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[Mystery Kinetic Novel] Twin Faces

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Oh good lord I've forgotten to post this here orz


"The action of remembering is already a sign of repentance."



For Milicent, turning her back from her dream isn't an easy job.


She had left behind everything as she leaves the military: her life, her dreams, her joy and her only hope on actually "living". Even those emotions and memories she knew she had forgotten long ago... she knew she'd be leaving them behind. But then, another thing she thought she left behind had actually remained with her all the time. And it was a "split personality" that is inside her.


Of course, she has nothing to do with her. She actually treats her more like a burden than what this personality claim as a "sister". As she tries desperately to get rid of her, she opens up a past she had hidden long ago, and to remember all the bitter memories she tries to forget.


Note: This is some sort of "sequel" for Soul and Heart. May require playing it first to understand this more, but both are open-ended.







Story, Sprites and Script - Lumen

OhMhaiGosh- CG Help

azureXtwilight - Beta-testing, a bit of CG help

Kirroha - ???'s giggling

Jamendo, SENTIVE, Neosounds, wakaba-music, Rengoku Teien - Music

Samu-kun's photographs and some Japanese site I lost the link into - Filtered Photographs for BGs



Nb3Tws.png ixiOBs.png Z0j5xs.png 7OOiHs.png



Windows Download

Mac Download

Linux Download

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I think that, all in all, the game was very nice. Beautiful artwork, and the opening music was a very fitting melody - the softness of it conveyed, to me, a feeling of both nostalgia and haunting. Like past ghosts, I suppose. 'Unsatisfied' was a very dramatic track, which tied in with the scene as well - however, it wasn't my favorite since it was more...loud? Bold? Well, along those lines - when put in contrast to the story, I think it was certainly fitting. I think my favorite track was, however, Usual Days. 'In Darkness' was another track that I liked - it conveyed a sense of helplessness to me (which pretty much highlights Millicent's relationship with ??? at first...)


The storyline and CGs both were beautiful, even though I thought that in contrast to the concept art, the CG where Mae asks Millicent whether she wants to get rid of her is... well, not as evil. If I look at it apart from the storyline it seems much more happy than it is evil-cheerful... My favorite CG was angry!Milice. ^_^


Again, I must compliment your sprite style as well, since you only color the eyes - it adds to the 'monotone' and also, in this matter, 'creepiness'. It's probably just me, of course. However short, it was a great VN.

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Thank you so much for your review, diamondmist! :)



If you mean the last scene with Milice and Mae in the chamber with all those sparkling, it really is supposed to be like that. :D

*end spoiler*

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