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Eternal Desperatiion

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This series is purely from my imagination and not based off of anything involved with Aveyond 4, other than Uma and Nox. Enjoy!


This short story series does not follow any canons in particular, but uses the characters used in the Aveyond series. Please do NOT expect this to be your normal, canon based story. If you want a canon story, leave a comment in my cottage and I'll see what I can do! But for now, please try to understand this storyline, and not relate it to other canons. Thanks!:)



Eternal Desperation Part 1


Don't you just love when things don't work out the way you had hoped?

Entering the chamber, I had thought the monsters were all behind me.

Suddenly, a Ravwyrn jumps at me from a ledge above!

Oh, Uma, why did you have to be so head strong?

That had only been yesterday when a howl had been heard from the forests surrounding Thais.

Thinking it my have been an injured animal, Uma had excused herself and rushed off.

She hasn't been seen since.

Pushing all thoughts of my twin sister aside, I pulled out my only weapon: a rock magically attached to a stick.

How was this pathetic tool supposed to defend me? I thought as I swung it toward the creature fast approaching.

When it hit, it did so with more force than I could have ever imagined.

The creature fell to the ground in a bloody heap, and being myself, I couldn't help but scavenge the body for whatever items it may have carried.

On its body, I found a Cassia Leaf, a small bag of Cheese, and a Myrica Infusion.

I knew these items weren't just lucky to be found.

Someone had sent them for me, someone who knew I could take the creature down.


I knew then that my sister was watching over me in some way.

Vaguely, I thought of our mother.

She was a strong woman, had fought for her life and those of everyone living in our world in her day.

Mel Darkthrop, Queen of Thais.

Our father, Edward Pendragon, has always been an amazing father, but nothing like our mother.

She had fought demons, monsters throughout the world, and had been chased for years by none other than her ancestor and his nasty henchmen.

And she had survived.

Taking a deep breath, I thought of Uma again.

My sister and I were nothing alike.

I was dark where she was air.

I was wicked while she was kind.

But while we disagreed on every standing, she was my sister, and I knew finding her was something I had to do.

Placing the Cheese, Cassia Leaf, and Myrica Infusion into my small knapsack, I continued forward, ready to use my odd stick to defend both myself and my sister to the death.

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Eternal Desperation Part 2


I slowly turned around.

I had been sure the growling had come from behind me, but there was nothing there.

No gray wolves, no red wolves, no anything.

And Brightwood Forest was known for its immense wolf population.

I could tell something was amiss.

It was startlingly silent.

And then it hit me.

Quite literally.

Flying through the air, I landed on the hard ground with a thud.

Yep, I thought, I think I've broken something.

I slowly stood up, not wanting to cause further damage to myself, when I was struck again.

And again.

When I thought I wasn't going to stand up again, and the light around me began to dim, I heard a faint cry.


Had someone said my name?

Nox! Get up!

And there it was again.

But nobody could have found me here.

Brightwood Forest was a large, branchy maze.

Finding me would be pure luck.

Nox! Don't just lie there, fight back!

I recognized that voice!

Harin? I whispered tentatively.


And suddenly, I was on my feet.

I swung my odd stick around me until I made contact with something much harder than a human.

I heard a long wailing sound, and I somehow knew my swing was fatal to the beast.

A crashing sound, and then a short burst of vibrations followed the wail, and then all was silent once more.

All at once, the wolves of the forest began to howl, leaving me to wonder what I had defeated.

Wiping my eyes roughly, clearing the blood and dust from my vision, I was able to make out Harin's figure.

The young man who had pursued Uma relentlessly was here, conveniently managing to save my life.

I walked up to him.

What was that?, he demanded.

A Shiven, I replied, but they only inhabit the Dream World.

How did one got out here, and why it was after you?

Because they know I'm coming for Uma, I replied.

When his eyes widened, I sighed and carefully explained to him the dire situation I had found myself in only earlier this morning.

He nodded to himself.

