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This is a list of quests received during the game, in much the same order as I received them. Some need no explanation and can be completed with little effort. For others I have provided a general hint to help you in the right direction. However, if you REALLY need help or you're just tired of looking, you can highlight anything following the SPOILER to get more information on how to complete. Some quests will simply result in progressing the story further, while others will give you specific rewards. I've put those as spoilers too, so those people who just want a nudge in the right direction won't have too much revealed.


Quests shown in red are critical to the plot - SOME of them may be skipped, but will likely result in you not being able to complete the game, or having entries remain in your journal that cannot be removed.


Side quests are shown in green - you might pick them up along the way, but they do not have to be completed in order to finish the game.




Meet Iya at the Elder Oak

given at Elfwood when game starts


Get Row's teddy bear from Nisa

given at Elfwood by Row

Row is below Ean's house; Nisa is walking around in the same area. NOTE: This MUST be done before taking the honeycomb to mom, otherwise Nisa keeps the teddy bear

Reward: 7 gold coins


Go talk to mom

given at Oldwoods after Iya joins the party


Get honeycomb for mom

given at Elfwood by Mom, after returning with Iya


Go to bed

given at Elfwood by Mom, after Iya leaves


Search for clues about Iya's disappearance

given at Elfwood after nobody remembers Iya

SPOILER: Go into Iya's bedroom

Reward: You will find Iya's ribbon


Talk to the village elders

given at Elfwood after finding Iya's ribbon

Village elders are in south-west of Elfwood


Talk to the Elder Oak about Iya's disappearance

given at Elfwood by Elder Leyr


Find the Snow Queen

given at Oldwoods by Elder Oak


Find Dora's music box

given at Shaenlir by Dora

The music box costs 10 gold coins to buy from the General Store

Reward: Blizzard Ring


Warn Iya about the Snow Queen

given at Shaenlir Castle after picking up the magic mirror


Escape Shaenlir

given at Shaenlir Castle after Iya joins the party

Follow Iya's direction


Go to Thais and join the resistance

given at Wyvern Pass Cottage by The Oracle


Find the nymphs and get blessings for Iya

given at Wyvern Pass Cottage by The Oracle

Nymph of Wickedness: Heptitus (Bogwood)

Nymph of Love: Ceri (Candar)

Nymph of Luck: Serendipity (Stardale Glen)

Nymph of Hope: Aisling (Fairytale Forest)

Nymph of Wisdom: Nuha (Eredar)

Nymph of Compassion: Ishtar (Shaenlir)


Completing a quest for Heptitus will allow her to leave the house so you can search for the blessing she refuses to give

Ceri can be found in the Secret Garden behind the Candar Castle, but you need to convince Ulric to unlock the door

Serendipity is being held prisoner by trolls in Shivendale Woods

Aisling is a prisoner in the Mirror Mansion in Dogwart Plains – you can get a key from the witch's house in Fairytale Forest after she leaves (you must complete a quest in The Mists)

Nuha will be released from her book after her story is written by the historian Ru in Thais

Fight the Snow Queen and give her the love blessing you got from Ceri, to receive Ishtar's blessing of compassion


Find Aidan's novel

given at Ryva by Aidan

The novel is in The Woodlands

SPOILER: Return to The Woodlands, and as soon as you cross the bridge, follow the stream to the right, all the way to the waterfall, where you'll find the novel

Reward: 75 gold coins


Solve the mystery of the beast

given at Shadow Woods (Woodsman's Cottage) after speaking to the woodsman about the beast

Once the beast has been trapped, talk to Hector in Ravenwood

SPOILER: In Shadow Woods, find and talk to the Woodsman. Then find the beast's lair and trap the beast. Return to Ravenwood and talk to Hector. You can stop at the Woodsman's cottage on the way and open the chest

Reward: This allows you to get a beast and an elf transfigurine, as well as some more dynamite which will be needed later


Save Jack from the thief in Thais

given at Thais after looking at the statue of Jack

You will obtain something later in the game that will allow you to do this

SPOILER: You need a softening cream from Bogwood. After Jack is free, you will find him in Thais jail


Find the deed to Raquel's house

given at Thais by Raquel

Take a look at Raquel's clockmaker father's handiwork upstairs

SPOILER: You can find a key upstairs that will open the clock and reveal the deed

