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Crimson Rafflesia [Thriller | Psychological | Supernatural | Romance] - FULL DEMO 1.0 UP!

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Oh, I just made it myself. ^^ I took out the original quick menu and made one of my own. But really, the original doesn't look too shabby either. I think I'll just stick to it the next time I make a game.

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In a certain country during the late 20th century, a series of strange deaths occurred. All of the victims were found with their bodies putrefied, even though they shouldn’t have died more than a few hours ago. This, however, stopped as quickly as it had come, only to be replaced by a series of strange disappearances. The government tried to hush it up, because they had no leads, while a secret private detective group went on a manhunt for the perpetrator. These cases closed upon the unfortunate deaths of said group in an accident. Years passed.


All was well, until the decaying corpse of Mikaela Lane turned up in an abandoned warehouse.


This story is set a year after that – about a young female governmental mercenary, Sho Reilen, who is skilled in the use of swords. She has something she wants – to confront Kaison Voltaire, a young man who seeks to hunt her down in revenge for the death of his beloved friend, Mikaela.


Developer Comments

It's here - only demo 0.5, which cuts pretty early, but I thought it's the only way I can release something before Christmas, heh, since some wondered if something could be released in December. I'll release a Demo 1.0 later which cuts at a more appropriate and less... cliffhangery point. I promise. Once I'm done with all the art and programming for that. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!


Features (no, not really.)

- 7 CGs (40+ including variations – yes, I know.)

- Music and background images shamelessly begged and taken from random sources — yes, I know.

- People monologuing at lot–

- Which leads to 8,000+ words–

- I’m sorry. :P

- I’ll release a longer, better version that doesn’t cut at such a ridiculous place next time. That’s why this is still demo 0.5.


Download Link




Game Design: =Soyasushi (Coren)

Programming: =Soyasushi

Writing: =Soyasushi

Sprite Art, CGs: =Soyasushi

Backgrounds: vripley, supermateo18

Music: SENTIVE, yukina, H/MIX Gallery

Sketch Art: mapletaffy, 3leavesclover, chocobikies, valerie-haru, sorani, sagatavilia, anirhapsodist, Maltagliati

Redlining Help: Zeiva, DejiNyucu, Awedacious, WizRin

Logo Design: Shoji

User Interface (not completely implemented yet): KingV

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1. Awesome. I'm at the edge of my seat. Can't wait for it to be done. :D

2. Sho. Kaisen. And Eric. I love how there's so much more of them to strip off (personality wise and all haha)

3. Why Sho keeps killing people? Whatever happen to her and Kaisen's childhood. Why is Shirley lying? @___@

4. They have some traumatizing past or something. But I'm not quite certain what.

5. Same with 1


7. Any scene with Kaien or Sho :D

8. Kaien and Sho? Jk. But that'll be something! Uh... I'd love to see Sho and Layner together in an ending. That'll be funny :)) Or Mikaela and Kaien (like she can somehow be alive or something)


Too lazy to post a screenshot, but I will definitely say this is a great game. I really can't wait what would happen in the story. XD Good luck! :)

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