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My Poetry

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Since Amaranth said she's phasing out the Collegium, I've decided to put all of them here.


Life as I see it:

Death shall claim all that lives

Even those that are rich.

This life for all that lives

is as small as a ditch.


Do not be fooled by Hope.

Some are born lucky, yes.

It may seem hard to cope

Those poor are sadder less.


Money helps buy the way

To success, happiness, love.

They are happy today

While we can't light a stove.


Life is unfair always.

You can't forget this fact.

Whoever is rich, happy stays.

Sad are who riches lack'd.


Will all this change some day?

Will the poor rise again?

Will we have any say?

Or will all the rich gain?



How'd I live without you in my life?

I miss you and your memory

Without you, life seems to be strife

Wish I could be in your memory

I would jump today into the sky

If I could just see you, tonight

I would watch arrows pass me by

If you could come into my sight


Rent my heart it did, watching you say

Love doesn't exist, love doesn't exist

All the time thinking if I may

tell you exactly how I resist....


I would walk a million miles

If you could be with me

Your nose in a school file

So when will you see

that I love you?


The Tail of the Raven:

Remembering the past filled it with great pain

The Raven looked around at its tail

Looking through the window pane

The cheese that to get it would fail

Again and Again the Raven tried

But something it remembered it every time

Almost got in a pan and got fried

And then slipped into lime


The past, it could not forget

Friends, he had but they stabbed in the back

All the time, its mood was set

Friends reminded what did he lack

They annoyed him and taunted

Finally he realised he had to leave

As they wings, flaunted

So he finally did leave


It had been 2 weeks

Life had been better

He realised what one seeks

Is peace or one becomes bitter


Friends, he called them no more

Left them forever he had

As he saw a lion roar

He did not become sad

New friends, he had found, better than them

Who were like him, not idol and dumb

These new friends were like gems

And not at all dumb


This was his new life, he was glad he had

Better than the one he had


Your Face:

Your face of spring reminds me

Hair blowing in the fresh air

Walking down the street, I see

Your beauty so fair


Music is the food of love

Without it, all is then lost

White and pure it is a dove

Your love, with passion you accost



Tis a beautiful night

I see a light so bright

What is going on here?

Does anyone even care?

My life, it is going dark

But then that light, that mark

I am in delirium

Ends the Millennium


M.C and Ryo (No idea why)

Once there was a brother and sister

so happ they were frolicking together

But one day there happy lives were torn

When Kirro drew a poem that scorned

their innocent relation was changed to couples

And though we tried to stop the reprocussions

This is just a poem to lighten the path

To show the lies that Kirro has

So believe what you must the truth is there

Bro and sis of the year,M.C and Ryo forever


Lydia and Edward:

Once there was an Edward from Aia

And then he was married to Lydia

Cursing still the day he proposed

A proposal that changed his life's road

He wondered what if he had married Mel

Why Oh Why had been so scared to tell

That she was made for him and he for her.

So he wants to ask you a favour

Save Edward and don't marry him to Lydia

He'll make you the ruler of all of Aia

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Some new poetry now (I actually think this change is nice, gets all my poems into one place, something I was aiming for xD)




Men fight over it

Women crave for it

None can define it

All want it


What is this honour?

That people fight for

Why is it so sour?

Why do we want it for?


Is there any point to it?

Or is it a mindless instinct of man?

Should we crave for it?

Or let it be unused or ban

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No comments, guys?



The graves of the dead, so full of glory

Here lies some hero of olden times, dead

The paths he thread, so glorious yet sorry

Is he not but dead, his years filled with lead?


All this time, whatever one does in life

The way may be long or short and easy

It may be fun or filled with lots of strife

One will still end up at the grave, queasy

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Long time since I last posted here, might as well continue anyways :)


Just something about Rhen after beating Ahriman:-


Wandering through the lands

Once the Quest is done.

Rhen looks at her hands

wondering if all was done.

It had been a long fight,

But at last, it was done.

At the end, there was light,

as all work was done.

Looking around, she could not but wonder

how many others could say they were done?

But then it hit her like thunder,

her part in this was not done

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