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Nightway Mental Institution - a psychological RP

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Zari awoke with a start, sweat beading on her forehead and plastering her face to her face. She didn't remember much, but it had been a dream. It was not a good dream, exactly the opposite, but she faintly remembered running up a slope, screams and shrieks of the most horrible kind, like demonic taunting, resounding behind her.


Shaking her head as if ridding herself of cobwebs, she turned to her bedside table and blindly reached a hand out, her restraints digging into her wrist and chafing it. Her mobility was limited and she couldn't exactly move properly, but she was used to it and with her middle finger pulled the familiar frame of her glasses towards her. They dangles precarious over her finger, and, with her thumb, she took a proper hold of it and with minimal difficulty adjusted them on her nose.


It was still bright. Very, very bright. Te light burned into her retina, igniting the pain that she was expert in ignoring.


"What a life..." she muttered out loud, sitting up. A sharp pain in her stomach made her double down, wincing. It had been too long since she had eaten proper food.


Sighing, she readied herself to face another day in hell, but then she stopped. There was a feeling around the place, once that she felt each time someone new was bound and shipped off here. Gritting her teeth when images flooded her mind of her sister, her urge to kill rose, but there was nothing she could do...she just had to wait...




Her hand shot towards the bedside table, where there was a glass of water. Her fingers closed over it, and threw the water on the floor and smashed the glass. The sound made her wince, but her grin widened. Reaching for the sharpest piece, she hid it under the sheets and waited.



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((waiting for the others first, actually. Oh, well, whatever))


Cain stared blankly at the cell walls in front of him, his mind heavy and clouded. He could not remember the events that occurred the day before, only the remnants of his pain.


He shifted to a sitting position with difficulty, ignoring the screams of his sore muscles at his attempt to move around.


His body felt tight, joints contracted and cramped. It was painful, suffocating. Something had happened the day before, and he was unable to remember what it was.


Whirlpools of thoughts surged through his already disarrayed mind, blurring the distinctions of memory, illusions, dreams and reality.


There was a man, dressed in white. The demon who imprisoned him in this nightmare with restraints.


A young woman, her lips curved in a sweet smile that did not reach her eyes. And it looked nasty.


Fists pounded hard on the hollow tiles; a loud crack erupting from the impact, followed by a small splatter of blood. The broken shards cut through his bonds, freeing him once more from his restraints.


Another figure, outlined in the dark. Its eyes ablaze with passion, mouth twisted into a cruel smirk


Cain snarled defiantly at the hallucination, trying to claw at the non-existent figure.


There were more of them now, those ominous figures lurking in the shadows- each more monstrous than the other. Feral beasts, hungry and unfed, ready to tear him apart and consume him...


Then, within a blink of an eye, everything disappeared. Cain's eyes widened, as he stared at his surrounding once more with renewed clarity.


He was alone now, inside the dark cell, and he sighed with relief. Exhausted, he rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

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The moment she stepped out of the head's office, Eustacia was immediately greeted by Charles, who waved at her as if she was 10 miles away. Eustacia gave him an insincere smile, before saying, "The head doctor wants Dr. Gracen Reid to check on the new patient in cell no. 23. Please relay this message to him while I do some other errands."


The male nurse seemed taken aback by this sudden instruction, though it was probably more about who delivered the instruction than the content itself. It took him several blinks before he finally regained his composure and took off.


Eustacia rolled her eyes at his back, before she finally left to do her own task.






Name: Dakota Méillès

Age: 17

Race: Caucasian

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Gender: Female (biologically), male (mentally)

Condition: Gender identity disorder, Pathological gambling, Intermittent explosive disorder



Personality: Sporty, outgoing, and aggressive. Behaves like the typical stereotype of a "manly" man.

Person visited: Destan Méillès

Relationship with the visited: Adoptive daughter

Reason for visiting: To mooch cash/allowance from her father

Other Information: Formerly an orphan, whose Gender identity disorder kicked in before she was 6. Her adoptive father doesn't even know her true gender, calling her his "son".

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"Uh..........Doctor Reid?"

Dr.Gracen heard, before he turned around from the window in his office/cabin,to look at a man,staring fearfully back at him.

"yes?" He said.

"um.....the head Doctor wants you to take care of the the patient in cell no.23"

"The new one?"


"Okay. You can go."

Gracen sank down on his chair as he saw the male nurse leave.

He took a quick nap,then strolled off to his destination, Cell 23.



((um......guys, looks like I won't be able to post for a couple of weeks due to my tests,so you can continue without me.

until then, my characters,(Gracen Reid and Sam) will be NPCs. you can move them around anyway you want.

