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Eternal Desperatiion: Part II

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This story series contains Part II of the Eternal Desperatiion series. From this point on, expect the unexpected! Nothing is as it seems, and friends and foes are not always playing for the side they appear to be! I hope you all like it!



Part 1: The Castle


I kept my head bowed as Falcon led me from my chambers, not willing to meet the eyes of anyone nearby, anyone who may have seen my momentary weakness.

I knew what I did was very well a mistake; I would most likely be discarded when Gyendal and Falcon had finished with me.

But that girl, Remy...

She deserved her freedom, having been cast into this story unfairly but fate's hand.

When I felt the ground beneath my feet change from rough and unpleasant to smooth and inviting, I knew we had walked far enough for me to lift my head.

I nearly gasped at what I saw.

A tall, gothic castle sat before me, grander than even the castle of Thais.

Large, spiral towers shot from the many sides of the castle, and I knew without a doubt that there were archers and mages littering the tops, prepared to gun down any who tried to trespass—or escape.

At the very top of the castle sat what was presumably the throne room, and I could barely make out a dark figure pacing in front of the windows.

Gyendal, I thought to myself.

Only that jerk would be pacing when his plan was falling into place.

I shook my head.

Nox, you are in very big trouble, my inner voice said.

You don't know what you are talking about, I replied, taking careful steps to not speak aloud (which I have done before, mind you).

The voice chucked. Oh, Nox, you must know what will happen. You must know.

I couldn't begin understand what the voice implied.

You'll see, it said. You'll see.

And with that, it faded into oblivion.

I turned my attention back towards the magnificent castle, my home for the next...

Well, until they were finished with me.

I looked up at Falcon, and noticed a triumphant grin upon his face.

What are you so happy about? I asked grumpily.

He chuckled. You agreed to wed me! Why wouldn't I be happy?

It was unwillingly, I said. I did it for that young girl, Remy.

He laughed heartily.

Oh, yes, Remy. I should probably mention that she was in on this, young Remy, he said, putting emphasis on her name again.

What?! I shrieked. You mean to tell me that I gave up the privilege to die in solitude because you forced some girl and her dead sister to pretend to be your captives?!

He laughed even harder at this.

Nox, her name is not even Remy. That was Uma in a disguise! He choked on his laughter and held his sides. And her dead sister? he asked. She was a large doll made of only the finest materials! But because of my deception, you are now to wed me and help my father and I with our plans! he exclaimed giddily.

I seethed silently.

This seemed to give him an unbearable amount of pleasure, so I merely blocked out his presence entirely, observing my surroundings as we approached the glorious castle in silence.

A sudden flash came from my right, and suddenly Falcon was on his back.

I turned to my right and saw a face I never thought I would see again.

My mouth fell open as I looked at my savior.


He gave me a toothy smile.

Hey, Nox. Did I miss the party?

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Hey guys! Sorry I was unable to post for so long. School was getting in the way. Luckily, we are preparing for finals and have minimal homework! That means... I can write more story parts!:D So, here you are!


Part 2: Escape From the World of Nightmares


Harin? I asked again unsure if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

He chuckled.

Hey there, stranger. Hope you don't mind if I drop in!

I smiled slightly, amused and grateful at the same time.

How did you know where to find me? I asked.

He seemed to think about this for a moment.

Well, he began, do you want me to tell you the truth? Or would you prefer me to lie about it so that we can make our escape more quickly?

I pondered his response.

Just tell me when we're out of here, I said.

He nodded with a smile.

Do you know about Uma? he asked.

Of course.


How was I going to tell him that the girl he had nearly given his heart to had joined with the evil side, and I had decided to fight her?

Well, um...

Nox, tell me. What's happened since we split up?

His seriousness threw me off guard for a moment, and I wound up blurting out, She's joined forces with Gyendal and this guy Falcon, who is his son, and is planning on ruling the world. I think.

He gasped so suddenly that he began to cough and choke on the oxygen.

I waited patiently for his coughing to end, and then smiled at him when he regained his senses.

How do I know you aren't lying, Nox? We both know that you have always been the darker and more deceitful of the twins. It just doesn't sound like Uma, he said, naturally leaping to her defense.

Well clearly, I said in exasperation. But until we know what is going on for sure, can you get me out of here?

He nodded, his face displaying a torrid of emotions.

I started telling him about what had happened in his absence, explaining the entire exchange with Falcon and with Gyendal.

Harin listened carefully, occasionally biting his lip, a trait of his that I once found annoying, but now found endearing.

Harin, I promised to be his if he would release a little girl and allow her people to live on. It turns out that the young girl was partnered with Falcon, and had been helping him get me to agree to his terms. You managed to barge in at the perfect time!

He chuckled. Nice to see your smile, Nox. Now how do we get out of here? he said, more to himself than to me.

Well, on my way in, I noticed several doors in the walls to the right of that small embankment. I am assuming they are used by the general guard, and grant access to the areas behind these walls.

He nodded his assent.

By the way, Harin...

His head quirked to the side.

Yeah, Nox?

How did you manage to get in here?

He chuckled louder than before.

I flew by dragon!

I felt my jaw drop open.

