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Wicked, A Witch's Tale (I HAVE UPDATED!!)

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I have decided to make a story in hopes that I may be able to scrounge up 1000 gold in the next couple of decades.

In honour of my future guild, the witches and warlocks, I have made the story about a--well, you'll find out. Please, PLEASE comment as the only opinion I have over here is my sis.



Aria had always been an odd child. She had never known her parents, as they had supposedly dumped her at an Orphanage the first chance they got.


Another strange thing was that she had purple hair. No, it was not natural; it was caused by stolen hair-dye she cherished. But the strangest thing about her was how everything seemed to go her way. Anyone who dared to oppose the child would get some sickness, ranging from purple welts that swelled with greenish goo to hallucinations so bad they would most likely wind up in a mental institution. But, no matter what ailed them, they would always be petrified of


Aria and would only get better once the little girl got her way.


Many confronted her about it; the police, the orphanage owners, other orphans, but no-one really knew how she did it.


Aria was now eleven, one of the oldest children still at the orphanage. While other kids would have been adopted and found a happy home, Aria was always sent back. This was the reason she was currently sitting in the Orphanage’s owners, Mrs. Wells, office.


The small room had cheery yellow wallpaper that was starting to peel near the ceiling, a large wooden desk centred in the middle of the room, littered with unsorted papers that ever covered the black swivel chair behind the desk. A metal chair was placed in front of it, most of the padding worn or picked away. Aria was currently sitting in a green coloured arm chair in the corner of the room, leafing through her ever present purple book.


A plump old woman burst through the battered door and bustled over to the desk, sitting down in the swivel chair behind the desk with a huff.


“Aria, Aria, Aria” she muttered, leafing through some papers. “Why don’t you sit down, dear?” she gestured to the metal seat without looking up.

Aria raised an eyebrow. “I am sitting down” she stated, turning the page in her book.


Mrs. Wells looked up from her work. “No, why don’t you sit down here? I can’t see you very well over there” with that she went back to rifling through her papers.


Aria glared, but got up none the less. When she sat down Mrs. Wells had found the papers she was looking for.


“Now, Aria, I’ve called you here to discuss all the failed foster homes you’ve been sent back from” The older woman told her, setting some papers down for her to see.


Aria raised one eyebrow at the papers. It was a list of all the foster homes that hadn’t wanted her, starting from when she was five.


Mrs. Wells pointed to a name near the top of the list. “The Johnsons, now what was wrong with them?”


Aria tapped her chin, recalling the incident with the Johnsons. “They got sick” Aria said, unveiled smugness leaking into her tone.


Mrs Wells sighed. “Aria, you poisoned their food”

she told the younger girl flatly.


Aria snorted. “No I didn’t” she said, crossing her arms.


Mrs Wells rubbed her head, further tangling her messy grey hair. “If you didn’t poison them then why did the entire family vomit every few minutes?”


Aria smiled fondly at the memory, not bothering to hide the triumphant venom in her laugh. “Oh, I don’t know…Witchcraft?” she suggested.


Mrs Wells laughed, shaking her head before getting serious again. “Aria, I’m trying to help you here” she told the younger girl, reaching for some files and scanning through them quickly.


“There’s a man called Mr Tanner here that will speak with you, try and figure out the root of your problems”


No sooner than had she finished saying that then a balding man wearing glasses walked in, right on cue. Aria took one look at him before turning back to Mrs Wells.


“You’re sending me to therapy” she stated flatly.


Mrs Well didn’t seem to know what to say to that, so Mr Tanner jumped in. “It’s not really therapy,


I’m just going to talk to you about some of you—” he was cut off by Aria sighing.


“Fine, whatever” she flicked her hair out of her face to expose the man to the full force of her glare.


Mr Tanner looked at Mrs Wells, avoiding the young girls gaze.

“Um, would you mind…?” he trailed off.


Mrs. Wells leapt up. “Oh, I’m sorry” she said before grabbing some files off the desk and leaving the room.


Mr Tanner sat down in the recently vacated seat, folding his arms together on the desk.

Aria sighed. “Look, Tanner—“

“John” He interrupted. “Call me John”


Aria glared at him for the interruption. “John, better men than you have been digging with me and still found nothing. Give up while you have the chance” she told him,


He shook his head. “Yes, but I think I know why you act like this” he picked up one of the files Mrs. Wells had left on the desk.


“Apparently, you carry around a purple book everywhere” he stated, causing Aria’s eyes to narrow in suspicion. He put down the file and reached for the purple book. “I’d like to take a look at this—“


Aria snatched up the book and leapt away with a snarl. “Never” she growled.


John stood up. “Now, I’m sure you can jus--” he was once again interrupted.


“Never” her almond eyes more resembled red slits now. She looked down at the book she clutched in her hands, gazing down at the familiar purple cover. She removed one hand from its death grip on the binding to flip open the book.


John misunderstood the gesture, and smiled approvingly. “See, it’s easy to just agree, and be reasonable…” Aria paid him no mind, flipping through the pages of her book. Finally, she found the page she was looking for. There were messy scribbles covering the page, but in the centre of the page was a large black circle with a cross in the middle. Under the circle words 'Storage' where written clearly in large letters.


She pressed her index finger to the cross; she uttered the written words under her breath.


“Open” she muttered. There was a small ‘poof’, and then there was a small black pouch right on top of her outstretched finger. She picked up the pouch, tucking her book underneath her arm and started to loosen the drawstrings.


“What are you doing?” John asked, puzzled as to where the girl had gotten the pouch.


Aria looked up from her work to smile sweetly at the therapist. “Oh, nothing you need to worry about…” she said, taking a pinch of grey powder from the bag. “…Yet” she finished before throwing the dust at the man.


He flinched violently as the powder settled on him, causing Aria to laugh. For a moment, nothing happened. Then he reached up and scratched his neck vigorously. Then, with his other hand, he started to scratch his arm. Within a minute he was frantically raking his nails across any exposed flesh he could reach.


Aria found his struggle to reach his upper back hilarious and promptly burst into laughter. Mrs

Wells, having heard the girl’s laughter and deemed that it was not a good thing, burst through the doors


Aria was clutching her stomach, shaking with laughter while John desperately raked his fingers across reddened skin.


“What on earth is going on in here?” she exclaimed, rushing to John’s side.


Aria’s laughter died down as she waved dismissively at the man.


“Dispell” she muttered under her breath. John stopped scratching his skin, instead rubbing the red flesh.


“I-I think I’d better go now…” he got up shakily and quickly exited the room, flinching when he passed Aria


Aria chuckled, causing Mrs. Wells to look disapprovingly at her. The older woman opened her mouth, probably about to scold her, when the door banged open.


In walked a girl with ragged brown hair and a boy with messy hair. They both had green eyes and brown hair, so Aria supposed that they were related. The girl had her chin held high and a daring look in her eye, while as the boy looked bored.


The girl walked right up to the desk, ignoring Aria.


“We’re here ‘cause our parents ditched us” she said bluntly. Mrs Wells eyes softened, despite her rudeness.


“What’s your name, dear?” she asked gently.


“I’m Sam, short for Samantha and this is Jacob” she jerked her thumb over her shoulder at the boy.


Mrs. Wells nodded, rifling through some files.


After a moment she extracted two sheets of paper from the mess of files and handed them to Sam.


“Fill these out, please” she said, presenting two pens.


Sam nodded, taking the pens and sheets before going over to sit down in the arm chair, Jacob trailing behind her.


Mrs. Wellsworth started lecturing her about something or other, but Aria wasn’t paying attention. After a minute of tuned out blabbering and absent nodding, Sam came back, brandishing two filled out forms.


“Well, these all seem to be in order. Aria, we’re just about done here so why don’t you show Samantha and Jacob around?” Mrs. Wellsworth suggested, examining the forms.


“Fine” Aria sighed irritably, getting to her feet. She spun on her heel and waltzed out of the office, not bothering to see if the two new

orphans where following.


Aria headed to the kitchen, mostly because she was hungry. Walking down a couple hallways, she soon reached the kitchen. The sound of footsteps close by told her that the siblings were, indeed, following.


The kitchen was made up of two rooms, the first room containing a large table with twenty seat jammed together around it while the second room had a stove, fridge, etc.


Going into the second room, she opened the fridge and grabbed an apple from the shelf. When she emerged from behind the fridge door the siblings where looking at her expectantly.


She raised an eyebrow. “This” Aria said, gesturing to the room “Is the kitchen” she measured out each word, as if she was speaking to a small child.


Sam’s eyes flashed as she opened her mouth to deliver a biting remark when her brother placed a calming hand on her shoulder. She immediately shut her mouth, but didn’t let up her glare.


“We know that” He told her calmly. “But aren’t you going to get us some food or are you just going to stand there and eat your apple?”


Aria’s eye twitched and she placed her apple on the island counter. “The fridge is there” Aria pointed. “You are there” she pointed at them “If you are hungry, I advise you go from there” she pointed to them again “to there” she pointed back at the fridge.


Sam opened her mouth only to be shut up by her brother once again.


“You’re impossible” he muttered, going over to the fridge. He took two apples, throwing one to his sister, before closing the fridge.


They stood in silence, each munching at their red fruit.


“So what happened to your parents?” Sam asked, swallowing a bite of her apple.


Aria shrugged. “They just dumped me here when I was little”


“Ours just picked up and left, dunno why” Jacob added.


Aria finished her apple, tossing the core in the trash bin in the corner. It clipped the side of the bin, but went in none the less.


Sam seemed to take this as a silent challenge, as she aimed carefully and threw the apple at the bin. It went in smoothly; Sam sent a triumphant look at the scowling purple headed child.


Aria huffed and stalked out of the room, the sibling at her heel. She led them past several doors, pointing out what each one was with lingering irritation at losing.


She approached a door and flung it open, revealing rows of bunk beds.


