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Stuck in Demon Plains

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I am SO stuck in Demon Plains. I can't even get TO the cave entrance mentioned in the question by Henna Dancer. I can go through the cave at the pink triangle, and come out of the cave at the pink flower but cannot GO anywhere else. Earlier I got the wyrd veggie but there are no stairs to the upper level. What the heck am I missing? I have roamed the game over and over, and studied the maps over and OVER and cannot get any further.

Help greatly appreciated on this one.

I played this when I bought the game but can't rem THIS prob! I usually mark my maps if there is a prob I found an answ. for.

I rem before in the Demon Caves, being able to get bet. the pink teardrop and the big pink star, but have NO idea how I got THROUGH the pink starred cave...

Thanks so much!




Why is it that I can look for hours for an answer, then when I ask for help, I find one? I FORGOT to finish things in Sheian Lyr...smackin me head proper. I think now I won't need any help, I found that omeone mentioned finishing quests FIRST, as soon as I asked for help. :|

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