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Manifest - A complete 30 hour RPG, 4 years in the making

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There exists a most curious and powerful race in the world of Ospes, able to manipulate and alter matter itself.


Their numbers are few, and from the beginning they have lived as outcasts, perceived as a threat to the world and every living thing in it.


They are called Theolar.


Thymetians, the most dominant race on Ospes, have done all that they can to suppress the Theolar. For they, more than any, are afraid of them.


Most Theolar are content to live in hiding and have abandoned the use of their abilities in hopes they would be forgotten. But among them there is a small group, known as the

Andurim, who are unwilling to give up that part of themselves.


Their sole purpose is to provide the Thymetians and the rest of the world with a glimpse of their greatness, now long overshadowed by what else they are capable of�...






Thank you for taking enough interest in this project to view the thread. This project is a fulfillment of a childhood dream and it is very dear to me. I do hope you enjoy it.

If you play it through to completion, I promise you that you will see a few things that have never been done before in Rpg Maker Vx.


In the interest of quality, I encourage everyone who plays the game to leave feedback, comments, advice, or any questions if you have them.



File size: 133 Mb (remember...30 hours of gameplay)




World and Story:



Manifest is a story-driven fantasy game that takes place in a fictional world. The world is made up of several large islands and what is commonly referred to as the mainland.


There are several different intelligent races that live in various parts of the world…


Thymetians: The dominant and most populous race, they live in all regions of the world save for one. Their government consists of a High Lord and a council who make decisions that affect most of the world. Because of their widespread influence, most other races can understand and speak the Thymetian language.


Orzrak: A reclusive race who have lived in the mountains for thousands of years. They are generally avoided by most other races due to their foul tempers and grotesque appearance.


Rulwook: A peaceful tribe who live on a small island southeast of the mainland. They are known for their skilled artisans and craftsmen.


Graymarg: A proud people who were forced from their homes by the Thymetians several decades ago. They now live in the northern mountains, just south of the Thymetian capital city.


Theolar: The final race is the sparsest and the most feared. They have been scattered and forced into hiding because of their unique abilities. There are some Theolar who are able to manipulate and alter matter. In an attempt to make peace and live together with the rest of the world, most Theolar abandoned the use of their abilities long ago. It didn’t help. There is a small organization among the Theolar, known as the Andurim, that is unwilling to give up their abilities, and seeks to prove to the rest of the world that great things can come from them.

It is on this group of Theolar that the main story is focused. It begins shortly after the coronation of a new Thymetian High Lord, and so the Andurim has a new chance to reach an understanding between Theolar and Thymetians, and prove that they are not as dangerous as every other living creature believes. Their numbers are few enough now that failure this time…means extinction.




Characters (A sampling):




Age: 28

Armegmus is a Theolar and a member of the Andurim. He is impulsive though he lacks confidence in many areas of his life. This causes him to rationalize the decisions he makes. He often feels a great deal of pressure to be more mature than he feels.



Age: 60

A Theolar and the leader of the Andurim. He is extremely proficient in the use of his abilities and guides the younger members, such as Armegmus, in their training. He believes more than anyone that great things can come from their talents, and hopes the rest of the world will soon realize this before they are gone. He is always searching for Theolar who lack the knowledge to use their abilities so he can recruit and train them among the ranks of the Andurim. He knows a lot more about the circumstances of Theolar than he lets on.



Age: 44

Vellamik is a jovial and loving Thymetian. He works as a blacksmith in the village of Relna, where the Andurim is currently hiding. He met Syndarion a long time ago when Syndarion first visited Relna in search of other Theolar to recruit to the Andurim.







- In-depth story, both serious and humorous


- ATB Tankentai Battle System


- Customize battle difficulty from the menu


- Hundreds of unique skills including many with complex common events


- A large, lag-free world map to explore


- Challenging dungeons with varied and original puzzles like you've never seen in RPG Maker VX before


- A huge number of mini-games, including gambling, accuracy, speed, timing, strategy, and more.


