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Eternal Desperatiion

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Eternal Desperation Part 9


I opened my eyes groggily.

An intense pain was coming from the area above my left eyebrow, and I knew I had most likely hit my head on the way down from my fall.

I fell? I asked myself. How do I know this?

I tried thinking back to the last thing I could remember.

The harder I thought, the more my head began to hurt.

There must be an enchantment upon me that is preventing me from remembering, I thought.

But such magic required very strong power, which very few people were capable of.

Suddenly, it dawned upon me.

I had no idea where I was.

I tried to call out for anyone who was in hearing distance, but I realized that I was gagged.

When I attempted to remove the gag, I also realized I was chained to some sort of damp brick wall.

Unfortunately, I could still smell.

The air smelled of death and rot, undoubtedly from the corpses that must be lying around in this dank cellar.

A light suddenly appeared from the corner of my eye.

I tried turning my head, but that was chained, too.

I heard a light chuckle, followed by a familiar voice that I could not seem to place.

Oh, my love, the voice said, your squirming only makes this more enjoyable for me!

I couldn't place the voice, so I couldn't really be offended by whoever was saying such vile things.

Who are you? I thought.

Another chuckle.

Very soon, my dear, your purpose will be fulfilled, and I will claim you as my own. You will love me forever!

At this point, I could no longer guess who the person speaking was, because they seemed to speak in riddles.

Riddles, in which, I had no time for.

The gag was ripped from my face, and I found myself coughing as the dank air forced its way into my mouth.

Who are you? I asked over loud coughs.

My dearest Nox, have you already forgotten?

The chain from around my head was removed, and I found myself looking into the most gorgeous face I had ever seen.

I—I do not recognize you, I said, growing more confused by the second.

The handsome face quickly grew to a scowl.

My father must have magicked your memory. Hold still, he said.

A slight tingling sensation spread through my limbs.

And then I remembered.


He chuckled again.

I am terribly sorry, Nox. But this is completely necessary! You see, my father discovered that there had been another prophecy made long before your ancestor, Mordred Darkthrop, made his incredibly inaccurate prediction.

I tilted my head to the right.

But what does that have to do with my sister and I?

He cleared his throat.

Legend said that there would be two sisters, twins, one of the light and one of the darkness, eternal opposites, that would be born into a time of incredible peace and prosperity throughout the lands. But the peace was never meant to be, and the sisters would create destruction devastating enough to cause even the mythical land of Aveyond to fall. There would be a mark upon the sisters that would identify them as those of the legend. One would have a mark of a sun on her left shoulder, and the other would have a moon upon her right shoulder.

I swallowed.

He knew.

We have already found the mark of the sun upon Uma's shoulder. We need only confirmation of your moon.

I looked at him.

What are you going to do to me? I asked, whispering in fear.

I had no magic because of the bracelets, and my sister was as vulnerable as I was.

Dear sister, I heard from the wall adjacent to me. We are going to join him!

I turned and gasped, seeing Uma's form for the first time.

Her smile was cruel and twisted.

Uma? I asked, both hurt and confused.

Oh, Nox, imagine all of the power we could possess! We could burn this world to a crisp, and rule it as we rebuild it in our own image!

She slowly walked toward Falcon, wearing the most extravagant white robes I had ever seen, and kissed him deeply, turning to smirk at me.

My cheeks burned furiously, and I turned my head.

Nox, my sweet, Falcon said into my ear, his hot breath causing me to blush a deeper shade of red. Join me, and I will only be yours.

I twisted and jerked until he got the hint and backed away.

I will never join you. I will never betray my world!

So be it! he barked, and, wrapping his arm around Uma, he walked calmly from the chamber, leaving me there to dangle from chains and drown in pity and thought.


Sorry it's so long! I had this planned out, and I had to get the entire idea down before it was lost to me. Hope you all like it!:)

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I twisted and jerked until he got the hint and backed away.

I will never join you. I will never betray my world!


I don't read this story because I don't agree with the interpretation, but I can't help seeing this update and... well, I guess it just enforced my reason why I don't read this story. I'm failing so hard to understand this story's logic.


This is Nox we're talking about. Nox gave Gyendal advice on how to lure Mel away. She wanted Mel to take over the world. So in this fanfic Uma is the hyperbolically evil one, and Nox is the goody-goody one. Doesn't make too much sense to me :S Unless I missed a note saying that this is an AU where the two has reversed personalities due to the fact that Mel married Eddie? Because far as I can tell, this is supposed to be a continuation of canon... (aside from the whole Queen Mel of Thais thing; THAT is not canon).

