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Paradoxal Tales - Rumpelstiltskin

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Wait, how is the one on the far left different from the one on the far right? They're both styled after the XP RTP right? Did you use different generators for them somehow? I'm confused!


Looseleaf's characters are basically tall versions of the VX style characters, so it's not like they're a different style. And the reason why the tall version exist is because of the popularity of Mack's tileset, which is a tall version of the VX tileset with some extra stuff added.


I'm partial to the tall sprites, so I'd suggest you use the Looseleaf sprites, then browse for Mack's tilesets to fit the tall sprites. Leave the midgets for midgets, like dwarves or imps and little kiddies.


You can pick up Mack's tilesets here: http://vxresource.wordpress.com/category/resources/tilesets/

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Loseleaf sprites look nice, though if you plan on using Loseleaf characters I think you should get one for Anini too. The small, regular VX sprite looks weird in comparison to a gigantic Loseleaf one.


Other than that... the first screenie really got my attention. Considering Anini to be jealous of everyone around her husband, but she goes around asking people to put their hands under her skirt. Fishy. xD

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I bring thee updates.

Mwhahaha! I am winning Karma! >.> for now that is. Okay, so keeping a gazillion backups EVERYWHERE is being useful for once and even though my computer has been sabotaging my work, it’s walking slowly.

Anyway, I bring a small concept of cute little Justine.




Justine is the character to whom the Being (Paradox) is telling this story. Justine is a 6 year old kid, but he… she… it… is very smart. Anyway, Justine is the first character you meet in the story and at some points he is actually playable.



Troll: OMG! That kid can only be the super secret awesome blah of blah and blah!


You don't say. Once again, what matters here is not rather the wish comes true or not, but what Anini is ready to pay for it.

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