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Black Hearted Love

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Sorry guys but it's been a kitchen renovation and I had to help out and a case of writer's block b/c I had no idea what would happen next(not believing I would get so far into it)so I had no time what so ever finish a chapter but now it's done


Ch 10: Landran Academy


Today we finally reached Aldrion as usual we stopped by the weapon and armor shops and bought new and better equipment for all of us.

After exploring the city we asked directions and wound our way over to the academy which has six tower one being the teachers tower the other representing the forms of classes they teach which are Warrior,Magician,Espionage,SwordMagicians and Healers.About three stories high it was a old fort that was abandoned until five friends of each class turned it into a school for the gifted.


At The gate we were asked for tokens which turned out to be a strange purple coin with the school insignia on it we didn't have any and insisted we were to come here so the guard took us to the headmaster a tall thin balding man about forty seven. I gave him the letter from the Diviner as he read it his mouth turned into a smile which lingered as spoke to us


"Welcome to the Academy Misses Solinda and Acelia also to Misters Galen And Zander let us go through your sorting" as he said this he moved toward the door then out clearly expecting us to follow and we did.


He lead us to the courtyard to a stone amphitheater where we were put with many other people in lines, I was placed in a line with other Swordmagicians,Galen with other warriors Zander with the Magicians and Acelia with the Espionage group as a woman came up and said


"Welcome Children,you all want to learn the secrets Landran can teach you,but first we must weed out those who don't have what it takes and sort you into your Houses.Beyond these door lies challenges especially for that house,if you pass them that is your house but if you don't you shall have to take it for another house and if you don't succeed in any you are sent away from the Academy"


When she finished I could feel as well as hear the tension and nervousness of the room. But the Woman came up again and started to call up people by their last names.


I watched as people began to enter the rooms and I watched silently as Galen was called up and I crossed my fingers for luck. I watched people go until they called my name


"Dravien,Solinda" The woman said


My feet fell rooted to the ground and it felt like I had vultures flying around in my stomach but I forced myself from my spot toward the door I could hear my heart beat in my ears but I grab the door knob and open the door and just beyond it is a strong and stern looking woman with a wooden sword in her hand.As I approached I saw her glance me over and say


"take a sword and come at me with the intention to kill" I moved toward a table with a wooden sword on it not taking my eyes off her for a second and analyzing her as a opponent she was a large strong woman and power and strength were deffiently her fighting style but I shouldn't underestimate her and speed and accuracy are vital to this battle. She suddenly rushed at me holding her sword at her left hip looking to strike upwards but i rushed and swatted her sword aside and danced out of the way we both knew that the sword has not my weapon by the way I held it like it was about to fall at any moment but as I faced her I saw on the back of the room a table and wall covered with weapons but on the wall right behind her was a bow and arrows If only I could get to it I might have a chance but my thoughts were broken in my her charging at me her but I managed to block her sword mere inches from my face in my right hand I gathered a ball of fire and and threw it at her face then made a dash to the bow and arrows grabbing them and stringing a arrow when she was ten feet from me with her sword above her head stopped mid charge by the arrow pointed at her, She lowered her sword and said


"Congratulations you have passed"


I felt the knot of worry and fear in my stomach melt away and I unstrung my bow and put it back the exited out the other door toward a hall with Galen who told me his trial was all about strategy and we both waited for Zander and Acelia.


When they did we all celebrated for they also passed. The same woman said for us to line up into columns and the Headmaster came up and gave a speech on how our lives in the Academy would be and then they called us up by name to receive our school clothes. Galen got a red robed, Zander a blue one, Acelia got a black robe and I got a puple one.Afterward we were separated into groups and shown around the school and eventually to bed. And for the first time ever I felt truly content.

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