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((No one else posting? Shadowshed?))


Cain blinked at the walls in front of him with an unfamiliar clarity, surprised at the sharpness of the scenery's outlines. He felt like he had just awoken from a dream, despite not having slept.


But something was wrong... he could not recall the previous events of the last few hours, except for the traces of pains. The young man shifted to a sitting position, ignoring the screams of his cramped muscles and joints as he did so.


Squinting at the light that passed through the cell bars, several vague images surfaced in his mind.


A man dressed in white. A strangely modeled gun. The pulling of a trigger. Dancing sparks of electricity, enticing but deadly.


Cain gingerly touched at his abdomen, where the man had shot him, and winced and the burning sensation it gave. The fire seemed to spark anger and irritation within himself; and in a sudden fit of violence, he pounded at the hollow tiles beneath him.


There was a loud crack, followed by a small splatter of blood, as the tiles shattered. It diminished his anger, if only slightly. Picking up a piece of the broken ceramic, he dug at the ropes binding his wrists, attempting to break free once more.

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((Um, I think I know what's wrong...Well, we need some closure, after all. We're just off doing our own thing and some interactive statement or action at the end would be nice. I'd rather wait, but...))

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((Sorry, I was out of connection. And about interacting each other patients, I think Fii got some gut to make an escape with others(she's been thinking of that, in fact). What do you guys think?))


*Knock knock*


Fii's head dozed from the sudden sounds. She tried to look what happened, and found a man dressed in white opened and closed the door. Her head was aching mysteriously, followeing his movements. He came closer to her bed and spoke.


"Fii Natalie?"


Upon concluding that the man was some sort of doctor, Fii frowned, avoiding his gaze. She uncomfortably made a noise to respond and silently cursed her miserable life.


"Hmm? Aren't you the quiet one?" the doctor leaned to look her eyes, but sent backward again when she suddenly hid her face away.


Gosh!!! Why should be people here..?!

Damn!! They're so annoying!!


But, should this be good or bad? If he believes I'm under control, I'd only need to act-


"Okay, I think I'll leave for now. You need to adapt with this room... and me," the unnamed doctor stepped away before turning his back again.


"Oh, and my name is Dr. Gracen Reid," with his introduction he got out.




Fii's thoughts still lingered on how she'd act in this prison, not paying attention to the doctor's weird name. She was remembering that she always acted in front of others, and now that she'll keep doing that, she broke down again and struggled inside her blanket, crying.


I'll never forgive them to make you suffer like this, Fii. It's okay, I'll continue to protect you afterall.


She regretted and calmed a bit after hearing the whispers, and fell asleep once again.

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((Adept, I've got a suitable twist in mind...may I PM the idea I have for this story? Anyway, breaking out is the only way we can advance the storyline...))

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((I've sent a PM that outlines my idea...))




Zari waited. And waited and waited. It seemed that no one was coming. All she could hear was a one-sided conversation off at the newer cell, then quiet. Her ears pricked and she listened harder, leaning to the side and cocking her hand behind her ear, but keeping her other hand under the covers. Faintly, she could finally hear some sounds - sobbing sounds, to be exact. A grin marred her face - it was a girl. An innocent little girl... unmarked from the horrors of this place.


(kill her and she'll never find out)


She was crying, it seemed, heaving silent sobs.


(you were once like her)


Her grin broke into a frown, and, slowly, the grip she had on her glass shard loosened. Her mouth opened involuntarily as she felt an urge inside of her to talk. To save someone who probably was still innocent.


"Hey, new girl," she called, her voice restrained and quiet so as to not alert anyone. "In cell..."

She paused and racked her memory for her own cell. Her cell was number 24, she remembered. Counting along, it could only be cell 23.


"Cell 23, right?" she said rhetorically. "Why are you here, girl?"

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Dr. Destan Méillès was relaxing on his recliner chair, humming random tunes when the door to his office was slammed open. The head doctor quickly straightened himself as he stared at the intruder - his own 'son', Dakota.


"Dakota! What are you doing here?!"


The teenager, behaving like the man she wasn't, strode towards her adoptive father with extended hands. The words were unspoken, but her actions screamed "I want money"


"What happened to the $100 I just gave you last week?" the head doctor rightfully demanded, to which Dakota responded with a simple


"I lost it"


Dr. Destan rose from his recliner, pacing back and forth while muttering incomprehensible nonsense. Dakota watched with growing impatience, when her father suddenly grabbed his coat and declared, "I have an appointment with Gilbert Montague. Must leave now. Bye"


And the man disappeared from the room before Dakota could protest, leaving the girl alone in the office - furious.


