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Beta Testers needed for Infection

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Hi everyone,


I really need beta testers for my first game which I hope you'll enjoy.

It's a post-apocalyptic traditional RPG set in the near future, with puzzle elements inspired from the Zelda and Resident Evil series. Checking items and objects is also a huge part of the gameplay (as you can probably guess, Resident Evil influenced me a lot). And of course, there's humour and easter eggs thrown in there for good measure :P

I've played through it without any bugs or crashes, but of course I know what I'm doing, so my biggest concern is the difficulty since I'm using Yanfly's Enemy Levels Script. If it's too hard, please let me know, and I'll revamp the enemy design so it's more like Pokemon for instance (capped at certain points). I'm also looking for any graphical, musical, or grammatical errors.


I hope you are interested and enjoy the game :) PM me or reply in the comments and I'll send you a zip of the finished game. It was built in RPG Maker VX Ace and doesn't need the RTP as it's sort of bundled (I cut a lot of unused stuff out).



align=left width=300http://i.imgur.com/nWStla8.png[/img]


align=left width=300http://i.imgur.com/UQgxlQx.png[/img]


align=left width=300http://i.imgur.com/7gF3vtO.png[/img]

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of communication, I should explain what's going on.

Basically, I got my friend to play it and it was really hard for him. Like unfair at times. So what I've been doing is completely redesigning the enemies, and removing Yanfly's Enemy Levels Script, with all new moves. I've created the moves, I've just got to implement them and also balance out the enemies.

I also thought of a new mechanic of saving people at certain points - similar to Dead Rising 2 if anyone's played it. It'll take some time though as there's a lot of if statements I've got to add.

I'm also preparing for my RE exam (ugh, so annoying), so it's slowing me behind schedule.

Sorry again for not having this done beforehand, I guess the reason of why I got through it fine was I knew what was coming up.

Shouldn't be much longer though, I'm aiming before May haha

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If you're still looking for testers, I'd love to help out. Also, please let me know if I need to download a seperate program to actually open the game, I used to have that one, but lost it during the years... :)

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