“This is where everyone sleeps” Aria said, the silent ‘duh’ making Sam scowl. “Just pick any bed that doesn’t have someone’s random stuff lying around it, chuck your random stuff on it and you’ll be fine” she paused, realizing that they had no stuff.


“Umm…we don’t have any stuff” Jacob said hesitantly, looking at his sister. “Just the clothes we’re wearing and…well, that’s it”


Aria blinked. “Okay, then, go ask Mrs Wells for some clothes” she said, glancing at the golden afternoon sunlight spilling though the window.


“Well, that’s the end of the tour, I’m going to sleep” she said, heading for her bed.


“But it’s only three” Jacob said, confusion evident in his tone.


Aria looked over her shoulder to give them her favourite secretive smirk. “I go to bed early” she said innocently.




That night, when everyone else was asleep, Aria crept out of her bed at exactly ten minutes before midnight, book in hand.


She padded down the hall, turning down hallways she knew by heart. Then, she reached a painting hung upon the wall. Dark withered limbs of a black tree twisted in the painting before sprouting luscious crimson leaves. It completely contrasted the cheerful décor of the rest of the building. She ran her finger down the frame lightly before she started her chant.


“Twisted trunk and crimson leaves

Allow me passage through

Reach your branches out to me

Let leaves of magic grow anew”


She stepped back, watching a gnarled black branch bud out of the painting. It grew, twisting towards her before it stopped. Tiny, red dots swelled at the end of the branch, growing into lush leaves the side of her hand. At the end of each leaf was a tiny droplet, like a dewdrop about to drip off the leaf, frozen in place.


She gently plucked a leaf from the branch, cradling it in her hand. She tucked her book under her arm and used her newly freed hand to pinch the dewdrop between her fingers. She inhaled slowly before holding her breathes and pinching her fingers together, crushing the delicate droplet.


Almost instantly the sensation of rushing water plunged over her skin. It was far under lukewarm, but it wasn’t freezing either. It only lasted a moment, and before Aria could even blink she was standing at the base of the tree in the painting, a crushed leaf held in her hand. Dropping the leaf, she turned to the tree. She walked over twisted roots; making her way to the trunk of the tree.


She reached the black trunk and caressed the tree affectionately before she raised her hand to her mouth and bit her thumb, a crimson drop of blood welling out. She pressed the bleeding cut to the trunk of the tree, ignoring the stinging pain.


Bark shifted, and with a long creak it parted to reveal a simple door. Aria opened the door and quickly descended into the inky blackness behind the door. Padding down the spiral staircase, she let her hand trail along the wall, unworried by the darkness. Soon the coarse wood evened out into a smooth and polished wooden wall.


“Light” she muttered, removing her hand from the wall. Light sprang about around her to dispel the darkness, coming from both everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


She came to the end of the stairwell to be met with another door. This one had symbols painted on it with black paint, but other than that it was the same as the first one. Pushing lightly against the second door. It swung open without any problem, presenting her workshop.


One wall was had a whole bookshelf filled with potions, powders and everything in between. The next was jammed full of various books and scrolls, all messily shoved into the any available space. The wall opposite to the door had a large desk in one corner, covered with papers, some blank and others filled with messy scribbles. In the other corner a long table was covered with alchemy equipment. Above the table there were two cupboards, each filled with various ingredients. Between the desk and the table was a large cauldron, a small fire pit below it. The wall opposite to the bookshelves had a circle drawn in the corner, various symbols drawn around it. Next to the circle was a basin, currently empty. A small closet was squeezed in between the basin and the wall, filled with various charmed objects.


Aria sighed contently, setting down her book on her desk. No sooner had she done that then she heard a great crash.


She immediately turned to seek out the noise, cursing herself. She’d forgotten to re-seal the door, and now those stupid Goblins, who were hell bent on causing trouble for her ever since she stole half their treasury, were in her workshop.


What spell should I use? Aria thought, storming up to the door A fire spell? No, wouldn't want to burn my workshop. Ice, maybe? Yeah, that wou--


She abruptly froze when she reached the doorway.


There was Sam, a bruised mess, lying at the foot of the stairs with her brother, who was leaning against the wall.


They both noticed her right away, and stared at her.


After a moment of shock Aria exploded. “What in the name of Baba Yaga are you two doing here!?” she yelled.


Sam opened her mouth but Jacob beat her to it. “We saw you sneaking off, we followed.” His brow furrowed, a confused expression crossed his face. “But then you made a tree grow out of a painting, which is impossible, and then you disappeared, also impossible. And then Sam insisted we play along with this and follow. And here we are, obviously a dream”


Aria glared. “It’s not a dream, you idiot” she hissed.


Jacob snorted. “Oh yeah? Then how do you explain this?” he gestured to the room.


Aria huffed and crossed her arms. “Magic” she said simply.


Sam, who had gotten to her feet, looked at her incredulously. “Magic” she repeated.

“Yes” Aria confirmed “I’m a witch”

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I like it quite muchishly!


You made a slight grammar mistake, though. It would be:


So-&-so said, "Blah-blah-blah."


"Yakkity yakkity yak," somebody said.

instead of

So-&-so said "Blah-blah-blah"


"Yakkity yakkity yak" somebody said.


BTW, if you want to be guilded, I suggest following lots of fanfics and unfinished homemade games. That'll give you a lot of chances to post.

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Yeah, my grammer is kinda bad (gimme a break, I havn't even left primary school yet. Granted, this is my last year, but still).


I would follow them but I'm kinda lazy ^^'


Also, I'm not sure who's POV I should do for the next chappy. Any suggestions?

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Okay. Just pointing that out for future reference (grammar's my fave subject next to math).


How about you go from the POV of both Sam and Jacob?


*clicks the notify button*

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Maybe you should put together an entirely new set advertising Wicked!


An. - Mmm. I haven't had fresh-baked DS cookies in an hour. May I have one?

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@playpink - Great!


@An. - If the cookies aren't cursed, they aren't DS cookies. DS cookies are cookies that are cursed to make people want to become Witches and Warlocks.

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Oh, *%#@

The next chap may take a while since I just left behind the comp I was originally typing it on and I put it on a flashcard...which I just lost...


Edit: I'm soooo sorry, but I'm totally swamped with homework so I can't type anymore until Tuesday (don't ask why).

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*twitch* *twitch*Guess what? I typed half this chapter…and then forgot to save it.


Seriously. Somebody is going to die for this.

And now, a day after I’ve typed this, guess what?

It turns out I saved it after all.


Excuse me while I find something to maul.

Sorry for the late update (be thankful I even updated at all, I’ve been known to abandon stories after the first chap simply out of sheer laziness) but I’ve been swamped with homework, and one of our comps broke so the only time I’ve been able to go online for the past week was on my mum’s mobile.


And lemme tell you, typing stuff on that—especially considering all the threads I’m dedicated to replying to on spam haven—is a pain.


The next chap will probably take even longer, as I just installed SPORE on my computer. And I have the galactic adventures expansion pack. And I love Spore with all my heart, soo...yeah...^^'


Anyway, enjoy the update. This chapter is more focused on Jacob and Sam’s abandonment before I move onto where I left off in the last chap, but your patience will be rewarded…hopefully…and the personalities are a bit inconsistant between this chapter and the last one, since I was still getting my footing in the first one. I may make some changes to the first chapter, though. And this is told from Jacob’s POV, and he’s the smart one, so his POV will be a lot more descriptive.


Expect big words.


If anyone had told Jacob that one day his parents would just randomly get up and leave he would have backed away slowly, as that person’s mental stability was obviously questionable. But when he and his sister woke up to see the house empty, missing every piece of furniture or items that hadn’t been nailed down—and even some that had—he started questioning his own sanity. The gaping holes in the wall reminded him of the time that Sam had gotten hold of a hammer when they were kids.


Sam and he had fallen asleep on the couch after staying up late watching TV, a rare event. Usually their parents would have ushered them into their rooms and told them to sleep, but that night their parents said nothing and simply disappeared into their room. Jacob usually would have questioned it, but instead, against his better judgement, he let himself think like Samantha, who had quietly gone on about their good fortune and told him to not look a gift horse in the mouth.


And so Jacob slowly got out of his slumped position on the couch, ignoring his limbs protests from being bent in such a strange way for far too long.


He cautiously looked around the barren room, looking for anything that had been left behind.


Everything but the couch Sam was currently sprawled over and the arm chair Jacob had fallen asleep in was gone. Large spots of cleaner colour where the wallpaper and carpet had been shielded from the elements by various pieces of furniture were littered across the room, decorating the walls with silhouettes of where the things he had grown used to seeing were once stationed.


Without further ado, he shook Sam awake and received her trademark Go-away-I’m-still-sleeping-and-can’t-be held-responsible-for-my-actions right hook. He rubbed his arm, grumbled a word he would get in a lot of trouble for saying if anyone should hear him under his breath, and tried again.


This time his sister groaned, her arm flying out the claw the face off of whatever was disturbing her rest. Jacob jumped back just in time.


He sighed, rubbed his arm again and tried another tactic. “Samantha, Mom’s cleaning out your room” he told. Sam’s room was a mess, the scattered disarray of her things making everything look like the trash that was also lay discarded on the floor. Last time their mother had attempted to clean it while Sam was at school she accidentally threw out two magazines, and unopened can of coke (although their mother was right in throwing that away, as it had been there for two weeks, but Sam claimed it was still drinkable), her MP3, three of her T-shirts and her art project (but mistaking that for trash was entirely understandable, as it was a collage made out of candy wrappers. It had turned out rather impressive, and the chocolate smears from the ant-infested cake it had landed against in the garbage added a great effect).


His statement had the desired effect, as Sam bolted up right and hollered ‘Don’t touch anything in my room!’


Jacob gave a small smile before he explained what he knew about the situation, which wasn’t much.


“Well, I don’t see any furniture either, so either you’re not hallucinating and for some reason all our stuff’s gone or we’re both having the same hallucination, somehow” Sam said after Jacob finished talking, casting a look around the room.