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It is kind of reversed, because I think that Nox, being exposed to Falcon and having lost her sister, was softening. And then she found that Gyendal had kidnapped her sister, and then Falcon had actually been in on it the entire time, and Uma had joined forces with Gyendal. I'm not entirely sure where I am going with this story now, but I hope it turns out good in the end. I'm not really following a canon in any way, other than the Evil Uma possibility, but I wanted to write a story series that was different than others. If it's too confusing, I can stop posting stories.

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Oh, I'm not telling you to stop writing. This story just doesn't fit with what happened in AV3 and if it WAS intended to not continue from the original story, what kind of plot were you following?


If, say, in you head AV3 never happened and somehow there's a couple named Mel and Edward who has children named Uma and Nox... Why is this person named "Gyendal" is an evil person? If this IS a continuation of the AV3 game, then why is Nox not evil? Seriously, why does Nox think "Uma joining forces with Gyendal" is bad? NOX was the one helping Gyendal out in The Lost Orb.


So... Yeah, you can do whatever you want, but I would appreciate it if you're clear about it from the get-go. Right now it's just very confusing.


I wanted to write a story series that was different than others


If by different you mean "has nothing to do with the original Aveyond game", well... you have to be clear about how this particular continuity works. Who is Mel? Who is Gyendal? Why is Gyendal evil? How does Nox know Gyendal? Because you can't just use elements from the game plot if this story has nothing to do with the game.


Sorry about the spiel. I don't like confusing settings. It takes me away from the story because I would sit there trying to understand the technicalities :S

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The characters are basically all the same in personality. I'm continuing from the path of the game series, the way it was intended to end with Mel marrying Edward at the end of AV3.4. Nox felt betrayed because her sister could have let her know what was going on, and chose not to, ultimately leading to her capture and heartbreak by Falcon. That also hurt her, because Falcon had been causing her to soften in accordance to the other games. Gyendal might turn out to be a good guy in this story, I'm not sure yet. I just felt like writing something based on the Aveyond games, and I used the same characters, but made them more adapted to what time might have done to them. I'm sorry if it's confusing:( I'm trying really hard to think of how to get this story to end well. I think I have an ending, and it might be a little extreme, but this entire story has been completely different from the games, as far as I am concerned. For now, try to erase all notions of canons and how the games themselves played out, and just think of the characters and their weird dispositions, because this story is going to keep getting weirder!

I think Nox helped Gyendal in TLO because she wanted her mother to be in power when she (Nox) was alive. But now that even Gyendal has planned on using her powers to take the world, and she wouldn't even be in control of that, she feels as if she cannot concede to him. And Uma isn't necessarily evil in this game. I think I will have a scene where it reveals that Gyendal had bewitched her, and her actions were not her own, or something of the sort. Nox was softened because of her worry for her sister, which is why she is no longer the evil one. Does this make sense? I'm trying to ease the confusion, but I feel as if I am only worsening it:(

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:o Scary twist!!, Me likes!


Although I hope Uma is under some sort of enchantment and not doing this on her own free will. Maybe the girl ain't even Uma at all?? Gotta wait and see.


PS: Canon or not, I like the story so please continue writing, I am sure many others like me would love to see it to the end, and a great end at that :)

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No, I cannot throw away canon when you just said this continues the game's plot. It's one thing if you said, yeah this is AU. But nope. You said this continues the game.


I'll just go back to not reading this. We obviously have far too different ideals when it comes to writing fics.

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Well maybe the story followed the plot untill Uma and Nox were born (except for the Queen Mel of Thais thingy...) and now it's following her own version of this story...

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Look, it doesn't work that way. AV3 dealt with time travel, and time travel is the most tricky plot point to deal with because past and future have to connect. Any story that continues from where AV3 left off has to come full circle so that teen!Nox will make a decision to go to the past and bother Mel.


If for some reason something changed during Nox and Uma's younger days, and Nox didn't end going to the past to bother Mel and Gyendal, the past will change because Nox wasn't there to meddle and then the AV3 story will change, and everything else that follows will be messed up.


Okay, I'm done critiquing this. I'm not going to argue any further. Obviously cortnikelli didn't bother with tiny details like that, and so I won't bother trying to correct her. She has her own ideas, I have my own. I'll only end up driving myself nuts if I continue to care. I'd rather, you know, pay attention to my own things rather than flail over other people's stuff.

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Eternal Desperation Part 10


I had never before realized how lonely the darkness was.

Whenever I had been alone in the dark, Uma would come and bring her light.

I know, I am the twin of darkness, but even I cannot handle the empty abyss for too long.

Now, I did not even have Uma.

I was utterly alone.

Lost in thought, I didn't notice the whimpering sounds to my left for...

Time had lost all limits in this dark place.

How long had it been before I noticed the whimpers?

Now that my head was free, I tried turning toward the sound of the noises.

Using the powers that I had been gifted from at birth, a magick not even Gyendal or Falcon could take from me, I pushed away sections of the darkness to force light into the area of the whimpers.