As she thought of ways to pay back her father, her eyes caught a ring of keys hung near the coat rack, labeled with numbers. A malicious idea gleamed in her mind, and she quickly grabbed the keys and ran towards the Mental wards.


No one was in the corridors right now, and Dakota quickly slipped the key into the first cell and clicked it open. She did the same for the remaining 49 cells in the ward, and quickly returned the keys to its place. Grinning widely at what she's done, Dakota mounted her motorbike and rode off.


((You know, I've always been wondering about the use of pronoun on transsexuals. I mean, do we refer to them as their biological gender, or what?))

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Fii was calmed down from her tears when she heard a voice.


"Hey, new girl."


What was that? Was it calling for me...?

No! Don't! Not again!

She was taken aback by the voice and became angrier, wondering just how many people were inside the facility.


The voice came from outside, and apparently called in again. It was quiet but she could clearly listen to the persisting calls. And before long, a voice belong to a female already asked her a question.


"Why are you here, girl?"


The moment Fii thought of answering it, she just didn't know what to say or even do. Though she wanted to be alone, but there was a feeling that ignoring her won't help her situation. She just met a heck annoying doctor and there were probably other staffs around. She approached the wall to see who was speaking with her and stood there. She gazed upon the other girl, she was tall and looked athletic before slowly gave her a short answer.


"My... my parents did it."

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"My...my parents did it."


How anticlimatic. It was almost perfect, actually how another girl showed up and, incidentally, for the same reason Zari herself was here. "Heh."


The sound was a cross between a laugh and a scoff, but Zari was nice and Zari was calm and she had to be patient so -




Before she could open her mouth, a resounding series of 'clicks' echoed throughout, before heavy footsteps grew closer and then receded. Zari's eyes were wide, and she glanced towards the 'new girl'. "I'm Zari," she said quietly. "What's your name - wait, no. Look, you seem nice. I've been here for a long time and I'll tell you that the people her are anything but."


Zari sighed, and glanced at the chains binding her hands and the leather straps restraining her legs. Without a word, she cut through them with the glass shard, along with a little brute force. "Hey, girl. You're not chained yet. Can you check something? Are these doors locked or unlocked? Be quiet and still and don't make a sound, you hear?" Zari directed at the girl.

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That was only a second that the atmosphere changed. Fii was bewildered of the rapid sounds of footsteps and clickings from the corridors. The other girl also seemed a bit surprised and was thinking of something.


"I'm Zari,"

"What's your name - wait, no. Look, you seem nice. I've been here for a long time and I'll tell you that the people her are anything but."


Fii raised her eyebrow at this Zari's remark when she already ripped off the straps on her legs with glass shard. But her hands were still chained and she called again.


"Hey, girl. You're not chained yet. Can you check something? Are these doors locked or unlocked? Be quiet and still and don't make a sound, you hear?"


Fii didn't like how she called her, but she had to put aside those thoughts and face it right. Zari's remark earlier already hinted that she's a lot different from the others patients there, and it made her the weakest.


The doors would be unlocked? Did she mean that clicking sounds were from opening them?

Swallowing her saliva, Fii followed what she's asked and pulled the door very slowly. It actually moved and made a little noise. After she's sure it's unlocked, she gave Zari a nod.

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The nod simplified everything. It was her moment of truth, it was a blessing.


(sweetheart please)



"You understand what this means?" Zari breathed, sitting up and trying to make her way to the cell wall, but a tug on her wrists pulled her back harshly and she remembered, cursing, that she was still restrained. Nonetheless, she turned to the girl again, hissing, "This could mean freedom. I think I have a plan. What's your name? I can't keep calling you 'girl', now, can I?"


Zari made that little 'heh' sound again, but this time pulled herself forward to the limit, at least as far as she could go. The distance wasn't very far but she could talk easily now. "The doors are unlocked, right? The patrols and check ups start an hour or so later. No one will be here because they think we're subdued, okay?" She paused so the other would take it in, before continuing.


"If you can sneak in my cell, break these chains and set me free, I guarantee we can get out." It wasn't a total lie, but being half crazy and all she had a clear advantage. "We've got an hour, so use it!"

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The moment the ominous click sounded from his cell door, Cain quickly drop his hands and froze into silence.


No! Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away.Go away.GoAway.Goaway.Goaway.Goaway.GoawayGoawayGoaway


To his surprise and relief, the door did not open. Nor did any of the monsters appear.


Gently picking up the clay tile shard, he scraped at his restraints, finally reducing the bonds into frayed strands of nylon.


Cain stood, staring at the red lines that criss-crossed all over his hands. It felt like a long time since he was free- without any ropes or leather shackling his limbs.


