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What pet would you have?

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yeah,once a monkey "borrowed" one of my shoes,and never bothered to return it.... <_<....and I didn't go out for a week after that incident,cuz I had to return home with one of my feet bare.....well my cousin helped,by LAUGHING shamelessly......imagine having to walk for 10 minutes in such a situation........and I was on a VACATION at the time.....a lovely,family reunion.....


well,it turned out to be a nightmare.....!!!


anyway.......I'm currently obsessed with pandas now  :D



oh,you soft and squishy,round and fatty thing...........I'm gonna name you PO!!!!!!!!!! :D 

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I'm not a reptile person, but those baby chameleons are adorable!


My ideal pet? Assuming danger factors are removed, from the real world, I'd love a tiger. The cubs are adorable, and I think the adults are simply gorgeous. Or a dolphin. I just can't decide.


For a fantasy pet, I'm going with an alicorn. Flying and a horn. What's not to love? ;)

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