that's quite and acheivement for a 10 year old). Maria's birthmother decided that having such a well-liked child would boost her own popularity, and attempted to force the girl to live with her. The man and woman who had raised her feared that the pure-hearted child could be tainted by the greed of her birthmother, and sent her away in secret one night.



After writing all this out, I look at the first sign ups and see that yannes character used mana stones. I honestly forgot to check the first profiles. Hope that it's okay for me to use them as well for Maria's arrows. >.<


...And as I continue to read, I learn that Indra's character used a bow&arrows. /facepalm I should really read more before I put in the effort of writing an entire profile. Pffff. If I need to change her weapons and such, then please let me know and I'll get right to it.


Finally, a question about Maria's spells. Can I upgrade them as the story progresses? (Example: Incendia's Arrow Minor becomes Incendia's Arrow, which becomes Incendia's Arrow Major.)

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NAME: Ravenello Cesário (prefers to be called by his last name).


AGE: In Death years he would the equivalent to 21 years old.


GENDER: Male (Though, as all other Death Angels he doesn’t see himself as either a male or a female).


CLASS: Death Angel

-Hunters, mages and summoners, is what Death Angels are. They are the ones who clean up afterwards. Their duty is to make sure after death Pure and Regular Spirits cross over safely to rebirth or eternal bliss. It’s also their duty to hunt down and take the eyes (power cores) of corrupt spirits or spirits who refuse to cross over. And, it’s also their duty to fix time and space holes that spiritual abnormalities leave.





Book of Spirits (just materializes it);


Small pouch with gold nuggets, some crafting tools and water;



Agility – He can be weak physically (one heavy hit can knock him out), but he sure is hard to catch.

Guardian Sight –Gives him the ability to see spirits, Vitae (karma or aura), the intention behind people’s behavior or how they really feel. It’s no X-ray vision, but if there’s a spirit inside that iron box he can see it.

Eyes – They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, that’s why Death Angels love when spirits become corrupt. He can rip eyes (spiritual cores) and imbed them in his Book of Spirits to later on summon, or give them to a someone who use souls as a weapon.

Death Angel Status - He can comunicate with Death gods who are nearby and with Death itself. He can also become invisible to the human eye (undeads, animals, necromancers and special humans can see him still though) and phase into room when there's no other way in.




Whip Dance: The whip is his favorite weapon, also the only one that allows him to do a lot of damage using his agility without actually having to be close to the enemy. He can use his whip to damage, tie up, temporarily immobilize or choke an opponent.


Spiritual summon: Requires the use of the book of Spirits, no spirits however is flawless or perfect. The spirits he summons work more as a sidekick or helper than actual summon, these spirits can be harmed. If wounded enough, the spirit vanishes back into the book. This happens to all but Greed.


Can Summon:

Dextera and Tirana: These two can only be summoned together. Fire and Water Spirits respectively, despite being summoned together they can be used separately to perform water spells or fire spells. When used together they can either create a large area Earth Spell (falling of pikes, Earthquake, or ground breaking) or a large are Air Spell (Steaming tornado, Steam walls, or Geysers).

-Warning: Harming Tirana will cause Dextera to become out of control and berserk, attacking not only the enemies but also the party.


Lunarius: A moon Spirit that can perform strong Healing and Regeneration spells, can also sing a Lullaby causing an individual to fall asleep. She can also be used to illuminate a dark areas because she shimmers. She can cast minor love spells.

-Warning: She can be easily dismissed if hit by dark magic or heavy melee attacks (one hit can make her disappear).

-Second Warning: She tends to cast minor love spells on people she finds atractive.


Natura: A childlike clumsy little girl spirit that can control plants and animals. For some reason she always makes a dog or a mosquito bite Cesário before being dismissed. She refuses to control bugs for she finds them repulsive.

-Warning: She has a bad vision so she doesn’t always hit her target when she’s controlling plants.


Greed: A Paradox. He can use the target’s wishes, desires, nightmares and dreams and turn them against themselves or an enemy or even the party. Greed is the only summon that speaks and actually has a personality.

He is not a regular summon, he cannot be summoned using the Book of Spirits, he’s attached to Cesário’s eyes. He also wears a blindfold but appears to be able to see very well.

Greed can be used in case the party needs money, for his wings can be discarded and when discarded they turn into solid gold. Greed seems to sprout endless spiritual cores and wings, that however doesn't mean he willingly lets people take them.

- Warning: Greed doesn’t always accept to help when summoned.

-Second Warning: Even though Greed cannot be dismissed by being harmed, if annoyed he will leave on his own regardless of Cesário's wishes. He will also leave on his own if he finds the battle or situation boring.


OUTFIT: He wears gray sleeveless turtle neck shirt, brown trousers, black military boots over the trousers, a long black jacket with gold bands holding it, a large brown belt with a whip holster.


WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: He is relatively tall and elegant, somewhat athletic. His hair is completely white (not platinum blond, white), and his skin isn’t very pale (he’s not Albino). His eyes are gold, narrow and sharp, despite looking kind. On the outer side of his eyes he has large scars that almost look like someone ripped his eyes off. He looks pretty expressionless most of the time, and shows little to no emotions except in very specific situations. On his back he has the residual tatoo(black tribal wings) of once having wings but having chosen to dismiss them.

(here’s a meme I did of him: http://leonoriel.deviantart.com/art/Do-you-know-your-OC-meme-258488925)



Ravenello became a Death Angel by Spiritual choice. He has had his share part of hard times, for not everyone is willing to cross over after death, and many have to be kicked into the light, literally.

A few years ago he made a mistake that cost him to lose his red eyes, the core of his spirit, without his eyes, his spirit would vanish, but Greed saved his life giving him his own eye cores (Greed apparently sprouts eye cores endlessly) as a present. Gaining the gold eyes from that Paradox, as the new core of his spirit, made him gain his summon abilities and a more profound.

Lately, he was appointed with five other angels to investigate the undead ordeal in the world, they have splited and each is alone investigating.

He has headed to Velacia to investigate what is going on.




Is this character okay? If it's not, ic an always put up the minstrel.

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@M0n0chr0me: Great, and don't worry because Indra kind of quit the RP in the first few pages. Overlapping abilities are okay. ^^ Added!


@Night: Using Cesario should be okay, as long as you don't over power him. Adding you!


@Ashen: Poor, poor Leyla. xD


@all: Two more days to sign up, if you're interested. Hurry with those profiles!

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Don't worry Yuffie i won't make him too powerfull, i changed some of Cesario's skills, removed his Knowledge skill and edited the Death Angel Status one.


If you're worried about the spirits he summons, don't worry, they all have catches.

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I'm going to continue this RP as Nathan of course, but i wouldlike to make a few little changes, if i didn't post a edited sheet, you can just use the original one (with original age as well, still not sur why i changed that during the rp XD)

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Death Angel? The wingless one?

And, is it just me or we have a mutual style in our character in a way? lol


NightMelody wrote:

He can rip eyes (spiritual cores) and imbed them in his Book of Spirits to later on summon, or give them to a someone who use souls as a weapon.

Especially this.:evil:

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Yes, he's wingless. It's not truly a necessity with them.


I don't find your character similar to mine. Your's has two spirits that he turns into scythes. Mine summons spirits who take forms and act as helpers and not weapons.


"...give them to a someone who use souls as a weapon"


He gives the cores to someone who turns them into weapons, he doesn't use them nor turns them into weapons.

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