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Feast of The King

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I am not sure this is the correct place to post this, please let me know if it's not.


I am starting to make a new RPG game and I would like to have the plot\story of the game written down.

I want this thread to be a place where I can develop this story\plot and want your help with ideas and critique on the plot.


Here is the basic story:


An elder king was the ruler of the land of ____.

As he was nearing an old age it was the law that he shall pass the control of the land to one of the province kings.

(or prince?)

The end of his time as a ruler shall be celebrated with a feast for kings that will be held on the palace of ____.

You are a young man that has ended his service for the king's army as a solider and is now working as a sword for hire doing missions to reap rewards and hunting for the foul beasts that roam the land to harvest.


So basically, at first you spot some dangerous hunting jobs which the king have set to prove your might, your wisdom and your loyalty

After that you are being called to speak with the king

The king then lets you know he is looking for an adventurer that will go into the orcs terrertory and kill and bring him a certain beast.

The beast is meant to be cooked and served and the king's feast

in the*

The reason he sends you is that he cannot send formal soliders into the Orc's kingdom because this way he maintains a relative peace with the Orcs

So you would need to somehow acquire companiions

The thing is, the beast he asked you to bring has magical properties or some sort of disease that the people who eat it will die within a month without a chance for their poison tasters to detect it or for salt or cooking to remove the disease

He wants his princes to die so he could continue and be king for the rest of his life

What do you think? XD


I also need to decide of a setting.

I was thinking maybe the currency can be salt because salt was used to preserve meat and it would be interesting to have as a game currency.

And then I was thinking in the Roman times salt was very precious and they also have a lot of monsters and mythology.

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Ok, there is a plot hole.


It is unlikely for the king to kill all the nobles(was prince) and get away with it.


I change it by making the king kill the nobles because he is old and bitter from all the politics and power struggle.


He knows this will drag him into a war but he doesn't care.


The resolution of the game is that during your adventure and bringing him the beast and proving your worth to him you become his friend and he decides he would rather retire than ending his life like this. So he cancels the plan to kill the nobles.

What do you think?

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