Jacob sighed and ran his hands through his hair, something he tended to do when he was stressed.


“Well, I guess we should check out the rest of the house, see what else is missing”


After a quick check on Sam’s part and through examination on Jacob’s part they assessed that there was no furniture left. Their rooms and their parents rooms had been stripped bare, even Samantha’s (she not-so-quietly mourned the loss of her ‘stuff’). It was like someone had turned on a giant vacuum and sucked up all their things like they were specks of dust, nothing more.


Sam was now wandering around in what had been the kitchen, looking disgruntled. Jacob could see the rather lost look in her eyes and could only assume his were the same. For the hundredth time that morning he reached up to run his hand through his hair when he spotted something.


It was just a little speck, barely noticeable, but Jacob noticed it none the less. Getting to his feet, he went to the hallway before crouching down.


He scanned the carpet before he found the glistening spot he had spotted before. He carefully brushed his finger against the substance before holding examining the droplet that was resting there.


His eyes widened at the sight of the crimson speck, the lights shining off of it. The faint smell of copper wafted up from the carpet.

“Blood” he whispered. He stared, entranced, at it for a few more moments before he briskly let his hand fall to his side and scanned the floor for more blood stains.


There. A trail of drops leading to the door, half soaked into the carpet. Only now did he notice the red stain smeared over the door knob.


“S-sam?” his voice quavered, fear and worry rising like a wave inside him.


When Sam came from the kitchen Jacob just pointed at the blood stains on the floor and then the door knob wordlessly. There was a moment of silence, penetrated only by a soft thud as Sam sat down heavily on the floor, her eyes as wide as saucers.


“I-I think we should call the police” Jacob said shakily, getting to his feet. Sam said nothing, just continued to stare at the door knob.


Once he got to his feet he paused for a moment, wondering where he’d find a phone. After a moments consideration he went into the kitchen to see the phone built into the wall still in place. He cautiously approached it, half expecting to see more blood stains.


He carefully took the receiver out of the Jack, examined the smooth plastic and deemed it blood free before he brought the receiver to his ear and dialled the number.


“991, what is your emergency?” a female voice asked almost immediately.


“Um…” he trailed off uncertainly, unsure of what to say to the woman. “…m-my parents are missing. And all our stuff is gone, and there are blood stains on the door” he summarized the situation.


“Okay, we’re sending some officers over right now. Try not to touch anything, okay?” the woman said comforting yet authoritative voice. Jacob nodded, and then realized she couldn’t see him. He uttered a small grunt at the pause between the woman’s instructions, only half paying attention.


After a minute there was a knock on the door, and Jacob said a few quick words into the receiver before going to answer it. He managed to turn the doorknob without touching much of the blood, and the door swung open to reveal two police officers.

They carefully stepped inside, examined the room with no small amount of shock before they went over to the living room—or where the living room had been, now it was just an empty space.


They disappeared for a moment before one came back into the room and caught sight of Sam, who had crawled into the corner at some point.


He briskly made his way over to her, stopping in front of her and crouching down until he was at eye level with the younger girl. Sam made no sign she heard his softly spoken words, or even that she saw him.


It was only when the officer placed a hand on Sam’s wrist, probably to pry it away from the death grip it had on her knee, did she respond. Violently.


She jerked her wrist away from the officer’s hand, her head jerking up. For a moment her expression reflected how lost she felt right then before her eyes narrowed and her expression morphed into one of pure fury. Her other arm, which had been hanging loosely at her side, rose with lightning speed and lashed out at the officer.


His head snapped to the side as Sam slapped him. He continued to stare in shock as Sam got to her feet and began to rage around the house. In short, she stormed about for a moment, punched the wall a couple of times (the wall caved in as her fist hit a weak spot) before she picked up the arm chair and hurled it at the wall with a grunt. All the while the officer tried to calm her, probably thinking about how the amount of evidence that she was ruining would result in month’s work of paperwork, while not getting in her war path while Jacob just sat down on the couch and followed his sister’s progress with his eyes.


When she hurled the armchair at the wall Jacob decided to step in.


“Sam, stop it” in that instant that his sister’s rage turned on him he wondered if 14 was too young to die.


Sam’s expression melted into one of annoyance as her anger diffused. She sat next to Jacob with a huff, leaving Jacob to wonder how his sister had developed the strength to pick up that armchair.

The officer, who was obviously relieved Sam’s rampage was over, came over and started asking some questions (what are your names? Parents names? How old are you? Did you notice anything abnormal in the previous week? Any close family friends or relatives you can stay with?).


Jacob answered them all patiently after Sam had snapped her answer. It seemed like hours before the officer sighed and answered the question Jacob had been pondering: What now?


“Well, you two are going to have to stay at the orphanage until we find your parents, seeing as how you don’t have any other relatives or anything” he sighed.


Sam’s head snapped up to stare at the officer, causing the poor man to launch into a stammered speech about how it was only temporary and how nice the orphanage was in fear she’d start another rampage.


Luckily, Sam didn’t seem to have much intention of rampaging again and merely sighed with exasperation and squeezed her eyes shut.


“…and you’ll have to leave now, if you don’t mind” the officer finished his speech, either not realizing they hadn’t been paying attention or just plain ignoring it.


Jacob nodded and looked at his sister for confirmation. Sam sighed and nodded, getting to her feet.


They followed the officer out of the house and then he ushered them into the back of the police cruiser. Jacob gazed at the house he had grown up in one last time before the car pulled out of the driveway and the house disappeared around the bend.




The drive to the orphanage was uneventful, aside from when Sam started yelling her head off when the police officer said ‘if we find them’ instead of ‘when we find them’.


Sam was glaring at the officer, who had a bead of sweat running down the left side of his head, and

Jacob was staring out the window with his thoughts plagued by worries. He supposed that he just looked plain bored, though. His default expression was one of pure boredom, which made for a killer poker face. He was jolted out of his memories of the last time he and Sam had played poker (He had bluffed successfully multiple times, causing Sam to throw her cards in the air and attempt to maul him after he won with another hand wby bluffing for the fourth time) when the car pulled into the driveway of a large, yellow building. The paint was worn away so much that it was a dirty white in some places while the paint was blindingly bright in others. He silently wondered what strange person would even consider painting a building such an ungodly colour as the officer told them where to go in the building and shoved them out of the car before driving away.


Jacob and Sam stared at the cheerily decorated building for a moment, Jacob contemplating the interesting colour created by thick layers of dirt over semi faded paint, Sam glaring at the Orphanage with a scowl fixed on her face. Jacob had pushed aside his thoughts and worries, telling himself he’d deal with them later (he was a master at procrastination) and was now rather bored. They looked at each other for a moment before simultaneously starting towards the building. They walked in silence, the only sounds being their feet against the floor as they tracked their way through the building, following the directions the officer had given them.


Just when Jacob was beginning to think that they were lost they reached a door that had ‘Mrs Wells’ printed on it. The officer had said that the owner of the Orphanage was Mrs Wells. Sam reached for the doorknob only to have the door swing open before she could even touch it. Out walked a man who was rubbing his arms, which were red and scratched.


There was a look of disturbed fear in his eyes, immediately causing Jacob to mentally ask his favourite question: why?


Before Jacob could further ponder on this Sam re-opened the door and walked into the office, leaving Jacob to trail after her, casting glances down the hall that the mystery man was currently hurrying down.


Sam walked straight up to the desk, ignoring the girl seated in the chair in front of it. Jacob glanced at her before doing a double take.


Purple hair? Jacob thought as Sam spoke to the woman behind the desk How did he quickly estimated her age a ten year old get purple hair dye? Of course it was hair dye, nobody was born with purple hair unless they had some sort of severe genetic disorder.


He looked away from the curiously haired girl to see his sister accepting two sheets of paper and pens from the woman. Sam took the sheets and headed straight for the armchair in the corner, sitting down on the green fabric.


Jacob rolled his eyes before going to sit on the floor next the arm chair. Sam handed him one of the forms and a pen as if she hadn’t forced him to sit on the floor and was doing it of his own choice.


Jacob scanned the form, humming a random tune under his breath. Most of the questions were generic things such as his name & age, but there were some more obscure questions (really, what was the point in asking his views on money?).


He finished filling in the form and handed the finished sheet to his sister before leaning back and taking a good, long look around the room. He had assessed that whoever had decorated the room liked yellow way too much to be healthy when Sam stood up and gave both their papers to Mrs Wells.


“Well, these all seem to be in order. Aria, we’re just about done here so why don’t you show Samantha and Jacob around?” Mrs. Wellsworth suggested, examining the forms.


So her name is Aria Jacob thought idly what a strange name


“Fine” She sighed irritably, getting to her feet

and walking out of the office. Sam’s eye twitched, but she followed the girl none the less, Jacob at her side. Jacob raised his eyebrow at both of them, even though neither could see him. The purple haired girl turned down many halls, not pausing when they reached doors. Jacob had begun to wonder if she even knew where she was going when she came to a halt before one door, threw it open and walked inside without a second glance.


Sam looked at Jacob, annoyance evident in her eyes. Jacob idly wondered if his sister knew her left eye was twitching as he shrugged and followed after Aria.


The room was probably the kitchen, as there was a large dining table in the first room and everything else kitchen’s had in the second room. Everything looked second hand, a spot of rust here or a creaky bit there, but overall it was pretty simple.


Jacob, not seeing the purple haired girl in the dining room, went into the second room to see Aria half hidden behind the door of the fridge. She closed the fridge, spotted them, and raised an eyebrow. “This is the kitchen” she said, waving her hand about. Jacob stared at her for a second before glancing at his sister. He saw her open her mouth to speak, and put his hand on her shoulder to calm her down, which always seemed to work, for some reason. If the traumatised man was any indication, there was something odd about this girl, and Jacob wasn’t very keen on sharing the mystery man’s fate.