- Optional puzzle-filled ruins with plenty of rewards


- 99 hidden relics to find and trade in the world


- Original and addictive lockpicking event system


- Some dungeons involve sneaking past guards and enemies


- Optional Quests/Hunts similar to Phantasy Star 4/Final Fantasy XII


- Fully functional battle arena


- A complex evented world mini-map with 3 different zoom perspectives


Some of the mini-games you will encounter during your travels:


(Screenshots for these are provided below)


- A whack-a-mole type game

- A fishing minigame based off a combination of the Fable 1 fishing system and the Guardian Force Boost system of FF8

- A dodging minigame

- My complex lockpicking system

- A 3-Card Monty style game, but with 10 rabbits instead

- A shooting gallery game, similar to the one found in Alundra

- A blacksmithing minigame involving timing

- A Slide puzzle w/ multiple images (I count it as a puzzle and a minigame). See screenshots below.

- A shooting/defense game where you must keep monsters at bay

- A single player memory card game with a unique twist

- A fast-paced meteor dodging game






What users from rpgmaker.net have said...


"I've finished the game, and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. I don't always keep the games, but this one is a must.

Thanks for all your hard work." - littlebro



"All in all, you have certainly set a standard for vx games. I can't think of one that actually gripped me, and especially like this one did.

At any rate, I'm just saying I loved the game. I can tell it had a huge amount of work placed into it." - demonlord5000



What users from rpgmakervx.net have said...


"Whoa. This game is amazing. I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a game, commercial or otherwise, this much. You've managed to create a world that pulls the player in,

makes him identify with teh characters and feel for them. A world that feels alive with lore and history. Every time I found one of the Nayrin relics...

I really felt I was discovering bits and pieces of an ancient civilization, scattered all over the world." - Jeffrey



If anyone wants to play arguably one of the best all around put-together RPGs available to RPG Maker VX, this is hereby on your must-do list.

- goldenguy



"I will say that I liked the message and it was a brilliant adventure while it lasted. The plot was tight, the characters convincing and the puzzles

were the best I've seen aside from Alundra. If you ever manifest another spectacular game, I'll be looking forward to it." - tom11



"Firstly you have a great imagination and a flair for writing, your game really drew me in and was a real "key-presser" right up until the final

scenes. Your game was also very well balanced in terms of available money, EXP, etc. The inclusion of your excellent (occasionally challenging)

puzzles and mini-games help to distract the player along the way. Also quite importantly the game runs practically bug free..." - matt-tribal



"Bloody fantastic RPG. Minigames, optional quests, math puzzles. Love it all." - vitrous



"...there's so much that can be done, and the story and adventure just keep taking new turns and twists...It's been a long time since I've played a

game that I have a hard time "setting down" after 2-3 hours, but this is doing that." - goldenguy



"...a brilliant game, you have clearly put a lot of thought into creating the world of Ospes and especially into its characters. I definitely

appreciate the humorous dialogue too." - matt-tribal



































































More Screenshots: - Mini-games (and some puzzles) :




















































Gambling minigames in the various pubs and bars around the world, for those wishing for a break from the main story or who want to make some extra Etherum. The games are as follows:


1) Water, Earth, Lightning - my version of paper, rock, scissors


2) An evented version of blackjack with images, complete with double down functionality


3) A unique version of roulette called "The Great Divide" which allows you to place up to seven different wagers before a number is rolled


4) My own game called "Longshot."






A big thank you to all of the following people for their wonderful resources:



Complete credits are at the end of the game






Mr. Bubble

Moon Man

Mr. Anonymous

Modern Algebra



KGC Library












Mac Malone (Dr. ?)






Sprites and Graphics:


Razavan Sedekiah




Final Fantasy (Square Enix)

Ragnarok Online


Ashvir and blueperiod for not encrypting their demo christmas presents

And many others who I may have forgotten to credit.(If you see a sprite while playing the game that has not been given due credit, please let me know. Thanks)





I would never presume to compare the quality of my piece to any of Michelangelo's, only the passion with which we worked on them.





All known bugs/glitches resolved in this current version as of 12/25/11

If you are playing an earlier version, you should download this one and make sure to transfer your save files into the new folder.


http://rpgmaker.net/games/3694/ (This download is more reliable)




(Download button is at the bottom of that page, click the "slow download" button and wait for 15 seconds and click it again)

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Sure looks intriguing.....I'mma go try. :)

Edit: Okay, II tried it , and straightaway it has one of the biggest pet peeve- Random encounters.

The starting Dialogues were a little too long.

