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The Supreme Evil (open RP)

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Kulina was shocked as she heard the sound of howls in the distance. They were getting louder, and louder. Confused (more so than usual), Kulina quickly snuffed out the tree's fire. What was going on? Were doggies coming to play with them?


As the first wolfman came into view, Kulina jumped and screamed. She had fought them before, and they weren't nice to play with! Why were they coming? To pick on her? That wouldn't do!


The nasty beasts were coming closer! Her attention was ripped from the monsters as she heard a scream from one of her companions. Were they hurt? Did they need to be set on fire? Were they... a birdy now?


Kulina began to skip toward Avarea, convinced that she was now a birdy friend. Avarea was attacking the wolfmen, though, and this was not the time to pet her.


She yelled, and noticed that the monsters were coming towards her, too! "HEY! YOU MEANIES!" she shouted, and hopped up and down. "FIRE BALL!"


A huge ball of flame shot at the beasts, incinerating them. Kulina smiled, and started to yell something about glow sticks and how pretty all of the wolves looked when they were glowing.


One of the monsters attacked her, grabbing her by the arm. Kulina, shocked, shouted the first thing that came to mind, "Shadow stream!" A burst of darkness struck out at the wolf man, sending him to the ground. Kulina didn't know if he was dead, or if he was simply knocked out.

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(:D:D:D I laughed out loud when I read about Kulina. Was she hurt? Did she need to be set on fire? :lol:)


Protagon grinned, creating a black sword out of pure energy. He always enjoyed fighting Wolfmen.

As they reached him, his sword flew. It was constantly changing--some of the creatures were stabbed by a knife or impaled on a spear, some were slashed by a sword or beheaded by an axe, and a few were crushed by a war hammer. Protagon picked up several scratches on his back and arms, but he had recieved so many like them in the past, he didn't even notice the pain. Soon only one was left. He picked it up by the throat and put the tip of his sword--it was staying a sword now--to its stomach.

Suddenly, he noticed a wolflike shadow in front of him--and the sun was behind him. He spun, using the Wolfman as a sort of shield, and watched a Wolfman he hadn't noticed stab its claws into the chest of the one he was holding. He smiled at the surprised creature's expression, then skewered them together on his sword. He tossed them away, then glanced at his companions to see if they needed help.


(Anyone want some help?)

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((Ava should be fine, as she can fly and all. The wolfmen got nothing on her. :D Although Tasha may need some help, as she's just slowly weaving through the crowd and stabbing stuff. She fights much better one on one...))

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Anika raised an eyebrow at Antagon before smiling in a disturbing manor.


"Well, I'm curious about what group of runts your dear brother has managed to scrounge together, and I'm sure you're absolutely dying to know how your treasured servants are fairing" she smiled sweetly, sarcasm dripping from her voice.


With that, she turned around and drew a circle in the air. The air in the circle shimmered, an image slowly emerging from the air.


Anika stared at the image for a moment before quickly stroking the air, checking for counter spells (although she was sure she would have felt them before).


She shook her head, still staring at the image of 100 Wolfmen being completely decimated by three people she didn't recognize, Protogon and...a Griffin?


She let out a low whistle, shaking her head.


"Well. This might actually require some effort" she muttered. Sure, she expected Protogon the put up a fight with his recruits, but she didn't expect this.


A smirk curled onto her lips. This could be fun...


On that ominous thought, she turned heel and walked away, leaving the image in the air.


((...yeah. Anika is a stalker ^^))

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Antagon glared after Anika, waving his hand to remove the image in the air. She had to realize he wouldn't need her alive forever, so why did she continue to provoke him?

He decided to simply ignore it for now. He had other things to worry about--like what to send after the Greater Good after they inevitable destroyed the Wolfmen.

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(I'm assuming the Wolfmen are dead.)


A group of palace guards ran up.

"Prince Protagon, sir," the captain of the guard, John Johnson LXXVI said, "we heard a battle."

"You're a little late," Protagon replied, trying to remove a toothless Wolfman that was trying to chew his leg.

"Uh, yes, sir," John agreed sheepishly. "My men thought you were practicing, so they didn't tell me until they heard growls."

