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Out of the Box – The adventures of K.Aer and K.Saurva

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I am alive! Sort off. This last month of college is being hetic! I barely have time to breathe.


Anyway, some time ago d_A give me four nekos. a Kitty Saurva and a Kitty Aerongoth (who have been neglecting)and the chibbyyaoinekos. And the other day i got two male cats and named them Saurva and K.Aer after the nekos d_A drew for me.


Anyway, Saurva is a house cat and never leaves the home, he's calm and obedient.


K.Aer, on the other hand, is a bloody half-stray cat who raises havock! So my mother sent him to be castrated so he would stop chasing the other cats and maybe calm down a little so we could keep him inside.


One of my neighbours is a cat killer, so keeping cats out of your home is prone to losing them.


It worked. But now female cats are crazy about him, he's like their big sister (and now he harrases poor Saurva double the time!).


Because of this, I decided to write this shorts, about my story original versions of K.Aer (Kity Aerongoth) and K.Saurva (Kitty Saurva).


Anyway, the Box is how I call the folder where I store character profiles, plots, species descriptions and stuff, so I thought it would be a good name for this story.



This is just for the laughs, don't take anything seriously.


Episode 1 – Big Sister K.Aer


Mel: K.Aer! *yelling outside of the room*


K.Saurva: *on his desk meddling with the camera* What did you do this time?


K.Aer: What makes you think I did something? *harassing the chibyyaoinekos*


K.Saurva: The obvious fact that Mel is about to kick our door down?




Mel: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/A_195.gif[/img] Cat Aerongoth! You are in big troubles, Cat mister!


K.Saurva: See?


K.Aer: Hiiiii Mel! *lets chibbyyaoinekos go, who run away back into the yaoi corner*


Mel: *eyebrow twitching. Shows him a cat girl with tiny k.aer-looking-dragon-hybrid-cat babies on her hands* HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY CAT GIRLS?! I don’t need little abominations of impossibility running around my already very chaotic mind…


K.Aer: That was not me!


Catbabies: *breathe fire like a dragon baby*


K.Aer: That baby’s father must be *puts glasses on* on fire! YEAAAAAAH!




K.Aer: *flinches, and puts glasses away, lifts hands up* Okay, so he’s a dragon cat, but you have A LOT of dragons!


CatGirl: Hi, I haven’t seen you, have you been avoiding me?


K.Aer: No sweety! Of course not! *under breath* IjustsneakedoutinthemiddleofthenightbecauseIcouldn’tbothertobeannoyed.


Mel: *frown* Aerongoth much?


*meanwhile in the Mary Sue Retirement Home*


Aerongoth: *sneeze* Okay! Who's badmouthing me?!


*Back to the cats room*


K.Aer: Okay, maybe it was me… But see, she was on heat and so was I. Oh come on! We are in April, it is cat season!


Mel: Kitty Saurva never goes around doing that stuff! *points at kitty Saurva*


K.Saurva: Hey! Leave me out of this!


K.Aer: Oh come on! He’s clueless! He’s Saurva! He’s old-school d_Agas Saurva!


You know well that *puts glasses on, again* his brain is elsewhere! YEAAAAAH!


K.Saurva: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/093_.gif[/img]


Mel: *frowns. Breathes in deeply* You hit on every new catgirl who comes to the Box, you really want me to believe you that it is heat? What about the Christmas incident?


K.Aer: Santa arrived *puts glasses again, for the third time* early this year! YEAAAAH!!


K.Saurva: I hate when he does that... width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/093_.gif[/img]


Mel: Grrrr! This is the last time I let you watch CSI Miami!


K.Aer: I’m a man, it’s part of my nature to run around after girls! Come on! You should be proud of me; I’m probably one of the last men on this house who isn’t bi, gay or confused!


You somehow managed to make every male character of yours with dubious orientation! Even the straight ones. At least I'm not dubious.


Mel: That just because you're a shameless womanizer and that doesn’t change the nature of your action. But since it’s in your nature… *puts a leash on K.Aer* We’re going for a ride.


K.Aer: Wait?! Where are we going to. *hugs Saurva so he can’t go* Help me Saurva! She’s going to stuff me in a bag and dump me somewhere!


Mel: *drags K.Aer* Much worst! I'm going to fix your nature!


K.Saurva: *shoves K.Aer off* Have fun in our ride. *watches them leave* Your gender is about to get *puts K.Aer’s glasses on* bent! YEEAAAAAH!


K.Aer: DO NOT joke with my references! Horatio is epic! *dragged away*


K.Saurva: If she turned him to a girl he would deserve it!


[/color]*3 days later, Common Room*


Anini: Aren’t you worried she might have gotten rid of Kitty Aerongoth?


K.Saurva: *surrounded by cat girls* Hope not, cause we’re the only catboys around here, and if he’s gone, these girls are never going to leave me alone.


Anini: Why does she has so many catgirls, they don’t even have names?


K.Saurva: Oh, their part of her species profiles, that’s why they are around. According to the profile they kidnap cat-humanoid-males and drag them to their clan so they can become their personal servants.