I'm coming with you, he said.

I shook my head.

Too dangerous, I replied. You would get yourself killed the first day.

Oh, Nox, you forget. I'm a Mage. And you are Nox Darkthrop Penragon, daughter of the two bravest people still living. We stand a chance of surviving.

Rolling my eyes, I knew he was right.

If he didn't accompany me, I was surely dead.

Fine. But if something happens to me, promise me that you will carry on and find Uma, and bring her back to our parents, I said.

He nodded fitfully.

Alright then.

Where are we headed? he asked tentatively.

The Dream World. We are going to find Uma.

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Eternal Desperation Part 3


According to the stories my mother told me, there was only one entrance to the Dream World, and that was through Mysten Far, the home of priestesses.

Unfortunately, there was only one way to reach Mysten Far.


In these lands, though, Dragons weren't inexpensive.

Epecially a dragon to fly to Mysten Far.

It wasn't that Mysten Far was very far from Thais, but the location of Dragon sales was very far away.


Instantly, I turned around to stare directly into the eyes of Harin.

Nox, we need to talk about what we are going to do.

I nodded roughly.

We must head to Mysten Far and get permission from the Priestesses to travel to the Dream World. I am sure that Uma has been there or is still there. That creature I defeated was proof of that.

How do you know this? he asked.

Like I had said before, that creature only inhabits the Dream World. Uma knows I would immediately know where it was from, and that I would connect it to her disappearance. Are you following what I'm saying?

He nodded vigorously.


I started walking North.

Harin ran to catch up with my nimble pace.

Why are we headed in this direction? And why are we walking so quickly? he demanded.

We must head to Gheledon, the Dwarven city. If we are to survive, we need access to high quality weapons and armor.

Harin nodded.

We will also need money, he said.

I pulled out a bag of one thousand gold coins.

I grabbed this from my mother's chambers before I left. Hopefully, this will help us.

Harin's mouth dropped when he looked at the size of the bag, but he merely nodded.

Wise boy, not to comment, I thought with a smile.

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Eternal Desperation Part 4


Partially into the Istir Forest, I realized that we hadn't bothered to equip ourselves with Ice Amulets.

In this area, we would die quickly if we weren't properly shielded from the fury of frozen attacks.

Harin, I whispered. We need Ice Amulets.

He didn't seem to hear me, and was staring ahead of him in awe.

Following his line of vision, I saw the formidable giant.

The Thail Mountains.

I could see Harpies swarming the place.

Stormbirds chased each other in circles amongst the peaks.

I could hear Harin's breathing become quicker, and I saw that he was shaking.

Putting the most sarcastic look upon my face as I could, I turned to him and said, You aren't too scared to continue, are you, Harin?

The look he gave me was almost... evil.

I'm not sure why, but it made me want to genuinly smile.

I hadn't done that in a very long time.

I couldn't be falling for Harin...

Could I?

He was just so...

Interested in my twin.

And too happy.

But now, it appeared he had a dark side, as well.


I mentally ran away from these thoughts, not at all ready for them, and focused on the task at hand.

There were chests hidden around the mountains, but none contained weapons, merely herbs to heal us and restore my magic abilities when needed.

The harpies, though formidable enemies, didn't manage to kill us, and we restored our health with the herbs we had found.

Over time, we found that the more we fought, the stronger, more agile, more experienced, we became.

This would no doubt aid us, I thought, for we were going to a much more dangerous pace than the Thais Mountains.

Finally, before we had worn ourselves out from fighting, the eit loomed before us.

And then suddenly, we were underground.

The description mother had given me was almost perfect, but less modernized.

Candles and torches weren't hung and placed individually anymore, but placed in large clusters.

This allowed more light to fill the caves, and to keep the light going for longer periods of time.

Gheledon was beautiful.

Excuse me, I heard Harin say. We are looing for a girl. She looks like this one over here, but much more beautiful and graceful.

More beautiful... More graceful...