“We know that” He told her calmly, hoping to avoid any conflict. “But aren’t you going to get us some food or are you just going to stand there and eat your apple?” If someone didn’t make some sort of at least semi-biting remark Sam was going to do it, and that was not something Jacob wanted.


The girl started to speak about the position of the fridge and them, but Jacob was more worried about the alarming rate that his sister’s eye was twitching. Sam opened her mouth, her eye never failing to miss a twitch, but Jacob spoke before her.


“You’re impossible” he muttered, speaking to both of them at once. He went over to the fridge and took two apples, throwing one to Sam, before closing the fridge.


Sam caught the apple, uttered a quiet ‘thanks’. Jacob nodded and bit into his own apple, idly wondering if Aria noticed the death glare Sam was giving her.


“So what happened to your parents?” Sam asked, swallowing a bite of her apple. Jacob resisted the urge to slap his forehead. He was going to have to talk to Sam about how you don’t just bring up someone’s missing parents.


Luckily, Aria just shrugged. “They just dumped me here when I was little” she explained, making Jake sigh in relief. He had expected the snarky girl to explode at them.


“Ours just picked up and left, dunno why” Jacob told her, decided she should know. She’d told them what happened to hers, after all. He didn’t really think she needed to know about the blood and the furniture thing, though.


Aria finished her apple and tossed it into the bin. Jacob looked at Sam somewhat pleadingly only to see her throw the apple at the bin. It went in smoothly; Sam sent a triumphant look at the scowling purple headed child. This time Jacob really did slap his forehead before he went over to the bin and dropped his apple in. Like a normal person.


When he turned around Aria was stalking out of the room, Sam following her with a triumphant look in her eyes. Well, Jacob thought as he walked quickly to catch up with them at least her eye isn’t twitching anymore.


Aria led them past several doors, pointing out what each one was. Jacob carefully made a mental map of the orphanage. After a while they reached a door that Aria flung open to reveal several rows of bunk beds.


“This is where everyone sleeps” Aria said, the implied ‘duh’ making Sam drop her triumphant air to scowl. Jacob eyed her worriedly. “Just pick any bed that doesn’t have someone’s random stuff lying around it, chuck your random stuff on it and you’ll be fine” she paused, looking them over.


“Umm…we don’t have any stuff” Jacob said hesitantly, recalling the barren rooms that had once helf their personal effects. “Just the clothes we’re wearing and…well, that’s it”


“Okay, then, go ask Mrs Wells for some clothes” she said, blinking. “Well, that’s the end of the tour, I’m going to sleep” she added, heading for what Jacob supposed was her bed.


“But it’s only three” Jacob stated, watching the girls back in confusion.


Aria looked over her shoulder to give them a secretive smirk (Jacob noticed Sam’s eye twitch again). “I go to bed early” she said innocently.

Jacob blinked slowly before turning around and tugging at Sam’s arm, forcing her to follow him out of the room. He cast one last strange look over his shoulder at the girl before he closed the door.


“Well, that was…” Jacob searched for a word to describe the purple haired girl. Weird? Too rude. Nice? Total lie. “Interesting” technically true.


Ah, what a wonderful word 'technically' was.




Jacob was lying in his new bed, pondering on today’s events, when he heard footsteps. He didn’t move, thinking it was someone going to get a glass of water or something. The sound of the door opening sounded strangely loud in the silent night, and Jacob’s curiosity got the better of him. He glanced out of the corner of his eye to see Aria creeping out the door, a purple book clutched in her hand.


The door swung shut with a soft clink. Jacob propped himself up on his elbows to stare at the door. He cast a glance around the room to see his sister doing the same. Sam caught sight of him, pointed at the door and raised her eyebrow. Jacob shrugged.


Sam stayed still for a moment before she quickly got up and walked silently over to the door. Jacob watched her curiously. She stopped in front of the door and turned to beckon at Jacob before she opened it and disappeared outside. Jacob sighed and got up, deciding to humour his sister.


When he got out into the hall he saw his sister some ways down the hall, peeking around a corner.


Jacob sighed again and followed her as she disappeared around the corner. He followed his sister, who in turn was following Aria, down several hallways before he spotted Sam peering around another corner. A voice drifted down the hall.


“…passage through

Reach your branches out to me

Let leaves of magic grow anew”


Jacob stood next to Sam, listening intently to the strange chant. Sam glanced behind her, probably to check if Jacob was there, and gave a start when she saw him right next to her. Sam stared at him for a minute before she stepped back, allowing Jacob to peek around the corner.


He nodded at his sister and stuck his head just around the corner, his jaw dropping at what he saw.


Aria was standing in the hall, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. But that wasn’t what shocked


Jacob, no, it was the gnarled black branch slowly growing out of the painting.


He barely registered Sam shoving his head down so she could peek around the corner too, but he heard the gasp that she emitted.


The branch had begun to unfurl luscious red leaves, and Jacob could only watch, dumb struck, as Aria reached out and plucked a leaf. Suddenly, the girl was enveloped in blue light. Jacob automatically brought his hand up to shield his eyes, but before he could even get his hand halfway to his face the light was gone, taking Aria with it.


Jacob stayed frozen with shock for a few minutes, his mind reeling with questions. Sam, who had supposedly recovered faster than Jacob, stepped hesitantly out from behind the corner.


Jacob blinked (something he had forgotten to do for the past few minutes, resulting in a harsh sting and slight tearing as he resumed the normal body function of closing his eyes) before straightening up from his half crouch.


Sam continued to take tentative steps towards the spot where Aria had stood a moment before, Jacob a few paces behind her.


They finally reached the branch, and Sam reached out hesitantly to touch it. Her fingers had barely brushed a leaf before the branched moved. Sam jerked her hand back with a startled sound.


The branch creaked and started to withdraw back

into the painting it was sprouting from, the leaves swaying gently at the subtle motion.


Before Jacob had the chance to warn her against it, Sam’s hand shot forwards to grasp a leaf. On instinct Jacob reached out to tug her hand away. His hand had just clamped around her wrist before blinding white light filled his vision.


It was unbearably bright, it seemed to sear into his brain. He automatically closed his eyes when he realized there was water running over his skin. He barely had the time to wonder what in god’s name was going on before it the light seeping through his closed eyes disappeared along with the sensation of running water.


He slowly cracked open his eyes to see the tree in the painting standing proud before him. This tree, however, had a built into the base, unlike the tree in the painting.


“Um, Jacob?” his sisters voice reminded him of her presence. “You’re hurting my arm”


He hastily pulled his hand away from the death grip it had on Sam’s wrist, glancing sheepishly at his sister.


She was staring at the tree and rubbing her wrist, her brows drawn together. She took a step towards the tree.


“Oh, no” Jacob said, shaking his head “No, no, no, no, no. You are not going in there!”


Sam glanced over her shoulder, her eyebrow raised, before continuing towards the base of the tree.


“You already got us here—wherever here is—who knows what will happen if you go in there!” he tried to reason with her, sprinting to catch up with his sister.


“Well she’s probably the only one who can get us out of here” Sam said without breaking stride.


By then they had reached the base of the tree. Sam opened the door and carefully stepped into the darkness, leaving Jacob to give a resigned sigh and follow his sister.


They descended carefully down the stairs, using their hands to feel their way through the darkness.


They went on like that for some time, until Sam abruptly stopped, causing Jacob to knock into her back, which in turn made Sam lose her balance and tumble down the remaining stairs.


Luckily there were only ten steps until the landing, so Sam got up relatively unscathed. Jacob hurried as fast as he could without risk of sharing Sam’s fate as a tangled mess at the bottom of the stairs to see if his sister was alright.


He saw his sister mutter something under her breath and opened his mouth before someone burst through the door at the end of the landing. Both Sam and him stared at Aria, who had many emotions flitting through her eyes. After a minute her expression settled into one of anger.


“What in the name of Baba Yagga are you two doing here!?” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air.


Jacob took an involuntary step back, glancing

uncertainly at his sister. Sam looked offended, and was about to say something but Jacob decided his sisters temper was not good for this situation.


“We saw you sneaking off, we followed.” He summarised, a thought occurring to him. What if this was all a dream? It would make more sense… “But then you made a tree grow out of a painting, which is impossible, and then you disappeared, also impossible. And then Sam insisted we play along with this and follow. And here we are, obviously a dream” he finished, wondering why he hadn’t noticed he was dreaming before.


“It’s not a dream, you idiot” she hissed in a voice much scarier then he though such a young girl was capable of.


“Oh yeah? Then how do you explain this?” Jacob asked, gesturing to the room. He had to give his subconscious mind points for such a realistic dream.


Aria huffed and crossed her arms. “Magic” she said simply, causing Jacob to raise his eyebrow.


Sam, who had gotten to her feet, looked at her incredulously. “Magic” she repeated.


“Yes” Aria confirmed “I’m a witch”


Jacob stared at her for a minute. And stared. And stared some more. Before he finally chuckled quietly.


“Yeah, right. You’re a witch, I’m a purple gorilla and Sam has the manners of a queen” he jerked a thumb at his sister, who opened her mouth to give him a biting comment before realizing that would only help his case and settling for glaring at him instead.


With both of them glaring at me like that I wouldn’t be surprised if I spontaneously combusted, he mused.


Aria raised her arm and pointed a finger at him, her eyes seeming redder in her anger. “Spark” she said in a low tone, undisguised will to hurt in her voice.


At the tip of her finger a small kindling of flame burst into existence, flickering into a miniature blaze after a moment. Jacob watched, fascinated, as the flame rose from her finger. Without warning it suddenly shot towards Jacob, giving him barely enough time to duck. The flame zoomed over his head, just barely missing him.


He looked warily up to see Aria looking innocently at him. “Believe me now?” she asked sweetly.

Jacob straightened up from his crouch to look incredulously at her. “Not really, but please don’t throw any more fire at me”


Aria dropped her smile and huffed irritably, turning around and walking back through the door.