So Harin had managed to get to a dragon before I could?


Maybe I had been wrong about him.

Harin... I'm sorry for the way I treated you before. Can we call a truce, and agree to get along from now on?

He smiled and nodded.

Then let's move!

We ducked, ran, squatted, rolled and leapt our way to the nearest door.

When I reached to open it, I found myself restraining due to the utter silence behind the door.

Hold up, Harin. Something may be going down. It's far too quiet on the other side of this door.

He cocked his head.

You're right. I can't hear anything. That's really unusual.

I noticed that he had taken on a nervous sheen of sweat, and smiled at him gently in an attempt to reassure him that we would be fine.

I reached for the knob.

And then all madness broke loose.

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Part 3: Revelation


The door flew open, and several things happened at once.

A large stream of guards dressed in polished obsidian armor came charging at us.

Harin pulled back his left arm and swung his sword around.

I noticed that in his right hand, he had a small leather bound bag.

I didn't have much time to question what was in the bag, because within seconds, I was using my staff to both bash enemies with and to cast spells with.

Thunder rained across the lands as I cast spell after spell, and blood spilled from the wounds I both received and dealt.

Mere minutes had passed since the beginning of the battle, yet we had fought so hard and vigorously that we were then surrounded by bodies, and the enemy had been defeated for the time being.

We rushed through that door, and found ourselves surrounded by barns and horses that walked around freely.

I heard a faint muffled cry coming from our left, so I began walking in that direction, signaling to Harin that he should follow.

Splitting apart at this point could only be fatal.

We entered several barns, unsure what could be making the sound.

In the last barn we checked, the muffled sound was at its loudest octave, and we found a group of voracious looking giants huddled around a small chest, playing what appeared to be a game of cards.

I cleared my throat, attracting their attention.

Excuse me, gents, I said loudly. We've been hearing a noise from outside where we have been tending to the horses, can you point out the source of the noise so we can dispatch it?

One by one, they all looked up from their game, growling at us for the interruption.

They began to stand up and walk towards us, and I pulled my staff out again, ready to do battle, when one started chuckling.

Men, I think we have ourselves a meal ready for us!

I stepped backwards, noting that there were five giants against two mages.

One swung his large club at my head, missing by mere centimeters.

I raised my staff and called for plagues to infest them, and I watched as they slowly succumbed to the disease. They continued to fight, but their strength was waning too quickly for them to afflict any real damage upon Harin or myself.

Soon, Harin used fire magic to wipe them out, and their ashes littered the barn floor.

I walked over to Harin.

Let's open our noisy chest.

He nodded.

We walked to the chest, and sure enough, the noises were coming from it.

I opened the chest in one move, and found none other than Falcon, gagged, bound and blindfolded in the chest.

Falcon?! I exclaimed, and quickly released him from his bounds.

He sat up, panting slightly from the exertion he put forward.

Finally! I was thinking I would never get out of that tiny box.

I looked at him oddly.

What are you talking about, Falcon? You know who I am.

He tilted his head.

Nox! We met in the forest a short time ago?

He frowned.

I've been held captive for several months now. I don't know who you met, but it wasn't me.

I sighed.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Harin tapped me on the shoulder.

Nox, if he isn't the Falcon you met before, then who is the other guy?

I sighed again.

I wish I knew what was going on.

With that, we helped Falcon up, and began walking toward a trellis Harin had mentioned earlier.

With it, we could enter the magnificent castle through an entry point they wouldn't suspect, and try to find Uma.

We walked around to the point with the trellis, avoiding guards along the way, and found ourselves soon upon the second floor balcony that lead to the library.

A book was lying on the floor under a couch.

I pulled it out.

On the page it was opened to was a picture of a stone that looked very familiar.

I gasped, pulling out my magic stone and stick.

The stones were identical!

Harin! Falcon! Look at this!

They both hurried over from the areas they were examining, and looked at what I had found.

The page was titled The Stone of Aya, and it described a stone with the ability to cleanse one's soul if it has been contaminated by the darkness.

Uma sent me this stone, I'm sure of it.

Which means what, Nox?

I think Uma is possessed by something, a demon probably. I think she knew this would happen when Gyendal captured her, because she would never have helped someone so wicked with his plan. I think she sent this to us to reverse the possession and to free her!

Harin nodded thoughtfully.

That's a definite possibility, Nox.

I looked at Falcon.

And there is another man identical to you in appearance that is calling himself Falcon, so I think there is serious magic coming to play around here.

He gasped.

Someone is pretending to be me!?

I nodded.

He has tricked me several times on this journey, trying to trigger some prophecy that involves Uma and I. Unfortunately, the idiot managed to make me fall in love with him in the process, so it really bugs me that he's trying to use me to control the world before discarding me.

He nodded thoughtfully.

Let's go save your sister. Maybe doing that will help things in our favor.

You're right. Let' go, boys.

And we headed out of the library to begin our adventure in the Gothic castle.


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write more. I can only blame writer's block. I keep getting lost in these twists and turns! I think I'll wrap this story up soon. Hopefully you all like it.

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I like this story. Now it's starting to make sense. Though still, Nox in love and ADMITTING that she's in love still gives me whiplshes:D

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