I wanted to slap the pig!

How dare you, I said in a low voice.

He seemed taken aback.

Excuse me, miss, but where can I find your weapons deposit? I asked in a calm voice.

The woman shyly pointed a finger to a small building with fewer candles than the others.

Calmly walking inside the building, I approached the merchant.

He gave me a single look up and down and smiled shyly.

The Dwarven people, unlike other species, did not leer even at the most beautiful woman.

From what Harin had said...

I shoved the awful thought out of her head.

I would like the best quality weapons you have, spare no expense.

The man looked at me again with new eyes.

A potential customer.

Yeah, buddy, I can wield a weapon better than most trained warriors, I thought.

Soon, I walked out of the building equipped with my magical rock stick, a Black Oak Staff, a Black Oak Shield, Leather Boots, a Leather Helmet, and Leather Armor.

Gheledon produced weaponry for those who planned to fight in the Thial Mountains, not the Dream World, but I was sure I could upgrade later.

I had a feeling my rock and stick weapon was necessary in my journey, and I didn't plan to sell it.

Of course, I didn't need to use it now, But Uma had given it to me, and I wasn't one for immediately recycling gifts.

As I calmly walked from the cave, I watched as Harin ran into the store, but I didn't stop walking.

Harin could try to find Uma on his own.

But without me, he wouldn't get to the Dream World.

He didn't have a dragon.

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Eternal Desperation Part 5


Gah, I'm lost, I thought to myself.

I had been wandering around aimlessly for the past few hours, and it appeared as if I had traveled in a large circle.

Uma, where do I go?

Dragons were only sold in the Venarian Islands,and weren't very common, so preserving my money was necessary.

But how would I get there?

Mother had once told me about a ferry that had brought her to a new world, which had been based near an old vineyard...

If there had been a vineyard in her time, it no longer existed.

I continued to wander around, looking for a sign of life.

Looking toward the sky, a thin trail of smoke caught my eye.

Was that... a fire?

I traipsed through the woods, headed in the direction of the smoke.

The heavenly aroma of cooked meat tantalized my senses, and I found myself moving faster.

I wasn't sure when I had last eaten, but I knew it was longer ago than I wished to remember.

Breaking through a line of trees, I found myself face to face with a young man, wearing shiny armor and carrying a large sword.

Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt your meal, I said. I was looking for someone.

He looked at me with a fierce expression on his face.

It's no bother. Please, sit, he replied, his voice deep and rich.

His hair was a dusty blond shade, and his eyes were cerulean.

Even while wearing all that armor, I could tell he was physically imposing.

Perhaps a soldier?

I am Nox. My sister, Uma, has disappeared, and I have been searching for her.

The man nodded.

I am called Falcon. I am a knight of Thais, on the lookout for a wanted thief.

Why would Thais send a knight to find a thief?

The Queen's handmaiden had been attacked while cleaning the Queen's daughter's room.

Have you had any luck trying to catch this,er, thief?

Only after I had been out here for a few weeks had I noticed that the thief Thais claimed to have wasn't much older than a child. I had tracked him down, and discovered he had only been searching for food, because he lives in an orphanarium.

That's so sad. But what are you still doing out here? Shouldn't you return to Thais?

I would have, but with the Princesses of Thais missing, anyone who had left the city is now considered an enemy, and is not allowed to enter its walls.

I decided not to tell him who I really was, for he obviously did not know the Princesses' names.

You are welcome to accompany me, if you would like, I said. It is quite dangerous where I am going, and I do need someone to have my back.

He pursed his ips as he thought of it.

I will decide in the morning, he said. For now, let us eat and rest.

I cheered to that.

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This is actually good:D


Glad you decided to post it here!


Hey.. hope you don't mind but I have a question..


"Mel Darkthrop, Queen of Thais.

Our father, Edward Pendragon, has always been an amazing father, but nothing like their mother. "


I think their should have been our right?




I'm glad to see that you have changed the canon.