Anini: They want to make you their servant? *evil grin*


K.Saurva: Turn your creepy mind somewhere else! I’m not into that stuff…




You’re not into anything *Edward-cullen sparkles of awesomeness and shoujo (shounen-ai) hotness*


Mel: We’re back! And K.Aer had a personality check.


K.Aer: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/onion_club_manga_emoticon_large_066.jpg[/img] I wouldn’t call that a personality check. I’m not okay with it, you heartless witch, but I’ll live through it. I guess you can say…




K.Aer: Oh come on, after what you did to me? You could threaten to feed me to Aesma I would be unphased by it! You can actually do it that it won’t what you just did to me!


Mel: Mwhahahaha!width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/100.gif[/img] We’ll I’ll let you two catch up *leaves laughing evily*.


K.Saurva: You’re alive!


Catgirls: Oh! You look strong! *catgirls push Saurva out of the way and surround K.Aer* Hey big sister! What’s your name?


K.Saurva: Big Sister?!


K.Aer: I just got *puts glasses on* Demoted! YEA… THIS IS NOT FUNNY MEL! YOU HEARTLESS WITCH! *teary* width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/lighteffect.gif[/img]




Catgirls: What’s wrong Big Sister, why you sad?


K.Aer: That witch! How could she! *gets on his knees, dramatic pose * width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/009_v2.gif[/img] I was proud MAN! I was a proud CAT… MAN!


K.Saurva: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Confuso.gif[/img] Drama aside… what did she do to you?


K.Aer: *stare* You know when cat owners don’t want cats to spray their territory?


K.Saurva: Like you do?


K.Aer: Don’t want them to run around late at night getting the maximum female cats they can?


K.Saurva: Like you do?


K.Aer: Don’t want their male cats to get into fights with other cats?


K.Saurva: Like you do! Yes, I know.


K.Aer: *on his knees, dramatic pose again* width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/009_v2.gif[/img] How do they deal with it?


K.Saurva: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/images-7.jpg[/img] No!


K. Aer: Yes…


K.Saurva: Where did she got a vet who would actually do it? I mean, you’re a nekomata, not a cat!


K.Aer: You know that crazy cientist who likes to play golf with zombie heads, the one from her L4D fanfiction?


K.Saurva: Yes.


K.Aer: *tail between legs* I met his chainsaw.



K.Saurva: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Noooooo.gif[/img]

Catgirls: Don’t be upset big sister! You are beautiful!


K.Aer: I am NOT a woman! *death glare at cat girls*


Catgirls: *flinch back*


K.Saurva: *sticks his hand down K.Aer’s pants*


K.Aer: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Espanto3.gif[/img]


K.Saurva: I beg to differ! *snicker*


K.Aer: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/lighteffect.gif[/img]


Catgirls: Yey! Then big sister can go take a shower with us and protect us from the pervy otakus! We’ll wash your back, and braid your hair!


K.Aer: Really? width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Aaaaaacantiknya.gif[/img]


Catgirls: *nod*


K.Aer: I think I just *puts glasses on* got in with the ladies!YEH!


K.Saurva: width=300http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk202/night-mel/emoticon/Furioso.gif[/img] Shut up! Or I'll hit you!




More coming soon.

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Glad you liked it.

Art of the two for you:

Click me for cats


Episode 2 - Best Buddies Meme


Okay! You two, sit there! I have nothing better to do so I’m gonna test this meme I just made up on you!


1. Okay present yourselves!


Kaer: Hello, The name’s Kaer and this my best buddy Saurva, or Kitty Saurva, I call him Sau.


K.Saurva: Yo…


2. Awww such good buddies. I’ma call you Buddy 1 – K.Saurva and Buddy 2 – K.Aer, okay? Okay! So tell me, what makes your friendship work?


K.Saurva: He’s a histrionic lunatic.


K.Aer: Am not… He’s a sexually frustrated blockhead.

K.Saurva: What?! So am not!


KAer: Virgin… But, basically he keeps me serious and real and prevents me from being over-emotional or clichéd and I give him the spark and style.

3. So what do the two of you do together?


K.Saurva: Cosplay…


K.Aer: Dress up…


K.Saurva: Pranks.


K.Aer: We play videogames.


K.Saurva: We also argue a lot.


K.Aer: And makeout.


K.Saurva: You mean make up, you perverted lun!


K.Aer: We fight *gives Saurva a masterlock*


4. Where do you come from?


K.Saurva: We come from the same place.


K.Aer: Old School d_A Nangy’s underground lab, where he makes clones and stuff…


K.Saurva: We’re clones.


K.Aer: He cloned us by the rule of d_A.


K.Saurva: Also completely breaking the forth wall!


5. Let’s see how much you know of each other. Buddy 1, tell us of the worst thing that ever happened to Buddy 2?


K.Saurva: I’d say worst that ever happened to K.Aer was he being castrated.


K.Aer: That heartless witch.


K.Saurva: Now he has no ding-dongs. One of these days he’ll start sounding like Justin Bieber!



K.Aer: This baby just got*puts glasses on* Ooooed!



K.Saurva: -.- not funny.



