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My Aveyond stuffs. Well, generally anyway. There's probably gonna be some crossover thingies, but yeah...


Pairing alert where it's due. Because I like to title my art with fancy schmancy names and in this new thread you can't exactly see the thumbnails...


Pairing key:

*) T/G = Te'ijal/Galahad

*) A/R = Agas/Rhen

*) E/S = Eithera/Saurva

*) G/M = Gyendal/Mel

If there are any other weird pairings popping up in my pictures that isn't normal even for me, I'll be sure to let you know.


Gallery directory:

- Agas through the years

- Similarity in difference

- Indra design sheet

- Zarich design sheet

- Aveyond/Avatar:The Last Airbender crossover

- Chocolat ala Crack (all crackships)

- Avatar: The Legend of Daevas

- Gyendal rough design sheet

- Reign of Darkness (G/M)

- Love Conquers (A/R)

- Dawn of Twilight (A.k.a AV3 shoujo manga prank faux-cover)

- Karasushitsuji/The Raven Butler

- Daeva from other games

- Realism portraits

- Our Love is Black and White (G/M)

- Character roster (nearly all the PCs in all 3 Aveyonds)

- Handicrafts

- Fanmade Aveyond title covers

- Aveyond Weekly not-cover

- Doujin pages

- Memento of the Past

- Te'ijal pencil portrait

- Sun Guardian

- Father and Son

- Saurva design sheet

- Druid of Darkness

- Gyendal art collab

- AV1 Pirate AU comic scrap

- Vocaloid/Aveyond crossover: Kagamine Lars and Rhen

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A jab at how my Aveyond AU began: It all started when I had Agas kind of become a second Dameon. After all Agas didn't really like having Dameon on their side, and he knew of Indra's fortune-telling thingy (Rhen must be lured over to the dark side). So if HE was the one to lure Rhen over to the dark side before Dameon, maybe he could convince Ahriman to ditch Dameon for being a failure or something. He has a powerful tool on his side: Him being in Dreamland. Putting suggestions to Rhen via dreams sounds nifty, no?

The plot's since changed, though, but whatever.

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Name: Indra

Age: 4612 (as per AV3)

District: Vitaresh

Daeva domain: Water

Species: Frost elemental-vampire (for the lack of better word)

Status: "In a not-quite-complicated relationship" (read: dating both Nanghaithya and Saurva)

Bio: Indra is the only daeva to be in full control of herself in Fury form, an extremely rare skill for a demon to have. That is how she became daeva, as elemental-vampires are generally considered low-class beasts and hardly anyone paid any attention to them. Indra prefers to remain in her Fury form, which, under the influence of her domain, caused her to look like she was formed out of fluid.

D_A's Comment: More to come. I still haven't revealed her true form yet.

I totally feel like I'm working on a project remaking Aveyond into a WOW-style game. I swear I'm not. I'm just doing this for the lulz.

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Name: Zarich

Age: 3050 (as per AV3)

District: Kunda-Zahhak

Daeva domain: Darkness

Species: Felqennaq

Bio: Zarich is a Ripper (not to be confused with Reapers), an elite form of the felqennaqoi. Zarich keeps the souls he harvested in beads that he wears on a chain, unlike other Rippers who consume the souls. Other than the Common Demon language, Common Man, and Common Elfish, Zarich can speak, read, and write in more than 100 tribal demon languages, 10 Elfish languages, 73 human languages, the language of the Dead, and has some knowledge of the Celestial Dragon language.

D_A's Comment: And... you now see Zarich's face under that ugly mask. Yes, that derpy face that kinda looks like an O.O emoticon. THAT is Zarich's real face. Isn't he so cute?

Zarich's staff right there? Can turn into a scythe. The scythe's blade is a magic projection from the orb, but can cut. So. Think light sabre from Star Wars. But a scythe.

Zarich is the resident language master, as stated in the bio. The only one who could beat him is probably the Oracle. In case you're wondering, in my headcanon there's a bajillion of tribal languages for any given species, so yeah.

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Aveyond: The Last Orb-User. Or something.

Once upon a time, somebody commented that Gyendal in a hood apparently looks like Zuko in a hood. And after a while, I noticed that other than the color-scheme and minor design differences, Gy's regular outfit looks sort of like Zuko's gAang outfit. D_A-verse-TDP-Gy really pulls the Emo-Zuko look awesomely.






It's surprisingly fun. And I totally forgot how to draw Gyendal earlier, so now he looks a bit too young. Bleerp :S


And the rest of the cast cannot fit anywhere, and the best I could do to force everything to fit is put Ulf as Aang and Galahad as Iroh and makes absolutely no sense so I'm leaving you with just this.