Anyways , when I started playing, I found it enjoyable. Because I'm still in Relna, I can't find any other issue. I''ll post more later.


EDIT: You can walk into walls in the houses! Thats a little.....um.....blemish.

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Thank you both for your interest. As far as .rar files go, I recommend downloading winrar (google it). It's a nice program because it handles .zip and everything else. I hope you get a chance to play, and I look forward to hearing from you again.


@soumyakhanna - The passability of the tiles in those houses should be fine. You might try redownloading if it was a glitch during the download process. You can go *behind* walls, such that your head is still poking out. Is that what you are referring to?

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You're not walking *into* the wall, you are *behind* the lower wall. It is a script that makes those walls like tileB - E with the * layer, so you can walk behind them. It is much more realistic that way. It is not an error. You will get used to it. Not sure what is going on with your sporadic damage problem. You are the first of 6,000+ to mention it.

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Thanks for the kind words soumyakhanna. Hopefully you're used to walking behind bottom wall tiles now.


@EsmeAmelia - Were you able to get winrar and open the .rar file? You won't regret it =).

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YAY!! This is one of the best RPG games I've ever played and it's totally free. Awesome characters and it's super interesting, I loved every second of it. I've opened a thread myself but it was merged with the game club *sighs*


Personally I didn't mind the walking through tiles etc..because this game is free yet we have expensive games full with bugs so I have no idea what the big deal is. This game offers an adventure to it's players like they haven't seen in a long time. Keep up the great work! You should think about making a commercial RPG game (I don't want to start about some RPG games making and selling companies) I'd gladly spend my money on it!

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Thanks for your kind words MoonPrincess. Just to be clear, what SilverDragon was referring to weren't passability bugs/errors. He/she just wasn't used to the script that allows you to walk behind ceiling tiles, which allows for more realism and more exploration.

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I like this game. Very reminiscent of Aveyond (Aveyond is my favorite game, if that isn't obvious). I'd say that this is even better than many paid RPG games out there.


What I like about this game are the unique features that are not in any other RPG games. The minigames are brilliant, and the hidden passageways are very challenging. I also like the smoothness of maps and the battle system. The graphics are awesome and I like the variety of monsters and characters.


On the other hand, I want to make a few suggestions on how to make this game even better (and perhaps some complains).

I made some "mistakes" while playing. I didn't know that the Orzraks in Folgrim can be defeated by putting them to sleep. How am I supposed to know that? I only realize this just now, but I am already in Noor. Although I have save points in my computer, I cannot go back to that early in the game or I might as well start all over.

I wish someone (an NPC, perhaps?) told me that the Orzraks should not be killed. I know Isadora said not to use unnecessary force. But how would I know what it meant?

Finally, I would say that it will be better if I can see the monsters before they attack me, and if I can save anywhere I like.


Overall, I enjoy playing this game. From zero to Aveyond (10), I would give it a rating of 8.

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@Nurmengard - Hello and thank you for the feedback! Your compliments were very nice. As for your concern about the Orzrak, Fidese says she would like to put them to sleep right before your first battle with them, and if you kill any of the three, she asks again afterward if you will let her sleep the next group. You must have missed it the first time, but you'll notice it if you play that part again someday. Anyway, thank you again for the feedback...I hope you continue to enjoy and that I get to hear back from you as you progress.

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Thank you for replying Steve!

I will most definitely replay this game again someday.

I would like to know though, how I can open the chest in Vellamik's forge. It requires a passcode and I don't remember seeing this code anywhere. Am I supposed to guess the combination?

There is also a passcode for one of the silver chest in Noor, and I am looking out for any clues for the passcode.

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The passcode for the silver chests is always a 5 letter code, where A = 1...Z = 26. The code will be something important to those around the area where the chest is found.

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loved it.

one thing:

when you fight the timid yeti...with 8 mil health,

do you get anything special when you kill it, or is it just impossible? I paralyzed it and then got its health up to 18 thousand... but then it escaped...How can a Paralyzed creature escape?

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This is one of the best rpg game i played so far. i love it . i cant believe that it is free!

But i am stuck at a place called The Fathom (i think) and i cant find the way out . I found 2 place that look like the exit but i cant open the door, ( one of it in a room full with the blue torch and another one is the room with the broken elevator), can anyone help me please?

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