In canon Uma and Nox are Mel and Lars's the VIII daughters not Edward's.

I would have loved to be Edward's daughters though...






I'm rewriting The Lord of Twilight.

You should read it if you want to:D

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I'm sorry. Out-of-canon stuff just jumps straight out at me and it took me out of the story for a moment.


Interesting start, though I don't necessarily agree with you characterization. But hey. Each to their own. Evil!Uma needs to be done more.

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I agree, Evil Uma would be really cool to see!

Maybe she could appear later in this story line, and instead of having been in trouble, she had been the monster at the beginning to have made the loud animalistic sound. Anything's possible!;)


And I did correct that typo! Sorry haha when I get really into my writing, bam, I suddenly forget that grammar and tense and what not matters to others!:P


If anyone wants me to keep adding to this story, leave a comment!

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Eternal Desperation Part 6


When I awoke the next morning, it was in a cold sweat.

The terrible dream I had frightened me into another realm, or so it felt.

I sat up slowly, still surrounded by the chill from the nightmare, when I remembered where I was.

A soft, but audible groan sounded from my left side, and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I realized the precarious sitution I had gotten myself into.

My backside was pressed against Falcon's chest, and his arms were wrapped around me.

I had to struggle to stay quiet as I carefully analyzed the situation.

Well, I thought, this is not going to be a boring adventure after all!

I carefully pondered my predicament, and found myself slowly sliding out from my position ending up on my feet in front of the strange man who seemed much closer to my age during daylight than he had the previous night.

His eyes a brooding shade of royal blue that had gone unhindered by the light of the fire the previious night, were now shut in a sign of deep restful sleep.

His lips were slightly ajar, ruch in color and fullness.

He had removed his armor the night before, and now wore only a loose tunic and rough, strong pants.

Over the tunic, he wore a heavy cape with the sigma of Sedona.

But only a member of the royal family would posess such a cape I thought. Maybe Falcon isn't really who he says he is... But then, neither am I.

With that thought in mind, I decided cooking for the two of us would help the day progress in a positive way.

My limited amount of magic, which wouldn't reach full power unti my eighteenth birthday, was more than enough for me to kill a large Gray Wolf, which would give us enough meat to survive the day, if not the week.

When I took the food off the fire I had built in order to let it cool, I heard a shuffling sound, and turned to find Falcon slowly sit up.

His eyes, although weary, betrayed a hunger I could never comprehend as they rested on the cooked meat.

Men and their meat, I thought, my father's smiling image coming to mind.

I presented him with one of my rare smiles, and said, I decided we should eat if you are to decide to accompany me or not.

His stomach growled loudly, and he nearly dove for the meat.

After we head both eaten our fills, satiated and rested, we began to pack our belongings.

Falcon looked at me.

I have decided, he announced.

I nodded, urging him on.

I will accompany you on your journey but you must continue to cook for me these marvelous treats!

I smiled inwardly, knowing I was right about his city of origin.

His manner of speech, impecable as it was, sang highly of Sedona.

But it was no matter.

Prince or not, he would have to hold his own in battles, and I would not clean up after him.

I nodded enthusiastically.

So long as you clean up after yourself, and hold your own in battle, I will not make a single complaint over cooking!

He smiled at me, and I felt my lips stretching in return.

This was an odd beginning to what could eventually be a friendship.

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A new chapter! Yay!!!


I love it. Also I like the fact that she gets to have a friend. Although I must say... I never thought that Nox of all people would actually accept having a stranger "hug" her while she sleeps. I mean.. if I were her I woulk hit him... A lot:D

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Eternal Desperation Part 7


Halfway through the woods we were walking through, Falcon stopped suddenly.

I heard a branch crack ahead. We must be very careful, he said.

I nodded.

I have a plan. Is there anything on us that we absolutely do not need? Anything at all, I queried.

He shook his head.

We only brought the necessities, remember? he reminded me.