“I’ll bring you back with me, now get inside or you’re going to be stuck in the stairwell for the rest of the night” she called over her shoulder.

Jacob and Sam shared a glance before warily following the girl. They entered what appeared to be a workshop, except more medieval.


Aria was in the corner, muttering something under her breath while she stood in the middle of a strange circle. They had barely cleared the doorway when there was a loud thud as the door slammed shut of its own accord.


Aria sighed and turned to them, her expression somewhat softer.


“I suppose I should explain…” she said, sounding more like she was talking to herself than them.

“Yes, you should” Sam not so subtly said.

Aria glared at her “Fine, but no interruptions”

Jacob shrugged and Sam grudgingly nodded. Aria sighed again and walked over to the desk, picking up her book and running her fingers over the cover.

“You two are in my workshop, that painting you followed me through was really a portal. You are currently in another world, the enchanted realm. I know, it’s a really unoriginal name” she said, reading their unimpressed expressions “It has another name in ancient language, what was it?” her nose scrunched up in concentration “Oh, that was it! The first ones called it the Paneartra, but nobody really speaks ancient anymore” she waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. She caught their confused expressions and laughed. “I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Well, in the start there were the first ones—a group of really powerful sorcerers. They pretty much grabbed a cauldron and started chucking in spare parts until they came up with all the animals, then each first one—there were six, by the way—split off and formed their own race to rule. There were the Hiteina, the hungry ones, or as you mortals have called them, vampires. Then there were the Anilera, the holy ones, basically angels. There were the Oena, the water ones, mermaids and mermen, the Weneara, the beastly ones, basically were-animals, the daernera, the, well, the ancient ones, they’re dragons, and the Writani, the wicked ones, witches. Like me” she gave a dramatic bow before waving her hand at them. “You may now speak”


Sam opened her mouth but Jacob beat her too it. “How come no, er, mortals” he used the term she had used to refer to them “knew about this world?”


Aria shook her head “Oh, you did, a long time ago. We tried to live in the mortal realm, but let’s say things didn’t exactly work out”


Sam looked confused “What do you mean, ‘didn’t work out’?”


“Witch-burnings, werewolf hunts, mermaid fishing, vampire killings” she ticked these things off her fingers “need I say more?”


Sam looked unsettled, but nodded anyway.


“So, what happens to us?” she asked, changing the subject.


Aria looked thoughtful. “Well, I could wipe your memories, but there is a chance the spell would fail and you’d get amnesia”


Sam and Jacob both shook their head at that option.

“I could also let you go under your word that you’d never tell”


This sounded pretty good


“…or I could just leave you two here and let you fend for yourselves”


Jacob gulped. “Er, what are the chances that we’d survive?” he asked, fearing the answer.


“Slim to none, unless you’re a magical being you’re pretty much magical being chow” she shrugged.


“I’m for the second option” Sam piped up.


Aria looked thoughtfully at them again.


“We’ll see” she said after a minute.


This failed to reassure Jacob, so he changed the subject. “So what are we going to do until then?”


Aria shrugged for what must have been the tenth time that night. “I dunno, but I got work to do” she turned to face her desk and sat down on her chair before casting a warning glance over her shoulder “and don’t touch anything, over half the stuff in this room can kill you”


Something in her voice told Jacob she wasn’t joking. Jacob glanced uncertainly at Sam before he somewhat warily entertains himself by examining the room.


He spent an adequate amount of time closely examining each item in the room, his hand firmly clasped behind his back. He was doing his best to not touch anything, and was faring rather well, until he reached a strange basin.


It was made of shining silver, engraved with strange markings. But the simple prettiness of the basin wasn’t what interested him. Somehow something about the basin called to him, urged him to run his fingers along the symbols. He had to dig his nails into the skin of his palms until they began to bleed to restrain himself from doing so.


In his miniature struggle to keep his hands to himself he didn’t notice Aria come up behind him.


“That’s a scrying bowl” she told him quietly, causing him to jump about a foot in the air.


He looked questioningly at her, pretending he wasn’t so intently listening. Aria saw through his act and laughed, something she had been doing a lot lately.


She turned around and went over the bookshelf opposite to them, holding up one finger to Jacob in the universal ‘one minute’ sign.


She grabbed a bottle full of pearly liquid from the shelf before heading back to him. She popped off the bottles lid and poured a small amount into the basin.


Jacob stepped back and watched, fascinated, as she passed her hand over the basin and quietly said a rhyme.


“Pearl water and ghostly souls

I bid you show me what I want to know”


The water began to spin as if an invisible spoon was stirring it. The water began to spin faster, creating a mini whirlpool. Jacob stepped forwards to look at it more closely without really realizing it. The water slowed down until it was perfectly still. Without him noticing the water level had risen while it had been churning.


Aria beckoned to him, passing her other hand over the water again. The water slowly cleared, like watching milk pour into water in reverse. The water cleared until it was crystal clear.


As Jacob leaned over the basin he realized there was no reflection gleaming on the surface of the strange water. Before he had even finished that thought a reflection flicked into existence, but it was not the one Jacob had been expecting.


Instead of a warped reflection of his own face there was an almost transparent image of the bedroom of the orphanage. The face of sleeping children snuggled up in their beds was plastered on the water, unwarped by the still water.


Jacob snapped his jaw shut, realizing it had been hanging open.


Aria laughed, then frowned as the reflection abruptly disappeared. Jacob looked at her, confused. “What happened?”


Aria scratched the back of her head and looked at the basin. “I’m not very good at Scrying, it’s more of an Angel thing”


Jacob nodded, looking back at the water. It was milky white again. “Can…can I try?” he asked uncertainly.


“Yeah, there’s not much chance you’ll get hurt scrying. Even Mortals can do it with enough practice” she said, nodding. “Just visualise the place you want to see in your mind and pass your hand over the water like I did. Don’t surprised if it doesn’t work the first time, though” she added.


Jacob nodded, thinking about someplace to see. He took a moment to think before he reached out and passed his hand over the bowl. The milky white followed his hand, disappearing once it collided with the edge of the bowl. Almost immediately an image of Jacob’s empty house sprung up, so strong and clear that it looked like a photograph.


“Holy. Toad.” Aria said flatly, staring at the water. “How in the name of the first ones did you do that?!”


Jacob looked uncertainly at Aria’s shocked face, down at his hand, at the water and then back at Aria. “I just did what you told me to…”


Aria snapped out of her awed daze to mutter something under her breath before grabbing Jacob’s wrist and dragging him over to her desk.


Jacob didn’t resist, merely deciding to go with it.


He submitted to the girls will as she pushed him into her chair and placed a book in front of him, open to a completely blank page.


When she pulled a small knife out of her pocket he decided it was not a good sign and jerked away from her reaching hand. “What are you doing?” Jacob asked, looking warily at the knife she held in her other hand.


“I’m testing your blood, now suck it up and hold out your hand” she snapped, beckoning impatiently to the desk.


Jacob stared at her for a minute before deciding she wasn’t messing around and hesitantly placing his hand, palm up, on the desk.


Aria grabbed his hand and held up his index finger before stabbing it with her knife. It was only a pin-prick, but enough to make a drop of blood well out.


She pressed his finger against a page in the book she had laid out In front of him, watching the paper intently.


For a moment nothing happened, and just when Aria was about to release him a word appeared on the top of the page, faintly glowing.


“Anilera” Aria breathed. For a moment she just stared at the paper, then she released him and gazed up at the ceiling. “Really? Really? You just had to stick me with the Halfling?” she complained to the roof.


Jacob decided to let her finish her conversation with the ceiling while patiently waiting for an explanation.


After a short rant Aria remembered he was there and slapped her forehead, muttering something under her breath.


“Okay, here’s the deal. You’re a Halfling, half human half angel” she told him flately. Jacob stared at her incredulously. “It’s true, your mom was an angel. If you think back, you probably remember her having some angel tendencies. Getting places abnormally fast, never getting sick, recovering from injuries really fast, always knowing where you were, talking to birds…” she listed. Jacob realized that yes; his mother had done all those things.


“--abnormally tidy, never eating bird mea—hey,

where’s your sister?” she stopped short, realizing Sam hadn’t said a word during the whole fiasco.


Jacob gazed around the room and quickly spotted his sister lying in the corner, eyes closed and a quietly snoring.


“Well go wake her up, she needs to know this just as much as you do” Aria told him impatiently. Jacob shook his head.


“No way, she already hit me once today”


Aria scowled and pointed her finger at Sam. “Pulse”

Sam was abruptly squished up against the wall, causing her to jolt awake. The invisible source immediately disappeared, leaving Sam the get to her feet, scowl and mutter vulgar things under her breath.


Aria turned back to Jacob “Sam, to summarize what happened while you were asleep, you’re brother’s half angel”


Sam looked at Jacob for confirmation of what the girl with the questionable mental stability was saying to receive a nod and a bewildered look.


Aria turned towards the bookshelf and began searching for something. “As a Halfling you have most of the powers of angels, just not as strong. You’re abilities include, but aren’t limited to, scrying, healing and bird speak” she found what she was looking for and pulled a large book with a white cover out and handed it to Jacob. “This’ll tell you—in detail—about everything you need to know about being an angel Halfling. Now” she turned to Sam “hold out your hand”


Sam did as she was told, and Aria went through the same ritual she did with Jacob, only with a lot more swearing on Sam’s part.


When the blood soaked into the paper the words ‘Mortal’ appeared on the page, glowing almost unnoticeably faint.


“Hmm, Sam has unnatural strength and all those physical angel stats, but none of the magical capabilities. Funny, usually the girls get all the awesome angel powers” Aria hummed and released Sam’s hand.


“Hey, how come you knew it was our mother that was the angel?” Jacob asked, bringing up something that had been bothering him for a while now.


Aria giggled, a sound that was more creepy than cute on her. “I forgot to mention all angels are girls, didn’t I?”