Several voices rose from nearby cells, and their murmurs seemed to boost his confidence.


His hands spread over the steel door, and with a slight push, it opened.


The corridor was strangely deserted, and Cain slipped out from his cell. A lopsided grin plastered on his face.

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Narrowing her eyes, she glanced outside the cell bars and could see someone, apparently not a doctor by the way he walked, stumbling around. She could only see a silhouette, but she determined he was, for the most part, pale and Asian-esque. He had slipped out from a cell, she decided when she saw a door slightly ajar.


"Hey? Hello?" she hissed, half afraid. She sneaked a glance at the door again and reverted her eyes to the male. "If you really want to escape, you should work on not leaving evidence behind," she advised, quiet enough so she could pretend she didn't say anything if he wasn't a victim.

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((Sorry, sorry. I was about to post earlier, but remembered I need to go somewhere else, and forgot all about it))


"If you really want to escape, you should work on not leaving evidence behind,"


Cain stopped in his tracks as a voice, barely louder than a whisper, spoke to him. Or, at least, he thought it did. It was hard to tell.


Another sound echoed from across the corridor - the sound of heels clicking against the tiles. Cain took an involuntary step back, and remained rooted on his spot until the sound faded away.


"No time for that," he murmured vaguely, more to himself than whoever spoke to him earlier, "It doesn't matter when I'm gone anyway..."


Finally silent, he then moved away from the rows of cells.

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"Don't you dare!" her voice rose in anger, eyes wide and teeth bared in a snarl. How dare he ignore her! How dare he walk away! She was advising him something and he was ignoring her and it might have been better to bury the glass shard she had in her hand in his pretty little neck


(stain the white a lovely scarlet)


"Come. Back," she hissed, calling the man furiously. He was going to get killed if he went out alone - "Come back here and close your cell door," she ordered, an edge to her voice almost daring him to say otherwise. He was still in her sight - if she could get him to break her chains, they could get out. It was freedom.

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This idea is awesome. Could I still join, maybe? I hope this is still on. :-)


Mental Patient


Name: Randy Clayton

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Height: 180cm

Weight: 74kg

Gender: Male

Picture: image


---Randy has below-the-shoulder-length brown hair which he usually ties in a ponytail. His eyes are a soft blue, like cornflower. He is attractive, bit it is washed down (by society, he would say) by his wholly sloppy appearance.


Condition: Borderline personality disorder and psychotic depression.


Reason For Being Here (Why you were accused of being insane, what did you do): Murder of his closest friend. The incident left him with a nasty concussion, effectively blurring his memories and triggering hallucination.


Personality: Rebellious, non-committal, closed-minded and easily offended. He has a thwarted sense of honesty. He is easy-going in the surface.


Biography (Why you did what you did): Randy despised how society functioned, how other people acted, the laws and rules that bound everyone. He is offended by the existence of others, but even more so in his.


Other Information: He likes to mutter to himself and hit his forehead with his fist under anxiety.

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"Come back"


Randy woke with a rather violent jerk. He immediately took notice of the harness binding him to the bed, the slight pain creeping to his senses. The ceiling was foreign. Where was he? He tried to sit himself up, failed, but tried once more, looking the room left to right. He was in a pure white box of a room, completely empty if not for the bed and the little table beside it. The door had a little square glass window, and it seemed to be sealed shut.


Panic slowly struck him. He'd been in a hospital before, psychiatrist's, but never bounded like he was then. Lying back down from his awkward position, he tried to find a connection with the room, the harness, himself, the white walls. Nothing. There was nothing registering in his brain--blank. Much like the walls.


The walls...? He squinted suspiciously, turning toward the ceiling, and then the other wall. The room seemed to be moving---or rather, everything was. Like he could feel the very Earth's revolution. His eyes bounced from wall to wall heavily, after image disorienting him further, provoking the already intense aching in his head.


"Come. Back." a voice, from not too far, but he wouldn't've known. It echoed through his ears and faded away very quickly but very slowly, much like the after images of the walls when he shifted his eyes; and he couldn't quite tell if he even truly heard something at all.


Nonetheless, he found himself replying. "Why would you want me back...?" He tried to say. But nothing came out, only hot carbon dioxide and a hoarse little grunt.


"Come back here and close your cell door," the voice again. There were people. Syndicates? Maybe he was drugged, which would explain why he felt so heavy and confused. Or perhaps they were just common people... Either way, he did not enjoy being alone.


He gathered his energy to sit up again in his awkward 45 degrees, repeating and repeating "Hello? Anyone? Is anyone there?" until his voice and the words came out altogether in a comprehensible manner, until someone would notice. ..

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