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The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow (sign ups)

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Not sure if this count as RP but feel free to move it.


Note: You won't get to make your characters. All of them and their skills are listed in here.





The werewolves are at it again. Eating the villagers in the night. It is up to you, the villagers, to defend yourselves and find the real culprits. But without any special powers, how can we turn the tide to us...?


Rules of the game:

The game starts at night, where the werewolves choose which one to kill. Because villagers 'sleep' at night, they only get to vote on daytime who they want to eliminate. On daytime though, everyone, including the werewolves, also get to vote so that other villagers won't get suspicious of the werewolves.


Voting from werewolves at 'nighttime' means sending me a PM. Discussions on whether who everyone thinks might be the werewolf will be done in the topic. Note that you must ABSOLUTELY NOT tell anyone about your role, except the werewolves themselves. 'Fake claim' is allowed though (more kudos if you use reverse psychology well ;)).


Villager wins if they kill all of the werewolves or if only one werewolf is left and the werewolves win if they outnumber the villagers.



Policeman: Can vote twice in each 'day'. If he dies, a random person shall be chosen to become a policeman.


Werewolf: Can 'kill' a person at night.


Prophet: Get to know one person's role each 'night'.


Hunter: If killed by the villagers or werewolves, you get to kill one person ONCE for 'revenge'.


Witch: You have a healing spell and an antidote. At 'night' time, you can choose either to 'revive' a dead person or 'poison' (kill) a person.


Cupid: Can choose 2 players to become 'lovers'. If one of them happens to die, the other shall die too. You need to do this at the start of the 1st night and only ONCE.


The Elder: Will die from the werewolves only if you're being 'attacked' twice. But if the villagers and other roles vote for you to die, then they (except the werewolves) will lose their powers.


The Guard: You can protect yourself or the people from being attacked by the werewolves. But you can't protect that person continuously. You can still be dead by the hands of the witch though.


People who are dead aren't allowed to speak in the discussion or reveal anything except the MC (which is me, duh).


The game will be played in another new topic btw.


So whatcha waiting for?! Sign up! ^.^










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Ah, I've played this sort of games a few times with my friends. There's always a big group of us, and one game can last for hours. But while it's really fun to play IRL, I'm not sure it would work as an online RP...

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Hehe, glad someone actually knows the game. :)


It was my first time playing this when camping and I've really enjoyed it so I decided to host it here. =D



There are many topics like these in the forums outside and it works perfectly well (although some can turn ugly/too heated). As Ashen said, this is just like a 'Mafia' game but the name's just different.



Ok guys I'm hoping at least 10-13 will join. If there isn't enough though, 8 shall do I suppose.

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Off-topic but...


@Mei: I flick a smile whenever I heard you say the name "Yannes". XD


Sorry for off-topic-ing. ^^'

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Yipee that's 7! :D I will host this game after I'm done with my tests. The rules from the OP will be edited since it's mostly just an example of how the game works. The objective of mafia killing townspeople until they're less than they are and town eliminating ALL mafias still won't be changed though.


Can I assume that other than Ashen, DA and slim; all of you are just beginners right? I will make the necessary adjustments to fit the players' level. :)

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