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No, not yet, because of the stick bug and the hat is something you can only get in the next demo. But yes the dress can be found. 


It's the reward for helping Elsie.



Hmm, I'll check that. *ten minutes later* Well, I've played through and was able to complete it. :/ Did you already have all the ingredients before talking to him? I'm gonna check some more what might be the problem.


Owh, haha! xD Who knows? Maybe next time ;)

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Nope, I was still searching for ingredients, I had the oats & milk, not the sugar.


Order: Quest Aladdin -> Laywer -> Bluebeard -> Aladdin -> Rumpelstiltkin -> Sugar

Save file: Save2.rxdata


Now I'm ready to finish the demo (as I did before), but Elsie won't say anything else than that she cannot find her house, the hubby says still the same about wanting Elsie to get clever. The lawyer says he'll come this afternoon.


Just read Hide & Seek can be finished too? I should look again... D: Last time she was near the (broken) city wall, does she stay in town?

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Hmm, I'll check it. Thanks for the save.


Yes, it can be finished and she does stay in town, though for her last hiding spot:


she's inside one of the buildings.



Edit: Okay, I haven't been able to pin point why it happened, but I've redid the way how they do variables, so it won't happen again. Anyway, here's your fixed save file.

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