Protagon rolled his eyes and used an energy blast to destroy the Wolfman.


(Feel free to control John Johnson the 76th. You can even change his personality every time he says something, if you want.)

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((OOC: Playpink, I'd like to have Anika and Tollak meet soon, would that be okay with you?))


There's a trickster sitting in a tree, alternating between watching the goings on of one of Antagon's dregs and eating apple segments.


Well, perhaps this might be fun.


A few hours later, he stands before some guards at Castle Evilni.


"I'd like to see the king, please." He claps his hands. "Hurry on now. I've got all day, but I don't think it's really necessary for this to take all day, do you?"




Tanya sat down and closed her eyes.




She couldn't feel any internal injuries and only a few external. She rubbed some paste over those as she looked around. No one looks to be seriously injured, however, now's as good a time as any to at least attempt to make better acquaintances.


She sees a young girl, Tasha, was it? who looks to be hurt.


"Hello, Tasha? Would you like some medical assistance?"

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A guard walked into Antagon's throne room. "Your evil majesty," the guard said, "one of your subjects--Tollak, he calls himself--requests entry."

"Very well," Antagon replied. "Bid him enter."

The guard walked away. Back at the door, he said, "You may enter."

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((Yep, Tollak and Anika meeting would be fuuun))


Tasha made a face at the shallow cuts. She'd gotten worse falling off of a tightrope, or that time she decided it would be a wonderful idea to punch a guy with porcupine quills covering his body for waking her up.


"Ah, yes, thanks" she said at the offer of medical help, hand gingerly ghosting over the worst wound. She winced, wondering if it was such a good idea to be doing this after all. Looking up, she was startled to see the corpse of a wolfman before her, her dagger sticking out of the middle of it's forehead.


Huh. She didn't even remember doing that. The battle had been more of a mix of adrenaline and stabs that relied more on instinct than thought.


A slow grin spread over her face. Okay, so maybe she wasn't giving herself enough credit. Not that she should be getting overconfident or anything


Argh. This was getting confused.




Avarea flapped her wings, sending dust flying through the air as she slowly landed.


She couldn't stop the triumphant crow that bubbled up in her feathered chest at the sight of her shredded opponents, try as she may to stifle to basic animal instincts of the Griffin form she had assumed.


Maybe Vorie was right. Maybe she was losing her mind.


Shaking her head, she trotted over to her dress, picked it up in her beak and walked into the forest.


Biting back a cry of pain, she finished the shift and slipped back into her dress before jogging back into the clearing. There was no animalistic sense of satisfaction now, only disgust at the body strewn clearing.


It smelled awful.


"Ugh" she made a face, barely noticing the newest arrival. "Is all of this trip going to smell like this?" she waved her hand, the other over her nose.




Anika was, to say the least, very intrigued by magic. Finding something she hadn't seen before was a rare, but welcome occurrence. So, when she felt a strange magical presence tugging at the edge of her awareness, she paused her work and carefully examined the new power making it's way towards the castle.


Hm. Odd. Sitting up from her desk, she made a beeline for the presence, carefully summoning up a barrier around herself. It wouldn't do to be caught by this new magic before she could examine it, now would it?


The new magic was coming from a tall man who was standing before Antagon.


Ignoring her employer, she thoughtfully circled the man, examining him head to toe.


"You. What's your name?" she demanded, coming to a stop in front of him. Magic funneled up into her eyes, making them shimmer an eery red colour.


She looked him down again before her eyes settled on his face. Silver. Smooth, silver magic.


The red sheen flickered out of existence as a slow smile crept onto her face. A silver tongue. A useful talent indeed.


She was half tempted to remove her shield out of curiosity, but she wasn't a fool. She knew that no matter how great her powers, she shouldn't dive off into the unknown. She also knew that Antagon would one day tire of her, but she was confident she would survive the inevitable attack. Not even Antagon could get past her wards.


Clucking her tongue, she stored such thoughts away for later. Right now she had to figure out how to subject herself to this mans powers without putting herself at risk.

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"Anika!" Antagon snapped, his eyes glowing intensely. "Get out of the way!" Without waiting for her to comply, he proceeded to say: "Thollak-- or whatever your name is--Why did you want to see me?"

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