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Experimental Aveyond 1 AU

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On the one hand I find this idea intriguing.

On the other hand I'm not really sure where I'd be going with it.

So I'm posting the beginning, and maybe responses will help trigger my brain juices or something.




Please note the letters AU in the thread title.


(Also, hopefully I will eventually come up with a title for the story)




Pairings: =D

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Welcome back! :D


There's nothing there yet :o I'm intrigued, though. Your writing is always awesome. I like how it's all deep and meaningful and still overall super fun :D :D :D *is very jealous*

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Rhen lunged forward, arms rising for the swing. In the adrenaline of the moment it was as if the world froze, Agas's arms moving almost in slow-motion, the wind, the ground--


And then, suddenly, just like that, she was elsewhere.


Air, acrid, burning of oxygen, suddenly filled her lungs, and she choked on it, suffocating. She bent over in pain, her stomach was liquid fire in her throat, and her head was all sickly acid bubbles.


Suddenly, the pain began to dissipate. She opened her eyes, which had screwed tight from pain, and discovered that her head was surrounded by some sort of clear, blue glowing bubble. As she watched, the bubble contracted and molded itself to her face. She panicked, reaching her arms up to remove it, but they clawed uselessly at her face.


More importantly, the bubble-mask didn't seem to hurt. In fact, as she waited, chest heaving, the pain all over her body seemed to subside slightly. Enough so that she could begin to try to take stock of her situation.


This presented a challenge. Everything was so over-saturated, it was hard to properly assign shape and form. And her sense of smell was overpowered by the abundance of confusing new odors, too many for her to process at once.


"That mask will evaporate immediately if you attempt to step out of the circle," a voice said. "You will get another, longer taste of the symptoms you just experienced. Which, I should add, would also prove fatal."


Circle? Rhen blinked, trying to bring the world into focus. Yes, there was some sort of glowing shape around her.


More importantly, Rhen now had a pretty good idea where she was. She fought back the urge to curse.


"In addition," the voice continued-- Rhen could tell she was going to be hating this voice very much-- "I can remove the mask at any point that I wish, with the same results."


Rhen closed her eyes, to fight off the headache from all these godawful colors, and also to hide her eye roll.


Humans. So bloody scared.



Perfectly fair, though. If she could have crossed the circle boundary she would have ripped the voice's throat out. If only to stop it from talking, ever. But if she could have crossed the circle, this stupid mask would have been meaningless. She would just as quickly have voided back home.


But unfortunately this circle was, clearly, properly constructed. Which meant, naturally, that the mask bit was superfluous.


But nasty.


How in the hell had they gotten hold of her Name? She hadn't been summoned in over four centuries, and then she'd made pretty damn sure all the relevant scrolls had been burned.


She wasn't like some daevas, prancing around waiting to be captured. She didn't like humans. They tasted oily.


"You have called me by my name, human," she said, in the same pretentious, loud and booming voice. The "official demon voice", as required by convention. "By law, this gives you the right to request a contract with me."


So what would it be? Find something, fix something, kill something, enthrall something... There wasn't usually very much variety in human requests.


"I would bind you to my contract," the voice intoned. "Rhenaiat Dharzon-Ishtal Kaniana, known as the Sword-Singer."


"Yeah, yeah," Rhen muttered.


"I bind you as my familiar till such time as I choose to terminate this contract."


D- What?


Clearly she was not merely dizzy and disoriented and not yet adjusted in terms of sights and smells.


Obviously the human world also distorted sound waves in some subtle, bizarre manner.




What was this, the Altonian Era?


"Um... excuse me?" She said, momentarily breaking proper demon-like character.


"The clauses of said contract are, in broad, those of the Attensy-Erist contract as given in the year 767, but changes can be made as per %G-178, &c, &c."


Rhen felt her mouth fall open.


She wasn't sure what left her more shocked-- that someone was contracting her as a familiar, or that said someone was apparently capable of saying, with a straight face, not merely "&c, &c", but "%G-178". As if that was a word!


"...Human, I feel obliged to remind you of the conditions of a familiar contract," if only to save your dumb and probably terrible-tasting skull, she thought, but did not add out loud.


"You were not given permission to give reminders. Also, do not refer to me as 'Human'," said the voice.


"May I ask what exactly I am allowed to do?" Rhen said, through gritted teeth.


"You may obey my orders," the voice said.


"I'm afraid my ability to do so will be rather limited while within this circle," she said.


And now he would release it... she thought, body tensing.


"I'm afraid I can't release the circle until you accept the contract, demon," the voice said.


Well. Damn. So close. Not that she'd really expected that to work.


"I don't suppose I have any choice, do I," Rhen said, cheerily. (She wondered what the voice looked liked, and more importantly what it would look like dead).


"Accept the contract," the voice said.


"I dunno," Rhen said. "Maybe I'm not in the moo--"


She doubled over, gasping. Dammit. The mask. Dammit.


After a few fractions of a moment that lasted forever, she could breathe again.


