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Chronicle Shorts and Drables

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-Chronicles Shorts-


Ho, Ho, ho! Merry christmas.


Anyway, i bring thee, cute short stories. Some have a moral ideal, others are just for laughing.

They may be original fiction or fanfiction.


First up: Orginal fiction straight out of the world of Eden!





"God": refers to the god Gaviel who is known for having made angels. Angels solely obey to Gaviel and don't consider other gods gods, calling them Spirits or Entities instead.


The Being: is the only Paradox who is still a full Paradox for the fact that if his body dies all Spirits and the whole fabric of space and time shall collapse with him causing the Universe to start all over again.


Gabriel: is a female, but, as every other angel he sees himself as genderless, so he refers to himself always as a "he".


Sammael: Entitled Lucifer the Morning Star Archangel, after his fall he became known as Lucifer the Emperor of Demons, Satan and the Archangel of Death. He isn't really that much of a Satan, he doesn't has horns, nor any kind of tails and the weapon he uses is a Scythe. He mostly appears has either a very poise gorgeous dark winged angel, or as the grim reaper.




Type: Original Fiction


Archangel Gabriel

Fallen Archangel Sammael

The Being

Archangel Michael



Gabriel eyed with despise the abomination that had broke his way into God’s domain. It wasn’t bad enough he had been caught, he was also sharing his cell with that abomination, the Being.


“Cheer up Gabi, the worst he can do to us is tentacle rape!” The Being said to worsen the things.


“Shut up your abomination, you affront to god!”


“Isn’t it about time you broaden you lexicon to insult me?” He asked.


Gabriel felt his eyebrow twitch. Then he heard sound and saw Sammael – Lucifer- in a great black cloak getting closer to the cell, it was time for judgment, but, for his surprise, his brother Michael the archangel was with Lucifer, following him. Had he too betrayed God?


“Sammael you can’t keep Gabriel here, God’s going to throw a fit!” Michael said looking at the cell. “I have come to get him back, before troubles arise in Heaven.”


“Don’t worry, I’m letting them out eventually, when they GIVE ME BACK MY SCYTHE!” Sammael yelled at the two prisoners.


“I no longer have it,” the Being said lifting his hands. “She does! She can give it back.”


“Never!” Gabriel said.


“She’s hiding it on her bra!” The Being whispered to the angels. “If you want I can yank it off her!”


“You traitor! How dare thee speak such nonsense?! And I’m a he!”


“Okay. Tranny’s hiding it on his bra!” The Being corrected. “If you want I can yank it off him!”


Michael smacked his forehead, why wasn’t he surprised. That Scythe stealing prank those two pulled out every now and then was starting to get old and getting to Sammael’s nerves. Very soon the Emperor wasn’t going to joke around anymore and he would beat that Angel and that Paradox senseless, next time they pulled it off.


Regardless, he would have to recover Sammael’s scythe from Gabriel later. Once Gabriel stopped trying to strangle the Being with her own bra.


"Sammael, you should install a security system ont that scythe of yours!" Michael suggested.


"Good luck with that, I'm surprised she hasn't bitten, Gabriel."






"You have issues, you know that, right?" Michael asked.


Sammel stared at Gabriel. "Name me one angel who hasn't..."





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