6. Oooh! That’s bad. Okay, buddy number 2, share with us buddy 1’s deepest secret!


K.Aer: That one is easy! He is jealous of Yaoi Saurva!


K.Saurva: I so am not! You just made that up.


K.Aer: What you want me to do!? You have no dirty secrets! You no fun!


K.Saurva: I have secrets, that’s why they are SECRETS.


K.Aer: What’s your secret?


K.Saurva: I’m not going to tell you! If I announced it in a radio it would still be better guard than with you.


K.Aer: Awww…


7. That’s a real secret! Describe your best bud in three words!


K.Aer: Stubborn, blockhead, clueless.


K.Saurva: Perverted, insane, GAY!


K.Aer: I am so not gay!


K.Saurva: Have you even seen how you’re dressed? That has gay… wait, did you ransack Gammal’s wardrobe or something?!


K.Aer: Sure did, his wardrobe is arabesque, it was so much fun. Did you know that Gammal is actually a tittle? Cool, huh? I want a cool title like that!


K.Saurva: McNutless Gay? How about that tittle?


K.Aer: I am not gay!


K.Saurva: You have gay written all over, even you voice is becoming Bieberized.


K.Aer: I got my balls cut off, what you expected? Gackt kind of voice?! Hello! *does deep gackt voice* You see gay everywhere! I’m starting to think I was right with that “jealous of yaoi Saurva” thing!


8. A song that describes your buddy?


K.Saurva: I can’t decide, by Scissor Sisters!


KAer: I can’t decide, rather you should live or die! Though you’d probably go to heaven, please don’t hang your head and cry!


I actually sound like the scissor sisters!


Saurva’s song would be “Want you Gone” by GLaDOS!


K.Saurva: I do love that song!


K.Aer: Fatty, no parents!


K.Saurva: That’s Wheatley, you Moroon.


K.Aer: I am not a… *mimicks King Leonidas* MOROOOOON!


K.Saurva: He loves doing references.


9. Good songs, good songs! Tell me one person your buddy hates!


K.Aer: Humm… Aeron.


K.Saurva: He’s a bad example of a man!


K.Aer: Meaning, if Sau here ever married a woman, he would be uke like Aeron XD.

But come on, Aeron is pretty cool, ye, over-clichéd hero, but okay.


K.Saurva: *grunt* Shut up, you hate Anini.


K.Aer: Oh come on! The bloody witch prefers to *censured due to spoilerific content*…

Did I just got censured?


K.Saurva: Yep.


10. I can see why you dislike those two. And who is your buddy’s hero?


K.Saurva: Bogeyman!


K.Aer: Pyramid Head is old school! I want the 2 meters tall dude with the sledgehammer and a raincoat!


K.Saurva: You don’t need to go too far. The new Gammal has axe and a long raincoat looking attire.


K.Aer: I said Bogeyman, Silent Hill Bogeyman, not the raincoat killer from that weird lame horror game that’s trying to mimic Silent Hill but that still beat Silent Hill Homecoming in terms of plot and mystery!

And, he’s average height…


K.Saurva: Who’s my hero?


K.Aer: d_A’s Aesma!


K.Saurva: My role model *-* And the only d_A Daeva who seems to have a sane mind. Now that’s a real demon!


K.Aer: I like that one! *points to tiny yaoi Aesma eating a grandfather clock*


K.Saurva: -.-‘ She’s supposed to grow up… eventually… one day.


11. What’s your buddies smexual orientation?


K.Aer: Straight Uke, if that’s possible! *troll face*


K.Saurva: McNutless!


K.Aer: Not funny!


K.Saurva: Okay, assexual retired womanizer.


K.Aer: I’m going to get Mel to castrate you!


12. How about some fanservice?


K.Aer: Certainly! If Mel dignates herself to draw some that is…


K.Saurva: Not doing it!


13. How about some, makeout session?


K.Aer: *puts lipstick on*


K.Saurva: And you don’t want me to call you gay… -.-


K.Aer: *kisses K.Saurva just for the sake of annoying him, even licks the side of his face* Muach!


K.Saurva: Eww! You’re gross! *hits him and goes disinfect face*


K.Aer: Awww, it’s so easy to troll Sau XD. Ouch… *rubs face* that hurt… WORTH IT!


14. Would you go out with your best friend?


K.Saurva: No!


K.Aer: Yes…


K.Saurva: What?!


K.Aer: Just kidding!! It’s more of a maybe.


K.Saurva: I think the song “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys!” by Katy Perry would be more fitting for you.


K.Aer: And you don’t even like, and you don’t even like, and you don’t even LIIIIIKE BOYS!


15. That’s good to know. Important last question, what kind of kiss does your friend like?


K.Aer: I have no idea… No kind?


K.Saurva: Ear lick…


KAer: Ye, I do love that, that sure is a sexy kind of… HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!


16. Great! Thank you for your time! I see a lot of future friendship. Lastly, how did you know that’s his kind of kiss?


K.Aer: Idiot!*storms out*


K.Saurva: I… Hummm… I Tag you! *runs away* Wait up, McNutless Gay!


K.Aer: *Censured* you! And quit censuring me, Mel!

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