"I see you're not willing to be reasonable," she said. "I take no responsibility for the consequences of this contract."


Maybe he wasn't going to taste good, but she'd probably enjoy eating him anyway.


"I'm waiting," the voice said, softly.


"@#$@%#$^$&^(^#!$#$^&@#![}}"|," she said-- not exactly, of course, that was a rough transliteration. Something, hard, cold, wrapped itself around her wrists and arms and neck.


And once again she couldn't breathe.


"Mrrmfr," she said, through something that felt slimy, over her mouth. It was the mask, but suddenly instead of protecting her it was suffocating her. Take this off, you idiot,, she said, but it came out as muffled, moist blubbings.


She reached her hands up to claw, once again, futilely, at it--


And it came away, globby, in her hands. She stared at it, lungs heaving, breathing in--


oxygen oxygen oxygen--


it didn't burn her insides it felt good--


The mask was dribbling slowly out of her hands.


It was blue.


Underneath it, her hands were some sort of tan-pink. Underneath them the ground was green and underneath that--


For a moment her vision skewed, brown brown black red yellow white WHITE white yellow--


And then the world tilted back into balance. Green. Tan. Blue.


And standing in front of her, The Voice, that she could finally see.


A boy! A tiny little welpling boy!


And she had thought her humiliation couldn't possibly get any worse.


She glared at him, not wasting effort to mask her hatred. Why bother. His seals were on her, cold metal on her throat, on her hands, on her arms. She was sealed, sealed, sealed...


"Thank you for making an effort to remove the mask before I suffocated," she said, glaring.


"No big deal," he said, easily, "it was designed to melt away when no longer in contact with a demonic force."


"How clever of you," she spat.


"Well, I am that," he said. "Now then, Rhenaiwhatever... your name is way too long to remember, you know, we shall have to come up with something else."


"Rhen," Rhen suggested.


"Nah," the voice said. "I'll think of something, don't worry."


"And what am I supposed to call you, hum-- master?" Rhen said.


"Master Lars would do nicely," said the voice.

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okay... nope, posting it did nothing for my writer's block in this AU.



ah well.


anyone want to adopt it (or suggest something intriguing enough that it sparks more ideas in my head)? feel free.


The basic information I know about the story:



1. it probably does not feature rhen/lars. maybe as friends, eventually. i find it too hard to think of non-squicky ways to work around the bit where : a. while he's in control he can order her to do anything and she really has no choice but to obey b. if he ever loses control she would probably eat him. i mean, once upon a time this was sufficiently obvious as to not need saying, but post-Twilight I'd like to remind everyone that dating your supper is not a good idea. c. they're different species and both of them are aware of this.

2. it definitely features agas/rhen (they're not-yet-officially dating right before the story starts) and probably develops lars/elini (...she's totally interested in him).

3. elini possibly summons agas on a frequent basis. win-win on both sides-- she gets access toa powerful daeva, he gets to visit rhen

4. since rhen/lars is almost definitely not happening, i feel even more comfortable finding SOME way to introduce saurva/eithera into the story



1. daevas can see, speak, and much more effectively use raw magic. Humans can only interface with magic in two ways-- through contracts with daevas or via some form of magic tech

2. a familiar contract with a daeva includes multiple unclosable loopholes wherein the deava is allowed to eat you. as well as many other complications. deavas find familiar contracts incredibly annoying and over the centuries familiar contracts (once extremely common) fell out of use in favor of shorter, safer summonings.

3. to summon a daeva you need to know their name. some daevas are more... profligate... than others. i cut this part out of chapter one because it didn't work with the flow but naghaithya is constantly getting himself summoned, and also he's the one who ended up giving out rhen's name. she will probably beat him up the next time she sees him.

3. two hundred years ago the demon Ahriman (not daeva... not sure exactly how they're related though, if they even are) nearly destroyed the world till talia maurva sealed him. it was understood at the time that the seal was temporary and a chosen one would be born who would re-seal the seal.

4. Daevas don't breathe oxygen. Actually, a la primordial life on earth billions of years ago, oxygen is poisonous to them

5. Daevas probably have a roughly libertarian chaotic society.

6. The Empire in the human world covers more than half the known world and is distinctly corrupt.

7. There are probably people who think daevas are evil and try to kill them. there are only limited ways this is possible to accomplish, but it definitely can and has been done. Dameon might be one of these people

8. Daevas are probably somewhat near immortal, or at least very very long lived

9. daeva senses work differently. (one part of the familiar-contract serves to adjust daeva sense to be roughly human-world compatible)



1. lars is the chosen one

1a. one sign of his chosen status is his ridiculous hair color. He cannot dye it if he tries.

1b. Daevas can have ridiculous hair colors all they want, but humans who are not Lars all have normal hair

2. I have a crazy idea that ahriman is rhen's mother. ...yeah, lately ahriman has been distinctly female in my head, just wait till i post the aveyond HS AU where she's the cheerleading captain.

