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Velacia RP Sign Ups 2

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@Night: Okay. ^^


@all: Do we all have some kind of weird thing for undead and souls, or am I imagining things? :P *Nova rips her soul out of her body on a regular basis.*

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Can I join? I mean, I hope I can. If not, that's okay. If I may, I'll submit a character sheet now.





NAME: Neraine "Nera" Celindor

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female

CLASS: Asarei (lesser version of Asarin - see Narine Hyane (diamondmist))

WEAPON: Gigantic ice dual swords

ITEMS: A canteen. Basically leaves everything to Yani, her sister.

SKILLS: Has an aura around her that demands attention. When she's angry, she's angry.


Crystal Ballad: Warps next to enemy, delivers three energy-charged strikes, and then jumps back, using magic to create massive, sharp icicles jutting from the ground underneath the enemy.

Frozen Steps: like Crystal Ballad, but skips the warping and cuts, which makes it less powerful.

Agility Blessing: Heals herself and increases agility, and delivers a single strike.

Warp Tornado: Much more powerful version of Crystal Ballad.

Armor Crusher: Crush an opponent, surrounding them with a compressed ball of water.

Summon - Hanged Man: The Hanged Man cannot move, but can use his ability, Dark Gravity, to pull his opponent beside him. He is expert in shields, and can use his death memory to horrify the enemy. Is also water-nature, can crush an opponent with the large metal cross on his back.

OUTFIT: A gothic lolita dress, purple. One silver earring and a ring. Black sandals.

WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE: Short, with dark blue hair, and green eyes with gold flecks (much darker than Yani's eyes).

INFO: Best friend and sister to Yani. She wasn't the adventurous one from the start - no, Yani hogged that spotlight. So, she had to settle with worrisome, imaginative and tsundere spotlights. She had been a prodigy in water, but had difficulty in ice.




I'll edit later, if you actually choose me.


EDIT: I edited Info and Looks. :)

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@ruby: Yup, that's good. I'll add you.


@all: Sig Ups will be officially closed tomorrow, so if you want to sign up, do so now or forever hold your peace (or at least until the next sign up).

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