Reward: Thunderstorm spell for Gavin


Deliver letter to Ella IV in Candar

given at Thais by Prince Uthar

Go to Candar – the bridge will be repaired by now


Deliver letter to Uthar in Thais

given at Candar by Princess Ella IV


Unlock the secret garden

given at Candar after trying to open the door in the back wall


Convince Ulric to unlock the secret garden

given at Candar after talking to Ulric

You must find Ulric an “amazing sonnet” and he will open the gate for you

SPOILER: In Seri, you will be able to complete a quest for someone and get a love sonnet in return

Reward: Love blessing


Find Ivanna's lost manuscript

given at Candar by Ivanna

Talk to Beatrice Love and look around her house

SPOILER: Leave Candar, and when you return Beatrice will be signing copies of her new book, leaving her house empty

Reward: Lucky Charm


Find a jeweler's toolkit for Rothwell

given at Candar by Rothwell

You will be able to get a toolkit later in the game

SPOILER: There is a jeweler's toolkit in the Dwarf Mines (near the Jewel Mines) in Shivendale Woods

Reward: Emerald


Find Uthar's agent in Seri

given at Thais by Uthar, after delivering Ella's letter

In the Seri tavern

SPOILER: Ava One-Eye is Rip


Find Heptitus a casting agent

given at Bogwood by Heptitus (must read the sign in front of her house)

Talk to the casting agent in Bogwood

SPOILER: Ask Heptitus about a guild card, then solve a quest for Gretel

Reward: Wickedness Blessing


Get report card back from Mimpsey Mara

given at Bogwood by Gretel

Talk to Mimpsey's mother, and look at the report card on the table

SPOILER: Then talk to Gretel, and complete a quest for Professor Drake. When done, return to Mimpsey's house and talk to her mother

Reward: Actor's Guild card


Bring swamp slime to Professor Drake

given at Bogwood by Professor Drake

SPOILER: Fight swamp monsters in Toadstump Marsh

Reward: Proof that Mimpsey Mara stole her report card


Find a frog for Helga

given at Bogwood by Helga

SPOILER: The frog is in Toadstump Marsh

Reward: Softening cream that can be used to free Jack


Bring Calliope's Wand to Hilda

given at Bogwood by Hilda

SPOILER: Calliope's Wand is in Toadstump Marsh

Reward: An “accident” will increase attraction points between Ean and Iya


Save Jack from the jail in Thais

given at Thais by Jack

Bribe the jailer


Stop the sultan from marrying Simini

given at Seri Castle by Simini

SPOILER: Talk to the Sultan and offer to find him something of more value

Reward: Love sonnet that can be given to Ulric


Find the sultan an unusual gift

given at Seri Castle by Sultan

SPOILER: A giant chicken egg is very unusual


Fight the giant chicken at Grimm's Farm

given at Grimm's Farm by Bedella

Reward: Transfigurine


Save Rasmen from the thugs in Seri

given at Seri by Thug

Pay Rasmen's debt – you may collect the money and come back if you need to

Reward: A bag of magic beans


Meet Ava One Eye in the cave south of Seri

given at Seri Tavern by Ava

SPOILER: Cave is in the south-east area of Seri Desert


Get ship supplies

given at Pirate's Cave by Ava

SPOILER: Buy ship sales from Seri, get anchor from chest south of Pirate's caves, dynamite from a chest in the building next to the Seri Inn

Reward: A ship and a captain


Bring Sabriyya a salamander egg

given at Seri Desert by Sabriyya

SPOILER: Salamander egg is in the nesting grounds in the southern area of the desert

Reward: 200 gold coins, and if you return later you can get a red salamander for Grimm's Farm, or you might be lucky to get some Gold Salamander armor


Go to the Land of the Lost

given at Pirate's Cave automatically – after fixing the ship and taking Ava into the party

Land of the Lost is to the east of the Mainland


Talk to Uthar about the Land of the Lost

given at Dead Man's Canyon automatically – after entering


Bring silk to Lenora in Candar

given at Candar by Lenora

You will find a source of silk later in the game

SPOILER: If you complete a quest for the Black Widow spider in Fairytale Forest, she will give you a bolt of silk in return

Reward: Ribbon (give to Iya to increase attraction points)


Find the Oracle

given at Thais Castle by Uthar

Head to The Mists to find a guide

SPOILER: The Mists is the westmost cave of the southern island – you will need to complete some more quests before you find your guide, who will show you how to reach the Oracle

Reward: Tablet that gives you access to the volcano place, where you can find a dragon