Little did Falcon or his father know, but my time in the Demon Realm with mother did not go forgotten in this new world, and I had practiced this ability while there.

Now it was only slightly difficult to maintain the concentration.

Concentration which broke when I saw what was making the whimpers.

A young girl lied there, covered in what appeared to be blood, and holding a corpse against her.

Who are you? I asked.

My—my name is Remy. And this is—was my sister, Lane.

The girl burst out in long, wracking sobs.

Then, I noticed her appearance.

She had very light, almost white hair, and very bright blue eyes.

Very similar to Uma, I thought curiously.

But she was far too young to be Uma, even if Uma had been magicked to forget everything as I had, and she couldn't understand what I was talking about.

What does your sister look like? I asked, feeling as if I was near a breakthrough of sorts.

She had dark hair, as dark as night, and the bluest eyes. Nearly as blue as yours.

Then, it came to me.

Did that man inspect your bodies? Did he ask you for your sun and moon? I asked, my temper beginning to flair.

Y—yes! How did you know?

I sighed with anger.

He was looking for my sister and I, who possess a sun and moon upon our bodies. You and your sister look remarkably similar to my sister and myself.

The girl's mouth fell open as she stared at me.

So you're the reason my sister is dead!

I flinched at the accusing tone in her voice.

Maybe I am. But I never would have killed a young girl. That monster, Gyendal, most likely killed her, yes?

She nodded.

Then it is he whom you should exact your revenge upon, not myself. I was brought here to assist in his plans, much like yourself.

The girl developed a thoughtful look upon her face.

Then I suppose we should be working together to escape this awful place.

I agree.

Before we could formulate a plan, the door swung open, and my concentration shattered, releasing the shadows.

My powers were no longer needed, however, because of the light from the torch that Falcon carried with him.

Dearest Nox, he began, I have come to either accept your agreement and assistance, or to kill you like my father killed that young girl's sister. Which will it be?

How such a man could speak such vile things in such an endearing tone struck me odd.

But then, I had done it myself only several years ago, while attempting to assist his father in the corruption of my mother.

But I had learned my lesson.

My mother had grown into a loving woman with a fire greater than any mage could conjure.

If I had succeeded in my attempts, she wouldn't have been my mother, but perhaps a monster.

That settled my mind, assuring me that I would rather have a loving mother with only some power, than a monster that would most likely have been killed by her ancestor for the power she would have had.

But this...

This man, who had been so caring and treated me as if a delicacy...

I knew what I had to do.

Nox, I am waiting, he said.

I nodded.

I will join you. But only if you release this girl and allow her to return home in safety. And I want your assurances and evidence that her home and village will not be destroyed. You have killed her sister, her other half. She deserves at least that.

He seemed to ponder this carefully.

I will agree to your terms. But as for you, you must come with me, and agree to be mine.

I tilted my head in confusion.

What do you mean, be yours?

He smiled, a smile so beautiful it was almost cruel.

Marry me, Nox, and I will allow every desire of yours to be met. Except freedom. We must accomplish what my father and I had set out to do.

I bowed my head.

If that is the only way, then yes, Falcon, I will marry you.

The girl was silent behind me, and I could feel her gratitude radiating from her skin.

Then let us make our leave for the castle.

Falcon, I will not be leaving until this girl is safe at her house.

His face twisted in irritation.

Fine, but you must come with me. I will unlock her chains and leave this door open.

He whistled suddenly, and several guards came running to him.

Assure that this girl returns home with her sister's body safely, and do not do anything to harm her, the body, or anything or anyone from her village. Understood?

The guards saluted him before running off.

Now, he said, smiling at me, let us depart, my sweet!

But what about Uma? I asked. Aren't you marrying her?

He chuckled. Merely show, my dear, to bring you to your proper place by my side.

I simply nodded in response, unsure about what I had gotten myself into.


Sorry for the incredible length of this chapter, but the next chapter is going to be the final chapter, so brace yourselves!

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Uh-oh! Last Chappie?? THAT seems rushed.And this one seems...... different from the others you have written. I dunno, I think there was more to the story, this chapter changes things.

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There was more that I wanted to add, but it seemed as if people were growing irritated with the confusing plot of the story, so I began to write a new one, and I am planing on ending this one. That is, unless there is a good reason to keep writing it.

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I'm the only person unhappy about the plot. Me alone does not equate to "a lot of people". I already said I won't bother you anymore. If you want to write more, feel free to carry on.

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Hey, everyone! The continuation of this series now has a new location! I got tired of having to scroll through endless comments ;)Eternal Desperatiion: Part II is going to take off where the end of this story left off!

I hope you all like it! And if you want to try something a bit different, look at my entirely new series, Just a Ghost! Thank you all so much for reading this series! I hope you enjoy the next part, and my other series!

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