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Faux chocolate advertisement/poster/whatever for my headcanon pairings.



Eithera/Saurva: Just roll with it. Happened because me and the_AdeptRogue decided to pair all seven daevas with random good guys. And Saurva is still the woman in the relationship.



Agas/Rhen: The very reason I even have a crack AU in the first place and the least reasonable pairing ever, yet it's the most normal couple among my crackships :S



Te'ijal/Galahad: Yes, I can like canon pairings too. Hooray! :D I count this as crack because it being Canon Crack doesn't make it any less cracky. Galahad is a vampire in this picture because I said so. My fanon says that Te'ijal duped Galahad into drinking bottled human blood for the lulz.


Gyendal and Mel is pending because their chocolate is so hard to design.


The chocolates, the flavours names, the ingredients, and the things the people are holding have symbolism of sorts and there's a specific reason why they are what they are. Too lazy to re-write the big wall of text, so allow me to redirect you to the Deviantart version. If you care.

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Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Thunder, Darkness, Sun. For many years, the land of Ashth Pereth enjoyed peace and harmony under the rule of the Sun King. Then everything changed when the king died without naming an heir. Lords and generals waged war to claim the right for the throne, and the land was rent asunder. It is up to the daevas, the guardians of the elements, to stop the war and prevent the destruction of the entire realm.


*rubs hands together* Ahh, I'm so glad I finally got this done and over with... :party:


Narration borrowed from the Airbender intro narration, but the poster is from Korra. Yeah, so sue me. See, originally I wanted to make a crossover with Avatar The Last Airbender as an epic reveal moment to show Indra, Nanghaithya, Zarich, and Saurva's real faces, but I seriously can't put Zarich in the Air Nomad clothes because it's just TOO RIDICULOUS. Had to toss him out of the picture, boohoohoo :roll: That's why I went with Korra. The Fire Ferret team consist of Water, Fire, and Earth, which suits my purpose well.


I'm so bad at composition... It's really awful. I tried my best, but it just fails. So... yeah. Now you know what they all REALLY look like.


Saurva's huge feet is on purpose. He does have huge feet. Indra's hair is frizzy, because I said so. Nanghaithya's dreadlocks turn into vines when he feels like it. And he makes plants grow out of that random rock he's standing on. That castle thingy in the background is a random castle thingy from a photo. Yay.

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T.T Sorrrrrrry, I've only watched "The Last Airbender" - haven't tried "Legend of Korrrrrra" yet.

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Still, READ THE DARN DESCRIPTION. I wrote there that the one who's supposed to be the Airbender, Zarich, looks STUPID in the orange Airbender clothes, so I ditched him.

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This was supposed to be a fanart and stuff. All nicely drawn, if rather stiff looking. Then I doodled all over the paper. Now it turned into a rather scratchy character ref-sheet. Derp.


One of these days, I'm going to discover I have somehow made a remake of Aveyond in the style of my AU-verse and I wouldn't even realize I've done it and be surprised and stuff.


It's not that I don't put effort into my own original stuff. I do. It's just that I'm too paranoid about art-thievery that the only thing I dare freely spew all over the interwebs is my fanart stuff.


Maybe I should just use this as my school project. Blah.



Gyendal has a skinny, bony face and body. His eyes are pointy and sharp-looking. He has dark circles under his eyes, and not because he's a vamp. He just doesn't sleep enough.


I'm sure that body concept is bollocks. I'm not sure whether or not people with longer shoulder blades means they have broader shoulders and whether or not it causes problems. Can't really find anything about it, so... Also about the legs. I sort of have a kangaroo in mind when I made the concept. Thick legs --> Firm stand on the ground. Whether or not this idea actually works on a human body is up in the air for me.


The skinny hourglass-ish body is definitely real though. Take a look at this. Yeah.

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Presenting the Queen of Darkness Mel Darkthrop and her [d]pet[/d] [d]slave[/d] [d]minion[/d] consort Lord of Twilight Gyendal Ravenfoot.


May darkness be upon you all.


So, reuploading all my old stuffs that I like. BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. I still don't really like this new art forum. I don't get as much comments *is a comment-loving hog*


Done traditionally and manually, with nib pens and ink and real screentones on paper. The only Photoshopping that I did is scanning and cropping the image.

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Tools: Manga manuscript paper, white ink, copic markers, Maru pens, Sumi ink. Photoshop for cropping and resizing.


Agas/Rhen, older art so pardon the epic fail. And they're a sparkly shoujo couple. Deal with it!


