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Small Glitch in Cottage Scene

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Discovered a small glitch inside the cottage when one is searching for the pieces of the firewood.


In the display at the bottom where it shows which pieces still need to be found (and the found pieces are marked with a red X), one of the wood pieces is incorrectly marked off.


Am I explaining that right? What happened was I found a piece of wood that appeared to be the "end" of a log (a round piece with tree rings visible). However, the same piece in the display list at the bottom remained "open" (meaning it showed that I still needed to find it). I'm guessing the other piece got marked with the X, because I was sitting there trying to figure out where the round-tree-ring piece was (thiking to myself "I'm SURE I already found that one!"). In the end, I noticed a dark piece that looked like bark - it was X'd off as found, but I clicked on it and completed the FROG scene.

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