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vitaliy7777 - Aria: The Last Days

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Story: Aria, the daughter of the Green Crystal elder has been burdened with the task of acquiring the power of the Green Crystal. She must do this to prevent the resurrection of the their ancient foe that comes back every 200 years. But, Chronos, the Earth Guardian, foretells his coming and Aria must now venture to acquire the remaining three crystals. Together with the aid of her companions she completes her task but she meets many unexpected enemies along the way. Who she thought were her friends turn out to be foes and she no longer knows whom to trust.

She is presented with 2 paths: Will she arrive at the correct conclusion?

*Warning* The second half of the game contains a lot of religious elements. If Christianity offends you then you might not want to play.


World: The game takes place in the world of Ormus. Every 200 years an enemy that threatens the world attacks Ormus. No one knows what the enemy is or why it attacks since no records or details remain after the assault. The world continues to exist so they just assume someone stopped the attack.

There are 4 crystals in Ormus, each embodied with the power of one of the elements. A village guards each crystal and chooses a person to inherit the powers of the crystal. Such is the way that Ormus insures its safety. The 4 people who are charged with wielding the power of the crystals are supposedly those that save Ormus from its demise every time. But is that really the truth?

There are 3 continents: North, East, and West. Aria and her companions only explore the East and West continents.

There are also places outside the world of Ormus...


Gameplay: This rpg features a side-view battle system that's active time (all done through scripts that talented people were nice enough to post online). This game is non-traditional in that it has no levels, equipment, money, or world maps. Instead, characters raise parameters by using items called Crystals which are created through shard-merging (shards are obtained from enemies after battles). Spells are obtained from items or storyline events. Since a currency does not exist, items are obtained after battles or treasure chests. The player moves from one screen to the next with no world map to explore (like Star Ocean 3 or Secret of Mana for example).


Game Length: 12+ hours (includes sidequests)



Main Characters:


Aria (Age 19): She is serious about her responsibility as Green crystal bearer but, lacks the faith in her own abilities. Nevertheless, she starts off on her quest to claim the other 3 crystals' powers. Along the way she realizes that things are not as they appear and she questions the purpose of her quest. Later, she finds out that her life's destiny is determined by one simple question.

She uses a rapier in battle and is proficient in healing. She also learns elemental saber attacks and various other spells.


Blight (Age 24?): Very little is known about Blight. He just shows up an offers his help to Aria.

He is calm, composed, and slightly aloof. He also seems to be really old but only looks to be in his early twenties. There are just too many mysteries about him but, in time his true character reveals itself.

Blight wields a lance in battle, uses debuffs, status spells, and some low-level elemental spells.

While he can use the elements, it is ill advised to use them unless you plan to raise his Magic power substantially.


Chronos (Age ???): He is the Earth Guardian and is the one that warns Aria of the impending doom that Ormus faces. He is loyal to Aria and honors her wishes even if he has some doubts about her judgment.

Chronos uses an axe in battle. His spells are mostly buffs but he also learns some healing spells. He also has the potential to be a powerful physical attacker. His presence is vital for later boss fights.


Diamond (Age 17): She is Aria's best friend and joins her on the quest to claim the crystals' powers. She's just there to support Aria and because she wants to see Ormus remain peaceful.

She uses a rod in battle. Her primary form of attack is elemental spells and she can become a powerful mage if used correctly.





Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire






Wait Guage (9 scripts) - Ziifee

Simple SBS - Reedo

Custom Menu - KGC

Pseudo 3D Battleback - Cozziekuns

YEZ Custom Status Properties - Yanfly

YEZ Core Fixes and Upgrades - Yanfly

Revive State Script - Enu

Credits Script - Jet

Class Stat Limit - Mithran



Title Screen - Rekx

Windowskin Generator - Aindra and Woratana

Character Generator - Damian666



Claude Debussy

Hiroshi Tamwari

Hitoshi Sakimoto

Masashi Hamauzu

Motoi Sakuraba

Nobuo Uematsu

Shinji Tamura

Tappi Iwase

Tsuyoshi Sekito

Yasunori Mitsuda

Yoko Shimomura



Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?pwcsgit7918dfs7


You don't need to download anything extra to play.

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I just started playing it and right off it has two of my biggest RPG pet peeves - random attacks and not being able to save wherever I want, but other than that I'm enjoying it. I like the crystal element. I'll give you some more feedback when I get further in.

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