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So you want to role play as a warrior, cat, elf, etc.? Where here's some RPs to try out.


Mind you, most of these are ~active-ish so please read the first post of each thread in case there are any restrictions.


If players want to add summaries about what each RP is about, feel free to post here and I'll add it. Otherwise, I'm just going to provide the link.


"Where the Words Go: An Amaranthian Tale" RP Thread

Where the Words Go: An Amaranthian Tale (RP Sign-Up Sheet)


A Brief Guide to RP'ing


A Wonderland RP?


Aftermath - A Free Jousting RP


Aveyond Academy RP - Coming Soon


Baka Rangers Assemble!!!! >:3 RP Thread

Calling All Baka Rangers! (sign-up sheet)


Belon's curse (RP link)


Blevia (RP all are welcome)


Bubble baths (the soap opera RP)


Careworn: Simple RP (INFORMAL)


Charon 5 (official)


Children of the Eye – RP Thread


Children of the Moon [Discussion Thread]

Children of the Moon [iC Thread]


Chnge The Destiny Rp




Dragon Lord Academy Finals : An RP Quest


Duskwood High ** (Vampire RP Disscussion/sign-ups) **

Duskwood High ** (Vampire RP) **


Elvarica vs. Daemonia (Open RP)


Enter an RP Tournament


Galdoon (Character sign up!)

Galdoon (The Angels Clash!) RP


Guardians of the Seventh Relic...A freeform RPG


Guild Life Journeys :: RP Sign-ups and Discussion


Guilds Saga- A new RP? SLOTS ADDED!

Guilds Saga- RP Thread


Harvest Moon RP [sign-Ups and Discussion]




Kleptin's Fighter Pit


Labyrinth rp


Layman's Guide to Roleplay


Legends of Nerimue- RP


Magic, Demon, and ect. R.P


Meranian Crystal RP Sign Ups

Meranian Crystal RP Thread




Pokemon (fan) RP


R.p about Teen life


Riddle Palace - A Riddle RP


Ridgaellan Prep- A curious RP


Roleplay Revival!!


RP Fan Gossip & Discussion Thread


RP- "The Last Stand to the Land of the Dead"


RP: Aveyond: The Sword of Shadows


RP: Moonas Jurny (sign up)


RP: The Medical Field


Run Away.. Or Die Trying [if in this r.p read this as soon as possible]

Run Away.. Or Die Trying- R.P

Run Away.. Or Die Trying- R.P (Remade)


Runaways RP


Shichi Rangers (sign up)


Spirituallya Academy - a rp- NEEDS MORE PEOPLE AND TEACHERS!

The Asylum Escape RP


The Children of the Eye – RP Sign Up (Warnings)


The Fate of Jumi's Race - RP Thread


The Fight for Independence -RP (open spots)


The Future of Witchcraft (RP)


The Master RP Sign Up Thread

The Master RP Thread


The Quest to save the Queen- Adventure RP


The Rollercoaster RP

Rollercoaster RP [sign-up sheet]


The Supreme Evil (open RP)

The Supreme Evil (RP Sign Up)


The Three Sides - RP thread

The Three Sides RP - SIGN UPS!!! (STARTED!!!!)


The Unexpected (RP Sign Up)


The Wars of the Roses RP?


Vampire Territory -r.p


Velacia RP - RP Thread

Velacia RP Sign Ups 2

Velacia RP- Sign Ups


Verite -- Danse Macabre RP


Waves of Destiny

Waves of Destiny : Discussion and Sign-ups thread


Witchrot (RP)


Wonderful Objects





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Just adding an RP thread I haven't seen in this sub-forum. Guess people didn't know it was a roleplay thread because there's no "RP" in the title


[u rl=http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=17033&forum=6]Wonderful Objects[/url] (Astra's Wonderland RP thread)/

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