They both stared at her. “But if their all females then how do they…?” Jacob trailed off awkwardly.

Aria laughed again. “Angels are basically immortal. They can spawn Halflings with their mortal partners, but pure angels can live for as long as they like. Most of them decide to cark it after the first couple of ageless decades when they stop growing—which is around twenty—and then they are reborn as a lil’ baby angel” she explained.


“I…see…do, er, Halflings still…?” Jacob felt unbelievably awkward being told the facts of life by someone at least two years younger than him.


Aria stifled a laugh and patted his head. “Oh, don’t worry, Halflings still reproduce the human way” she let out a small giggle.


Jacob looked at his sister to see her shaking with silent laughter. “Oh, go on, laugh before you wind up choking” Jacob said with an exasperated eye roll.

Immediately both girls burst out laughing. Jacob crossed his arms and glared as the Aria doubled over laughing, clutching Sam’s shoulder for support. Why is it that the only time they’re both happy is when I’m not? Jacob wondered as the laughter subsided into giggles.


Aria straightened up and wiped her eyes, still giggling a little bit. A moment later she blinked, the smile turning into a frown.


Just as Jacob was about to ask what was wrong she ordered him to show her him the place he showed her before. Confused but deciding to just obey the young girl, as she obviously knew more than him when it came to magic, he repeated the scrying process.


The image of their home appeared again, just like before. Aria stared at it for a minute before she sighed heavily.


She turned to Sam and Jacob, her face sympathetic. “Well, I know what happened to your parents” she told them.


Sam immediately stepped forwards with an arsenal of questions at the ready when Aria went on.


“The Hiteina and the Anilera are ancient enemies. The Hiteina always disapproved of the Anilera’s relations with humans, and if they ever found an Anilera with a human they would most likely…” she hesitated, looking away from their hopeful faces. “…kill them…”


Jacob froze. His mother had been killed by vampires? What of his father?


Sam had been thinking along the same lines. “Are you sure? What about dad?” she pressed.


Aria still wouldn’t look at them. “Angels are fragile creatures. If their love dies…they literally die of a broken heart…the Hiteina have probably killed your father, and are holding you mother captive until…” she said quietly, unable to finish.


“So that means…?” Jacob forced the words through his dry mouth, still clinging to the sliver of hope.


“Yes. If your mother somehow managed to escape she’d have reincarnated herself by now…but in all intents and purposes, your mother is dead”


End of chapter notes I can finally blurt out now that ypu've read the chapter:

Anything I've left unexplained I'll explain in the next chap, as I thought this would be a good place to stop. And one thing: Aria is a lot nicer/calmer when she's in her workshop, so that inconsistancy was deliberate.

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Wow, freaky backstory.


Sam's got angel physical abilities?! That would explain the punching through the wall and the armchair...and Hiteina being the attackers explains the blood.


BTW, I have a suggestion. I'm not sure what Hiteina means, but if you made it up, I suggest you change it to Nosfera. That comes from Nosferatu, which is a term for a vampire.

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^^ thanks.

Also: I'll try to get chap3 up this week, but until further notice I can't type chaps every second week for reasons which would be too complicated to explain but aren't sheer laziness.

I swear.

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*Hits notify button*

This has to be the best story here. So so awesome. I just can't believe you're still not out of primary school, that's how mature your writing is. Though there are a couple of grammar errors.


And also in your last line

It's for all intents and purposes. It might be in but I've never heard of any place where this is used with in

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@theone I'm pretty sure it's 'in', but I'm not sure where I heard it...


Also, bad news. I'm putting this on haitus until after christmas, everything has been so hectic lately I haven't found any time to really focus on this. I might do some work on chapter 3, but don't expect it to be updated until after X-mas. Sorry...

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I’m BACK!! So sorry this took so long, but as you should know I was on holiday. And then I got Writers Block. And then I got that Abset tooth.


Anyway, I’ve decided to start where I left off in Sam’s POV, since there wouldn’t be much difference if I went through everything I did with Jacob with Sam.




That totally made sense.


Sam from the first moment Aria had spoken Sam had disliked the strange girl. When she had claimed that Jacob was an angel, of all things she began to wonder if this girl was insane or just enjoyed messing with them. When she claimed that their parents were killed by vampires, Sam just didn’t want to accept it. They couldn’t be dead. So in her denial, Sam did the only thing that seemed reasonable at the time. She completely lost it.


“Liar!” she roared, lunging at the smaller girl.


Aria stood, frozen with shock, only barely managing to dodge Sam’s fist at the last minute.


Sam stumbled before regaining her balance and turning to have another swing at the younger girl when her target raised her arm. Thinking that the small girl intended to hit back, Sam threw her fist forwards again, completely forgetting Aria’s strange magic in her rage.


“Paralyse!” Aria cried. Sam froze, her fist inches away from the purple haired child face. Something close to fear flickered across Aria’s face before her expression hardened again. “Look, I know it’s hard to believe but you’ve got to accept—“she was cut off when Sam figured out she could still talk and let out an outraged roar.


“You’re lying! Y-you’re wrong!” she yelled, furiously blinking away the moisture gathering in her eyes. There was no need to cry, they were alive.


“I know I’m not!” Aria yelled back, quickly losing her temper. Sam began to struggle violently against whatever was holding her still. It was as if her entire body was encased in cement, holding her in the exact position she was in.


“How do you know!?” Sam yelled back, still struggling with her invisible bonds. Brutally jerking her arm, she felt something come lose in whatever was binding her. With another jerk her bonds crumbled away even more. The knowledge that she was actually getting somewhere gave her the strength to give one last fierce pull that crumbled away the last of resistance holding her arm.


Aria’s eyes widened as Sam’s arm began to move again, curling her fingers into clawed talons and reaching for the shocked girls face. The purple haired child swore and took several steps back before muttering something to herself.


The second those words that Sam didn’t catch left Aria’s mouth whatever that had been holding Sam disappeared, leaving the older girl to flail to regain her balance. Having gotten her stability back she launched herself at Aria only to slam into another invisible barrier.


Sam growled before drawing back her fist and punching the invisible force, hoping she could break through this as she had whatever had been holding her. As soon as her fist connected with the barrier an almost transparent purplish ripple appeared around her fist and moved outwards, reveal a perfect sphere surrounding Aria.


“Stop it!” Aria yelled, her voice sounding muffled, as if she was speaking from another room. Sam just snarled in response, drawing back her fist again.


“Sam!” Jacob’s sharp voice broke through Sam’s rage.


“Do you believe her?” Sam demanded, turning to her brother.


Jacob hesitated, his gaze flickering between his sister and Aria. “I…I don’t know” he admitted. “But let her say her piece before you attack her, Sam” he added firmly.


Sam was tempted to go back to slamming her fists into the transparent purple barrier, but something in her brother’s voice convinced her to obey him.

She huffed and crossed her arms, glaring at Aria. The young girl fidgeted almost unnoticeably under her gaze.


“How do you know that vampires killed our parents?” Jacob demanded, folding his arms.


Aria looked at Sam, uncertainty flickering through her eyes. “The furniture is all gone. Hiteina would always take the furniture of their” she hesitated “victims to decorate their nest”.


“Is that all the evidence you have?” Sam hissed, unable to believe she had immediately assumed their parents were dead through such a trivial (or Sam thought it was trivial, at least) fact.


Aria huffed and muttered something under her breathe before storming over to the scrying bowl.


“You” Aria pointed at Jacob. “Do the same thing you did with your house, except think of your mother”


Jacob obeyed her orders somewhat uncertainly, while Sam waited impatiently, occasionally shooting glares at Aria.


As the swirling water began to slow Sam stepped forwards to get a better look. The image in the water shocked her.


Pictured in the pearly liquid was a dark brick room, much like a medieval dungeon. Chains hung off the wall, each sporting a pair of metal shackles on the end. Some shackles were firmly attached to the wrist of a skeletons slumped against the wall, many with peculiar shaped bones sprouting from their backs and hanging by their sides, a pool of dirty feathers below them. In the middle of this scene was a woman in dirty rags that were so tattered they barely covered her, her shoulder length brown hair sticking up in odd direction and matted with mud and other unnameable substances. Two giant wings protruded from her back, covered with blood and dirt, the left wing completely soaked with blood and hanging lifelessly by her side.


No sooner had Sam taken this in then her mother jerked her head up from its bowed position and stared straight at them. A look of shock passed over her face before a small, sad smile spread over her face. Seeing so much pain, regret and misery on her mother’s usually cheerful face was too much for Sam, and the tears welled up in her eyes and spilled over her cheeks.


Their mother suddenly looked away from them to glare at something they could not see. A moment later a man approached their mother. He had black hair that stopped mid back tied back into a loose ponytail and the palest skin Sam had ever seen. He wore simple back robes with a bit of gold decorating the garment here and there. But what really scared Sam were his eyes. They were crimson red and seemed to glow in the dark. It seemed as if at any moment those horrible eyes would gaze right at them as their mother had. The mystery man crouched down in front of their mother, a sadist smirk planted on his face. His lips moved as if he was saying something, but they heard nothing. Their mother was unresponsive to whatever he had said, instead choosing to glare hatefully at him. After a moment he frowned before speaking again. This time, however, a look of pure fury flashed across their mothers face before she opened her mouth and spit at the man. The man snarled and drew back his hand, their mothers head snapping to the side as he slapped her. Their mother turned back to the man, but the fire was gone from her eyes, leaving only a dead, hollow shell of their mother.


At that Sam just snapped. She couldn’t take seeing her mother so hopeless. Her fisted hand shot out and over turned the basin, tears streaming down her face. The basin hit the ground with a crack, the water spilling out. Their mothers head snapped back to look sadly at them, mouthing two words before the image disappeared from the puddle of pearly water on the floor.


“I’m sorry” Sam breathed the words her mother had mouthed mere moments ago before biting her lip in an effort to stop the tears.


