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Guilds Saga- RP Thread

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Tacitus Vadas was furious. His spies had found out three citizens of Namta, including one of his best men, had been killed by a Fallen and the Council had enlisted the blasted Pheonix Circle instead of him. He needed to find his vice-leader and call a meeting.




Amon polished its knife. It knew that guild members would be attempting to find it very soon, but it didn't care. It could become anyone, to confuse them, trick them, or, if it played the right person--command them.

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When the Council allowed him to continue despite the absences, Aeron gave a faint smile that no one else could see. His lips hardly moved when he finally spoke in a manner of well-practiced politeness.


"Very well, I shall proceed. Now as we all had come to understand, I am here to propose an alternative solution regarding the destruction of South-Eastern Lyre -which was caused by several of my group members; opposing the discipline you planned to impose to my guild- as written in the letter you sent earlier.


“My proposal is as follows: for as long as the task may take, my guild and I will take full responsibility of the reconstruction of the city- whether it be the costs and labor. During this period, none of the Death Scythe members will be performing any jobs or request without the Council’s permission. In exchange, I ask of you to withdraw the probation and the request for the submission of the perpetrators. The whole guild will take responsibility for their actions, and I assure that they will trouble you no further.


“Now you may think me of impertinent for even proposing this- unfortunately, the discipline that the Council had ordered for us do not agree with the policy of our Guild, and as the Leader, it is my duty to upheld the Guild's honor while still taking responsibility for the actions of our members”


Ending his speech, Aeron gave a curt nod, his gaze briefly settled on each present member, allowing them to discuss his earlier suggestion or, if necessary, question him for more details. He hoped he wouldn’t have to face the latter, however.




The persistent knocking on the Phoenix Circle's guild entrance was answered by a female member named Vivace Villaina.


"Good evening, good sir, how may I be of any help?" she asked pleasantly - her tone much more mature than her childlike appearance would seem. A perplexed expression dawned upon the messenger’s face. The man in question was obviously starting to wonder about the girl’s age.


Vivace offered a gentle smile as she plucked the letter from the messenger's hand. "Thank you for your trouble," she bestowed a dazzling smile upon the awestruck dude and closed the door. Back inside the guild, she inspected the letter she had taken. She saw the wax seal of the letter and the handwriting inked across the parchment, and immediately realised that it had come from The Council's Chairman, Lotto Aravis. 

Although she knew that Council letters are supposed to be delivered to the Leader, or vice Leader, Vivace’s curiosity had overcome her conscience as she pulled out the document from its envelope and read it.

Her gaze was glued on the paper as she went through Lotto Aravis’s neat cursives- instructing the guild to investigate the recent murder case which occurred not long ago. Folding the parchment, she slipped it back into the envelope and sealed it back. Once all the traces that hinted her defilement of the letter, Vivace placed it over the table at the centre of her Leader’s room.


((@MagykMagus: Er, how did your character even KNOW that the Council assigned the Phoenix Circle to investigate the murders when the instruction had just been delivered to the said guild? Lotto had not even mentioned that he gave such orders to the other Council members, and his subordinates only know that he's sending a letter to the Phoenix Circle (which is something very common) without knowing what is written there. So unless your character's spy could somehow intercept and read the message, there's no way they could report anything. Besides, just because the Phoenix Circle are the ones given the official assignment, doesn't mean that others can't be involved.

In fact, anyone who knows about it are free to investigate or meddle with the case as they wish- as I've written in the discussion thread))

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(Well, the spy found out about the murders himself, learned of the letter, and put two and two together. And Tacitus knows he can meddle, he just likes it when he's assured pay beforehand. The meeting is just to send out members to make sure the Emporium catches Amon.)


Amon practiced its shapeshifting, though it knew it was already perfect. It shapeshifted into every Council member, one at a time, then into Tacitus Vadas and Naomi Farbank. It was impossible to discern it from them, even if the two were standing right next to each other.

It was going to have a lot of fun when the hunters arrived.

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Talyn was bored. She struck out gathering allies (so far), and was left to wander about, blindly passing through walls and randomly killing rats.


Frustrating thing, regulation.


Darius had many questions, but he wasn't sure if he wanted answers. Had Talyn visited him that night? Or was it his imagination? Could she be one of those that had been punished?


Darius squeezed his eyes shut and rested his head back.


Let the others ask their questions.


Henrick arrived back at his guild hall, the scent of a fresh kill on his clothes. Nothing evil, simply a rabbit. Tasty things, rabbits.


He set to skinning his prey when a prospect guild member came up to him.


"Sir, Vadas looks angry."


Henrick growled. "Right. Lemme find him then. Where'dya last see him?"


Ten minutes later, Henrick found his commander, in an absolute fit.


Well heck. What happened now?


"Well heck, Tacitus, what happened now?"

