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Stuck on sparrow form

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I didn't see this on the board but I didn't read every post either, so I apologize if this has already been answered. I am up to Tyobi in TLO, and while Yvette was in her sparrow form in the worm caves she got turned to stone. I didn't have skin cream at the time so she had to wait awhile before I could un-stone her.


Here's the problem: I used the skin cream outside of battle and it said she was normal in her status. But every time I had a battle after that she was a stone sparrow again. I managed to get the skin cream on her again during battle, and now she shows up as a normal sparrow - no matter what form she SHOULD be in. I've tried changing her form both inside and outside of battle but no matter what I do she is still stuck in her sparrow form, though outside of battle she looks the way she's supposed to. :S


I forgot to check if the skills are stuck on the sparrow form too, but I hadn't used the new bird form gotten from the circus yet so for all I know they could be the same.


Anything I can do to fix this - besides not using Yvette?




Never mind. Upon reload she appears to be fixed. :/


Merged posts.


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