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How do you like your Pairings?

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So, what sort of pairings do you like? How do you like romance to develop?

If you've ever read a dramione fic... Which I have... Obsessively. Then you will know what I mean when I say that they 'Hate to love each other' It's comparable to Rhen/Lars with how they grow to respect then care for each other I just see that as a perfect pairing because it gives both characters more depth ie. Why is he rude, why doesn't she call him out on it, what could cause their attitude problems.


Do you prefer if the couple are both PCs and you can watch the relationship change throughout the game? What about where only one is a PC, but you get several opportunities to interact with the other, and can see things develop?

I like a mixture of the two I suppose, if you're given options during the game for PCs and NPCs then there will be no complaints. I can understand seeing things develope in a relationship in the game but what always bothers me is you can't interact with another PC. You would have to wait to go somewhere where there interactions are scripted in and between that they waddle around stabbing anything you point at. It's abit soulless.


Do you like having a choice of who someone should be with? Collecting gifts or doing little things to influence attraction between people? Love triangles, with a little jealousy thrown in?

Love triangles and jealousy. Yes. Choice. Big Yes. Collecting gifts. Not as fond of. The problem I always saw with the attraction points system was that really you threw your money at an NPC they throw flowers or a card at you then you toss it in the person you likes face, but everyones different I personally don't like flowers. They die and aren't pretty when they do it. So why are almost all the characters getting arbitrary attractions points and liking all the same things? I don't know mabey I'm picky.


What about personalities? If two people like each other and get on well, how would you ensure the pairing isn't boring? Or do you prefer some/lots of conflict *cough EmmaXRye cough* and competition?

Conflict Conflict Conflict. If a pairing is lovey dovey and fits like a perfect puzzle peice. Okay. Fine. Sure, but I always prefer pairings with a little drama and some NPCs falling in love. I always say 'Awww' When other people are being cute but If I'm being cute I imagine vividly hitting myself in the face with a frying pan... Okay I'm deffinatly way too picky.

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Well I'm okay with aveyond pairings. In aveyond1 I was really disappointed that Lars is not an option for Rhen but then I started to imagine some romantic scenes between Rhen and dameon. Aveyond is not a love story, it's a story of struggling between good and bad, that's why love pairings are not their first prior.

But of course, I agree with everyone about Ean's quest. Nothing very interesting, but don't be so unfair! It was obvious that Ean and Iya are in love, and Rye and Emma were like two children having fun with each other. And that Ava/Gavin thing wasn't that much bad!

About av3, I always ship Ed/ Mel because the whole game is suggesting that and I can't say I don't like it, I loved it from the first scene! And Stella was always a kind and helping girl but not a lover, I can't actually imagine her live Edward. It's not like her.

The worst shipping in my opinion is Elini/pirate John. So unfair for both of them.

And the best is Te'ijal/Galahad. I love them so much!!

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As I decide.. It should be Rhen and Dameon(As it really is) Danny can find another, but Dameon is.. He don't have another chance, Lars, as Mel says, she can marry him. So, If Te'ijal was not Galahad's, Aveyond wouldn't had that fun. Stella and Edward are fit, Belf is a princess, her chances are too much, why should we care? I heard Lydia will go to the Orc Kingdom's prison, so.. Belf and Lydia will be a perfect pair... Mel and Lars. That's all I want to say.. Yvette had praise a darkling(Hercules).. That was too much. Yvette would better find an animal.. Others pairs I liked, Amaranth has done nothing bad expect for he end the link now...


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Hi! Forgive me for reviving an old thread! But I came across this thread and I read through everyone's comments and found myself nodding in agreement at most opinions.

Since AV4 was released and nobody was talking about the pairings, I just wanted to add a little something I noticed on my own! (forgive me again, Shaz, I know long posts are not encouraged but I tried my best to summarise it, eek)


Character Introduction/Being Mandatory 
- I like how in AV4, all of the "potential" love interests (Boyle, Hi'beru, Phye) were mandatory to the storyline/game, in their own time, no matter how early or late in the game. For eg: Phye. He was the last to be introduced (and quite late in the game too T.T) but it was from then onwards Amanda planned his development with ease. (You can call it a "fixed point in time" hehe) All of Phye's interactions and dialogues were nicely fitted and we (as the players) didn't have to worry about missing any interaction between him and Ingrid pre-"meeting" him, because that was his "official" starting point.