Jacob looked just as devastated as Sam, and though he had held the tears at bay Sam could see them glistening in his eyes. It took one glance at her brother’s face before she broke down. She fell to her knees and cradled her head in her hands, her elbows resting on her knees. Yesterday if anyone had told her what would transpire the next day she would have proceeded to roughly shake some sense into them, yet here she was, sitting on the cold floor of a witch’s workshop after just confirming the fact that her father was dead and her mother would soon be.


She felt something warm on her shoulders and looked to her side to see Jacob sitting next to her. After a moment’s hesitation she leaned into him a proceeded to soak his shirt with tears.


After a while she ran out of tears and straightened up, looking gratefully at her brother. He smiled weakly in return, though Sam could see tear tracks on his face too.


A quiet ‘ahem’ reminded the siblings of Aria’s existence. The purple haired girl was standing rather awkwardly near the over turned basin, a slightly disgruntled expression on her face.


“Is there anything we can do…?” Sam asked her



Aria shook her head, knowing what she was talking about. “Judging from where they were holding her, they have her in one of their castles. There’s no way we can break in, even if we wanted to”


Sam sighed heavily, too tired to cry again. She wondered if it would be okay to sleep here, the crying had drained her both emotionally and physically.


“I’m really sorry” Aria said quietly, almost whispering it. Her voice was filled with such empathetic sorrow that Sam looked up from her gaze at the spilled scrying liquids to look at her in shock. When her gaze landed on the purple haired child something flickered across her face before her face before she looked away.


“There’s one more thing” Aria sighed. “We have to report your mothers” she faltered, looking for the right word. “Capture, to the other Angels”


“What?” Jacob asked his voice hoarse from disuse and crying.


Sam jumped. Even though he still had his arm around her shoulders she had forgotten her brother’s presence.


Jacob didn’t take notice of his sister’s surprised reaction, instead focusing on Aria.


“As an Angel Halfling and the offspring of an Angel, it’s your duty to report what happened to your mother to the Angels. You never know, they might even take you in” Aria added.


Sam froze at her last words. She and her brother might be adopted by angels? She was still trying to wrap her mind around the prospect of angels even existing, led alone her mother being one! She couldn’t cope with being adopted by angels!


“Might?” Jacob questioned, either oblivious to his sisters shocked state or choosing to ignore it.


Aria sighed again. “Recently there has been a lot of uproar against Halflings. Some angel temples stuck with the tradition of taking in their own, others would turn you away”


Jacob cocked his head to the side. “Don’t you know what this, er, temple does?”


Aria glared at him. “Witches aren’t allowed on the Angels sacred grounds” she rolled her eyes, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Unless there are special circumstances. Like this” she gestured to the two.


“So what do we have to do to ‘report to the angels’?” Sam asked, slowly getting to her feet.


Aria glanced at the door, apprehension flashing across her face. “Basically we just have to get to their temple and tell them what happened. The temple isn’t far, but we might run into…trouble on the way”


“Trouble?” Jacob repeated suspiciously, copying Sam and standing up.


Aria stayed silent for a moment before she sighed, frustration evident. “Goblins. Wild animals. Maybe an angry living tree”


Sam blinked. “Living tree?”


“Living tree. A tree that’s alive. Flailing branches, burns easily, bark and leaves” she waved her arms around, imitating aforementioned flailing branches.


The siblings stared at her for a moment before

Jacob shook his head. “Do we have to?”


Aria looked very amused at this. “Unless you want the angels to have ghosts plague your dreams with visions of your mothers suffering for a full moon cycle as a penalty? Yes”


Sam shivered. “We’ll go”


Aria clapped her hands together. “Okay then! We’re going to need to gear you up for in case we do run into trouble, ‘cause I’m pretty sure those Goblins are waiting to ambush me. Do either of you think you could use a sword?”


Sam immediately raised her hand, much to Jacob’s amusement and incredulity. Aria crossed her arms and looked thoughtfully at Sam, examining her from head to toe. Finally, she nodded and skipped over to the cupboard, taking care not to step in the spilt scrying liquid. She threw open the cupboard doors and proceeded to rifle through them while Sam and Jacob looked on bemusedly.


After a minute Aria emerged from behind the cabinet doors holding what appeared to be a shining sword, smiling proudly.


Sam blinked. “…what?”


Aria held the sword up in the air some well hidden effort, a pleased look on her face. “This” she slowly lowered the sword “is Matherna. It means ‘Spirit Breaker’. A kinda weird name for a sword, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t fit” without warning, she offered the sword to Sam, who took it without thinking.


It was surprisingly heavy, weighing about as much as a couch. Sam, having thrown an actual couch into a wall, held it with minimal effort. The sword had a dirty gold hilt that looked like it would shine with some cleaning, a single, and blood red jewel embedded in the centre. The blade itself was as dirty as the hilt, two sharp horns branching off near the tip to form a sharp pitchfork. The blade seemed to hum in her hands.


“It’s enchanted to break through anything, even the strongest shatterproof charms” Aria explained, snapping Sam out of her examination of the sword.


“I figured it would be good for you, as it’s really heavy”


Jacob finally seemed to follow what was happening.

“Wait, wait, wait. Back up. You’re giving my sister a sword?”


Aria looked concerned at this. “What, do you think she would be better suited with an axe? Cause I think there’s a--”


Jacob sighed in defeat, cutting of Aria’s worried speaking before it could escalate into ramblings.


“You’re serious about the whole fighting magical stuff, aren’t you?” he asked resignedly. Aria nodded before turning back to Sam.


“Do you think you can handle him?” she asked looking at the sword considerately.


For a minute Sam didn’t get it. “Wait, you mean the sword? Why are you calling it a ‘him’?” at this the sword hummed, and somehow Sam got the feeling it was annoyed.


Aria looked as if she was about to say she had hurt the swords feelings when she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them they were filled with amusement. “Some enchanted weapons turn out to be sentient. Like that one” she nodded towards the sword.


Sam looked at the sword in her hand, disturbed. “So…can it, like, talk?” the sword hummed again, emitting something of a silent ‘duh’. “Never mind” Sam muttered.


Aria grinned. “See! You two are really hitting it off!” she exclaimed happily. Jacob rolled his eyes and muttered something about ‘acting like it was a blind date’ under his breath, then instantly regretted it as it brought Aria’s critical gaze upon him.


“Let’s see” the purple haired child muttered, tapping her foot. “Too flimsy armed to use a sword properly--”


“Hey!” Jacob cried, offended. Aria took no notice of his outburst.


“—or pull back a drawstring, so that’s out. And—oh, never mind, you’re too scrawny to use anything like that” she threw her hands up in the air, muttered something under her breath and stalked back over to the cabinet.


Jacob somehow got the feeling that both his sister and the sword were laughing at him.


Aria came back a minute later, holding something shiny in her hand. Jacob watched her warily,

jerking a little when she grabbed his hand and forced his fingers to uncurl. His expression became even more sceptical as she opened her hand to reveal shiny, jewelled rings. He was looking at her like she was insane (which was entirely possible) when she began to rather harshly cram aforementioned rings onto his fingers.


He was now absolutely positive that that sword was laughing at him.


Aria stepped back, satisfied with his now bejewelled fingers.


“Uh-huh. That’s nice. Now, why are you putting jewellery on me?” he demanded, looking at his hand.


Aria rolled her eyes. “Because their enchanted, duh” Jacob just stared at her. “Really. Go on, try it. Look at the ceiling at say freeze”


Jacob continued to stare at her for a moment before slowly raising his gaze to the ceiling. “Umm, freeze” he said uncertainly.


The effect was instantaneous. Ice suddenly sprouted from the spot where he had been looking, spreading outwards at an alarmingly rapid pace. It had covered a circle roughly the size of a small table with ice when Aria threw up her hands and the spread of frost abruptly stopped.




At Aria’s words the ice began to melt, dripping from the ceiling. Before it could hit the carpet or them the droplets turned into wisps of mist and disappeared.


Jacob blinked, staring at the spot where the ceiling had previously been iced over, both amazed and disturbed by both his acts and Aria’s.


“…wow” he said after a moment.


Aria beamed at him. Jacob paused to wonder how alien the expression looked on her face. Aria then began to rapidly list off what commands to give, what each ring does, etc.


All the while Sam stood her new sword in hand, not so quietly laughing at her brother. A low, shaking hum travelled from the sword and up her arm as her sword joined her mirth. As Sam’s laughter subsided into chuckles she looked at the sword she held in her hand.


“So you really are alive, eh?” she said, holding the sword up for examination. The sword gave a low hum which Sam had decided meant ‘yes’.


“Spirit Breaker” she said slowly, letting the name roll of her tongue. After a moment she shook her head. “Nah, too long. I’ll just call you Spirit”


The sword grumbled, then said something she was sure was a curse word when she just grinned.


Spirit fell silent, probably sulking. Sam eyes rested on the two curved horns spreading from the tip as her grin faded. Suddenly the fact that she might have to kill something dawned upon her. As violent as she was, the only thing she had even killed was a gold fish she forgot to feed when she was six!


“Aria? Are we going to have to kill whatever attacks us?” Sam asked, hoping her voice didn’t shake.


The girl in question looked at Sam, something flickering across her face too fast for Sam too catch what it was. She was really starting to hate that.


“Oh, no, if we just get a couple of good stabs in they’ll probably run away” Aria told her in a reassuring tone.


This did not comfort Sam. She didn’t want to stab mythical creatures until they ran away! She didn’t even want anything to do with mythical creatures!


Spirit, seemingly sensing her discomfort, hummed worriedly in her hand. She ignored it, her mind whirling. What if they lost and they died? Then all of their family would have been killed by some supposedly non-existent creature. If they didn’t exist like they were supposed to, Sam thought bitterly, everything would be fine. Mom and Dad would be alive and I wouldn’t have to deal with all this!


“…you okay?” Jacob’s voice cut through her thoughts.