Find Serendipity

given at Stardale Glen automatically – after looking in magic mirror

Serendipity is in Shivendale Woods

SPOILER: Being guarded by trolls


Meet Serendipity at Stardale Glen

given at Shivendale Woods by Serendipity

Reward: Luck Blessing


Help the warthog find a wife

given at Happily Ever After by Warthog

SPOILER: Hilda, in Bogwood, is looking for a husband


Bring portrait of the warthog to Hilda

given at Bogwood by Hilda

SPOILER: Return to Happily Ever After, get portrait from warthog, and take it back to Hilda


Meet Hilda in Happily Ever After

given at Bogwood automatically – after giving Hilda the portrait

SPOILER: Return to Happily Ever After, talk to warthog

Reward: A bottle (can be used for 2 quests)


Find Doyle's missing tailor's kit

given at Happily Ever After by Doyle

A troll in Dogwood Plains is guarding it

SPOILER: Capture the North Wind (later in the game) and use it to move the troll

Reward: A choice of smelly shoes or magic shoes


Find Aisling

given at Fairytale Forest automatically – after you read the sign

Aisling is in Mirror Manor

SPOILER: The witch in Fairytale Forest has the mirror key – she will leave the house after you finish your business in The Mists, and you can go in and break her mirror and get the key


Bring glow moths to spider

given at Fairytale Forest by Black Widow

SPOILER: Glow moths are in The Mists – you need a bottle to hold them in

Reward: A bolt of silk that can be given to Lenora in Candar


Find the guardian of The Mists

given at Happily Ever After by Rapunzel


Find Gulliver and return his cloak

given at The Mists automatically – after picking up the cloak

SPOILER: Gulliver is in Verashema


Save Phoebe from Gulliver

given at Verashema – Gulliver's workshop automatically – after mixing potion

SPOILER: Give potion to Phoebe

Reward: A guide to the Oracle


Bring moon rose, nectar, and spoon to Phoebe

given at Verashema – Gulliver's workshop by Phoebe

SPOILER: Moon rose in The Mists, nectar in a cheset in Happily Ever After, spoon from fighting the spoons in Dogwart Plains


Create transformation potion for Phoebe

given at Verashema – Gulliver's workshop by Phoebe

SPOILER: Get flyer from Ravenwood, take to Gulliver


Meet Aisling in Fairytale Forest

given at Dogwart Plains (Mirror Mansion) by Aisling

Reward: Hope blessing


Turn Herbert back into a man

given at Ravenwood by Gulliver

Talk to the Alchemist in Happily Ever After

Reward: One bonus karma point


Bring thistleroot and beast fur to the alchemist

given at Happily Ever After by Alchemist

SPOILER: Beast fur from the beast in Ravenwood, thistleroot growing in a soft clump of earth north of Ryva


Get a dragon

given at Aveyond by Oracle

Go to Fire Rock (with the volcano)

Reward: A dragon to take you to the Land of the Lost


Find secret weapon

given at Fire Rock after getting a dragon

Head back to the Land of the Lost and Eredar

Reward: Blueprints for the Secret Weapon


Bring North Wind to the wind lab

given at Mount Siren by Obert

The North Wind is in White Pass – level up!

SPOILER: The North Wind can be given to Obert, or used to blow the troll away – only one quest can be completed

Reward: A North Wind spell for Gavin


Find someone to write Nuha's story

given at Eredar by Nuha

SPOILER: Ru the historian in Thais can write Nuha's story


Save Nuha

given at Thais automatically – after giving book to Ru

SPOILER: Return to Thais, read the book


Meet Nuha in Eredar

given at Thais automatically – after reading book

Reward: Wisdom blessing


Bring blueprints to Uthar

given at Lost Library after looking at the blueprints


Find squirrel commander for Uthar

given at Thais Castle after giving blueprints to Uthar

The Squirrels are in the Land of the Dead

SPOILER: You will need to find a death certificate for the spectre at the underworld entrance


Inform Linia that Great Grandma Nora died

given at Ryva by Eamon

SPOILER: Linia is in Ravenwood. Follow her back to Ryva, then go to Great Grandma Nora's house and find a death certificate


Find Haliburt's love letter for Grandma Nora

given at Casket Hills by Grandma Nora

SPOILER: The love letter is in Great Grandma Nora's house in Ryva – search in her room

Reward: One bonus karma point


Find a lost memory for the Lord of Souls

given at Casket Hills by Lord of Souls

SPOILER: The lost memory is at the Cliffs of Rememberance

Reward: Soul for the squirrel commander


Go to Shaenlir and fight the Snow Queen

given at Thais automatically – after Uthar leaves

SPOILER: Level up – have lots of restoratives!

Reward: Compassion blessing

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