Whereas in AV1, yes, Dameon was mandatory, but his time of introduction wasn't exactly "fixed"/linear and wasn't set in stone, game-wise. For eg: there was a loophole where we could simply avoid entering the Sun Temple until the very end. And if we do that, we miss out what little and precious interactions we have between D and R.  :( and then the dialogue in the final confrontation wouldn't make sense, because of all the missing interactions/Dameon's absence. That is probably why players couldn't connect much to Dameon/felt his "redemption" was a bit abrupt. That would've been fixed if Te'ijal was made mandatory, eg: we couldn't move on from the Eastern Isle without her etc. So we have no choice but to get the sunblock, thus, entering the Sun Temple.

Same goes for Elini (Pirate John was mandatory, post-dragon capture. That's why he could have non-Elini interactions in Thais, eg: rings, even without her in the party). But as for Te'ijal and Galahad, both were not mandatory, and players can reject either one, causing most of their funny banter to be omitted because of a missing "partner", or to be omitted completely.

This was completely fixed in AV4, like I said, they were mandatory to the storyline/game, in their own time, no matter how early or late in the game, thus never missing any dialogue with either "side" of the pairing.


Screen "Time"

- This point is related to point above. Being mandatory is one thing, but having enough "screentime" is another. Take Lars, for eg: he was a mandatory character from the beginning. You cannot leave Veldarah without him. Same goes for Rye, you cannot go to Thais without him. So this is where their "official" screentime in the game starts. Throughout the game in AV1, Rhen converses with Lars with ease = Lars gets plenty of screentime. In AV2, Ean converses with Rye with ease = Rye gets plenty of screentime.

Now because of this, players tend to grow on them.

To be honest, IF Dameon was mandatory the minute they leave Veldarah (where his "official" screentime in the game starts) and he had the equal amount of dialogue and "screentime" as Lars had onwards, the lines would've been blurred for me. A good example of this is AV2. Let's say, IF there had been a love triangle in AV2 between Ean, Iya and Rye, I'd have trouble siding either one, because they (Ean and Rye) had almost equal screentime and I loved them equally by the time the end came. Whereas in AV1, it was a clear choice: Lars.

Now take AV4 for eg: I leaned toward Boyle because he had the most screentime with Ingrid. The choice to choose Phye as a love interest confused me a little, because he didn't seem to have much interest in Ingrid (this is blamed on his limited screentime). Hi'beru? Yes, it was still acceptable, I can still see it happening. Their interactions about his glowing eyes etc. Hi'beru had considerably more "screentime" than Phye (because he appeared first), so between the two, I'd go for Hi'beru, because Hi'beru grew on me much earlier than Phye. 


- However, enough screentime is not enough a factor to make a romance happen. Chemistry, or "feels" also play an important part. Take Stella and Edward as the 1st eg: They spent a lot of time together but they hardly talk? And even then there was hardly any spark. And take Rye and Emma as the 2nd eg: (assuming you recruited Emma at her earliest point) their banter was... pretty much being, like what an earlier commenter wrote:


E: You suck
R: You suck more
Both: Trollololololol

which is true^, lol. There wasn't much chemistry between them. Now, on the other hand, if we take a look at Gavin and Nicolas... OH MAN! Their chemistry was off the charts! XD don't you think? Haha!

Now, take Hi'beru and Rowen for eg: Compared to the big three (Boyle, Ingrid, Myst), they didn't have as much screentime, but whatever time and interactions they had with each other made up for it. They had a LOT of chemistry. Their friendship is one of the most well-developed in the AV series, IMHO! I really loved it! Their shared interest in wanting to see more of the world and not wanting to be tied down, Hi'beru helping Rowen with her son and family troubles... if the game had the choice of Hi'beru and Rowen, hooooo boy I WOULD HAVE GONE DOWN WITH THAT SHIP XD! I was extremely weepy for the two of them, I swear. Hi'beru x Rowen had way more chemistry than Hi'beru x Ingrid, to be quite honest!

Same goes for Myst and Robin. Their chemistry (in my opinion) was sizzling! I don't mean sexually or romantically (maybe platonically?), maybe because they're such cuties and innocent cinnamon rolls but whatever it was, they were just so adorable with each other, starting from the minute Robin joined!

As for attraction points I only chose Boyle for Ingrid because he was the first person we meet (somehow default in my head). But even then there wasn't much "chemistry" or "feels" between them. If we had to compare by chemistry I would've chosen Hi'beru for her. (but I'm lowkey shipping Hi'beru with Rowen omg)


I'm sorry this took so long!