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Lotto stared at Aeron with unconcealed incredulity as silence filled the halls. A look of suspicion settled over his gaze, but the Spectral guild leader refused to elaborate further- unwilling to answer an unasked question. For a moment that felt like eternity, not a single word was uttered, and the room was drowned in an uncomfortable quietness.


Letting out an inaudible sigh, Lotto finally asked, "Mr. Aeron, while I agree that your suggestion is reasonable, I would like to know how the Council may have violated your guild's policy that you need to offer an alternative solution harsher to your guild compared to what we have previously assigned?"


The only response he received from the Spectre was a nod which indicated that the latter did, indeed, heard his question. But other than that, Aeron simply glanced at the other members- waiting for them to put forward their questions as well, before answering Lotto's.




Deep beneath the surface lands of Namta lies a network of slums that connects every main cities of the kingdom. Built by ancient builders, and forgotten by history, very few of the living can access the sewers without eventually losing themselves in the underground labyrinth.


Eldritch Canta was one of those 'few', and once again, he was walking through the tunnels, swerving into twisting passageways after every few steps. When he emerged from the slums, he had arrived in the town of Arcadia.


The crowds surrounding him were too busy talking about the recent events to notice the raven-haired young man milling through them. He heard them speak of the destruction of Lyre by the hands of the Death Scythe. The murder of 2 Emporium members... Eldritch regarded it all with a crooked smile, hidden beneath his mask. It seemed that the war of the past might soon become a new future. 


Having heard all he needed, Eldritch away from the mob, he arrived at the less-known parts of the town- where he noticed a female Spectre killing rats in random.


She looked familiar, though Eldritch had a hard time remembering where he'd seen her before. Pulling on his bone mask, the beast-man said to her.


"You seem bored. Is not chaos and murder enough to cure your allergy to the everyday routine?"

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Tacitus lifted the report of his spy and showed it to Henrick. He waited long enough for his Henrick to read the whole thing, then pocketed it. He pointed at the door to his meeting room, then held up a single finger. Arrange a meeting. 1 hour from now, he was saying.

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(ooc: thanks for the map, theAdept_Rogue, it's quite helpful to know where things are. And sorry for suddenly dropping off the face of the planet, folks! RL got hectic.)


Henrick groaned and rubbed a hand on his forehead after reading the note. "Alright, I'll gather the men. Crimmus Council." He made to leave, but turned back before opening the door. "Hey, here, I caught this coney, it might be a bit less fresh, but, something to munch on, I guess." He tossed the rabbit Tacitus's way, shrugged his shoulders and continued out the door.


The prospect from earlier was sitting against the opposite wall when Henrick came out.


"Hey kid, what're you doing there?"


The young man leapt up and mumbled something about not having any particular orders.


"Alright, well, here's an order. Go find as many members of the guild as you can, and tell 'em to get their 'hinds back here before the hour's up."


The prospect snapped a curt nod and ran off.


"Crimmus." Henrick himself walked off down the halls, calling out to the various members to make sure everybody's ready for the meeting.


This wasn't going to be pleasant.


(ooc: FYI, 'crimmus' is like 'gosh' or 'darn' and the like, in case anyone was wondering)



For the first time that she can remember, Talyn was bewildered. Someone was speaking to her. Not curtly, telling her to get out of the way, not with fear, as her victims would, but with a tone she had heard some others use with their 'equals.' She doesn't look up at Eldritch though, in fact, she turns away from him, kneeling in front of a pile of rubbish.


"I'm bored. Simple as that." She placed her palm a few inched above a small rat, which glowed as it started to lift off the ground. It squeaked and writhed for a few moments before gasping softly and going limp. Talyn's smile curled tightly.


"My superior is meeting with the council in regards to the incident in Lyre. I'm simply waiting for him to return. I have little to do until then, considering..." She trails off, attention now fully placed upon a mangy hissing cat. She giggles and hisses back.

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For a moment, Eldritch was silent. He ignored the lack of courtesy in her response, and simply stared ahead to observe her actions. By the choice her words, he could conclude that the spectral woman was a member of the Death Scythe guild; and, behind the bone mask he was wearing, a smile twisted on his lips.


"I see you are one of Death Scythe's guild member," his voice was hushed now, "Tell me, though: are you one of us?"




"What shall we do~ What shall we do~" Vivace spoke in a sing-song voice as she spun around Naomi Farbank's empty office like some extravagant top. The Council's message has made its urgency clear. The murder investigation must start, and be concluded, as soon as possible. Mr. Aravis has inserted a thinly veiled threat of cutting some benefits the Phoenix Circle has enjoyed, should they fail to fulfill their duty as The Council's "enforcers" so to speak .

But what could one Elite Member do when the dear leader would not answer the call? Why she shall take the matters into her own hands, of course.

With a final leap, the spell dancer skipped out of her headquarters and took a horse to Lyre.

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