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wait for the page to load please


THIS will going to be my art thread. i will post all sort of arts here, meaning aveyond and non-aveyond and doodles and whatnot, ALL SORTED SO Y'ALL FOLKS WILL KNOW WHAT TO LOOK AT.


I'm here with a more efficient way of posting arts. yey. I will probably also link to my tumblr in lack of cooperation. yup.



I will post aaaaaaaaaaall the things both in the new post and this post. Hopefully, the mods will not ban me for multiple-posting, since I have to comment times in a row because no one ever comments on anything I draw, be it AV or non-AV related :T

Eh. Hard is life and peeps doesn't knoe...


Lets get started anyway




Yemite Sketch

Yemite digital art

Mad Marge Sketch

Pirate John Sketch

Mad Marge finished drawing avnowNEW!!

Pirate John finished Drawing avnowNEW!!


[Other Fandoms + OCs]

Jake & Aranea

Karkat & Terezi + Crocodile & Salamander consorts

Various Homestuck characters doodles

Various homestuck characters doodles part2






fem!Dave (mspaint)

Meenah and Aranea



Roxy & FrigglishNEW!!




Raj (OC)

Lilian(OC) design sheet

Lilian(OC) digital art




Strong sandwich(misc)

Fantroll 1(misc)

Fantroll 2(misc)

Some dude(misc)

Some lady(misc)

Some other lady(misc)

Art for a game I lost the data for soooo, not happening anymore(misc)

Some chick(misc)

??? (misc)

Cute octopusNEW!!

Octo comicNEW!!

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@Elemental: aldhkashfdjksdbacfibhchf OH MY GOG MY GOG sorry for freaking out i am sososoososooo excited that someone i kno is actually getting into homs4etuck omgomgom hopy cow (no obscenities here :P)


nevermind me *facepalm*

also, if you have a tumblr, i would like to have it so i can follow you ^^ (watch out cos im gonna bomb you with PMs now XD)

and yea daves my fave male character in HS :D


@Meroko: neat... neat... NEAT. o.o I wish i could be neater. like really NEAT lines but my hands are incapable of coordinating with my brain. or of drawing themselves lol

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moreN E W __P I C S


im double postin but i don't see another way of notifying the update

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do you know what character in the aveyond universe needs more love and therefore more fanart?? Yemite. I will draw yemite these days. because i glubbing love yemite.

And do you know who else needs more love and art? Uma and Nox. I will draw them too! JUST TRY AND STOP ME

:> * 7*

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@d_a: yes, but they still need mor arts >:U


@Kirroha: thanks, and I am currently doing gaia commissions but I will start doing RL commissions really soon as well. meaning within the next few weeks

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"Evil is yummy! Omnomnomnomnom."

Yemite and her evil food is so cute. I should draw her more too.


LOL, that snark note. I feel the same about this newfangled art thread.


The Collegium has been getting quiet recently, and this new art gallery thread is even worse. Not many people seem to visit this new thread and many times art posts get buried under a huge pile of spamposts from Spam Haven and not show up in the recent posts in the front page so people don't know they're there.

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@d_a: thanks :]

and i don't know if it's because of this new "art thread system" that makes the few aveyond fan artists that are left almost completely ignored. like you said, the collegium got pretty quiet before this. and i myself am pretty disappointed by this fandom losing interest. most probably, a new wave of fans will come when the next AM games will be released and will go as swiftly as it appeared. it's all about this "it's good while it's fresh" attitude most people have towards stuff.


and this thread system is a horrible idea. excuse me, but it's true. i mean, i came up with this "edit the first post" method only for the pics not to get buried, but this system is pretty lame itself, for i have to constantly bump the thread. but i will stop doing even that, because, you know, it doesn't have what to get buried in, tbh.

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Somebody should redirect that Art Gallery button to this subforum. At least people would know this is here. Some stuff over at the Collegium still gets commented on.

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@d_a: well, yes. I know it's summer vacation and all, but I spend a lot of time on sleeping and reading (and studying for school because I'll be a senior this year) and comissions take most of my artistic energy, if that makes sense. I sometimes squeeze some art of my own in between. But not too often.

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