3. Elini also joins the party

4. I have no idea where Galahad and Te'ijal fit into all this, plus there aren't vampires in this universe so I'm not sure what they'd be

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I get this nagging feeling at the back of my head that I have somehow poisoned Blurble's mind.


Oh goodness, I don't even understand how this backstory work so I have nothing to say, LOL :D I like the idea, Rhen is daeva... and... she and the other daevas are... friends? Co-workers? Just fellow-species who know each other? And I'm especially confused about that bit that brought up Agas in the chapter. They were just doing stuff together when Rhen is all out of a sudden summon? They were in normal-AV-verse and Agas cast Reality Shift and everything turned into an AU? :o


I don't even know what "a libertarian chaotic society" means.


just wait till i post the aveyond HS AU where she's the cheerleading captain.

Guess that means the old version is defunct?

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they were in this verse throughout. they were sparring in the daeva world. yes, rhen was summoned right in the middle of doing something.


daevas are a species so some of them are friends, some of them coworkers, some of them enemies, etc. all the aveyond 1 daevas including dhavea-rhen know each other, in part because they are probably among the elite, most powerful daevas (rhen certainly is quite powerful even by daeva standards). so they have a vague sort of coffee-club type relationship. except for the ones actively disliking or actively dating eachother or all the shades in between.


i mean. they've known eachother for hundreds of years. so things move slowly. but yeah. they're friends/whatever.


libertarian-chaotic means daevas are all to independent free-agent to form a properly coherent government. there's in theory something, which could come into play if it was really needed, but nothing more than that. (also, less powerful daevas leave more powerful daevas alone, or pay the consequences)




you poisoned my mind in the sense that, if not for you:

1. i wouldn't have thought of daevas as characters with personalities (i pretty much stole all the daeva/druid personalities directly from you, and consider your (old, not the revamped) take on them my canon.

2. i wouldn't have specifically paired rhen and agas if it hadn;t already existed. out there. in your brain.





the old version isn;t defunct since i see no strong reason for there not to be more than one but i'm probably not going to write this one ever anyway. (it's just a slightly spun off take of the old one)

(even though i kinda love some of the character set-ups... once i started thinking about it, female ahriman + te'ijal friendship started to seem really sweet in a, you know, dysfunctional way.)

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I really would've loved to run away with this, but I just can't wrap my head around this one :S I just... don't quite get it. Unfortunately. I can ramble on and on and hope you get something out of it, though.




Yay for mind-melding. "To summon a daeva you have to know their name" has been my headcanon explanation of why the daevas are so very hard to summon. Regular demons only need their species name to summon.


I like the idea of Nanghaithya being the one who ratted Rhen out. It's totally like him to do that. Well, that mean streak is more my new Nanghaithya than the old one. As in, "Let's see how many times I can troll my fellow daevas so bad and get away with it". The old one is more like, "Oh, you're in trouble? Good luck. Want some tea while you try to figure it out?"


Considering his name is the hardest one to spell/pronounce in real life I'm surprised he got summoned plenty in that universe. Maybe because he's cheaper to summon (thinking of the in-game mana cost here)? Or he could do more stuff? My other headcanon is that the daevas' powers are very elemental-based and as the master of earth, Nanghaithya has power over metal, earth, rocks, and plants, so he's pretty darn powerful. The only reason why he lost so easily is because he had ulterior motives.


But if you consider my old interpretation canon... I'm suggesting Zarich as the rat too. Zarich is kinda derpy like a little kid sometimes and can be fooled into giving out information by being very clever about how you ask. Or just bribe him/her/it (anyone know for sure what a gender-neutral pronoun is? I know that gender-neutral pronouns has been invented in the light of the LGBTQ community gaining more prominence in society) with Nanghaithya-related stuff because Zarich is a major fanboy of Nanghay.




Actually, speaking of old. How old is old? This only matters in regards of Agas and Saurva, coz everyone else don't change for the most part until I went complete 180 on them all.


The Saurva with the eyepatch has a mean streak, impatient, and rather sadistic. The Saurva without is solemn, taciturn, and has the patience of a freaking saint.


The Agas I was using in my fanfic (you know, the one that had him dream!dating with Rhen) is already transitioning toward what becomes the current version I'm using now. Very young, underage by demon standards (but still old, like 800-900-ish human years), somewhat innocent, and is generally a nice guy (and is Eithera/Saurva's lovechild, did I ever mention that?). The more outdated version that I used to poke fun at a lot and was involved in the kitty-cat mess and terrorize Rhen is older (4000+ years), but very bratty and obnoxious and totally has no shame.




Weirder Ahriman stuff has happened, so I don't mind. I remember once coming across references to Talia/Ahriman stuff that I sure hope is just an idea being thrown around, NOT an actual thing.

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naghaithya is easy to summon because he makes it easy to summon him. i bet you he answers non-technically binding summons just for the fun of it. he probably allows nicknames.

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Master Lars




Well, at least he can suffers himself with the constant watch out of being eaten... I always have this idea that it doesn't usually ends well with the person who summons a daeva.

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