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Crimson Rafflesia [Thriller | Psychological | Supernatural | Romance] - FULL DEMO 1.0 UP!

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The Full Demo is now up! For those who have played demo 0.5, please download the full demo! This new one is around 7 times longer than the old one, and explains a lot more. There's a reason why the old one was a preliminary demo, after all.






A Little Note:

When you finish playing the game, I'd really appreciate if you could answer a few simple questions so I can make sure to shift the full game into the right direction. Thanks!

1. What do you think of the game so far?

2. Who are generally your favourite characters, and why?

3. What are some questions you want answered the most in the full game?

4. What do you predict are answers to these questions?

5. Which characters do you find the most curious or interesting? (Can overlap with #1)

6. What do you generally think of the story so far?

7. What particular scene(s) did you like in the demo?

8. ... Pairings/Ships, do you have any?




- Original Theme Song by Ziassan

- 22 CGs (Scene Artwork) excluding variations (with variations would be 60+)

- People not monologuing as much

- 50,000+ words (as compared to Demo 0.5's 8,000 words)

- It took 3 hours for me to playtest it and I didn't stop to fix bugs or anything, so it's probably that long.

- A little preview at the end

- All characters introduced, including super minor ones.

- You actually know what is going on!

- I'm sorry. The joke room doesn't exist after all, sadly, because it just won't fit.




Game Information:




Genre: Psychological (mainly), mystery, thriller, supernatural, romance




Stop. Don't despair. Be happy. Smile.

These are the steps to control.


In a certain country during the late 20th century, a series of strange deaths occurred. All of the victims were found with their bodies putrefied, even though they shouldn't have died more than a few hours ago. This, however, stopped as quickly as it had come, only to be replaced by a series of strange disappearances. The government tried to hush it up, because they had no leads, while a secret private detective group went on a manhunt for the perpetrator. These cases closed upon the unfortunate deaths of said group in an accident. Years passed.


All was well, until the decaying corpse of Mikaela Lane turned up in an abandoned warehouse.


This story is set a year after that - about a young female governmental mercenary, Sho Reilen, who is skilled in the use of swords. She has something she wants - to confront Kaison Voltaire, a young man who seeks to hunt her down in revenge for the death of his beloved friend, Mikaela.


Crimson Rafflesia is a story about truth and lies, love and hate, and a field of decaying flowers.












Script: 60,000+ words

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Thanks guys. :) I will try not to disappoint. Updated logo on the first page, and changed the colour of Flora's hair. XD


I might release a demo, but so far the only appropriate place to cut it is at around 7,000 words. I may make a demo until that part, together with previews of what happens after that, but will that be too short?

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If there's already branching paths/options in the demo, it'll still be relatively short... Maybe. In my head 7000 means everything totals to 7000, and if each branch is like 2000 it's not really much.

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Yes, it is. :) Here's a progress on her sprite:




She's making a very out-of-character expression here. Mostly out-of-character, at least. XD

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