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Run Away.. Or Die Trying- R.P (Remade)

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I found this old topic and it seems like fun! Here it is if you want here it is.


I believe the rules are there so let's start.


One thing I will change is there are 2 teams The Good Luck and The Bad Luck (self explanatory).


Please PM me if you want to be part of this. I will assign you a character or a monster/villain(if your Bad Luck) or random event (either)(you choose but there is no limit to all of this I will edit this post when you join)(you choose what type)




There are 3 orphans trying to escape a vampire's grasp. Each of the orphans have a skill or two. Orphan 1 (Sam) has healing abilities. Orphan 2 (Stacey) Has dark powers that flexes dark matter.

Orphan 3 (Blair) can flex light (photons).


Each of them must escape with out harm. They also mustn't encounter starvation, thirst, and lack of sleep. To prevent or cause is your choice.

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