“Fine” Sam reassured him. Her weak attempt at a shaky smile didn’t fool Jacob, as he took a step towards her.


“What’s wrong?” Jacob asked firmly. Sam felt compelled to answer him, though she did her best to force a lie through her teeth.


“It’s just that…” Sam glanced at Aria before sighing in defeat. “Oh, screw it; I do not want to have to deal with all thing magical junk! I want to go back to that orphanage, wait for some nice couple to adopt us and forget our parents were killed by freaking vampires!”


For a moment Aria and Jacob stared at Sam. Then, rather predictably, Aria spoke.


“You can’t just forget all this; your brother is a Halfling! That ties him to this world, even if you have a chance of living a normal life” Aria told her, something else leaking into her voice. Sam noticed the young girls hands were tightly clenched into fists at her side.


Sam sighed in frustration. “I know I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to” she muttered the last part to herself.


Jacob turned his head slightly to give Aria a look. The young girl sighed and muttered something about finding something before going to the other side of the room, giving the siblings the most privacy they could get in the small room.


“Sam, I know this thing about Mom and Dad is hard to deal with, but this whole magic thing could be a new start for us. I need to learn about this…angel thing, we can’t just go back to our lives back there. Especially if we’d have to be adopted” Jacob looked off to the side when he said that last bit, but soon returned his gaze to Sam.


“I know,” her shoulders slumped in defeat. “But I can’t help but wishing”


Spirit hummed comfortingly in her hand, and Sam jumped a little when it did. She had almost forgotten she was holding the sword. The soothing hum turned into one of offense, as if the sword had read her mind.


“So that thing really talks?” Jacob asked, changing the subject.


Sam nodded, a grin slowly creeping onto her face. That was all the warning Jacob got before Sam swung up Spirit in a perfect arc, stopping the sword just short of his neck.


Jacob gulped. “Don’t. Do. That.” Jacob said very slowly, eyeing the sword as best he could from its position by his neck.


Sam grinned. “Well, at least I’m happy again, eh?”


“If you two are done trying to kill each other, we’d better get going” Aria called from across the room.


Sam nodded, and then blinked. “Umm, do you have a…what’s it called…” she rummaged around in her head for the right word.


“Sheath?” Jacob offered.


“Yeah, sheath”


Aria rolled her eyes. “I was beginning to wonder if you were planning on walking all the way to the temple holding him” with that, she walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a brown sheath, made of some sort of animal skin.


Sam took it from Aria’s offering hand, taking a moment to figure out how to put it on before strapping it to her back and slipping Spirit into the sheath.


Aria smiled as small, proud smile, the smile a gardener would give a customer to whom she had just sold her most cared for plant to before turning to the door. Placing one hand on the door, she muttered something under her breath and the door flew open. Starting up the stairs, she beckoned for them to follow.


“So why are these…goblins…going to attack us?” Jacob asked hesitantly.


“Eh, they stole one of my enchanted necklaces, I stole it back and they’ve been out to get me ever since” Sam saw her shoulders shrug in the dimming light.


They ascended the remaining stairs in silence. Aria abruptly stopped, causing Sam to almost run into her.


Aria sharply shushed the both of them. Sam, guessing what was coming next, drew Spirit.




At that single word, the door creaked open. The trio hesitantly stepped outside into the night.


Just outside the door were ten or so hunched over figures that where a head or so smaller than Aria. Each had mould green wrinkled skin that pulled so tight against their bones that you could practically see each vain bulging against their wiry arms. A few ragged pieces of muddy hair grew from their scalp, but not enough to cover their mostly skulls. Their eyes were bloodshot and shrunk into the back of their eye sockets and their mouths were lipless, pulled back to reveal crooked but sharp yellow teeth. Perhaps to compensate for such a scrawny build, each had a fur pelt of armour, laden with spiked weapon belts draped over their waists and a dirty, scratched metal shield with a skull carved crudely into it.


For a moment the green creatures Sam assumed were the Goblins Aria had been talking about stared at Aria and them.


“I know I’m a good witch and all, but this is just over-kill” Aria complained after a minute.


A short, hoarse laugh spread over the group of goblins.


A goblin, supposedly the leader, stepped forwards. “Aria of Red Tree Hill” he (at least Sam assumed it was a he) drawled in a raspy voice. “You’ve stolen invaluable artefacts—“


“You stole them from me first!” Aria cut him off with her outraged cry.


He went on as if he hadn’t heard her. “—and injured good warriors. What do you have to say for yourself?”


Aria stared at him like he was retarded. “You stole my amulet. I was taking it back. In order to do that, I had to cast some minor spells on your so-called ‘good warriors’. My actions were totally justified. Now let me pass or I’ll show you what injured really means”


The threat was somewhat dimmed by the fact that it was coming from an eleven year old girl. The

Goblins shared this sentiment, as they erupted with more hoarse laughter.


Aria shook her head. “It’s so hard to be taken seriously these days” she said mournfully, looking over her shoulder at the siblings.


And then all hell broke loose.


The Goblins charged, each pulling some weapon or other from their belts. Aria’s head snapped back to them and raised her hand.


“Freeze!” she shouted. A giant crystal of Ice spiked from the ground beneath a goblin, engulfing him.


Beside her, Jacob followed her lead, shouting off commands as spell after spell was flung by his rings. Sam stared at the battle unfolding before her for a moment before a goblin who had managed to dodge the flying spells charged at her, sword raised.


Sam managed to jump out of the way, causing the goblin to whirl around in attempt to catch her in his spin.


Bringing Spirit up just in time, locking her swords with the goblin. Her opponent bared his teeth at her in an attempt to intimidate her.


“Your defeat is approaching” he croaked, pushing her sword back an inch.


She stared at him for a moment, letting her sword slip a little closer to her face. Spirit hummed warningly. “Seriously?” she choked out. “I just found out my brother is a freaking angel” Spirit inched forwards. “My parents have been killed by vampires” her sword was now inches away from the goblins face. “And I do not want to have to deal with you stupid goblins!” with that, she gave a mighty shove that sent the goblin stumbling backwards.


Her opponent’s momentary loss in balance gave her the chance she needed to lunge forwards and swing at his sword arm. Unable to properly dodge, Spirit bit into the goblins arm, creating a deep gash.


The Goblin tore his arm away and backed away towards his comrades, snarling. The other Goblins had pushed forwards by lining up their shields to create a wall. Every spell Aria and Jacob threw at them only exploded uselessly against their shields.


Seeing their dilemma, Sam pursued the retreating Goblin back to his comrades. The Goblin, not noticing Sam, yelled something before the nearest Goblin moved aside to let him behind the wall.

Leaping at the opportunity, Sam plunged forward, knocking aside the injured Goblin. As soon as she was past the wall of shields she spun around and sliced the arm of the Goblin to her left. Realizing their defence had been breached, the Goblins broke rank and scattered. Most headed in the opposite direction, others staying and fighting. Those who stayed soon followed their cowardly comrades after sustaining gashes and burns.


Sam hiked back up the hill to Aria and Jacob, panting. Spirit hummed quietly but triumphantly in her hand. When she reached the top of the hill she clambered over to her brother and Aria before collapsing onto the ground.


“Oh, shut up” she muttered in response to her brother’s laugh. Her eyes, having closed them during her flop on to the ground, slid open to see a black sky, glittering with a thousand multi-coloured stars.


Her mother loved the stars. Loved to gaze at them every night before she went to bed. Sometimes Sam would see her out on the balcony and join her. And every time she did her mother would point out one particular constellation.


“It’s called the Angel” Her mother told her, pointing out a bunch of stars.


Sam rolled her eyes. She had heard these exact words a thousand times, without fail.


“It’s a special star that you can see in every sky in the world” Sam mouthed her mothers’ next words, pondering them for the thousandth time.


“What do you mean by every sky, mom? There’s only one sky” Sam looked at her mother questioningly.


A slow, sad smile curled onto her lips. “There is more than one world, my dear, and more than one sky with it”


Sam stared at her mother as she turned around and went back inside. That was the most her mother had ever said when she asked that question. Usually she would just smile that same, sad smile and shake her head. Sam looked back up at the stars and sighed, wrapping her arms around herself. It was getting cold; she should probably get back inside.

Sam stared at that same constellation now, finally understanding her mother’s cryptic words. A small, sad smile similar to her mother’s found its way onto her lips. Just one of many secrets she would discover.


“Come on then, we’d better go”


The next being her mother’s past, hopefully.


Authors notes I can now blurt out without fear of spoiling the chapter:


The end was kind of rushed because I wanted to get this chapter over with and posted. And I know, I suck at fight scenes. And that bit about Spirit makes me want to hit myself because it reminds me so much of the stories I wrote when I was seven and I hadn't figured out what 'Mary Sue' meant yet. So, yeah. I'll get to work on the next one, but it might take a while with school and all.

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...okay, I just wanna say something here: more comments=faster updates. I distracted very easily, and I have like ten other things I could type instead of Wicked, but if people comment then I feel guilty if I stall on updating. I'm not saying I won't update If I don't get comments (at least, not yet) but comment? Please? *puppy dog eyes* And, If it isn't to much to ask, constructive critism please? I know it isn't perfect (far from it, in my opinion) and I wan't to improve it but I can't really do that If I don't know what's wrong with it. *pats theone* but at least you said something. Which is very, very nice.


Re-reading this, I don't mean to sound so...snarky. I just really, really want this story to work. ^^;

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There's a couple grammar things but as always your imagination is wonderful and I'm enjoying the story. Actually I thought the fight scene was kind of interesting with Sam taking advantage of the goblins "breaking" their wall to let their "friend" in. Reminiscent of Battle of Hastings.


Added thought later after reading all story from beginning. I don't think you have to tell EACH event from the two viewpoints, but it is nice to see the "inner thinking" of each once in a while.


Anyway I have checked notify also and will look forward to more chapters.

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