But I really do think AV4 improved tremendously, interaction-wise. Pairing-wise it was done on neutral ground, meaning I feel like it was left to the player to "decide" and "feel" it (in AV1's case it was Dameon's screentime issue that most players seem to have a problem with/unable to connect with him, thus, causing them to automatically head for Lars) whereas AV4 was properly done (with the exception of Phye and Ingrid) where screentime was not a problem, rather chemistry was.

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^I really want to read that but I haven't played Aveyond 4 yet and don't want to be spoiled. But I did see the part about Nic and Gavin having great chemistry and all I can say is, same XD


What I tend to like in a ship...well, I do appreciate when characters have a history together, such as being best friends that go way back (e.g. Ean/Iya); some sort of rivalry but secretly care about each other (can't think of a good example from Aveyond, except sort of Rhen/Lars - the best example I can think of this would be Phoenix/Edgeworth at the beginning of the first Ace Attorney game); are part of a duo together (I guess like Mel/Yemite if that was a thing, because of their chosen one/servant bond); bicker a lot and have clashing personalities but it's actually pretty much flirting (e.g. Mel/Edward, Emma/Rye, and tbh Nicolas/Gavin). The most important thing in my opinion is that they have interaction, mean something to one another, and have good chemistry.


I tend to not like pairings that just come out of nowhere, with the characters not having interacted much and are just shoved together because they both need partners *cough* Harry and Ginny*coughcough*. That's the main reason why I disliked Ed/Stella being the canon ending for Av3. Like, they barely interacted and had little to no romantic chemistry, aside from the attraction points, and even those were basically: "here's some flowers" "Aw, thank you Edward!", and that's it, lol.

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I was reading through this topic because I was bored and I found all the different takes on the pairings really interesting and a fun way to amuse myself.


I personally wish that there had been a Lars/Rhen ending in the first game because I felt that they had the most in depth history together. I was not a fan of Rhen/Damian but only because the game made him out to be a slimy and shallow character right up until the battle. To me Lars/Rhen was a complex relationship that interested me greatly.


In AV2 I didn't really have a pairing that I was invested in other then maybe Ean/Iya but only because I found their interactions sweet and Ean's willingness to drop everything just to go help his friend something that endured me to their pairing.


In AV3 however I had pairings that I was definitely a major fan of. Te'ijel and Galahad was my personal favourite simply because they amused me. I might be the only one who feels this way but I saw Galahad's "hate" of Te'ijel as more of a habitual thing and less of how he really felt for her by Lord of Twilight, hence the reason he talked himself into saving Te'ijel. The remaining three game really amused me with their interaction, especially in Darkthrop Prophecy when they worked together to threaten the Thornkeep innkeeper:D


One pairing I wasn't really a fan off was Mel/Edward because to me their relationship didn't feel like a romantic dynamic and more of Edward glomming onto the first female not to treat him all special and amazing because he was a prince. I think that's why I didn't mind the interactions when he forcibly envited himself along on the quests because to me it was just his way of dealing with his first real friendship since as a prince it would be pretty hard to have a friend that you could allow yourself to devote to and trust. I ended up putting Edward/Stella together (before I knew the pairing was cannon) because I felt that out of all the characters their personalities complimented each other the best.


I have to admit, when looking at game pairings I always prefer the couples with more chemistry between them.


Such as Mel/Spook. Right from the moment he joined the party I had been really hoping that he would become a permanent member of the team so that I could make the final ending Mel/Spook. When Spook turned out to be Gyendal in disguise then I was hoping that somehow there would be a crack ending with those two together since out of all the Aveyond interactions theirs was the most tension filled and had the most chemistry.


Yeah.....I'm a major Gyendal/Mel shipper....even am writing a fanfic for it to make up for the lack of Gyendal/Mel ending.......the depressing life of a crackshipper:(


Although I don't mind the idea of Mel marrying a decendant of Lars so I guess I can't really complain since the true cannon ending for AV3 more than amused me.


I haven't played Aveyond 4 yet but I plan to soon so I'm looking forward to seeing the character interaction:)

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Aveyond 4 had the best character interactions! And lol, have you seen D_A's fan art for Mel/Gyen? It's great, I think you'd appreciate it :P

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Aveyond 4 had the best character interactions! And lol, have you seen D_A's fan art for Mel/Gyen? It's great, I think you'd appreciate it :P

Actually I have^_^ I'm a big fan of her work, I follow *cough stalk cough* her Aveyond artwork.........

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