Earlier that morning, we decided that our journey would go more quickly with less belongings, so we left dulled weapons, armor that we could do without, and even a small portion of our food.

It felt wrong leaving our things there for the creatures of these woods to snack upon, but I didn't see us having any other choices in the matter.

I snapped out of my reverie and focused on the situation.

I had no idea where we were, one.

Two, there were most likely many men ahead ready to ambush us in hopes of obtaining our few possessions.

And three, I still barely knew Falcon, let alone whether or not I was safe with him.

But then again, this entire mission was entirely impossible.

I was doomed to forever question the actions I took, and to forever fear the consequences.

Another snap of a branch caused me to nearly jump, but Falcon's hand on my arm made me calm in a way I had never experienced.

Then I felt a slight tingling sensation where his hand laid.

What is this? I asked myself. This bizarre sensation against my skin?

A voice from a place I could never identify said, It is the bond, the connection.

Any Mage knew what the bond was, even dark mages.

The bond would only register between two mages who were destined to either love each other, or destroy each other.

Why would this bond appear now?

I looked up into Falcon's eyes and saw that they were as wide as my own.

It was obvious that he felt this... this both terrifying and thrilling sensation.

Another crack of a branch sounded, and suddenly I was off my feet.

I landed with a hard thud against the base of a tree.

I looked up and saw a face I had never thought to see again.

Words would barely form because the wind had been knocked from my lungs.

But I managed to say his name.


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Eternal Desperation Part 8


He stared at me coldly.

Hello, Nox, he said, his lips curling in pleasure.

It was obvious he was the only one having any pleasure here.

Gyendal, I began. You—you're supposed to be-

Dead? He laughed darkly. But my dear Nox, can't you see that I am?

I looked at him again, more carefully this time.

A dark blue, pulsing ring seemed to encase his body.

What are you? I asked, frightened for the first time since I had departed on this journey.

I am the one that is going to fulfill the prophecy.

I couldn't help it.

I began to laugh.

The—the prophecy? The Darkthrop prophecy? The same prophecy that was dismissed after your master was killed by my mother and her friends?

He looked at me in disgust.

No, my dear. That prophecy was proven false. The Darkthrop line was never meant to rule this world, or any others, for that matter.

I couldn't have begun to guess where he was leading with this.

There was another prophecy made, years upon years before Darkthrop and his twisted mind made a play for this world.

And your mind isn't twisted? I retorted in a snarl.

He chuckled.

Don't lose control of yourself, Nox. We both know your sister wouldn't like that.

My mind blanked.

He knew where Uma was?

Before I knew what I was doing, I had pounced through the air and landed on top of him, the force of my weight throwing him backward.

I throw my hand against his throat and began to apply pressure.

Where is my sister?

He smiled wickedly.

Why don't you ask your boyfriend? he said with an undertone that suggested he was dancing on the inside.

I turned slowly, keeping an eye on Gyendal, and stared at Falcon.

His face was drawn, solemn.

He looked at me with no regret upon his face.

Fa—Falcon? I asked, beseechingly.

He shook his head, never breaking eye contact.

I had to, Nox. He is my father.

With that, I felt the silver bracelets slide upon my wrists.

Gyendal had probably salvaged them from his time in the Thais prison so many years ago.

Magic bracelets, he said. They will prevent you-

I know what they do! I shouted at him. How dare you take my sister? Why are you doing this? What have we done to deserve this?

He chuckled darkly.

You are mere pawns in this game, sweet girl.

He looked to Falcon.

Chain her feet, and kindly escort her to the ship. We don't have long.

Falcon nodded.

Yes father.

The world began to darken around the edges of my vision.

This was most likely my delayed reaction to all that had passed.

I felt the world spinning, and belatedly realized it was my head.

And then the world came up at me at an angle.

And all was black.

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Wow! Gyendal has a son? Falcon is his son? B-but, then ho is the mother? Dis she loved him or did he put an enchant or something on her.


This is getting really interesting!!! More!!!

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