Also, screentone abuse. And I'm quite sure I'm still being less screentone-happy than half of the published shoujo mangaka out there.

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A faux cover I made based on Kirroha's Shoujo AV3 prank. I know it's your common shoujo manga plot, but considering the cast? It sounded like something I'd make if I was drunk. Or high. Or both. Or at least a fellow G/M shipper who is more capable of fangirl-squeeing than I am. Heavens knows that those kind of people exist.


Lots of weird symbolism going on in the pic. Notice that Gy and Mel's hands are pretty much in the same position? It's supposedly some kind of weird puppeteering, except the strings/ropes are all tangled up. That thing behind Gy is a mirror, if you haven't noticed already. Because mirrors are often used to symbolize illusion. And the illusion is....? Er, something that we will never know because the not-summary did not tell us anything.


And yay for googly shoujo eyes. I feel like I'm 14 again, because this is what my people drawing looks like. Giant eyes, unnaturally skinny bodies and arms, pointy chin, round-ish face... Geh.


Incidentally, I ended up using the title "Dawn of Twilgiht for my AV3 fangame.

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Because Sebastian is as creepy, if not creepier than Gyendal, although Sebastian is prettier. I've taken to calling Sebastian "Gyendal" nowadays. Except for when talking about him in anime forums. Inevitable crossover.


That bottle he's holding is blood-wine. The vampire equivalent of alcohol made from blood. The emblem on the bottle is a tinkered version of the full Ravenfoot coat of arms, made to look more like the Phantomhive coat of arms from the original cover.


I can't find the kanji font for Kuroshitsuji, so I had to design the kanji for "raven" myself and manually vector it. The kanji for "butler" is traced off the original cover.


As an added bonus, have Agas as the Undertaker:




I'm sure if I didn't purposely alter his clothing design you could mistake this as the original Undertaker.

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From Wikipedia:

The Daeva evoke the image of vampires as seductive, decadent, sexually transgressive predators who blur lust and hunger together, equating the act of feeding with sensual pleasure. Unrivaled in their grace and passion, the Daeva attract worship and jealousy from Kine and Kindred alike, but their insatiable hunger for pleasure and sensations old and new, and the inevitable frustration of wanting to experience human emotions make a quick road towards personality disintegration and surrender to the beast. This is represented in the game by willpower penalties imposed on a character who does not indulge his Vice - of course, indulging Vice carries its own drawbacks such as accelerated loss of humanity.


Daeva are especially gifted in the vampiric Disciplines of Celerity (superhuman speed), Vigor (superhuman strength), and Majesty (the ability to attract, sway, and control the emotions of others). Their clan weakness is an extreme difficulty in resisting indulging their vices. A Daeva who has an opportunity to indulge his favorite vice and fails to do so finds his resolve weakened (reflected in the game mechanics as lost Willpower points).


The Clan's symbol is a rose entwined on a dagger.


Well, it's not a surprise that there are other media that make use of the term "daeva", but when not making use of individual daeva names [a monster may be named "Zarich" or a boss enemy named "Tawrich"], what was called the "daeva" race can be really lulzy sometimes.


The idea here is that I will draw the AV daevas posing as the other stuff's daevas.


Vampire: The Requiem's daevas are vampires, so I made an exception and put Gyendal there :P I'm sort of being derpy here because Gy is not at all seductive. He's a friggin' creep :S The only thing remotely "seductive" here is that his jacket is open, but that's about it.


Oh, I decided to forgo the Indra-Saurva one because, well, it's an obsolete design of them now. Too bad.

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Sorry for the watermark, but I'm paranoid about art thieves. Moving on.


Realism portraits. Just bringing back old work for now. New ones will still be put under this post, though.

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Just thought I should get these out there. See if you can recognize everybody. And Lars VIII is not in the picture, just in case people are wondering.


Faces are rather wonky because they're done in about 5 minutes each. Coloured in about 15 minutes each. And these are old. I still kinda suck at drawing 2 years ago.





It still boggles me how I managed to draw Nox look eeriely like Gyendal. It's either that "Only Six Faces" syndrome because I fail at drawing forever or something else.



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It's no secret that I really REALLY did not like the original title cover for The Darkthrop Prophecy. So I made my own stuff to make myself happy. I made the Gyendal one partly as a celebration picture to celebrate TDP's release. Then I made the Yemite one for the lulz.


Then I just made alternate covers for various other AVs for the lulz.






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It began with an attempt to paint a very pretty Gyendal. It somehow ended up being a faux magazine cover. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?


Gyendal has in-game fangirls. His fangirls now has spilled over to real life. I think. If my facebook page was any proof of anything.

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